Bj & Jamie: Sean's BikeMS Ride was tough. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

Sean participated in Bikems this weekend and on Friday we raised the rest of the donations and sean said he was going to try and ride the extra miles over Horsetooth reservoir but he was not able to do it an was not prepared at all for this ride.

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Vijay and Jamie show on our producer. We like golly Bunge whole book he wrote the MS bike. I. Good job monkey. They keep thinking thank you very good job he participated team Alice very successful a lot of people Rhode lot of money raised yeah. Money was raised team ballots against San out there was eighteen it was this year they are okay ending. Yup I. Yet there now that's awesome we raised our team goal as well which was 171000 dollars and we beat that. He's awesome. I can't think anyone enough for their donations contributions or support along the route it was also a couple are around actual teammates here. They wrote as well with you right yep we want to shout out yet Simon wrote I he's in I T downstairs. And then Sean Corbett also wrote he's one of the producers overnight and they have promised to data. I sounded the one day so he did 68 miles a day. And then Simon did a hundred on Saturday. And 74. On Sunday so heated it. 64 miles and that it or not is incredible it. I notice a picture that you posted obesity ET people on the team and getting fourteen did that fort take a stellar something they didn't make it they didn't come to the the but they didn't come to the village afterwards. I suddenly went over Clinton for some some of the half out of there missing and on how they coupled just did the one day like Tim burly did what the one day and she didn't make it in the pictured in the net. Obviously for the members didn't act. Well on Friday show. Shot it revealed to us that there are a couple of places on the route that he was Kuna omit this year because it's very grueling very Roy. And of course so too is a realm Reza boards one of them yes but Jamie and I had this idea. We see you know what if we can raise more money if we can really push on this thing gets the money for MS that's what it's all about Sean will you go the extra distance will you go to horse that had access. Sent to us what. I said yes she said yeah. That's with the the real dog had fired up again. I donated 500 dollars for you to write over or Stew I know that was made I wasn't funny floated did it not. Oh yeah it gives rolled an eight day old hundred dollar yes yes yes. I am like ten minutes against Charles. Both. Sean wasn't able to do course. Now and now regretfully inform everyone that. I did got some time extra money we raised that we're gonna keep it yeah keep about his slowly until we get and then yeah sure I. I keep sneaking up as an enemy I was unable to complete horse to prison for I have to admit to everyone I was grossly under prepared. For this ride I had done in years past and I thought you know it's not going to be that big of a deal so I did some short training rides and they were not enough. And I have did met. I was worried on Saturday when you couldn't make it to lunch yes I mean just got out of the gate I was like well I mean I literally LX of video somewhat liven things glad. And he kicked it up most of the day and then as he starred biking and now we're active fairy did you think the very beginning unlike. Oh no I don't know I was scared like I don't know this is easily get a taste and add this up but she's yeah I was worried I was happy puts their that was amazing. Pushed broad daylight I didn't have to do some locking up some of the hills because they were just too steep you guys. I did tear up a little bit when I was on my own I was disappointed in myself. I have and the pain did he cry I cry from the paying a lot because I had. Got some new gear which was a huge rookie mistake you don't get new gear. Two days before you ride a long ride. And it just tore me up I just spent the holding its fight with my feet. And he just tore my legs. Everything I lost them in spite of this that was custom. And should I wanna go back to though though that you said just few minutes ago that you felt yet that you did you under prepared. But gave me and I've been talking about this for the past month we have weary I mean I know he was concerned when she saw your video on Saturday but the truth that is. For the past five or six weeks we've been on the white shark that. I don't think you're doing you know what you did in years past that's so upset correct so he didn't he was confident he died and that's why I'm. The way over confident I admitted I was totally overcome I thought you know doing a couple twenty mile a few twenty mile right here in there would be enough and they were they were not. They went up to the courses are the course was hard they did change around a little bit this year which made it way more difficult Spezza date to. They added miles and that was the 74 used to be 54 express. The last yesterday and seventy war. I've not so much guilt because I was watching the video sit merit since she Rama. And so it's SE she Wear this and she comes around on the conveyor belt yes it goes around you need to scrap a plane in salt tiny plates and I was watching your videos like. Am here I am with a beard and since AG hopeful looking shot. Kick indoors shot that's pushing so all this fat they are at YDO. Well I I definitely works fort this year. Thank you may that. What you rich into a few minutes ago about the equipment change that that made a big difference because here you went out in everybody knows when you're gonna compete gonna run a marathon or whatever. You don't buy new equipment especially shoes. And you without bought a brand new pair she knew reason for the bike two guys is just the clip didn't yes so you bought those were two there are comfortable to begin with but a brand new pair and the EU EU he started this trick that you were odd. With with the shoes. And it just caught up with the tea and caught up with. They were improperly adjusted I had my cleats that clip into the panels Fiat really far on the top of my my toes so they were up on the front of Miami human foot. And at one point I felt like my schools were actually gonna Kamal what did you think. I'm going to die about thirty miles into the press staff now. And then on date to win I was walking my bike up the third hill you for a lot of the show even before it even gotten a lot that was twenty miles an. And I was walking I thought. This is bad I just wanna jump in front of traffic offices. Hello. And I allotted out sold out. Obama and a doll I did not rise. His attend his if anybody's ever done a walk or anything like that and and you people like it's remember when you did the block in the leg cramp and Avon Avon. And no knowledge Al nice Pena went through and every well I'm getting to be praised. It's the guys. I screamed everybody. The app yet as you know but I do and I and I am disappointed and I'm also be proud of myself the same time that I was able to complete. What I was able to complete you know not to get a new pair of shoes again because you didn't have your list. Eating up the lifted I wonder. And I want to know is still inch shorter man I guess I don't know how you expected that clip to stay in that biking without the it's funny you mention that because I look at those inserts and dot now on the go at the brand new inserts in the new shoes and yeah I chose not to bring my old ones with my even when I went which was the so. Maybe and. In Chile dialogue said that helps is bringing me down. The other I don't think that's out what's the difference between the last two years they've done horse to deny that. Is Alex it is I I blame the elks act I have not been eating very well the growth and you've been entering on the beer the right angle into the L Heath yeah it's so cheap so cheap enough you teeny hot wings. But it is you that you guys eat taco Tuesday yet at Augusta wings Wednesday at the heat of fried yeah I mean we hear a dog. Thursday but yeah having a senator Lindsey is crazy you know when you're doing that is a party working out program I don't know it just I don't think they may. I am gonna blame. And Alex I. It's not the best diet training for a marathon bike ride. And a wave hobby yeah I think what's given blink first years checking here. In the boxing. Pretty you know duke. Well congratulations. Congratulations on what you did that they're getting thank you very much good I think you actually think doctor Everett went down. Yeah too badly hit a lot of people who don't let nevertheless. I Q. It's important on Alex. I.