BJ & Jamie: Sean's mom is moving in to his house and his wife not happy. 4/5

Wednesday, April 5th

Mom is moving in at Sean’s house!    This may not be the best decision he has ever made.

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Vijay in June and. Well well well well well mama has moved bid which taught us close our producer all okay has sent out let me just that I. So yeah. Relationship that everybody and lease without it that we all love their loved there's that there's no data that we love their Latin. Leavitt bet. They never ever criticize each other which we all have a little hard time with because we know in reality everybody has thinking about somebody you absolutely you know that's just. Human nature right well listen things. Yeah pop pop pop pop that is not think that with a list of thing right. Only part that drives it snaps that part is it really downed that for hasn't been out fake. But love for each other is totally real legal of their loved. So I heard of the reality that I do it so I stopped using the reality slip behind here. His whole layer and your wife wasn't. No there is a blast away and I'm sitting here and I didn't say a word and it is I just said here and listen to the conversation between your wife she met elite actress and mom moving into a mob moving it dude. He's the catalyst that context it is it is the catalyst right now. Fun let me just say she's not angry that you see just keeps it funny. Seeing the whole game and oh yeah. Yet started to let Lee column let's. A little bit I guess here's what I heard it and then you can fill in everything okay. So she's night. She's sweet she's like. Because she can't actually southern garage I don't get as I don't think Chase Utley and he had the opportunity when his mom said. I think I'm gonna get a trailer to she sold out in spring yeah. I'm litigated trying to get he don't need me here in erupts in your life and all I can still take care myself I've done the job of full time job and get a trailer. And she said she is sentenced me. Tito my husband's just. I said don't like it he said no mom you're live in with us on cheese and bit me ask her purse. You know that's that's part of the problem you're sure you eat you guys didn't sit down and have a seven abouts such that you don't huge. Difference in your lives having somebody in your house. Not saying I wanna live in the late yeah. She would like say please and hand right yeah. You and LT UN I did. I initially when this all started to happen in the boards in the guy left last year. We talked about mom moving in we made a decision might have seen a nice if you be good for mom to come stay with us for law will now we're a year later. And the day that wearing has gone on and it's become more and more evident that this is not going to be a walk in the park. And but I had committed to my mother yes you can live without us. So even though now she's like our goal is my problem I did say her recently again and creator Larry Harris. Moms you're gonna live with us as many again you know enjoy your life threats and timing not to pay bills and and tried eight you know traveling experience life. Yeah he said that it did you say that but then you go off to work and leave your wife leather that's of the main problem right now. Is that I did it take into consideration that the amount of time that I will be spending with mild Curry's mother. I think it's far smaller than the amount of time my wife yeah this will be spent she told me. Yet so that's easy she's also began today and has expressed that to me as well I'll also go. I've noticed too that just in conversations that happen and now about the situation and moving from a down they are selling their house and come and appear. And and she was all. It was all set of issues can redeem your basement. Okay our. As you've been telling me the story it seems like your mom is directing on helping you to get your house it's your your mom all of a sudden she's not staying in the basement now moved upstairs she says I'm gonna take this review -- gonna do this she's got it and after all she's your mother how you gonna tell are no right right so she's now. How easy would say she's elbowing her way through their shoe on if your wife sees this. It really big draw the higher your wives. Life would be and now she's right across the hall the F something's got real tight in the bedroom and oh yeah a multi. It right there and and she's asked oh boy. OK I don't know Karzai as he is tired. At one moment I get this. Don't care where CNET and secretly leg and killed or with a bad enough that he could not opt out now don't read it. I guess in one point Sheen had a big fat nerves in her. I'm in signs mom had that laptop going when the movie on it running full blast she had her. And we'll blasts. And yet the TV and what we're watching a movie right and she's it would say what. This is a true story she's still older stimulated. But she wants to watch a movie all the time it didn't matter her favorite movies are the real sad when we're someone's being tortured killed and so word got this going and then she's on her phone watching their. Political. Thank you just tap. Like each ice are given out a message to the press and she's watching the movie and then looking up stuff on the laptop but much involvement at the Arnold Arnold Arnold methodical. But that's out of a little about. Add Iran or sell over sticker or label and the. Catch up when and it went dead guys say blue dot on the movie that he just did he kill that he she didn't like not a and I don't know how. It this outlook but please she's not home game yet right. Well not 100% no when does this present how easy and get out of this you know that's that's the one out of this. And that's not fair that pass the guy. Nobody yet support a true. Hell though I guess is in is looking for an app that will give you a sneak. And lift. Yeah. I not seeing the planet with a fake list to linkages with the media and then she came down that they you know pain and. Yeah I got a list dramatic and yeah well you know she's senate flat out just like I'm gonna drive more and lifting you're gonna ride your bike more right. It's like I got to ride my bike home all stuck he's gumbo ya right lived till two in the afternoon June then I'm. I wanted to say this to you when you first actually you know product defect to promote mom's moving in yeah it is a way to look at this. If you're married and you're gonna take yen one of the relatives of parent yeah. Everything seems to go quite smoothly if it's a wide small. When it's that when it's a husband's mom. You start to look like a mama's boy again. It's Tuesday in in not just say it took to figure why if you if you look like a look when your mother and it's not gonna work out. Let's listen to her knowing it yeah I can talk to us like it did gaming and make. Oh yeah it's annoying big as I remember when I was married and the mom of the doctor. And husband was fine he is great he was great my father in law he was fantastic. With them. The Dutch English yet. I've loaded the dishwasher. She unloaded and reloaded because I did it wrong Raul as they take over the how we take over the house they become like it's their house exactly she's three and then load the dishwasher and re loaded it. Yeah I. Think it's worse though what is so husband's mother. She is it's just if it's a wife's mom because I went through that smile in my when I was married her mother moved in with us because she was ailing she was sick and she was divorced from whatever I think it's worked out great it worked out great we didn't have one Steve can problem. Between her and I believe it's her husband's mom it's a whole different ball competition between the wife. And your mom. Because then you're looking at exactly that's a mom's gonna sue they wanna light rule over their sons and so I think he's more typical here. Yeah there's this little bit more power. Then we realized that we give them because I know I've caved to some things to my mom that I would not. Have added there. Yeah the dog and your wife yeah see your wife's aunt you TV wife seizure weaknesses and it doesn't look at her right let's listen son of one big thing for my life is that she does not like it when the dogs go to the restroom of the bathroom in the house and aren't our guys are dogs that very restroom and the other animated us. Big bill and I. So our god as well trained in our dogs very old when my mom has trained her two dogs they're not battled to use the key pads being on hold or. So now so whatever that was whatever in her house because her house was entirely hardwood floors that my is entirely RP. There isn't. Thirty and not very good shot. 80. All two and a and so and then mom you know she likes to stay in and watch movies a lot and so that means that dogs are in that bedroom. Percent to eight hours to ten hours at a time that they're locked up in that room and their key. Everywhere. I go yeah. And so then when they're down in the living room stuff they're get there heighten under the table and memo is unhappy and so cart this is really a point of contention for my wife because she's like this and not continue. And I don't know how to retrain my mother to help me retrain her job. Put your foot down when they're. All look here's the deal the defense have to go that's on car if you put your foot down on this what does not negotiating a nationality and a decent. You just gotta make it will be good week to hear why does it does naturally good. My reason I don't know anybody Internet to tell them how we Clinton tried really are cannot be bad and they did to me depleted baby gotta go you. He did. It's gonna watch you one day and I walk away and leave my life in the room. I know one day we would see the destruction of Shoney's chain. It was only a matter of time to see how there are no opinion on the forecast is this if nothing NetSuite can last for so. Yeah Indy we immortal draw. Now it's nice night.