BJ & Jamie: Sean's new song for Paxton Lynch. 8/15

Wednesday, August 15th

Sean put together a new song for Paxton Lynch and it is a bit too Billy Joel meets Neil Diamond but the people on Text seem to like it and it is already stuck in their heads.

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Vijay and Jamie so Jamie shows up this morning. In full outfit at mission gospel scholars and out there but there she shows up into our uniform. Yeah you old guy she's got her stated that she went to calls she's ready to go she's already signed up for classes today. 10:20 this morning stretch general downward dog all the stuff that goes with the yoga right. Now I mention to yield that you're going to be left out of the place in a walk head laugh without one of certain item. Accessories that you must have must and actually after putting this out there protect made it 51059. There was actually. Other whodunit right yet what no dark blue. Accessories that you need or you're gonna be left out of. Irony of anxiety I don't know if any of you go through this but this list haven't been to a gym since like I numb OK so. I am already having anxiety of just walking into the place and help. I don't listen to I'm I really am like am having I don't see my chest had it's a Reagan's watch she. It's just I'm so nervous still walk into this place and feeling it work like I did. Well one of these things has not lied the other. Jamie yeah that's why I'm bringing this up because if you don't get these accessories before 10:20 this morning to you are gonna look like a dork we need and in turn we need to sit them to a sporting goods a Big Five. Go to picked by the get Judy's accessories. Get everybody has that thing that you've done that you know you don't know how to do it forgive I took my friend too and sushi and she was eating did discarded. And a mom and pots. Yeah. She picked up I had discarded and then mom and I did. And try to dissect the little bad you know billions out of my mood now if that's how many thousand and those are already been eaten. Rat who bride bride but she didn't know and that's what she wanted to look the market and shot says he has anxiety about going to sushi place because he does not to do it still I don't know I'd be in the fitness were of yeah well. You're exactly right Islam trying to help kids and when you left out of the gym person all the bursting I was singing off. Of these. You don't have water off. You've got Shawn Langlois. This is not well you did not show up that'd jam with with doubt and water ball. Accessory you will be back. And I'm not right super right. Here that's been cool and right out right I've got say like Artest hairy amateurs on the. But the that's a cool he. He's saying it while my name on it because there's a lot of that around and it's still like looks authentic that with your name because even you can tell look I've had this a long time. You don't have to go in there was that was island with a sticker audit that you just purchased dew and AM yeah it's got to be I'd say we need to do is maybe throw it on the asphalt a couple times book Alan. I guess from a golf course is something. No I thought this sets. That REI. Will come and I look like an anchor the current and I Jay do you have an idea or what I. How late begin around this win today as well as soon as you get to do it GM via the very first time find the lost and found. And then go there is they'll be water bottles and there speak out real nice blend here and then you carried out when around today and people be like clothes she's a veteran look at that you know a lot of I got dragon all my best water bottle yet lost Moscow announced actually beat my son's school I think that we were used to get them but my god put it now. All I can actually go and buy it whole like it was winter Borger unlike accurate disclosure yours yet totally put pressure through that my tip for you for that but you don't have time to back. You you've got to do it at the gym Sean is right lost my confidence you guys take it but I gotta have that got enough. People are also saying and and a bit this is probably true that she's missing the yoga mats know we not doing yoga. We're doing it that's right you're doing you know not like he's machine. But it easily yoga move on applauding yeah I don't need yeah Burgundy Amanda why. Water bottle of that stupid if I have tried to put a matter top the plot is machined. At the. No that's what you did affect. Yes I want to hit it. Take that bad out there but unstoppable but she's you know I don't at this Cowell but I feel like any well. It is wet and slant. If I ask Matt what about my. You know in a towel yeah I think most kids have the towel they have a way of yeah I don't think you have to bring your own contract and did you look like rookie. A yogi look at you Gordon the pool. Well like at the hotel resort treatment that your your hotel room Talbots and get a riot. Exactly. Eight they look look what have the talent especially when it's one of these little fancy you know allowed east high fastball gymnasiums if you're gonna you're gonna be okay without you know. It's sad is I looked at the video and all of the girls are like I don't know 25 and hot. In grammar is going to be an and I. You know me like when I get nervous again loud yeah. Not. Yeah. Yeah community is sticking out I kind of wanted to feel. I don't wanna go to class and. Allowed opponents I know so I watch real housewives of which limits orange county and there was a girl and she's fairly loud ever heated or we've tried to require that. Yeah what they don't like is because when you what civilian you shouldn't video of this Pilates she's slash yoga move they do. It's kind of what's called jumping incident yeah yes. Count or he showed me the video in the ladies that are in this video obviously they're doing it efforts effortless. I played golf every day in their Jess is so smooth and I can just see Jamie there. I just a big Charlie fox trot it leads me out of control she's going to be complaining about every night I appreciate it. I complaining about. I hate you know all this is going to be going on and they are gonna be so over you and verse 1520 minute. I have learned that much ever outlets or Downey and a drunk grocers were out of like I get some the amended. And what. And to be and I know it's not I'm going to be me. And quite I can't do I do. You don't have a continue to do that lets it get you now. I'll. Be quiet and Amy are gonna complain. Whine complain now and get you watch and the. Community adorable do you will be thrown out of this class. Well no I did you have mentally argue about something that's crazy from not have forgotten bend in the tennis world. Wondering an outfit in the fitness where I feel. Superior to you you does make you feel good I feel like I feel like already sick at that we need to go out. I feel better than he. Like I'm like yeah I'm better than they are yet. It's just I still would just like 3040. Maybe what may be a forty to sixty got a ignition a lot of what it. So the drastic happened. The old historic zone in the among them. Here's what's up she's still looking for an out after us and they help trust which we used in the text of the instructors and don't. And upside duck I did say that that's what she did it. That's got to. Attitude and a he should be let himself excited I didn't. Is that this is gonna be a brand new day for the rest of my life yeah you know this is the beginning of it all know about she writes I ask him being forced into rehab if you think that's a horrible feeling. Yeah in the immortal John Ellis. I night.