BJ & Jamie: Sean's new song for Paxton Lynch its a bit loungy. 8/15

Wednesday, August 15th

Sean put together a new song for Paxton Lynch and it is a bit too Billy Joel meets Neil Diamond but the people on Text seem to like it and it is already stuck in their heads.

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BJ and Jamie Alice put a button on the beach and Jamie Maury show. What's your wedges and a good insurance giving me the quotes that packs and lynch put out yesterday only put out on these demoted. From the Denver Broncos from the second team to the third team. What they've gotten a first team he's got to be love and all that the kid is jealous that you're I think at quarterback. That the first team quarterback Rosie keeps skiing and. OK that's good I normally don't that aren't so here's India if you turn mile and a half that's up football fans. In an era a bad way I just don't get really involved in telling mid season and that kind of person so I guess what's happened is there's three quarterbacks who Brighton. There's that led dad Casey. Crank case tastes there's case and then there's Paxson movement and then there's a Jim Kelly son nephew yet okay. So then I guess during that to have the like for ten game I guess that Paxton he just sucked he just socked. Like nobody's ever sucked before like some peace soccer fans who's that it was back to north. This horrible but so then they moved him to the third position and then they brought up that Kelly get. Yes they brought to Kelly kid that put him into second place on the second team and and and Paxton lynch. Yeah all of a sudden the fans are so down on this guy and you've got to remember here's a guy that was heralded as one of the best quarterbacks in college football. To come into the pros and he was going to be. And that's. He's gonna learn from Peyton Manning this guy's going to be won the best ever in his box he's completely bombed in Denver fans have turned on him like just wrong. Had a thing called money. I mixed 2.5 million a condition but it makes he's not really hurt them roster. Now that sounded colonel arranged not hurting on the salary yeah yeah that's not what I meant to write yourself would that being said Jamie and I yesterday we thought. Watch Paxson is trying all we don't get down on him you know you get into that actually started a go funding they H yeah. And him. Poor little cellar they wanted to get 2.5 million dollars together on the gulf let me paging given to the Broncos and say now letting go will pat what buyout out his contract. An outlet that Joseph guy's name of saying yes they said that he said this quote yes event said he's really really upset. He started sobbing and saying. What I'd like Nancy Kerrigan he did while I hate he did while. He released a statement he knew he wanted to know. OK okay. Stutter Lola Lola Lola what happened what have you have figured out I just did Nancy Kerrigan and you just changed it up you say it to state what I try to. Well I I don't do good day's hearing that. We play a lot wildlife Uruguay has apparently been tricky and yet he's just got to read Nancy Karen okay fine with the why why why don't quite get just so ninety. He'd he'd he's he's baffled he doesn't understand why he's being demoted. To the thirteenth so we thought because I know what's gonna hand. Where I owe you that you psychic abilities kick and then all you don't have to be decided for this he was booed last week you know what's gonna happen this Saturday. My prayers. Are players hit iron oh they are yeah oh well guess what's gonna happen. Mood little boy boo birds. Well you made me feel saarc formed because you know for little Feller. And so we out we decided come up with they have pick me ups on and degette Denver behind a Paxton and don't even let let's bowling this little Feller OK let's not let's stop pulling him. Let's support and yet you know it was a pretty. Yes we need to and bright and uplifting piece of debris throughout this period in his life right. Guess I could change and shots as proposed as suck it. Actually moving. So now. No okay. Okay. His round draft big guns on school then gone. No no. Then. Still lives is. Katrina. Back to its problem. Yeah. Also Bart but I'm just wage shouldn't. Ivan was that. Bums me out now I will let don't let it too it's just a music bed I was channeling my now on the my own man. No. And you like the layered an early age old kind of eight tracks of Neil Diamond no it's not a new diamond song it's just stay on standard bad that we have in the library around here. Very silly every teacher believed on the bench. Lou it's problem and it's yeah let's not bad with. Let's keep the lid off the bench haven't seen it you know or a good one believe mr. lynch what about that what are people. Actually here's a guy yeah. Is still fill her two kids she had needed more production did you. It needed yeah. Here were here passion all wind Lynn Johnson badge castle catchy. I was up the bid at only age are you. Now 6070. But I held me I am in mount. My thing where things really get. Like folk lore. Galore and her leg full music folk music and folk lore that I mean I was like well Neil Diamond the and a guy. In the lounge cabaret ish re yeah. Delegate was at a piano bar a home run. But don't go out like we look at. At Paxton lynch is so logos. But the fact that Lindsay is so cool that he's. Am. Is so cool. You know yeah I tell you try to lag of professional. By. Are we want it's something that week may be marked out some day to Paxton he can take with him now that they did Nike put like eight tracks on top of each other and saying that. Arm and I did yeah. Oh boy this is again maybe I'm being too yeah maybe baby had no bullet texting and also be a tell. But what I've now tonight is your only slow me exactly a year ago. Is that still news signal advantage. And know little about them. Each unit in the long. I first round draft pitch alongside golden blah but it did and there are so long since noble. Noble. It into Brandon Steve and into Friday and Paxton lens this didn't beat them. Yes he lives off the event and messier and stop them. The lives. Shows that. You're still. Similar hired me. To. Let you know at that anger is even having a light truck I'll try again. I'm trying to iron instead and see what he has his accident of support to those and I know of and changes ABC's Gina and I would just maybe critical. Passes maybe we all know we've been known to be assets that's what appears to date because and that's. I've sung will be stuck in my head all day that's what gun battle on more ISO you know yeah love prince not. Yeah I am not don't listen BJ Wie shot that was amazed it was amazing. Sounds like that our listener like. I didn't really feel the emotion coming from Johns. Blades all yeah he loves no scope and while I got some sport there are a lot of sporting that. All right well our job is set to gets tax them let's not necessarily the starting role we don't wanna lose every rep but I. Stop being bullied we don't want yet be exact bet is the right word here we this is a bully freeze own path lab that's vague and that's what should be if you booed him on Saturday night at the game. Shame on your bulletin billion you know it asks. Each inch immortal son Alex I.