BJ & Jamie - Sean's son slept with life size barbie 5/23

Tuesday, May 23rd

You read that right.

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Vijay and Jeanne. Hey here we our eyes begin to Amy Gilliam Fergie jade just for a couple days is sure I'm doing a fine job by the way you cannot overusing this. That oh. But the fact that we know I have like Hillary it's like to pitch it's been you have it right am I please begin digits and it's easy what I posted on FaceBook. The digits then her fingernail I saw that all my god how I know he he would that be have that on your parents. I would never be the stop so what they've done in go to our FaceBook page and you can actually get up. So they've done acrylic nails in the they've done they drill little holes in the acrylic nails an added teeny tiny little thing it's banners. It doesn't anxiety is thinking about it. Too much I anywhere what we severed its not that is this. Now I have a little boy so this is not a deal with us and the American girl grace. But. I want your daughter right. She was right at the and so we didn't have to do the American dolls American girl dolls right but we did have liked the barbies in the life sized parties adolescents are we did have a life sized party in the house I think people now. But we will be rid of it happened because our son was sleeping with a and so we felt like it was just got to his dad. The end of the sentence didn't I I. Wait a minute of it heated and I guess it does happen because she's in the mountains yet so how old was he. Oh shoot. Maybe 78. Years old seminary in Manila that made her five yes there have been around the right so I was sleeping with her gigantic. Nice eyes yeah economy added in the band in adult tucked in real nice and coverage on the pillow and a Clear Lake. Nobody yeah you can't live that big old golf trip. Happy I thought why not. See slaves that I want to sleep with that I don't honestly the lonesome times also money and. Sweet to me. Actually in LA and you say like that I think it was and schemes and the hot hot hot hot oh yeah size Barbie. Did she have boobs. Yes okay. There were bumps and they were bobcats plastic bumps little plastic yeah. And well outlets and this isn't just see I don't recall ever hearing is still another your sense legal would like size Barbie look. You have now. But I. Thought I read anyway magnets and is there. Changed he likes girls and rarely that's good idea right communication I think it's kind of because he went and comfort. He got comfort from life sized ball and you and you cued sit here at a dinner when that Shaq is Jeff. Snatched her Qaeda. Cells may just handled faced the students in glass as loader into the trash can. I remember talking up the minute window. And I'm. Great now CNN. Oh dear god. American girl is sad legacy and I have a little boys so I I know a lot of friends have these American Donald girls things. I guess they're still. I mean not so I guess is super expensive. Yet to divert. Some would guess lack. They're gonna give you separate underwear I'll find me it was a huge backlash from the parents. The dollar company I guess previously announced that its popular eighteen installed on him and thinking. But you're certainly do super having known the dollar is getting their pay any back this year. He had a good movie. Let's get alleged armed and fast name anesthetic what did come Barbie wearing night. With him. I shed little light down. 89 guys I've remembered yeah it was a long it. China began ninety the flowers on it lightens. Someday down here in the leg did you tell obviously with our. Up had a dog company said that look we carried we hear your complaints parents to the social media to complain about the change. Golly does decision cost cutting move that decrease the value of the dolls. So well everywhere to ask you if you knew the answer I'm guessing and they came pre print on the golf. Yes I have to get a underwear were already attached and permanently attached that he couldn't remove. And people like this this is this. Fashion statement I'm I've. I'm looking at the web site you do have different. You know I ache accessories and so. You would have a matching instead of you know on weeks with a teacher Newton. Onto. A Nadal. By the way should make distinctions have their hundred dollars each. American drug side to reverse a decision announcing any new dolls being developed will now come with a removable underwear. That is fantastic news the way speaking of which you told me off the air that Adam be among them. Is adopt left yes. So shot if you guys don't know shines mama's moved into the basement and take that in for men and shines mom is single now and sold her house and she's moved into the basement with her now learning doll collections. Yes she has a doll collection and stirred up big like porcelain dolls are known right he has sorry for me it seems to keep its super creepy looking in and there on stands insists he's got to speak shelf as you want a box them up because he felt like that would be be bad for the clothing. Something like that yeah so city is made trips back and forth from Colorado Springs the dolls policy and the car and then now we got him. I guess in column displayed now what you're having a storing them but are led display see. That's. And I know you don't notice it happens when you get older might start collecting dolls to revert. To your child is that what we're doing here. I think that it does have that this Dallas it should it reminds you of being teeing it reminds her being younger and I say no known just looks at them at the also relies essentially put the. Hot hot hot pot a little. Idea and began I mean for your cell is like Eminem I don't know. I don't know I guess you let these Barbie. And it's fantasy factory if I'm just analyze those kids are in the right now it's after eight. Yet to go to school link between 50 so they're asking their parenting when it went in the dark about why deny it lasts as he could. At and more on Alex I.