BJ & Jamie - Selfie High Five 10/11

Tuesday, October 11th

BJ discusses the high five selfie, and Sean tries to do it.


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Vijay and Jamie. Don't forget you get three more chances at a thousand dollars today it's a part of the fourteen day giveaway right here and Allison 59 year got another chance commitment 11 o'clock with Seminole she'll do beginning to end its like it's Steve at 5 o'clock today. Yeah come in handy when it's true. You're right I've got something here I want us to try to you actually see it should you to participate to influence. Trent Allah trendy those things go viral world. You can they're clown grabs gonna go viral yeah all well aware that kind of thing I'm very excited about what I saw this. Hum a couple of days ago I think Sunday and didn't get to yesterday but I wanna try something you know when you're tried to connect this could be damaging to your phone. I'm just got a long before we go and yeah remember that we do now net have you heard of the self Lehigh five. This LT hive Sayyaf now I have knocked I think that's exactly mention this was put on hold. It's close enough aren't so the soapy hot acts you find the article you. Why a guy and dad add to I had a one of the university's police don't do so you know are amazing with your knowledge let me just start out. College and a half. And K hang on 12 here are. I knew self he craze has people throwing their phones into the year while trying to snap a picture of themselves hide finding themselves. Over their heads. While the phonies in the Vietnam. It was started by North Carolina State student. Who shared his blurry image of himself clapping his hands. It took off. Already read twenty over 170000. Times since Sunday or Saturday I guess it was. And now more and more people are trying to do those sell the high five. I am I so here's what he did our limit them until until motivated self explanatory here. A what you gonna. No do you know how there's a little delay on the buttons. Thank. If you think you should take something for that. Not to talk about a phone Peja practice all right so why aren't so what we're gonna do here I'm gonna try to not notices. But I think I can do it's I don't think there's any damage to my thought the spread the mission is automatically. All right so let's make your hair I think you have a small delay I think you and your phone as a small boy and then put my handed I see what you're gonna do is this heartless into the closely now and don't get. You guys are like trying to jump the gun on me. IE take your phone can he get it on camera can you get it facing new. Okay because it's got to take your picture or in front of a married in tourney. And after that I catch your phone there's not enough people are doing. They have to be eligible. Maybe you. What second timer and gently art that there was so much against what I would try to first. What happened. It just all out drop it it's broken. Little did it really. Let me try aren't paying paying all the rated. Crap. Stockholm. Hole. I don't. It shattered a long irons and other. Laura and I yours look. And they had them in the off for sure you can do it is a game. Anecdotes and no that's the next. That's a guy that. Let me see Baghdad this is just stupid really it's really hard when I don't have great stuff for us. But if you can do this you've there hole that was good shall I just saw you do when they get a picture now the key is it's got to be. This is you know in a position that he gets it flat. Alienating battered and do this stupid. Being in all the kids are doing an appetite entering beyond. You know the kids are doing their USC the again if you did it take you share well might my foot broken heart just broke all the all right thank you guys do it. Because to me he can't. Work unless it's on a timer I'm just saying I'm not saying look I'm not telling you exactly how to do it but at that stuff. Hole. Its safety. Because maybe shouldn't try this does. Maybe maybe maybe this is beyond any new what you get past 25 he shouldn't try this is like anywhere in them made blanket you can. And the reflexes you gotta be quick is a key. To do this right gap is stupid look on. Its locker. Time it's called the cell behind. I don't plan and people are true and handing it to the a lot of people are doing it right. Let me say I Pollyanna approach and what the incentives about me but that act at. So I did you get any picture I got a lot of really blurry pictures but nothing and I think this is possible. What do you mean it's no problems everywhere you push your finger on that dad this shatter it and she hit us they don't. He's got nearly had 22 time. I don't know why I can't yeah. Yeah all the neighboring didn't lowered just because listen this I put my phone will take it. We still trying. Because like hey I want to see. Soon. You can come what should get a picture you can do it dude you can do it. Come on you can do it the hunt many do not do it month old broken yeah and they aren't the lens on the column in the monkey. You'd feel if I I'm healthy look at her a bogey here. But you know you know watch shows like don't kid. You can do in this all day that day he chain that's all the people who hates cigarettes cost of thought around here is like. Wet seal the gatlin who. Do you think I give a timer owner Conrad. There's a thirty yard this. Sure he's going buddy you can do shot you can you know I knew they videotaped him trying because I don't think people even understand what happened it's insanity and discredited you that's going on our room. I got a challenge for you are right I want you to go I want you to go in to your work today and I want you to train ride. Do this I want you to do is sell beyond five and they don't want you send it to us you do it you can go to our FaceBook page post if you want to. But you show bush yourself behind five Cheney's gun into the room to try to. Try to get a picture shot actually toss its full. The air it's hard to do you hit the look they next he had Da'Sean is I can't get my hands above my. I had like I. I. Can't give up. But I doubt it can even when you toss it clap techy you don't have a picture. Well let's go. Up. An executive. That shocked a lot less and I got my arm. Indy week day mornings on Ellis. I night.