BJ & Jamie: Sex Parties in Castle Rock! 4/24

Tuesday, April 24th

There is a Fox31 report of Sex Parties in Castle Rock. There is a house that is over 7,000 feet of play house. They have food, drinks and even a chocolate fountain. The neighbors are not happy about it at all but the city and the HOA say they are doing nothing wrong.          


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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice 1059. PGA and Jamie morning show a few practices investigative reporting. I feel like this is crazy that that fox 31 it was Oxnard and I think that they like reluctant to do our. There's a SEX. One party. That continues to happen down in castle rock. Boy I'd like this and I haven't done and written in all of all of the herbs. I didn't see the report and I only know what you bred this morning but. What exactly is going they're down there and how many people are we talking about how big house and what's the charge to get him on the party. With so so you know how like all these birds in like Broomfield and everything. And we all have to house is all look the same you know where all stacked around each other in late in the little trees. Will this particular bird is a rich people's bird. Really yeah. Mentions yeah 7000 square feet over here verb and that's me yeah it's. 7000 feet seven pounds where PH. That would only heads in there yep still resent. It's gone wrong. Badly have you been castle rock. Moved a couple of times to pass through a we are there any time this country that outlets. Right but that's she'd just little town on the planet I mean just the sweetest little thing your peers that way when you're driving down actually thought you go to castle rock is like home. Could live here it's a silver you're falling so sweet it's guns and add many more. Manhattan anymore got a dark side and nurtured by two hole from there down today. The Georgia and Edward and home. And Jeff are we actually have the audience with close and he really that data consortium can Kasra cold. He had it with the parties going on the house across the street and they are factored into other stations were will launch yesterday when I say all right I'm not sure what she did this in doing that aren't doing it. 7000 serve put out yeah. Confirmed by this party invitation. To her anonymously by concerned neighbor absolutely shocked if both the the 7500. Square foot home turn play house with every amenity. Including alcohol food even a chocolate fountain. Yes they have a chuckle no I I know it's worth seventy dollars K I had no message I have like home near an. Overrated. The chocolate the little overrated. Probably is what an arrest troubles yeah it pretty cool when you have your own you use it once and there ligament Clinton and listen up new but it. Anna and I don't know if I go to a sex party for the chocolate fountain of I don't know if that's cool yeah. And I didn't get any bigger than putting buddhism there I was. Part that's arts and there I was getting re taller than he's cleaner and then a year it. We actually the rest of this risque invitation. To all of us here at Joseph the rest of the Arnold should be sued so knowledge. Rock lovers found the party organizer he does not want to reveal his identity. But invited us into the home's main party room there was significant harassment. So far that receive from the neighbors a father and husband didn't. He says he understands the neighbors' concerns and are no open areas that you can see from outside. To have the children earning but he seeing something I shouldn't say you're don't want to see. But holy Moly. And good morning doorbell. Changed the route. Avail because typically don't move it up to that point one now look at our if there are a lot of people are participating in the at this one else. But he don't change a whole name of the city. Did you and he also said he was a father that they have little kids yes so I'm guessing you can't let your kids play over that house. Yeah. He taught school there. You live in Littleton in a beautiful sub sub division yeah it's nice what if you found out and neighbor. Was having sex party. William. I'd probably. Congress and I'd probably I don't know much neighbors very well but it probably get to know for your boy is it OK okay there'll seven overnight look at. What would you do I mean did weird I'd look at guys at a in my neighborhood. Yeah I think get have to go there and but you guys get have to put some pants aren't but we can't because this in the neighborhood. You know Saturday. Yeah I think because college kids at least in my neighborhood you know they all get together the cul-de-sac now playing ball and do on his doesn't. But he said you couldn't see inside the house and there's things we're not in the air but you don't really see should name again shenanigans. Is shocking. And he's so opening says yes this is happening to Wales he's okay that's. Not enough for amber we could hear it for doing what they're doing nobody bit on our and we hear moaning and groaning. That's not cool all the kids are out of the park but she got dissed I didn't take an honest I'd know. Gotta cut this out we can't have brought you to stop he's. Movies. Like lived at Genesee you're semi yeah like nobody can get out the mounted so yeah an intimate Genesee and greens like better. But little small towns and alignment. As in choosing the enthusiasm. That one LSU. And I not being one of us yes. I'm happy about this because they just didn't know about it there can object about it. Well. Here. In Charlotte. Yeah this yes this kind of trump sure I'll white rocked people up the process should cut over in your neighborhood are rockaway and I. I think is sad that it fat and yeah I'm Hannah I was talking about. When you can't for seven to stop a seven bucks plus. Plus you Europe your parties are pretty much over would you sunken in that. Oh yeah yeah announced little new you know how to navigate castle on yeah as I got more of the gold. I would just golf friendly dig us say it's simply a more urban he called them and I think it's still Qassam rockets hitting a hole or bill. Villain magnate Ron. Johnson seventy dollars might let it take seven dollars for couples which I don't urge him because then it is what. Twenty dollars for a single male and way dollars for a single female. None no single females are Tawny single males are fifty. All yet you always pay more as a single he had his hair and Dario just have a lot of those guys. Is. It start paying doesn't this become illegal. No because they're only taking donations and are just taking donations at the door so you can opt out of the donates and penalty when does bud. It's not a strict fee they're chart and where does my donation down. I your donation probably goes it is the next yard alcohol operations out of all the amenities all the beds and keep the hot tubs and a time she heard a lot of little that watch these sheets all right now that you're paranormal stuff you're talking to an expert. It's good I did an interview the next hour is how grooming him going for what I heard a pixel what you think. Did about sanitizing. Them I didn't do I think about sanitation and I've. I would get not because. He says it does get sick of the sudden goes up on the yeah. I don't know you're strangers to your house and you still don't know where he lives that is creepy mistaken I think they've made though the people who are reading this house of running the party. You invite the person that lives next dole. They're not always in this story visit did these big live right next door and they get an invitation. That's a big boo boo. But she got the invitation from someone else. And they tell his friends as well yeah exactly than that it's all were at night the sewing circle and then the neighborhood it's got together and do and so circles William. In local supply and an eight she had to Canada to go book club no club wind nobody denies. Sewing circle you know chatting it up Mikey did you hear what's on now. And they're all plants and as they didn't and while. Do you guys can't do you have any rumors that you're neighbors. None now I'm really. I don't even know Roman neighbors. Just added I got Trevor are enough I get don't really even know the most Eminem no name CN you know the but I don't. I'm really well you know all I know Paul. The guy across the street I don't know his name but I don't across street when a Siemens say hi the guy next door to my other side and I know some of these people but. I don't really have thought I mean there will be parties like that going on millionaire and I would even know what my neighborhood. You ever imagine what neighbor that Sean can't go over to his house as a grove facility. In a basement. A lot of weird yeah. Charlotte who thought. And now it was so weird because I would look out my do all of them in their shots car in front of my house and you can't even get. And I like the role he must be he'll be at the door ring the doorbell and human. Time goes by no short. A look outside these trucks got earth that I might geez is he sitting in his truck. And I would walk outside in look junior trucking your not there I don't even know where you read I'd even put it together that you were next door. I have. Let me. And she is sole means she will not wave at me to save my life she doesn't like me. Because of my lawn you know two years ago when I got an anonymous letter amen Keisler. Any wish she will wait let me. I ever thought she. Looked. Up. I do I guess she all of a bunch of massage she places. Really that regularly gently massage please let it naming names. Many of religion. And let you know like massaging the tragically certainly not that kind that you go do the guy and I. But you know the government doesn't expect I don't yeah. The ratios of nebulous what you like the size in the big like that. Is the luckily we heard it. I talk about this now anyway all right at castle rock and knock it off. I. Did. Just knock it does so bad cop stopped the party. Into the importance on Alex I.