BJ & Jamie: Shooters Girl Friend say she knew nothing 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

Colorado is going to get a lot of snow because of La Nina. the Vega shooters girl friend had no idea about what he did.


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Vijay and gene and I got a question. About not a question some information on to your government. Well I'm waiting. Hang on. I feel little bitchy today you sure sound. A negative sugarcoat this. Did the a good look today yeah I. OK Heidi and I felt I got to turn his frown upside down a. Ready at that I don't know if you've seen astronauts. When you and I were talking about this a couple of days ago. In that was a prediction of that el Nina or whatever it was it was coming throws you can make our winter. Well this came out yesterday did you see this now look for the white streaking on the map because that's where winter is going to be absolutely nasty. Bloom. Older column route and says dry. No old. Yeah act of very wet winter. And and snow so so so. And we're supposed to he's known suite and nieces. And says the meetings since the mixture is. Dry. Boy and that's Kansas has stuck Colorado. And it's also part of that big fund anything should know and I snow and ice little rise some more snow in Rockies Denver Colorado a part of that. What is he wears his Denver Colorado department I don't know I'm just. And the streak is right the first time thing an el Nino means it's going to be dryer for us Sean doesn't know what the hell he's talking about a. Are you really be seen our winter prediction on Sean swallow our producer. Even up he read it and I'm. Read that or not. And I think great. I bet it's a hard look anybody are you me arguing your boiled egg again. I read it with my mind is fit well it's true I read that this this pattern well actually bring us a more deriding it. Pattern of weather than we used to it's the el Nino. Brings us the heavy wet I think. And I mean. We don't get blasted folks when he cares what I think I think I'm so confused of Matt Macon box 31 I had just I don't know. Why he posted the child and blah sprinkler systems. God do this weekend right it's gonna get crazy you know. But then Saturday it looks like it's going to be eighty. You know so I don't Atlanta blowing my my sprinkler system if the ground is gonna reach eighty degrees going up but. And whatever is that the temperatures going to be a meeting on Saturday he's preparing you for what's about to curse starting on Monday but it it eighty on Saturday but the ground temperature being about sixty. 4058. Home the fact of the matter let's grab temperature when it's eighty outside she's argued with me. She Jess yeah early show on. She's now on the mad and they can smokes it's not easy to earn this job I think it is but it's not did it lifts here with her every day as it Adrian made as this can be ADM Sarajevo responsible for our program and I am so. Yesterday. This story was circulating this lady that I was the girlfriend of the shooter out loosening up just yet she came back she got back it up was she in a wheelchair you know usually the ice. She claims. She knew nothing. North I can believe that. That she knew nothing about how crazy was solid ammunition and all the guns and all the bomb making devices and all everything bingo. She didn't have any idea she says she had no idea. Can a person. Just gonna go on just you know relationships in general. Can a person and have another person that you're dating or living with her marriage to do it that much. The story unlike girlfriend marry her husband for what do you freaking years and had. Yeah yeah he liked to Wear women's panties. A thing. She had no idea. What he was sick in bed or whatever and then she sent out of the male and he got up like. No god get get it and it went out there are some leg that's weird and they went into the bedroom and she thought it was so weird. Until then the next thing she starred snippet and Stephen and snooping is open. When she fights without a bunch of pay any step between the mattress and box spring look I don't the women's panties. Lacy. I don't think you can in yet equate it all the same. So I asked the question is are there our ability lay any of us guys are part of the pain of the ballclub. The quantity it. But the thing it's just you know for twenty years they had three candidates crazy too cynical idea what you what did she at least would walk into why this when he's trying so yeah. I mean that whatever that compared ladies and she'd only thing that hand that Kate and landed but at least yeah. She said she didn't know that's what she says he's joining have you ever been caught. Good question should it ever walked in on you when your prime on summer stuff. Now we never knew his knowledge has been in the room but how. How can I guess that its idea could. Not so good read and didn't do you really think this woman had no idea no I mean I. I think we look at I do really great secrets but it. I agree I think people could hide great secrets we've all been there probably. But when. You eat this guy has to be Psycho OK he's got to be just completely. To range in the final days leading up to what he did. I would have to think she knew something it's a little to show off odd yeah it is weird is it. Yeah but I mean he had several houses he could just say like. Look I'm going over to this house and you know working on now that's up you know like it's a man came bird or like my dad had that said we never really knew what he did mention. We didn't do. He tied plants. It looked fishy advice and that's what evidence that you guys were at this is figurehead as a kid growing up know what I did and the that with the easy to women who do it helped me. So you turn on the radio that you turn on the radio like Willie Nelson exit sit there and obeying seeing tire flies. Yeah any abs whiskey and as I could now that's that he had to get away from all the women and it's so let's admit that makes a lot of. You go Bob light I salute you this or not. Do whiskey year high tying flies or the music. Block out a way to victory day. In the importance on Alex.