BJ & Jamie: Shy 13 year old impresses AGT. 6/14

Thursday, June 14th

Americas Got Talent video of a very Shy 13 year old girl who was an amazing performer. Jamie calls B.S. on the shy act.

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Vijay and Jamie Allison 1059 BJ Jamie morning show 654 here on this Irsay already yesterday as little. Well and I think. Before we take a break quickly will play the Saudi. The video I think cells are better than the audio does look at the idea it's been seen six point five million times. And by the way can I just say after the play it and I'm minute and I have I have an opinion. The pit. My opinions are that. English OK so opinions are great I think we are here is why it's becoming so popular she was on America's Got Talent and again Nancy quart 80. Courtney had when she's only thirteen. Does Nancy. She's she's so shy she walks out on stage. She's so shy when she's talking to the judges I. How I guess and an open after. That's cute to be nervous. As totally understandable bush on name caught me. And how old he says change of the team all at once a favorite subject in school music. What kind of music. So you get it she's really really. Bad that's the DOK now. Which he turns around with a microphone comes on and it's time to bust a move. This is her. Oh wait no let's set heats. And that your son. Get Mugabe. Hi definitely and they definitely have played junior. Having her here and again totally understandable what Sunday. Cotton legislative subjects. You take it with the team. I wasn't fit you can get better attitude of usable data girl yet what kind of music man some of them. You've nicely. All right now here we go the microphone is on. Look at nick jagr out there. And Jamie has an opinion. Cut cut cut cut at. The we've all they did it took. Okay rail I feel like we Bobbitt did I feel like they shine is is it. Acted island explained yet may be right. You may be right I don't think so but you may be let me explain driving the shyness as an act first of all it's worked because we're all like oh my clients is still amazing she's still painfully shy and then she gets out there and and she starts kidnapper legs. Arms and flailing around by the way amazing singer I'm not taken that away from. But when you party gone through the system. The UK talent show for the voice came and you and me because she was a top. And who like that finalist for the UK and boys in the kid's movement so she's already been on television I don't know how many times in the UK. All right so she's used to it she performs on the streets on a regular basis. All the time. I think that this is a nice ads that leg just a little on the slow and some noise but. Could you be really really super shy are on the conversation part but the really kicks him in the music speak. Yeah including UB a course that I am not Imus. Audio are. And why she is the system UK talent Joshi TV a thousand times in the UK she's on the street I'm. You be the church. Turkey make sure we get this our FaceBook page please yes it's art. Go look at the video watched a girl she bust a move me and she really kicks it is when you use it. Standards in the campaign and whose right is Jamey Wright or his six point five million people who saw the video who loved the video right. And OJ about Vietnam's export but noted paint. I'm just saying yeah we all need to act like you know and send our kids on a talent show with some kind of get my gamut credit report and yet you shouldn't. We'll be right dec. He's into everything Morton's. Nice nice.