BJ & Jamie: Skate day Incredibles 2 and missing intern's text. 6/22

Friday, June 22nd

Jamie had a very busy day yesterday she took her son to the skate park for Skate Day and then they went to see the Incredibles 2 and said it was great movie. If you join the club it only 5 bucks.

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CJ and changing the way it is national ticket dog to work day today so. But the blue gene and I are done speaking a national day is guess where I was asked to you yesterday at a skateboard park why were you there at. Spoke with yesterday yesterday was national skateboard de Maria yeah I get out skateboards no did you ski important no no I did not skate board yesterday no. Yeah I did I did other things he just went to the park and watched the hit a bunch of little not to place on their obviously. It's it was sad and and he met up with some friends didn't. Just some of those. Those kids are ski users he doesn't skateboarders and asking so I'd like to hang out there and yeah so there's and I am a little riff Raff there I got checked the reference RG yeah Rosa Ozal scheme and actually know the people that there. Yeah I don't but he understands that I didn't realize yesterday was national ski board I didn't either tied Alvin my sense at. Me and my buddies are planning to go to the back skateboard park Kenya take me. Is she sharing them get the odds again because there's nothing like Vietnam not as important part yes. I lowered my house sir. It's not that bad but it is skated over paying Allen couldn't do that it's off that freeway but yeah actually I haven't been we have worked out now and. Did that idea. And they need a rest we did discussion of what's we went to see the incredible how Lasik. It was LA was bad it was really guys I suppose it's yeah yelling yeah it was really cute did when opens today too is going to be big attack. Jurassic Park. I finally destined to go well I think it opened actually last night being ugly death but this is the first week you for Jurassic Park so. And I take that incredible it's it's really loud and I can see why there's a warning for. Epileptic so and two leaders see Abby has I mean literally made me seasick really I'm not like battery after I got out of that movie actually tonight I've constantly moving what are the strobe so it's just part of the show itself bridge as part ask me this part of the movie is after trying to hypnotize people here. So it's an. All are awful and that's a flashy Angel Disney this past week was just had to issue a warning for you apple and I get it that would give seizures from the right in and they said why. Because I literally after I got out acknowledge it was still moving now don't they didn't catch it before the move came out. I don't know it took the movie to be in the feeders for about a week or so in the point started coming. Yes they should notice I notice you what you would think that they would have caught that before the before it's release you know such as I had moved. But it's really cute it's really good. And guess without what. A roller grill hot dog to hear that from where it. From the from the movie theater if they have the roller grow it if that's why I tell you what I hate that you know skateboard. Yeah hot dog off the rower grilled by gash credible still do it don't take that roller girl hot dog was delicious what a life. It was really wild life and. Only acts at all it's a fantastic you know at that theater they have five dollar to the so everybody can have that life yeah I know you said that he wasn't that pact though it isn't there yet all of them determine how to get a five dollar ticket. So these kind of thriller movie club would move. And I'll find out the name of it it's whatever that movie theaters what is starlight tired right now there is a re Eagles running a deal are they to yeah. Their regal but I get in other running a deal for a five books yes those kind of other clubs John inside ballots Tuesday would be great for the new releases now. Com. And Africa. You say is. So and then. When bad notes. But I do well and win. I got becomes a here's like what I got too hot docs yeah and I got the kids back. Because the kids that comes with little pop guard a small drink and a fruit Jews and the whole thing like 24 dollars. It. The deal and I. I'm an alleged dike Nokia. And why did to Doug's leg in a large they haven't she's a PP five bucks for the movie hello. Well as a movie I didn't pay for value sign up for the you know knows 22 dollars and move you're kidding mountain. It's the Brady went well. Orman. Is it's a 3-D so we were glasses and yes it doesn't. Freaked him fifty dollar. It black comedy that he's Incredibles too often but there's nothing like sea ice a movie like that in the theater. I don't what you're saying that yes it was dead nobody was an intimate and their there was six people were right. But but. The experience and it's well worth it I think yeah. I really did give us that it's a good movie if it's a good movie it's well worth it because it Peter experience is just them ease. That is true and I was weird though that's pretty new movie only six of us in the whole movie. You know and you are alike to me here but it's the 3-D when I'm in a cost more so I think that. Was that in 430 on Thursday and Saturday night had you a drop right. Outrage I don't know what so as is it Transylvania not Petraeus to being much. You know. Oh it's spooky guy in there on vacation in. They're like from. It is known that cartoon movie yet. Is it another Hotel Pennsylvania us which. She's Adam Sandler and there on vacation. Ole boy I think it's it's animated you know yeah yeah yeah who looks super fun really if he saw the the previews yes. And you're gonna love the trailer for him Incredibles two dubbed mommy eats her baby is trying to do our ball and so what you. But that's great public support drastic I think him and to see that. Probably won't see incredible student put procedure that I now like incredible step that is like dinosaurs. I liked him better then and it and you aren't sure does get to detect very well we hear it and by that was Colombian tourniquet OK art what did she say to you exactly now this is Brittany. Who'll keep it here are needed a car just knew she was system yes and we fixed all that for her and now she's cell left aside for a. At fifteen minutes to 8 PM I got a text message that said hey Sean I was in an accident and I can't drive my car. So I replied oh no are you okay. Is that main concern mixture about right there ray so I'm safes. I city but my life is asked for a bit. Plus I got my first AG job. So that's the one that caught my attention. Apparently it's hazy job. Audio video. And incisive Ono will let me know if you're going to be able to come back in okay. Off and she said pray for me I'm wondering why this all happened now of all time seat but everyone is safe so nothing that can't be fixed as an OK that's good. We please keep me in the loop. And she said back I will do setter. And I am looking for interns to replace Bennett. Now the last you wrote that she did she needed. I'm looking at. I'm not sought emotionally she's gone I like she still later because I'm I'm not sure or the biggest she didn't Dow looking for another intern to replace me. Yeah it but during that entire conversation she never comes back and says please don't count me out I'm still going to be there that I wanna be a part of it. She just when you even bring up Ian turned stuff with her whatever she is avoids. To have another AV job. OK I think that she's still because why would she say I'm looking for another injured or Blakely. Why would you sit in my car. Me. She feels bad about ditching us that's kind of what I know yes he's not ready to commit or to say that she's not coming back. Even though now she's got no cars got another job you it'd be easy drop. This yeah to Ryan gave bush usual curving interns for for us because she knows she's not coming back ride and then we spoke on Monday when eyes I told her how band was had resigned his post as well yeah and she said schools she would top the some folks that are looking for in term hours and she and I got one in a team Norton. That is a shame them I don't know I'm assuming that she's not coming back. He was a lovely. She was she was really realize I'm glad she sat OK now I am. OK I just wish I knew more about I. Kind of flaky Jackson and ally in the camp got a little lazy black. Let's see if you like to hear that and I hate that the card she's had a car very long time. And ensure a buys sixty game plan and the the it was a. I'll say that to buy an attorney in the she knew that hasn't seen as not to feel like it's a lie I don't feel like it's like an idol or call immediately hierarchy news I know anything and that's gonna mean. It would level for all that oil than originally giggle their house and the rest are what are police triple someplace I. Is. More on Alex. I.