BJ & Jamie: Smart People moving to Colorado. 10/11

Wednesday, October 11th

The report this morning is that the smartest people in America are moving West.. To Colorado. Boulder and Ft Collins is attracting some of the smartest people in America. We feel like we are missing so much stuff here in Colorado and we all need to go on a road trip and discover what this state has.           


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PGA and Jamie I got some bad news I'm gonna let the madness really bad news. There's an article this morning from some vehicle brainpower. Where it says the smartest Americans are heading west primarily to Colorado. And got the highest IQ people in America and then coming out of to Colorado we RT live here. Of the top well here's the bad that I mean I know that you're joking no we're just so intelligent hi I wasn't a pleasant that we could beat Donald Trump and IQ test later Tillerson either watch I know what you say and here. But the reality is yes of the top four cities Boulder, Colorado number one. They need a San Francisco San Jose but number four Fort Collins. Smartest people in America. And not let it. Where the tried to hire. Isn't great rallies I don't know because we're the garden George Allen siblings art isn't trolleys and getting smarter there yet he hears the bad news. Really like me. And I don't know I mean that's what is it tech company up there. Oh well let me see that. Give people. This support. Is obelisk number four on the list but only Smart people moving in here this is about point. People like me and shot in all of us look dumber. Dumber the. We're gonna be dumb and dumber blue granite topped the list of cities where America's brightest are moving. Pretty Smart people folks. It. What's important this decent this issue. I know that. Professors. I believe we have some guy is I don't. Lockheed it's not there appearance for Collor was there it's got some art there why the Smart people coming to your tablet will be out there that already have their idols in Littleton on the list. At that arena do. But before Collins for summary I get the boulder thing Dario the am kinda get yeah I think the old Jefferson County would beyond they're simply because a Lockheed Martin. Yet that's nice and rocket scientist down there right now. An engine is not. Sport people and then where is a Colorado school in swears that. That's in the golden golden you know which is a very bright school to. All Smart peoples I near Fort Collins to try. I have trolleys and no one. I've only been four college once would you would you do I tip my son up there remember he went to CSU for a semester wrap it up that's what headquartered. Remember that yeah yeah they had actually been twice I dropped him off at school. And and I picked him up again about two months later it hit it. Shouldn't it lacks. I've been good to lie of the drought not like pick them up via via that was what she adds it. That is home of the Fort Collins municipal railroad. Yeah it does not that I did a beautiful what's it got to do is Smart people know that I was trying to figure out of the trolleys written for Gaza do yeah it's actually beautiful. Yeah Smart people use public transportation. But these these are my kid like ours these really cool old plants. Like RO solid as he wants to controlling you. And now. It's like did you scored enough I remember now on the strip they have that strip there were all the bars in the EU and talking about writing done there. I think that's what the drug czar I would think I was tied it at that we need to do folks are. Road trip we did. We did tour the states he had even a road trip out of state we just need to get like Steamboat Springs if we need to seize of these places that are real. Like the littler well traveled in the state like I have been just Albert park. End of Lebanon now that's the news colony right the nudist colony. Now knows what Sydney can cut to employees presidential dog cart will be doing okay that the trip because you bring kids I was close sat in nudist colony and it's in steamboat that went on this isn't that it would springs. Yeah. I gotta get out exact. I got to get out here I am I'm sitting in a little I just sitting here and it might even take a trip up to ever greet of nothing else. That he's crazy it is right there with fifteen minutes. Yeah but to start this is it just. I don't know the state yet. You don't obviously move I mean that's crazy don't know anything about that ever greens have a McDonald's and Wal-Mart. I car watch this is an absolute true story okay and the gardener I moved here in 2003. From four. And when I got here. It was three years I this year. I was due for three years before I realized I. I get reversed I thought Colorado State was in color are yeah Colorado State was down in now elder in cholera springs. And I thought that CU was in port college it's. You know well. Three lead and got an idiot for years yeah I believe this has Lundberg and become out of Indy. Not in town. And I've lived here prior and then lived here again. I thought that Loveland. Was always just steep price I know there was old town of Loveland I remembered. When it dawned on you you hearing dish it. We were talking about let me you kept talking about the ski area and I'm like Jay Leno and there's another globe and here and I don't know. Now you argued about the because I was like and. Because there is deeply is completely. What you were right but. That still does not only now which is dumb planning right there could. Be important.