BJ & Jamie: Smoking in the car with kids could become illegal. 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th

A news story has come out saying that the Aurora Police are going to start cracking down of people who are driving around smoking with their kids inside the car. Jamie loves this and thinks it is a good thing but BJ says it is up to the parent it is their private property and the Police have no reason to mess with them.               


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Vijay and Jamie earlier this morning and Jane you know I had a discussion. We don't agree on an argument. It was a very humid eight you can I had what's called on the opinion my opinion indicates that they. Because you are wrong. On. It's hard to debate when he put you brawn. So we an argument that I'm right you're wrong makes it an argument there's a couple parenting stories that are out there. Would do parents get to be girl parents did it get to be parents you know it it's their business what they do put their kids okay and nobody else's. We disagree a bit on this this would be easier in a roar. I saw on the news where the Aurora police departments Canada this pick up the pace. On giving out tickets and finding people who are driving around town with a lit a cigarette in a car with a child in the car. That's Virginia grips okay. Greek begins at that point and it police officers bid child's early advocate. And you relentless in our money stance is this. Into us. Erica to make the call on their own. I mean if you were to drive around have a cigarette he got the win the road that rolled out. I was a kid in the car is really the police need to intervene on this I don't think that's even necessary time look it's a bad decision on the parent I wouldn't do it. It's a bad decision in my opinion. I don't think you awards being illegals. If you're not allowed to smoke in a restaurant because it knows that that the harm they can do what do you think it's OK it is milk with a kitten and car. And that's called parenting. You are not the spirit of everybody that's inside of a restaurant you are the spirit of this child you get to make the call on how it. How things operate in your face him. Paul and say. But balancing is it's illegal to just smoke and and public basically and so many places so it should be your car even though it's like your car is saying a month my own private property is my car it's not really. And I'm no. There are plenty of people that would say. This oh also oh not okay to have a beer in drive a car with a child it of course okay front one beer. Although one bigger knot legally intoxicated. It's nothing that can be done. But you know what somebody said to me. That it should be illegal to give your kid against the agency out exactly how I that's that's more harmful but are well. However the same would that you. Go to Baghdad daisy give. It can't fought how do you feel about this 3032225423. Don't look like being. Don't agree I don't agree that you should drive around the windows rolled up of cars smoke get your smoke inside the garden kids inside I don't agree. But I don't know that should be illegal. That whale so do you think why it's okay for them to sit in the back of pick attractive. Because they're just parenting BJ. A lot of places in this country they still do now not in our country. Yeah there is not known that from they still live now they don't they don't get legally yeah actually do great in the Jeanine. Sound exactly I know where I'm front and I know it's in Tennessee that's that's legal. I've seen that they don't bother you may not be on the books legal I don't know but I'm just tell you that you couldn't ride down the road the back of a truck you will not hurt over that country anyway. Danny. Hi. I agree with Jaime that on a rarity. Very rare. Yeah yeah. Why. Why do you think they should be ill legal in should be dictated. Why it should be here. Are glad that I know. The bank RTY a battle all say that they get yours I'll pull what about somebody that smokes and home. Spiel little amber and I hope they can't aren't here or mostly should be illegal smoking your house where do you draw a line on this. How he and I agree if you if you are out. Driving her around. And you're smoking a cigarette and they can legally polio or should we end well. And added different screen in the house and and the car is this OK I don't know if he projected in the face at your house but if I see the public and I'm gonna do something about. Isn't it that we still sits putting your child in the face is illegal home to JD. It different now because I can see that if I'm seeing you abuse your. I'd like by smoking and having him and he. That's abuse it is like smoking in your house is not illegal you're missing upholding the other is illegal it should be I don't know if it isn't it's not a. Not how it's I don't smoke inside your house they'd done. Jamie bat bella Donna. You're completely or. York a deal is get out pretty repeat you know our community that it can't. What good parenting. There's a chair that you're ready to reach out. Did that can't look at. What part and it doesn't hurt that kid doesn't get it that's crazy you're crazy. You know. Low. Amateur that's it I'm not a doubt. Favorites. That's what's this it's. Here is your kid's fifteen or twenty pounds overweight. And you swing into you know some fast food restaurant at tad more you'll calories to your kid isn't that harmful to those Breyer well you know should be illegal to link. Cursed. Am I think he may go ahead. I peeled it back they play. A lot I don't eat it. The deal I cart my idol. I. Roll down a cop or. I. Don't. The fact that you just know that word is terrifying to me. Art the art at a picnic but aren't IUS. Actually as a mom on the air and it's that's. Ground a look at that don't judge your daddy I said. Eight deep going and I it's BJ JB going to. There aren't I a young child basking in the smoke in the car. Great awesome. Constant headaches constant. Throwing up constant hospitalizations. That lit cigarettes smoked it in the cart remain. Not against us mother Gloria that last difference who is. Yeah the goal and Jane and I totally disagree with Jamie I agree with BJ I'm a father of a one year old I do smoke cigarettes I do not smoke in the car with my daughter or in my house cycle outside but I will say that as a father I have the right to decide what I do with my child. I was the one who decided here and a seed inside the woman I had the child lose their right to decide what I do with much. Really no matter what is no matter what you see you Peter McDonald right. Yeah your. And I. So no matter when you're gonna let you shouldn't be an advocate for its no matter what it is you get it. I haven't grown and look at their enormous ceiling fan and you get as telling fans at skit because you can do. You want with your child he should gain that's awesome Jane good luck with that welcome to my world yeah. You. You all agree that are eager to write and execute the Danish game coming of the song. Well I think that well. I call people names and had a ticker. Into the immortal John Ellis nice nice.