BJ & Jamie: Southwest offers money to passengers so they wont take them to court 4/23

Monday, April 23rd

Southwest airlines is cutting a check for $5000 to each passenger who was on its recently downed flight. BJ & Jamie think they need more money. It’s no surprise that there are many people who won’t fly.


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Vijay and Jamie got a question for you you tell me if this is a good deal or bad the okay. Antics they know you can participate to a 51059. Southwest Airlines. You know the airliner that the engine blew last week yes knocked a hole in the side of the aircraft. Those people were terrified. And that pilot when he ended the airplane one lady sucked out the window halfway anyway. She ended up dying but everybody else got off safely. Southwest. Is going to write a check to each individual for 5000. Dollars. AKA trying to stop the lawsuits. You think that's a good deal. See here's McCain. Yeah there's more money to be had misty. With the lawsuit and I I've never seen anybody in my life and have had to claim opportunities and I'm not a silly person yep. But in my head on this one I feel like they're so huge names so much money. That maybe a Millwood and we need a way India can nice that I'll be and I was really really scared yes. Yeah I'm with you I don't think he'd take the 5000 now because I. I don't know if you sign it I wonder she signed that sad if there's a thing the says all laughs yeah as you know he settled you basically settled. I don't think five look I love Southwest Airlines and I understand exactly what they're doing year. They're trying to compensate these people for the care they went through. But now our day and age and and he is worth more. I feel like that they have a million dollars I was really scared that they didn't I'd feel laden and my luggage. I didn't get it for hours at the rearrangement fly eight. I didn't get to see that birthday and it was a two year old's birthday as most Fiat and I miss that moment for the rest of my life he had the million. Plus you guys you charge me for the Wi-Fi. That I used to send face come back dumb a relatively that I may not make him rest he charge you for that here's what I think they should give southwest if you're listening okay. I think if you any up just a little bit more if you go say. 50000. Dollars. Per passenger yeah you kind of like a hundred include fifty passengers okay. You probably are gonna get about 90% of those that 250 grand jury and I think that's a good out yeah that's a good at 5000. I don't it doesn't really get it. It made me mad really. Pitt has slapped my guess is that they are getting out scared I was I love southwest one of my favorite probably my favorite airlines but. I think he got to go high here. You can verify these people are granted you're also responsible for hiring a pilot. That was good enough to bring this thing to the grading and get it to land you know without these other people getting hurt OK TV the kudos for that props for that. But. You're looking at millions. Of places. I took what it was weird is that that nobody's going after Boeing. It's all just shallow arc welding are now because originally all eyes and. Aimed at that a potential lawsuit because the engines. But it's really there the airline themselves to inspect those engines because once you buy yet I mean this airplane was what twenty years old. And I at that point you gotta figure Boeing's halt the book a bit. All he can't these things old and X. And did you see over the weekend all the flights are canceled and delayed because a check and those would not get and one of those right now as a senator Evan and amateurism to weighs in Ireland I don't know I can get him I don't want to Ireland those re air it out but. Mental fatigue and met. With the aid but it there and battle fatigue at the 737. Got to figure this 727. Got the same price you know save IDC yeah probably the same thing. Well and my challenge coming out one part not on this particular plane but they did this investigation all these engine parts and did you they found counterfeit parts on planes. Made in China. And they because the label was backwards and then like Whitman labels written wrong it's backwards it was not a product on a plane. And bowling or. I abandon parish or is he bought counterfeit yeah it's low and that's that crap that's why everywhere I go take Greyhound. Well we'll wait and so does Whoopi Goldberg does she she will fly though there's a bunch of people celebrities handle. Lie and there are certain people I have a different mind it would not fly and they're just terrified they cannot and I should their people listened to our show that that can't keep her. I'm not fly my girlfriends. It's crazy I don't sing. Of life I had a friend of mine and I told the story before. He was going to conquer his fear and then only that he's gonna get fired if he didn't fly to this convention that he had to go to it was actually a company meeting. Where he had to speak. And the boss the big boss say hey you did show up or I'm gonna find somebody else to replace she feels illegal. The go ahead it does doesn't it but this was fifteen when he OK okay. So he decides I gotta do it I've got to do it so I'm taking to the airport from the office I think in the airport by the tell I'd expected all this he'd be back. Oh scared oh no he didn't go. So sad for people that they're missing the whole world out there like all the different cultures all the different I mean the world is amazing and you can't get on a plane that makes it. I mean I know certain people have to take medication. In order to fly that there are certain people that the end gaining enough and there why they have such a fear but look if it is and it's up to Linda. It's never happened before. I don't Dino that the bullet that paid to fly that is a that's all they can sense about right now oh yeah that's all losing about it gives an all out the window they're telling other people see Ethel to exact I told you so until it was dangerous. And more on Alex I.