BJ & Jamie: Sports Anchor tearfull goodbye. 8/4

Friday, August 4th

Sports Caster in Buffalo N.Y. is leaving the station he has worked for, for 3 years and he cries when he says goodbye.  This clip is a good gauge for if you’re a good person or not if you laugh you are heartless. BJ and Jamie just laughed and laughed at him.. Sean thinks it is awesome!     


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Vijay and yeah this guy saying goodbye to his audience in Buffalo, New York. My god what's this initially asked the sorts of Q now this again. How you react to this according to the web but. It is is the kind of person you really are grab a tissue. This guy. Has been in buffalo for the read. Three years and he's raised a child there yeah wealth for 33 years now but now it's time to say goodbye as a sportscaster. It is my last day here at seven ABC to the national blast. Cobb I have a few words that it wanted forego if I cried because I inherited from my mom a slight lead with this if you haven't dream. Go chase it. Nobody's going to believe your dream like you believe in but it doesn't mean. It's not worth pursuing. I've changed my dream and I ended up here in buffalo. I fell in love with this place for years ago. When I got here in buffalo has everything I can about a sport great sports. Great food and even better people. Proud to say my daughter's buffalo. Every night she asked him aren't you. This has goodbye he puts there. He was there for three year it was there for three. Here's a bottle or it's a part about indeed I tease my dream. Chase my dream to buffalo chips perjury related to the ball well. Geez what was it pizza boy does it during high dose it. That is so we're very. Love I got so here's what's happening on that down the Internet if you would. So it is split some people say if you find this dodging. An amazing that you still have a soul and you still believe that they're going to be able. Other cables say this is the most ridiculous. Ridiculous ridiculous. Ridiculous. Thing they've ever at their lives but I was three. It's only three years of buffalo which means that if you're laughing at it like many that your Hartley has no soul you have no solar. I so I. Audio clip decides if you have a soul and counsel so we when he ever meet up I would of 59 context NATO. Did you did you get jumped up. Or did you laugh because this apparently according to some researcher whenever. Psychologist determines if you're good or evil and so here on our show Jamie and I are part of it. The shot on the other hand they don't. Got a very each and he believes that this was a very touching good got a that the yes I do. So I would survive and we await your your opinion. I think it's suing I think it's wonderful I mean. You miss in the point maybe he was only there for three years but maybe this was his bird shot sportscaster job and it was like. It helped him you know fulfill his dream of being a sportscaster. For the last three years he's able to do that and so leaving is really emotional for them and shown your 45 years old and you just describe this is really sweet and but I think that's sort of that's weird in itself just. All. As a guy who cries everything. That would but that would be the knee actually be easy. I'm so far I I'm telling you all of the taxer everybody is that they have no. And a that this is a he's everybody's saying that they Devlin Cornell text at 51059. To listen to what more done. It is my last day here at seven ABC it has been nasty blast. Top I have a few words but it wasn't forgo a by Christ and I inherited from my mom. Inch. And.