BJ & Jamie: Sports stress you out, and Cam Newton is a jerk 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

Textnado is saying BJ and Jamie are a little grumpy today because of how the Rockies played. Study finds that watchiong sports is stressful on your heart. Cam Newton’s sexest remark made towards a female sports reporter.


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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice what about 9 BJ Jimmy morning show look at the text data this morning with just 5105. It's not any other way. They are saying that we both sound a little edgy. Today. You do yes they're right you do you are to view so you look. I think it's the baseball team last time we. These two. Woke up this morning folks I was a little depressed I gotta tell you. Because I was fully hoping of the Rockies were gonna win. And remove want to play the Dodgers have got a whole weekend to watch baseball and to watch our Colorado Rockies in this morning. NASA and the gas and by the way Ed that city it just came out today which is kinda crazy about how. Watching sports no matter if you're winning or losing how watching sports and makes you a bitchy. But it also causes unnecessary stress it's just like it's admit she's so wound up. Watching again whether the winning or losing because that just luggage you all going and then somebody texted almighty god it's so true about the stress testing. I had to quit watching football college and professional because I got so upset and angry. So I don't watch an all out and my quality of life is so much better. I think men. Are much worse than women. My girlfriend Christie is just a nightmare. I know there are women out there don't get me wrong I'm just saying they're probably born man in relation to women okay our candidate Chris okay Cam Newton. As some that's a cop that I'm saying guys know worse about this is and we can be just to be accused. Equal bitchy from a from a feminist now so I what I deserved victory last night. A set down. And treated the same to sit down to what's walking right well I actually that in my sleep number bed. A ringing. Hospital Lydia Ann and I and I was asleep government and it it has sleep IQ technology and I'm a soft five keep him from getting blood clots item arsenal Ryan and I. I raise illegally. I sent holes. Q have you Mick lights and popcorn now I had an arm onto my sons went please I had to Diet Coke okayed it but just asking. Some people watch sports with a beard for the ups it's a little chip question yes and then I had to boy scout popcorn. Aren't so yeah. But point being bureau kicked back in your sleep. Number honestly saying. Do here I am at home on my recliner and got the Ice-T L. I have seen their foot on the game and within. Ten minutes. Into the scale. To like he was over. Because we were behind so fast so quickly. That enveloped by and from that point on Jamie I gotta tell you I was in a bad mood and it's carried over today and I apologize thinking. So we're viewed your general. All you can apologize to that point at me that's that's how apologies work you don't do that I'm sorry but yeah. Anything can absorb any OK so that you say I'm sorry am announcing. I'm just gonna say I'm sorry that a minute bad mood because the drug giant atom Eminem to I wanna play my ignoring me. Massa and my term. You and apply what what he will play. This Camden new audio again yes because. In the post. I didn't see anything wrong when it I felt like that he was just joking around but Jamie is kind of convinced me this morning that probably isn't my answer to. And he probably shouldn't said what he said he's being so now and again I want to take it act to NATO at 51059. And how do you feel about this because he's offended women. Everywhere. Right via the F pressure me because he acts like she's a piece of crap like she would average of just listen to it. Hello I'm blue your fingers playing around Denver by the way this is a press conference where the woman is asking a reporter. Asking that question to Cam Newton. A lot of I didn't see your children's playground then there's this you really embrace the good caddie. His straps and we've been seeing that you guys they can you. It's. Funny to hear if he moves have about Ralph split. So yeah. Let's flows from Roman a million. Why why it's a little thing like that and just I'm. He and it's so fun and Dara ask him about Iraq. Since she. So she's it was highly offended. I was doing her job and for him to point that out lo she's better. He totally believe these little you know look I'm not really openness I'm kidding about that and some ridiculous on. The elder yeah. If you feel it now well IE you've got to convince me that okay you probably blew it I feel like we're so sensitive. It 27 day I I is if somebody I agree with that I just feel like he would didn't really mean it the way it is now day. The thing is I agree that we all are overzealous I mean we talk about some of Africa where it was. And they are just going ballistic honest and where like whatever we say it doesn't mean that that's means that it people put the stick. But this picture of the stick them based on and people argue you know. Exactly that. This I think that we're OK honestly I think that he. So what isn't allowed to ask him about the booklet is that what where. That's okay. Attractive to OK can track a distinct and like 521059. And what do you think's changed everything and more on Alex.