BJ & Jamie: Star shower shining into Jamies house is not ok. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

Jamie is having some issues with one of her neighbors.. Jamie thinks only one person should be able to have the Star Shower! Her neighbor has one and it is shining into her house and all in the street  


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Vijay and Jamie so I was telling Jamie just few minutes ago before we did this contest. And how you actually at. The thing to include at Christmas lives that's what authentic it I said. There sentiment have to put a smoker it's. I wanna hold out neighbor who. Like me he had no lights up and all put lights up yesterday now I'm sure it. In fact I've got a neighbor it kind of point their lights at peace I think I'm gonna have to do it ending you brought something up. I agree with 110. Foot stop. There should be a rule there should only be one that's I think there should only be one house in your subdivision. Only want. Should be allowed to use the star shower now aren't you that first. I don't tumbled from the I think star shower is hideous. I think it's lazy I'd rather be me with no lights and I'll but it does start shower. Looks he. In and so are its will and you look. The lights are hitting a house or hitting a tree. And he hit me like. Everything Carter's here's what happened so I signed the stars our. I myself star showers because I'm a single mom it's super easy. Were as easy lazy but then one day I realized that my son because we have this one huge huge wouldn't it doesn't mean window treatment on it. Is it just doesn't. And now we would walk I'm not a similar green spotted people yet inside your house right it's coming through the windows. I think at the dope control on this college Howard if she showers everything right. Everything and so were greens have spotted people it looks like we have a damn Christmas disease they'd hit defenses as he hits everything it just looks dull weak spots already. Now dummy it just looks cheap eight. Is the reason I think that they should be wine net limit per suburb and I think whoever puts it out first gets it to my neighbors they put there's. They put two other house to vote is our houses are a little larger and so I don't know what happened up. So they've put up one this way it went this way and it starts our. Overload it's. I have a house across the street and they do an excellent job I mean they really do they they they get the reindeer out native lights are out there excellent. Then there's another just couple houses out another great job as good as pals want but I'll still is pretty darn good and right to that. Is the starch the Brightcove at least two masterpieces. Is the star shower in it looks hideous so it looks hideous. Well and I stylish than they were the first ones that the double star shower bonanza. Until it certainly can over into my yard. That got leakage I have still our star show outwardly gauge on my garage soon I have. Four spots that show up on the third and garage door. Pat I do. Yeah spotted. I visited the invasion of privacy. But hey they are much movement all they do our part we have to start. I start. Here you are this pristine osu and you probably have nice looking display kind of you get all the blow stuff that you put the yard he left middle and still yeah. Fantastic stuff and yet the neighbors starship. Is invading our property. As it until into the driveway and send like. It's. Like you don't looking into the light. I look over my son in the passenger seat of my car and my son has green spots all over and look at. There's a golden rule appears bud golden rule. If it's a decoration and it says as seen on TV that. All of like I thought OK so that's what I get now listen this is amazing I saw this gesture I have got to get it. So it's a screen these Siemens and you're a big screen in your window in your big picture window. And they knew. Then you go over here and you plug in a projector. And you shoot a projector on the screen and so the outside she's a movie a Christmas movie. This is today a seat on TV you'll see. Walgreens hasn't I don't know I son on the Internet you're kidding. Solicit social wouldn't consider she removed from the rear from the inside of the house yeah so it's projected on the screen that displays of for the neighbor yeah. Slot day. It's that. Stay intact though it's awful my I don't want to neighbors doing movies I. I what is what is Nixon and bill will be an act act a net. We can't hang your broadcasting that to the neighborhood. Where did you figure this set about the neighborhood is fantastic. And so I have this one gigantic. Window in the Fauria you know when you want to end. And I'm not on the bike a huge he'd have to Gatling to the screen up there but that screw home I cannot do I'll need to know how they and. I'm gonna make predictions are that you for your neighborhood that. For your neighborhood I'll bet if you put discreet in their and he stark choice move piece you bet that like Rudolph the red red nosed reindeer so I'll even get an eight chilling letter. Or will it up that they don't want that on where I feel like the parity delights in on the floor will act and. I heard and I. I didn't I can't on a formula is nice sword to my community I seek this is going to be an eyesore to your community to I didn't I didn't show in the movie seems a little day of the year you're you're neighborhoods into the a dainty like to see if we you know something it's got a piece subtle yet beautiful. And they don't what do they brought so I. I know windows so my mind it was an output like up in the tree is good you know that the bad. They just wrapped abuses of the treating our color paint ball is snapped to win his threat you feel like that neighborhood I just gave me the store about Chris CT and yet how she fled the fires in the LA in her Bentley. That's your neighbor who thought let's let's just say yeah and it gently AR. A radar ritzy neighborhood I just say in that they have a protocol to how you decorate your place I'm surprised they allow the star shall. That's cheesy. I'm now and yet now and now the other neighbor so they're star showers to the snowflake one. Because now you can that filters and and make it just not only discreet in spots but now I can do snowflakes and whole snows like Goran and they have different designs and stir showers really is the innocent people outside really is ice. I still use some stars are every year I'm always afraid to point up too high though because I don't want to give in them. Airplane gas well you know I mean if that can happen in your neighborhood to start showers from the best display there are a little steal and they're everywhere a lot of rumors that it doesn't matter and I didn't really had been picked to finish your idea I saw yesterday on sales at Wal-Mart the bronco start shower. Where it puts all the bronco logo is although. But like it was hot it was on super super clearance like nine bond analyst into the bronco comes out there and you know I kind candy thank. Analyze them mites that bill nobody. Wants Linda Sandler like the iron mandala that Larry Clinton uncle crap on your house you. Behind you look at that projector screen thing I'm looking at a at a cabinet on deep bow and did he called it's called the holiday projector. Isn't that fantastic yeah switches it they have 59 bucks. And out and heal up as different movies right different things suspect. That the dancing gingerbread guy is like and listen to you know what he's doing. What's you know life is owned by people but you've applied is explicitly say I play he got on your whenever a great junior how are you put it right there on our Iraq story. This isn't that Noah yeah got the wrong one it says we're projection this is a rear projector into a big win no not if you're talking about a year doing the projecting forward to that. Barrage yet in government run what jaws. Hello no he show it outside nevermind that dude honestly it's a good though it's it's it's a hit. I'm from 1990s. The article but very precious showed that. And more on Alex.