BJ & Jamie: Stores that will NOT open for Thanksgiving eve. 11/20

Monday, November 20th

Jamie has  a list of stores that Will not be opening on Thanksgiving and are waiting until Friday. Some Black Friday deals are not that great this year.   


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Vijay and you know it's I feel bad though you know like a pink white is when I grew throw in cease and the Black Friday deals. And I see a big screen television is bigger than mine but it's half the price I. It sucks yes it adds a investors real glad that I am looking online yesterday as some of the deals and so television for like 200 dollars. It's like fifty it's as it looks like. And I couldn't. And it to print this I am not prepared today. I will tell you this bad debt they they put out a list of from different stores that will be opened they got on Thanksgiving Day well that's cool yeah but I after we got flying via well I posed to zip it calling him man for president. Perhaps this play well and good good glad about opening on Thanksgiving now I am. It's fine if I'm correct here in Q remember Saturday is small business Saturday I think right after Black Friday is money Cyber Monday. Next Monday and I got you by hallmark. And took a you don't dissident baby Black Friday deal. I yeah I told him my sister I Leo he's I think you've given up well let me back in the day. We used we always it got many like I have 3 AM leads in the lineup that then they I took it doesn't and it doesn't it. They'll start opened at. And and now your prime people. Well again I'm Don Imus and at that time that they bait the stores ruined our on our tradition. And on and so we can't do that nobody forced a lot of people go online and Jolie and her sisters I was Jolie and her sister my sister myself. And we don't go together and would be so fun in the week. Well her sister doesn't drink in my she shouldn't drink originally and I drink and then like and round I don't know. Lou Noonan we are dealing suckered out is like 3 AM that we go to a bar that have water and that we Jolene I would drink and that we gonna hammers. Yeah I just start over right there it's. There Leon yeah. I. I have sound lips I would still yeah retailers that will not be open this year there's a good deal of good ones like stuff that I think Israel is relevant. Burlington will be open cost plus cost though. Crate and barrel Ethan Allen Guitar Center H&M. Harbor freight hobby lobby Home Depot old goods homes and. I keep them updates and keep it you know it's not the big ones we're talking with target and Wal-Mart those. EA yet though don't even really does give I would have got a chance Ka yeah the best ones the wives club does not open on that Thanksgiving. In. More on Alex.