BJ &Jamie: Stormy Daniels Deadline or she is showing the sex tape. 3/13

Tuesday, March 13th

Stormy Daniels has made a deadline and it is today she wants to give back the money she took to not talk and if they don’t take it back today she is going to spill the beans. It was $130,000 and if they don’t take it she can’t talk. She says she has text, photos and videos, but the story has some holes.    


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Vijay and Jaime de list the stormy Daniels deadline at high noon and it. Look what he's not talking about are are you familiar with the story we it was with the president trumpet stormy Daniels the porn star. I here's an about the storm rolled into our ports our affiliate on the deadlock jeetz. Urged a big big news so here's I don't. So there's just porn star and well president trump went right before he wits office they are like hey. You've hooked up with their we need to pair up too much money does this well look good for you run for president right doesn't make that the occasionally Maine right now right. So they gave a 150000. Dollars 130. Hut and the party is is that terrible year mortgage to house the year which is weird to those who writes the your heart problem either. Rumors that I don't know if there was ever confirmed that way a 130000. Dollars but this lawyer did here and he's even said it. During this whole time that he Nader just to keep her from coming out of these allegations is not even true. That never even happened but I hate you just to shut the hell up. So me. Now she did this money and it's hush money the current big hush money. So she say and she wants to give back so she can talk show pictures and even so tax. Video is a bit. She's named in the audience. At. All. Can only hope pride that I got that in the hottest thing ever call a deep. They're giving Kim Kardashian. You know what bush. It would take off so to here's the DOD and others hold non disclosure thing that was going on its seaside it got to remind each day she says. She she's already offered to give act 130000 dollars the White House to trumpet his team. And today and they have replied to it today she said you've got to twelve noon to take your money back if not all hell is gonna break loose but it it's. Army went what is. What is she gonna be doing. I don't keep the money so far they've ignored her well here's what I think is why keep the money let all hell breaks loose. Well because if all hell breaks loose and she keeps the money because of what she signed it. It's gonna cost her a million dollars. It really here's my point about this whole thing OK if what do baying Gillick saying I don't know I don't know big news agency right the Washington Post TV stations all that. I'm going to pay a million dollars. Bernard just to get out of the house so she talks to me gives me the tapes kids with a text website this'll single fishy I great I have to be honest yeah. I agree because other companies have come out even celebrities you take people like cut Chelsea handler dig people like Rosie O'Donnell these people have tons of money. These people could easily step up pay everything for stormy Daniels for her to release anything she wants to release okay. Do it absolutely there are people there that are waiting and not only would they cover her legal speed they would probably add her wood about five million dollars. Jess to bring this guy down because they Haiti so much so. I don't it doesn't make sense to me. They're genie that's the thing I feel like as CNA and win easily say hey listen break here. Break your agreement and we'll pay the million dollars that you put in the NR Abe really gonna have to pay the million dollars because that makes them super guilty yet. It adds it is weird I. It doesn't make sense to me there but she's put a deadline so she's mad. Had she wants to give the money back in today at twelve on this like the OK corral man this is like to showdown at 120 I don't. But what I wonder what Milan he thinks analysts. Not it kind of suck. I mean you know you should use and that scares you don't know she just over him. He do you think they've date you know. Australia. And non. Now what retail until about the video you liked. What stormy Daniels who was out over the weekend there was a video of her and strip club re feeling is doing her room. Program Larry watching them. This is news and. The that the that the that that. And not have a storm I was just it was Lou is creeping me that you recommended a design I'm not gonna lie it at the it felt like one made to pay him right here did he run to his studio import raw look at me watch it three times it's got a bit. That would do it as it was and it did and. What you you just keep clicking the I'm just seven I've got indictment is closer to my monitor the. All it. In. More on Alex.