BJ & Jamie: Super Bowl pricing was crazy Timberlak on Fallon drunk. 2/5

Monday, February 5th

Parking and concessions were out of control at the Super Bowl, Drinks were as much as $35 for a coke.   Justin Timberlake was on with Jimmy Fallon after the Half time show and he and Jimmy seemed like they both had a few drinks.        


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Vijay and Jamie did I hear you correctly did you say it all fair that parking. Was how much. Let me 240. Dollars cash only no mold who is 240 dollars cash only for parking. The Super Bowl party in. Who Wear the what I would estimate draws or something they actually took a picture of the tee you know 240 dollars to park your car right here's the picture. The. Darn that's a picture in that. Parking in that parking actually 240 dollars. People are complaining about Tia prices thirty dollars for a so that they get out of naked pictures of this it cost to the medium sized soda was third. Did. Says ridiculous it was a two dimension of the main concourse an hour for kick up. That price including as souvenir cap that's really get in they say it was a souvenir cap. It was a big cartoon football player it wasn't even NFL. Merck it's just a cartoon football player in the Minnesota in the Turkey thirty dollar first soda and it wasn't NFL merchandise. This Beers topped out at twenty dollars for a draft beer. It was thirteen dollars for can't bud light of goodness thirteen Dallas for when the language says twelve pack days. Wells six times what seventy dollars and meg and. They have to would be nuts right. She's boy did they ever make ASEAN on this some teen themed cocktails were going for as much as forty dollars her cocktail. That's too which alleged that time about that and kids male and white for my son you know it was 32 dollars. It at that with kids and kids her body and it came ill Boxee now and it might have a ceiling so to speak up and chipped. I remember it about it Steve book if I ever go. A Super Bowl again. I'm gonna sneak stuff that much more to with Peter to a movie. I think panic you know I think they might damn I'm addressing things that I made but they said teachers were seventy to eighty dollars each just with the logo. With the Super Bowl logo. So expensive right oh yeah and rather than it did yeah and yet it was expensive. I I just some footage I think I guess Justin Timberlake went on Nat Jimmy Fallon life he was in Minneapolis and then watch in the fight age. And I like that Jimmy Fallon hello hammered yeah it all little I could have faced upgrading go to appease the page and tellingly thing I like the floor in the. An advance look at that Bollywood the Super Bowl they can't show it on camera several times. So you went to the Super Bowl yet a few cocktails he had a TV show to do after and he just couldn't hold back and I hit some. But Jimmy Fallon here's the problem. Is isn't Jimmy Fallon eagle one of the late night hosts that DC has a drinking problems he has. Did he get all wasted once before in these rumors started circulating about they called him out of control yeah yeah it they say he's dead often. When now this is just a rumor I don't know I don't know what's going on they say though that they go win in the the they rehearse. Some of the yet tonight show. Before they actually do the taped it in in between Google have cocktails yeah. Met him why and he was really sweaty. Look at Charlotte there you go. But it isn't like we are it's wedding you know that we are sweating idea that you like why is what is alleged nine hot here. Spike important sweat out that you. I'll bet. Now with this video started to circulate because a lot of people went bad I mean you got to remember I did that with the game he had did you read this is a sixty mile. I think in that last of what an hour. Right it wasn't water two hours I want I and it ten OK so you would admit it's let's admit died on the East Coast so lot of the mid there are a lot of the East Coast people they went to bed they didn't see the Tonight Show would Jimmy I got a feeling. By this time tomorrow we come back here tomorrow. It will be circulating Jimmy's drinking propped again again again so he thinks so yes it's gonna resurfaced today you'll start growing it's. In the momentum. And before you know what tomorrow or that will be a controversy. Somebody else said though if you watch a video Justin Timberlake also seems a little. They drink a lot together they admitted that they drink yeah gin and tonic terrorism and their romance is a little bit crazy give it a little over the top talent. And together and it. People can be friends with other men. No yeah it's not that is just. Immediate seems like. You can't think that the electorate now. Yeah Debra may have known though you don't let it all into yards and no gadget known. No no but you know what about what about the opposite could it came down did he volunteer arms she wouldn't catch him. You know only too happy well. Well yes I can't handle but I got a bad back up no but but what I'm saying is that I feel like. Had a message this in and cheery note that the which wanted to. I feel like Jimmy Fallon. Needs Justin Timberlake spring chip. Really yeah I feel like you balance it in adulthood I think Timberlake. Could care less one way or the other yeah but he likes to brag but I still like Jimmy Fallon. The rides the active just in different and yet you don't silicon to just be good friends. Now now now I don't. I don't feel like there's something more akin ice his lines created some history. What about Jimmy Campbell with his love for well you know the guy that the little short and it's a great actor. What's his name oh yeah always in the show with them Matt Damon can't join us tonight about Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel. For each other yet she only needs to match the but he does. That completes them. Who have who have. And Mel and I. And now you guys. I feel like that Jimmy Fallon Jess just absolutely phones at the mouth what he's around just in general and I don't. Channel that Justin Timberlake feels that way I get it does he's got that. That's got to feel sorry that you have got the video. Actually I'm stage that is true romance in light is is a Jimmy Fallon. Just like I don't know why because he knows she needs dying to hear that who. He's just trying to see that didn't foul hard drinking buddies are certainly together. You know like girls and candies and teachers would Carlos. It didn't exactly it that's how I picture of the student at the end panties with the most. Out of pipes that yes got to cocked. I just say. I know that you don't. Have like I really really tight bro bra friend yeah. I've hit 23 probably in high school had one India and I were you know we're always. Together all these you know where you could curl up semi left the house. I he was when the team to pick me up because I did have a car and you can curl up in his lap all of yeah agent and expert is here. Tell him things that were bothering me at the time that the president a lot of that I think that talent and Timberlake app that kind of friendship really. Close for chips but I'm just saying at some point your life that stops. Debt that was what I was you know I. Curious to know that's not true or ladies might not for guys that dust. Most guys have blind really great guy different but like curl up wouldn't wish it. It's no doubt that three things it was. You can you tell everything you know. No need to I don't think guys have any guy friend or a friend at all that the tell everything to feel like there's I don't imply. I don't everybody dated one guy in their lines are well that one might say a lot but not everything you never tell everything if you tell me I don't think so no I know because then that I turn on him and told me everything. It. Well let me look at the that's what you don't tell me the OK I can't just in the you just proved my point actually play it to me everything they had not you know all that. Forty women eat I. Went. Once again Justin Timberlake is catching heat this morning for no reason whatsoever I got the more I'm reading this morning about the halftime performance and how people assemble prince and you know what you get over it you're in Minneapolis Minnesota teach you rented out Paisley party paid enough that you could use principally sheet. Prince on a sheet. You think about what that just. That's nine like two seconds to figure out what he just on the descent what you admits no. I earlier but he says a fast break and double or what yeah yeah but principal Jean and she and and you know it's another sheet. Of she. Usually depends on the sheet print on its go to bed with friends the danced it. And so that parents and you know now he's dead rigor mortis dipping them like that that panic at. Katie. Are you okay. Which one. It could just pick up the public. Well I was looking Sean can Goowy greatness. Awesome. Ivy you blip or literally Dodds said more than like. Six words the sport I think if let's get it up. In the importance on Alex I.