BJ & Jamie: Super Bowl stories and guy attacks a comedian. 1/23

Tuesday, January 23rd

The Tickets for the Super Bowl are thousands of dollars and the theory is that the NFL wanted the Patriots to win so they manipulated the clock. Jamie wants a feel good story of one of the Eagles players to latch on. BJ has audio from a video of a man attacks a comedian because he did not like the way he looked.  


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TJ and Dallas 1059. BJ and Jamie. You were talking about Super Bowl few minutes ago yeah it's tickets 7000 dollars. Until 4000. It's for yes that's a bargain me. Welcome but maybe that's maybe that was the highest seat. Yeah I also saw that when you look at a map. Everybody is against the patriots and everybody that boasted that that is crazy to yeah item nobody's for the patriots everybody wants Eagles went personally I don't care about the Eagles. But if you had to choose what you've got to choose you don't want the papers to wit we ate Brady. You duet. I'm an epiphany to. I think you're gonna win. I think that they're gonna win and try to root for Maureen I am their roofs from because you know what it's a great story it's a great story wrong. But there's conspiracies all over tab about this. Did you see that clockwork. Did you see other kids they're around the clock so people heard shooting video of that clock and housing to changes that. That that the NFL landed that hatred still win because it was better for revenue blah blah blah. And so they would show other out TVs how the clock was running and then all of this and it would have five seconds more. I don't know you think it's doctored in some way because he can't do that he can't cheat like that whatever they haven't social media but people are posting and they said and then other people like jab in TV clock. You know television broadcast does not synchronized with the NFL clock and so I don't know there's. Also conspiracy that's all part of the same conspiracy it's all one big day here here's what people are taking. People are saying that there's favoritism. To the patriots and that's why they're so good and that's why they wouldn't have been world championships is because of the the referees are on their side. The league is on their side they want the papers to be a dynasty it's worth so much the NFL now. I guess after the game on Sunday after the jaguars sub blew it and patriots come back and win. One of the first persons to go up in in that Tom Brady on the back. And shake. Selling ads or whatever. No matter where it with the guy's name. The NFL commissioner within knows. Good all a good yeah those personals but he's a coach that was in the New York you know so I can out of it yet another Roger Goodell seemed to you know get none and end up. I had refereeing. A cold day yeah. On Sunday. After the clock quit and snag. Though first their person to run over to Tom Brady and shake his hand. And pat him on the back and wish you luck the rest of the way. Was then head ref to array. So that's where you are out of way didn't it. Am in my hands and revs jobs is just go to the locker room they don't congratulate the winning quarterback. They should just go do is go to the locker room game over the skin is along with the ball and start where those flight paper and gloves. The sticky collapse of flatly there where imply paper. That long ago Maine's demeanor should be illegal may be ten years ago that sticky mats and sticky. It that you got that long ago would be ten years ago. But it's it's that he. It is that they used to use like. Or was I was told stickam Tom yet biggest of the dead it hit it didn't they outlawed that. So now they have a glut of paper is not okay now they have the gloves spot paper book can't fly paper Glenn. That's why you're seeing some when he intentions is predicting that's cheating. Is she is like Kevin velcro. Ball an ad that velcro thing block out you have let that tennis bug look at the velcro and its stake out there and candy that Hezbollah is. I would. I would like an amazing. It's off while I'm the kind of guy though I like to see a lot of scoring Alison great catches I don't have a problem of flat paper gloves and all day I really don't care if he put metal on the ball and put magnitude during its. Having. I just say that but did say as they get knocked out heat if it's more scoring 11111111. It does it's well and you Eagles who is the. Not a very few so I. The story is told him that story involved in LB best and act is there's some guy that's like playing with one leg. Nuns here for him. None of there's anybody with one little again. The united lumber stories the triumph story yeah it Bryant. Sure it can't debate Faber. Can you don't go one legged people the oh well NFL one legged mammal in. Yeah all day I just alignment can you tell me but each Jamie a story plays. I'm a girl likes of M made one legged trainer something that's actually that's playing some beautiful amazing yeah. Really that story thank shot where Alec and unified just you know that like me. So the hair yet so I can hear CS mood she does now all I know is. Tom Brady's super duper hot and wealthy Annie as stupid how. But white. Did you single backwards you know and that's not a drama did you see. Could see you know are very my content yourself yes yeah does show I found AL one legged Philadelphia Eagles kicker. Exit from 19711974. That would be in this game. I'm just that you are in Baghdad. And I did I get it right now that's a that's from the eagle let's let's finish let's show something Kirk elder I don't get I'd rather be at. A high but what will all the people. In I would Jamie on this. And all the people that Philadelphia T. From the coaches to you don't give fifty something players. There's got to be a story. Gotta be one to got a you know there's got to be a player out there that possibly saved I saved of family that's on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Oksana Goodwin I think it like some it received like a new. Global. Gallbladder currently. Let us know when I survivor of the tunnel transplant list and it. But he's intuitive. And eye care maybe helps push back a bit look at gallbladder. And transfer as a driver. Hello. I'm kidding you don't need to. I just let us know when it. The Jewish Davila told you about. You gotta watch an illness he's got to watch instantly gets hurt nobody gets hurt he said he should be our people listen. There is a comedian I have never heard disguise things Steve Brown okay. He's in South Carolina in there's a guy in the front row. In a there it's not a comedy club the guys the front row doesn't like the expression on the comedian to face the audience of say. That's why I attack you look I don't like the way he said the guy was looking. How was it. You Bullard depressed or something of that nature was from the way the guys look is what he didn't like. So please can I could be you every day if I didn't like the way you looked. It owns a I'm tactically from restore this guy to throw Breaux who. He gets up leagues are just the stage any starts attacking this comedian Steve. When you Rick we're back. I right whoever got the guys get Steve Brown for a so so he starts attacking. Well there's a microphone stay in there the guy grabs the microphone seen in its abilities like you don't four foot. It's got a big disk you don't let him be disc that's on the endemic. He asks me in this at this guy. If he would he would he would kill Lee how party slowing in this thing it's just out of the blue. Doesn't anybody else could jump up and now I've got some audio now are who the clay. At. Two guys fighting yeah yup but listen listen to the panic of the people that are. And the audience OK just to work with he'll get work with the pianist play is. Guy is swinging this might steam around. And if he would medium once it would kill you I swear this is ugly but Lima when he got to see the video that's crazy. Let Elena the audio born console gonna. You were we ever really I and Sean just that's yeah but did you watch that video it's a little violent. Thank you yeah I know what it is about you'd love to see like Wal-Mart sites and play that audio. This would makes me nervous though because when I see the Wal-Mart fights I know that it with the fist swinging more than likely nobody's gonna get hurt or whatever but this would hear this guy could of Rhea and I don't. I don't understand why the comedian. Did you run. Get the hell out of there this season but he continues to fight with the guy didn't swinging this might stay. And he's doing it full ports and watching it now all like yeah baseball at all is it Xena. It why he doesn't I would write it probably got the hell out of there so what's that I was in mentally disturbed or something. Don't. And then finally after so many swings he finally people like. Which now the stage gaffe they finally running for people in long. While this guy's got is much. Imagine just you know analyst and you know what he's gonna do it's after he drops it in the he grabs the stool that's on this agent throws senate comedian and confided in people get on stage and drag him off. I guess that is Willis plays for election as well I'll figure of the nineties to do but is that a crazy video. And then what I read it up ever with us and he went outside Britain share up and ran back and at the end he's he's always there's a yes so there is not right there. All right we'll put it on FaceBook page and go take a look at its cute crazy seen each image anymore.