BJ & Jamie: The Super Moon and eclipse is tomorrow morning. 1/30

Tuesday, January 30th

BJ has an amazing video of a guy talking for 20 minutes about the Super Moon and eclipse that will take place tomorrow morning!    


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BJ NJ and oh my goodness this me the most it may be the most interesting video under what's. Well what is its twenty city hero played a real turn a particularly their opinion it's 27. Minutes of a full explanation of the super. New blood at the mood for tomorrow night. Wayman peerless network who don't know lesson that please play all I can't stop watching this morning Melissa. This statement January 31 Superman will feature a total lunar eclipse. With totality Buell watched from western North America and across the Pacific to eastern makes it. The moon's orbit around our planet is tilted so it usually falls above or below the shadow of the Euro hit about twice each year. Full moon lined up perfectly with the Europe since you. We. The recruits on January 31 will be visible deer in sent. Folks in the eastern states review you know we're gonna get the best view we are yet what I it's only a partial lunar eclipse in the east. But everything west of the Mississippi it's the fully clips it says 24 hours from now know their role with less of fox thirty late Wednesday night. I know I just toxic ones adds a live shot you know menacing to add 24 hours from not analogy is Superman what may be fox should start watching this video I'm watching right stick it may easily and get the real deal is headed right for hours so tomorrow at 630 not as it. Tomorrow morning yet they're saying tomorrow night. I think I've read is tomorrow morning moving averages are not up on certain legacy and tomorrow morning. Itself and watch the super move before you go to work on Wednesday. Can that be the morning right well let's you worked nights immigrants yeah it. Let's see about the about the development of the the this guys on Wednesday evening. Let me that this is as good Oxnard land line. And I know that storm. Well we'll see what happens yeah see what happens is supposed to be strict yeah maybe mid east when it goes over the years now can read it yet. People living in New York in other parts of the East Coast of the United States and who will be entering its. Lambeau are alive at 5:51. AM local time let's. See if that's what is camera but what is so lunar eclipse. It's the it will take the plunge into number at 648. 8 am and because of its parents around the time of the sun is rising you might have trouble seeing much of the cliff before it. Two rounds in the on so I I think we get the best deal. Midwesterners. The dangers of from a camera at 4:51. In the morning if this post this morning it's supposed to be sued pursued. Since I don't isn't a DJ wait up at night tomorrow night because it's going to be early ice wedges and says that was on and everybody we're reading is analogies in allied with the liberal is in Iraq Wednesday evening it's tomorrow morning but it is going to be spectacular they should this not happened since 1866. West shows starts to get it for the people in the Mountain State. That's a number accuses the moon at 440 mountain time. It's red lipstick becomes more visible around 6:30 AM local time with easily gets washed away is she yeah. Over half that light pollution from the cities are phobia spectacularly. If you're like. Evans just enjoy the middle of nowhere to be absolutely awesome. I know Clinton. Tomorrow morning. Your I don't that is a piece of Romania to do so until every that's like the zoo over the. Italy finished watching a video of January 31 Superman will feature a total lunar eclipse. With totality view mobile from western North American tally marks in the Pacific into eastern Asia Intel these backed into orbit around our planet is tilted so it usually falls above or below the shadow. It won't happen again for another 150 years I think probably dead and well maybe done. Amounts of these that you could take it no but I don't you know pills like him. My idea so. Possibly just reminded that violence in Iraq have been and you. Know Pernod yeah. It plastic drink so much like look I won't decompose right in the in the technology put you slice yourself in the wake you up there and I feel trial would get an extra ram and I uncovered it and you possibly can beat him and he's. I just posted on FaceBook FaceBook page BJ JB that fox live feed of it the moon rising right now or whatever do Edmund. What's right now I'd noticed pretty spectacular Al Gore and again a B a it's just piglet. And then. And they allowed the answer in bright past let the expert. I just know it sits in the wind it's you have Google went out. How. Yeah. Immortal.