BJ & Jamie: Ta Ta Towel. 8/4

Friday, August 4th

Facebook is a waste of time and people spend more time on Facebook than work these days. Sean was really fascinated with his Facebook this morning.  

The Tata towel is a thing now and a women has invented it.  When women are blow drying their hair after a show this lady designed the TaTa Towel. Yes it is a towel that goes tucked under boobs and holds there to catch the boob sweat.  


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Vijay and Jeanne it's called the top talked Powell yes today is that you think. What he's gonna get rich off this. And OK so here's the say OK the top ten Dallas. I know you don't even understand what happens but it's a weird thing and this is why she room developed it. So you give have a shower. And then you show I knew a little like Steve that we have when we get ready. And you have beard robot knowledge stuff but what ever reason why you start driving your hair. Underneath thing your booty sweat. If you do it big I mean still it's nice flat. It's just what a blood thinning hair right after the shall do you start sweating yeah you just a little Justin little and that you don't feel pretty. And so she developed the talk died down because she and listen yes. And she said I'm first day event because tiny it was broad in his stomach. I am I had a lot working against me I tried everything I tend to wash costs under my boobs. I dragged putting baby powder all over underneath led the same but I'd teacher detected and about boobs. But the wash plus all of this look ridiculous I was blow dry my hair and I just got to get there has to be better way to keep the beads of sweat from dipping down to my stomach. Well blow dry my hair. I had no idea yeah this this is like. It's an eye opener for me it's revolutionary. I had no idea that you ladies had this problem the sweat wired and ready so she's developed as a it's it's like Terry cloth it goes around your next in the and it comes down over your boobs in it just basically. Part of. Says goes under and so it collects in the spotlight your blood and hair. It. I don't understand it either is the weirdest thing. But I think it's from the moisture of the shallower and it patent steamy and yeah and then you're trying to blow drier hair. And that gets a little steamy here and they hand it just it's as the little slant and you believe this lady could become a millionaire from the I don't know it's 45 dollars. No nothing but it's orders is yet I don't know either because. What I do is just wrap it at tat around my looters he had let the editors flop over policy. At IDC while I don't see what you do Hassan an odd that actresses. That's how I handled. Boobs way yeah. I don't think that that instead of spending 45 dollar talked about how all. That they eat the you'd like you would come up with a way to handle the situation. It is the only thing I would say so I thought my bids over the talent and then I'd amblin Deming of I have to unlocked the George is that on my son to be a pleasure boats that. Yeah so I had to contract out and covers minor polls at all and I can set their blood diamond here and not have to lock the door. But it'll pop as well yes what you're getting for Christmas this year would you give anything to duct towel is that weird. If I get a coworker at Pawtucket panel last time you got me like luxury is Shia kind of news yeah and the bath salts. Scented oil yet and besides oil the Aqua. The episode itself wasn't right in line to be an error that decides who will tenure here aegs yet his late. You environments Angela sucks yeah he'd look a lot for some reason. I just thought I was doing a good thing that. Are you realize that being creepy well here's single. Ottawa valley I would say this from every judge seemed to the doctor towel. It's made for women that. Really have top dogs she did and if you don't that. You'd just CNN the big breasted women but even then you know as absent cleavage that. And it did not adapt so you think they have the immediate cut not how I think also went from. I'm just. Delaware and here's your here's what reveals I don't even have an issue with boobs flat I just love the talk to act out because it's so comfortable. Simeon said it's still company I never when it taken. I was like where all day my boobs have never Lebanese. Acts. Of a short the end develop one for me and once time did you get someone argued that would let. You know when you Boe in the ER with a shirt off to us. And sometimes I do yet you give little moisture in the air that will humid out here you little man boobs way. You know change. And more on Alex I.