BJ & Jamie- Tabloid Trash 03/31/16

Thursday, March 31st

BJ and Jamie talk about the election, Lamar Odom, Whoopis pot rub and many other celebrities in the tabloids.


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Vijay and Jamie. The the mentally challenged his GI GG burger and we feel bad but there no need yeah you know. Oh need to look into it by the way I'm the only now it's going to be a new word by the way. You know the way it's a disputed by the way about Olympia. Right after arapahoe and I played five good juicy burger you will be displayed that we absolutely blunt okay. Yeah I doubt there's so much stuff going on. I'm exhausted from politics and so therefore I'm put it what is the event. She is political yeah doesn't that debt that is it's all here yep about Iraq. The filing cabinet. Trash and I got to bring it you know I'm glad you said this because I'm I'm doing the same thing at I made myself pack last night I said the missile phew no one's self. Self in BJ yeah you don't want. I'm done. With trying to explain and trying to look at politics and two different -- to know like okay this is what's said this was what I meant this is what the media saying pop up and you know what I'm done with it I'm done with it you can't win for losing I want nothing to do with politics anymore because the point is no matter what you're in or no matter what my people in India. We're not gonna change each others of being right. And it's not just fighting mad about not know his own idea that you are provisions into just that that she cannot go anywhere you can't talk to anyone everybody hears everything differ. Everything said everybody in his portrayed that way would the media arm over it I'm tired arm both. Linda O'Connell I did a feeling it's let's go let's I feel we should go spend you know it's just it's crazy yeah. Just let's just Coca it's no fun. It's not fun to put the politics is no fun and no fun. I want off the right. Getting sick. Gardeners and anyone able. And anyone on I would go that far her. My outlook is and so toward tightest I had Cammie you know we're not talking about more known were talking about arguments. I. Even saying we have yet we're not done the Libyan porn I like a basement though and so they posted that the picture of you know yard signs add yet crews in from an Hillary. And that way and got ahead. You all suck but yeah. No I I have to keep bode. You got to go out and vote. Lamar Odom let's not let him as we move on he hasn't changed his clothes today. The three day just of the eighties and Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday third. This season where am I right out there. He's wearing the same clothes. He would do an LA lakers basketball game I sent saying he had on Sunday and Monday introduced for Easter. They went to church and that in is in the pool is cut off sleeved hoodie. Yeah he's been in close for five days tomorrow because I think that he is on the right track that's weird. At stinky but it's a weird. From. I can understand if you Wear the same prince is not fit your five. Right may even gene did he can't he can't take those little kids out of the favors you know whether a foreign five. Would you yeah I'm William and I'd I'd studied they. But your grows seven foot dude. Married with your favorite out vet I don't care appear a little off today hit because of the hookers. But the you chase closed so much over the card act should had tell you you ask me and they assured due to cook. Imagine how right he is. An enough and worsened by the that he would cherish would Chloe had first blog it's not on Monday an idea what to Wear to church statistics so it was so obvious what he had on what it's not changed every picture we've seen since Sunday. Including last night's LA Laker basketball game he's wearing is. Let me say this. Hit me Starks a bar a broad speak in multifamily. Boeing Atalanta of I like comments yesterday about boasting that picture. I implore you are dashing in and that really hot supermodel Emily was comments. Why are we give them press Riley mentioned every day tablet trash would you stop talking about Iman tablet trash. Writing him so much press. We're not that the reason I keep doing it is because people like you talk about it. That's their job. You have to talk about who really isn't much if but that our dash is a religion anymore. And it's partly the job though midget makes news for folks talk about it. I know that we're making news do you know or non non helps that actually yes we weren't in the media we help prevent weight. With these people that post didn't know that entitle them. So we need to stop. Leave that to me I hope that I love that follow it you need to stop. Ye ask so they'd posted a picture and fingered as CNN and supermodel Emily. In the public bathroom which I still can't figure out where or why go to public bathroom and take up years if your to your bra emily's hot. Yes he has she smoked but he can't. And then they're flip it off then the camera and the classic. The F innocent. Inning get them. Am I being. As I'm sure it's statement some type but I know what I remember early and when she wrote down I have nothing to Wear an anime attacked her. Yeah and she says I'm empowered by my body and empowered by my sexuality. I'm and are they feeling comfortable in my skin never sure of that right well this time she wrote the same line of when we're like we both have nothing to Wear hello Anna yeah. But I assumed that it might translation was take that. That's when I thought it was in his name. And it. That training take this. We are public have to win a share to take as well. As far as what you all know that archer. Starts tonight. Don't forget that it's on FX. Super cool two big deal the huge deal. And as she. I've never seen archer now I've heard about it over the seasons right and on. But I never really watched and I really like get into empire. Yes I know look Shelby and you know they are almost nobody I know he's your what I think people are dying eat eat people die in the ratings are plummeting they are. You guys did there was a rumor that it was doing what I. Really now did you see what a post yes they have the most brilliant idea OK so I was watching real housewives of Beverly Hills right and they went to Dubai I. Hong love Dubai champion and I have to know her many there are enough to go you should see this place because they basically take you. On the best part to divide yes so I wanna go to run as well. And. I can't afford I wanna stay on their home that palm tree and outlaw water that may not love to stay on an island. Yeah and those big beautiful buildings. Lawsuit by some ice signs pop up. Yet he flew emirates and I guess of first class eats. Each seat as that act they have no pods with a shower and. That was shower an emirates. And applaud them. Now. Imagine there and push. So the girls when they land on the emirates. There's five portions waiting on the tarmac this is that this national Adam. And this is a private jet right they're buying in on this big link whose big international flight right and they have I had to. I've porsches are that annum on the tarmac to take that. There's so ritual was there yes they are so rich heavy police cars. Announced the police cars in Dubai World clamored he turned to get. Yeah I've seen those yeah that is stripped the beautiful we are like that and that's that. Our favorite so much and I watch it about cars on the BBC prime and as so the guy I was video of him as a corset device that was a police car a Ferrari Lamborghini. In a Mercedes no that's rich that's a rich yeah. You gotta love the yeah. Is not as if he hadn't been. Wow yeah accident does not need those of their police guards. It. Yes it's right. A so he told me I wanna go back in a four I really can't afford I mean I seriously cannot afford it and so I started golf from me pay yeah yeah. And I'm saving lives. When he talks about. What started go finally paid to send me to do I you know. I saved the lives of because every time you want something bad like a cupcake or snicker or something like that you don't just put money in the gulf let me point for you go to buck saving your life which total. Briere right now 92 cents. It's a couple the may denounce senator of cinnamon snicker really let somebody didn't have I don't know what they deny that. Say they feel like this will really help their diet. I don't wanna I don't make kids until it's you know that people don't care but. It may take awhile before you get there. But if they have encouragement like. Why should I not eat this ice cream cone I know you Jamie can go to Dubai. And then on this film a commercial with a fly and I faith in what some in the current. Meaning there and I am filed them faith. They like this is due back fast. The drive fly on the. And an end to suppression and where. It and isn't. If it that the and I don't have that you really don't like getting each other than that I'm here today and sitting. Only me Brian. Only here but I don't get about fly we'll begin all those commercials asking for money that the kids have eyes on their motto on the faces via. But it does it. Add up to your strategy. Those little kids are starving and you really are trying to keep people getting fat so you should have the bad people in your video I don't know face do not just. And not become this by eating Snickers and all that other stuff give your money to Jamey Wright. You're just takes the IR and a dove bars why doesn't vet I can't have that people lacking in my face. It loses the moment. Say they want to look at your base could ever market that never before the pocket with the good luck. It's about a lot sadness of having a fly locking on your face and not having fun slaughter. Good luck. And I hope he gets advice as soon. Why I feel like. I really suit Clemens had two black. Why did the deep commercial radio the whole film crew a bit of kids with flies in the face and your flight leaves tomorrow yeah I really don't know who knows there. Nobody can just get that thing that did space. We gonna do it two weeks until at least. ROP get the money in fact obvious right now. You're on a flight in the he had to perform. Movement named in the middle of the again Eric. All right OK enough. Enough no never never may never. And there that's Martin Sheen theories to prove OJ Simpson is innocent he has a new series it's a hard evidence OJ is innocent. And it's a six part Dak you series that OJ Simpson trial level blood since nobody asks I yes you know. Secure peace and sooner or guilty one. Then the back. I don't think they do anymore BJ. This doesn't come out till next year I don't care so maybe look they're our next hour he's already in jail he's in prison. He's going to be their prolonged darn. He's done. One caddie dinner she's not deft at saying that are ready you know not just Kylie Jenner is pregnant at eighteen years old was boyfriend I. They do. This is interest that this is really weird is it real like we no longer are we technically promoting the Kardashians again or of the genders. I did go back from the Indian did that's news that you weren't I was addicted. To did I did. And I'm not sure that she's a general out. Not tiger has a baby with China who's dating drop again black idea. Would started dating Robin. And and now robs sister half sister is also pregnant by the same man product which means that they can't it would be the stepfather that probably the step by we try and play. We need to give a white board of flow chart yeah. Yeah that's like a pointer you know I didn't including hang on second current. Art it will go okay great yep never. Are right here is rob we'll give it against rob bad drive Jenner on rob Kardashian rob Kardashian right there okay. He is the stepfather to China. Girl draw her would boots yeah big east he's the stepfather here all his sister half sister is Kylie. You see this via now tiger is at the top of the food chain last night so tiger impregnated terror. She's gonna have a baby currency now rubbed his stepfather harder. And he's also are cool over here which makes it to its first cousins but yet have several weeks. And tiger is that daddy of everybody. So the kids in the back seat highly scar. When they see Robb one says I'm probably Ireland says hey dad yeah yeah yeah you've gotten. Thank you that helped tonight I didn't analysts I got is down and then you do really know Anderson Cooper's shot by the moms lesbian romance. And Gloria Vanderbilt. It is. Anderson Cooper mommy. You know the lady with the jeans with the yellow swan on the bond the votes. Moon boom are new notes the glory you know their glory violent and they'll just jeans I didn't know that was his home with the gold swan rate year. And Taft he. Anyway agony there and listen I don't know. Like I feel like last year from the yellow nasty thing in an interview in People Magazine that when she was thirteen years old she had a brief. And lesbian ex champion was her name. And she came came over went to visit my own to New York. We had this sort of lesbian relationship and it felt so good it felt so good and yet I thought there's some of them happens. No this is something that's not really what I want. It was very brief. That's an thirteenth at third. And show well he's innocent children. How. Long. Yes Anderson Cooper is loaded he's an only child of the band and he seems a little snooty is load it seemed snooty. Hey this is the last are gonna tell you Adrian and and saddened. Or grossed out I mean. What legal Burke. Is launching a line of Sweden products for women. To ease their theory and it's minstrel man I want. But I look regal bird in. Sounds like excuse smoke a lot of pot were legal there now she's in the line of products featuring rare one of the claims that women who suffer from menstrual stomach cramps. The actress and comedian has been long outspoken war. Marijuana is African and says the Braddock will launch next month. It will only be available in California the people of medical marijuana cards to the federal ban on drug lovable and she said that she was inspired by your granddaughter who have big greens. You know shown it and she's trying to cash in on marijuana of course she is she these priorities she didn't care about people crammed in and that's what what will be trying to prove here. Army coach Maude we also I can. I'll crabs and ride them and here's the thing to wait it's like I didn't know it maybe I'm completely off base here to about a marijuana expert okay. I didn't know that you could actually do different hybrids of marijuana that centralize its on certain paint. Well I mean you're going to stop. It's pretty funny because when you go into the shop they try to tell you like oh this 1 will stimulate in central today. They went back pain or need they or conducting joint. Or joint pain. Or gal. Well is that one strain that does help kids that seizures. And it really does it's just ones specifics. Stand. And it's a miracle and Luxembourg. Don't know why. Did you see that went on I did wooden cat what Charlotte's web Charlotte's web yep that's it said. And it's hard to come by but these kids they improve. Nuts seizures even though they help with the seizures or whatnot does that make guys that Geithner and I don't believe so yeah and pay. That was an oddly they take up that team and. Yates C just this eased so you smoke didn't make she's at though they don't smoke. Is its oil well or dummies rent dummies. It's for kids that's the one kid that I saw he has weird like. Debilitating pain and he can feel it come on will have a seizure in the body starts to it kind of seize upon in any peace and getting gummy and in fast enough. It will prevent ice on having Nazis in the back of the car he'd forgotten his grammys in an act like raced to a dispensary at Colorado Springs or something. Literally miracle in effort am when you watch and keep moving here just because sued to get legal. So maybe what he's on to something yeah I know I was signing big food jobs signing. On CNN what's his name. And in the doctor. I don't know I don't know Sonny who jock. I mean. He deals sounds familiar but well because he came out against marijuana because he's a position. And it renowned and first is that this whole thing it's a crock of crap level block. Then. This year he did hold documentary an OK I'm a believer now and he followed the Charlotte's web kids and you would be amazed and it's like a kid that's so sick they had been indicted penicillin and like the next day the five run. It's really incredible but it's pretty amazing enough if they can do it that way proof. I don't know that much about it. And that I know I said that was good Millen lasted about I'm gonna have a feel good story I know a lot of you have been ripped off by people that said it. And you know 141000 dollars and Jack but all I need you to do is deposit 101000 dollars and to. It's they're checking account and those Cindy 24 more thousand in the Internet scams. A lot of people have been ripped off my own son was ripped off we believe that some polish her daily said the money wasn't. Well Mattel. Has lost three million dollars held in Internet scam this makes me feel so much better. Because. They got any now the financial person that I was getting out the end of the month. So they got an email yesterday that says hey Allan you it was thirty million dollars. An assist from the president that they know and love so very well in time. So they've wired the three million dollars after going through all the checkpoints. It was a fake letter. The Chinese presence and jewel letters and you owe him three million dollars you write a check to. Indeed kinda deserved to be duped them point their always used to that same thing simply copied letterhead that the route number almost except for one number off. And they sent three million dollars and they won't get back. Want. In general. It's hate somebody to be fired over that. I mean it for all of these have been ripped off by Internet scams. That should make you feel better that Mattel three million dollars have you been taken. Well I was part of the thing that got to my sons status with the management agent you know I'm just saying you. Have your visions you don't ticking for one of those games and I think I feel but I have a story and I I think a decent man I'd have a story about it. New. Have you know never react to any of that stuff so. I remember when he and I started coming out at the beginning they were really you know. Like how many and click on many more are used to mean I don't you know I don't click on America I'm afraid there's a virus and remember when they first came out. Pitch. And then they show on I. Not yet they're prince can't I have. Thoughts not by some millionaire in England need help let. I signed into a club that didn't actually exist in the grant to and from you I remember that story. Yeah I mean you got suckered so badly and so Obama while the Soledad it was one of those things like don't do this too shall I know that's a lot of money to Salina. As dad and that 2002 used more than three million to Mattel yell yeah that was it matters that. It hurt us trick yeah. And my fiance wired five grand out of my bank account move to England. Publicity did you win and didn't he he was a big dummy. 'cause it again here from England the estimate a Ryder Mulder well this is about. Moon seven years ago suns to win 10 yeah who I think it takes a long slow off the boat here along Brighton. Out of a seven years ago so kids should be here any guy. Earth via. Look at the Lleyton. And fall to go Ali the news we get them out and get it of the current NBA guy now upload a jacket if I'm not big job public asked. In Tina we see more. I.