BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 4/16 6:30am

Monday, April 16th

Jamie had a dream about Russia. They took out our power-grid and all our water supply.. so she is going to buy a lot of water today, it could have been after the strikes in Syria. – Englewood teachers walkout today they want money – Corey Gardner met with Trump and he said our weed is safe – Coachella over weekend and Beyonce was the star of the show and a little guy yodeled – Country Music Awards last night were great - 


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Hollywood news and got sent to Hollywood isn't gosh I mean these tabloid trash and analysts 1059 and let's get trashed by 10%. So you know how I and a really think your dreams mean anything threat that at home this song in particular last night at funeral that meant something and so I'm going to act them on OK to have his dream. That now the Russians shot off our power grid and we didn't have any water for like a week really so I'm going to buy water today in bowl maybe. You knew it had a Russian drink at a rest and drink yeah editor I did it I think actor went to sleep over the Syrian bombing you know me and I was watching the news that went to sleep and an in my in my sleep. All of us were like and I was so tired state they can speak but I welcome so they're staying meant. And that's why the water thing yeah and and so you like Jamie do you have any what are you am I did yeah it's interesting it's still we are all here and likely got a no water no none of our water pot would earn him. And then that's what made a Stephen Moore thirsting his way to do it if the power grids go on and we work and we came here and I'll shut down all like TSE he had name we reserves and we were sold our state and he's. I think a world that it a let it slip at least say that it's great and and it's really an odd drink it. President Donald Trump ordered airstrike on Syria and the SeaWorld as it and what's going on that and then they'll walk out the teachers are having in Inglewood to 150 teachers go to walk out today and doing I guess are going downtown I'm glad. And after the third and the money. When they didn't give us a muddy what we only want money there also blocking out because. Some of the curriculum some of the books they have for twenty and thirty years old and they want money to buy this guy steps yeah. And then he. Put toward what that was trauma. And now sounds like county Corey corn is that and he teach them to exit don't worry we won't do anything tear Maryland. All all that knife right COLT. The socially got a week deal. There are good in court do so that's fantastic did you see or hear anything about jello over the weekend I did. They say that beyoncé yeah parents I mean as in killed two guests. She even. Drop it like hundred dancers like backup dancers they said it's like nothing you've ever seen it can Chela. Usually they scaled down on stage but she did a full Alex he doubled and I think she was up there for two hours. And she is the first African American woman to ever perform at can jealousy that's pretty cool as well. The little Gilda Meister did you see the old guy leaving no I didn't. I've seen him an agency that details so he was also did Chela he killed they said Justin Bieber when after many took some of these Bieber called his name is de Ville. And and we are happy to hear that beyoncé brought that destiny's child and people quit not here's a look clip. They can't. The rocket in the desert yeah they are and it was nice to bring on that Destiny's Child. Any problem but yeah is this summer and yeah. In it was glad I was glad that the destiny's child's ladies could get off work to be out there you know. Couple of working at Wal-Mart they damn yeah. I was wondering anime money where Wal-Mart she kicked into the canal and they asked for a day off that they got a day off from the Wal-Mart family and they went over to cook jealously to perform as pretty well it. I'll love it I mean like London they since it's like. Nothing nobody can ever compete with her performance at Intel surprised. That the RNC is the first African American woman. To ever perform at Coachella I think that's at. Like what it is really pathetic. I agree and it shouldn't music festival that's been going up for quite awhile and they've never had an African American woman onstage shame on them ray that night I was present my iron that tube. The Catholic light that's just a shocker to me. And gags and she thanked mom will get the idea where she thanked him bad that she said well have just made history. Let's he would ask to have gone sad I'm sad about the First Lady Barbara Bush yeah eyebrow bush in. She's 92 it's been a great life but boy always. You know black that should last forever in and really did Barbara Bush Adam is in failing health. And she's not gonna seek additional treatment. I don't dig deep run into the hospital and attend jazz he knows him pre that's on it yet I got a piece of audio here in news report on the. What help has worsened recently. Just two weeks ago she was hospitalized at Methodist Hospital. It now that 92 year old former First Lady has decided not to seek additional medical treatment instead focusing on comfort care. Mrs. bush already holds a special place in history. She sure is something of Abigail Adams I mean she's a mother. And wife of two presence so it's a bit of history. We always think of the Kennedys you know in Camelot and a dynasty but the truth of the Tucker is the bushes were far greater. Well. While the end of the dynasty. And well according CBS it is. Bush has led former president George H. W. Bush the 41 president of the United States of America he is now 93. Land and she's 92. CBS yesterday. On their website. Posted her obituary. Yet. They they thought she got my god it's CVS posted yesterday afternoon so that data down says he has somebody called it would say she's tell why. Alan brutal as it's rude that's beyond room. Did the awards last night to not I question Gmail hours you know I'm a country Santa. And I don't hide it I love country music. Why it is really good I mean and perform a to go nobody was political need top crap they do perform a to let you know bang bang yeah it was really did not want political. Bull crap statement this country music award price it was so good and the only thing I thought I had about. To put out. So Blake was there you don't win that went. OK okay and you know Blake he's been married to Amanda labor right right at home and it was better to. Don't you think that she's no Raton Miranda and now she's got a billion years old dawn. I know it was weird because. His armor around Glen. Ike don't worry don't be insecure I'm showing everybody I'm with you because I'm sure she was glad what you. Mean is every note that you know that you're looking at me right. Because they were right in the front row. And so is Amanda. So blue saying. Looking Amanda. And then Amanda and looking up like this uncomfortable. Her name's Amanda others Marie and it is marina I'm sorry in his memo yet but anyway tame difference of marine and a Miranda yeah it's. And he was right to our. Why it was really nice comfortable that's yeah. So like a tortured and it's like sort original idea because. I know she's over it but it all comes rushing back when you're in the same room beyond the same row that's just the same row but same row. And oh boy well and. Is Glenn Wright as just mentioned. Its quest to find ways acting is definitely am no it's quit but the. So go in was dressed to kill images and bright red via the ashes like looking guy around looking good man. Well Maria look to the gorgeous okay. I. Skills now was she with a bullish and she was so low quality quarter. That's all she. In the Hoover and you can afford that buys them I am yeah and taking witty and have him putting his arm around you'd you'd throw he let a bone here today. My. I've that was really root of the C amaze is that when Marie and it was singing the clintons they would pan over to Blake I want to see our. All good you know they wouldn't maybe she had to deal with him may need right now you know again did show Blake when I'm Singh India. I just went and that she won and like country female singer of the year to get the Obama. Well I had to be a part of it must be you know they don't wanna start the trouble starts. It would put on the same row yeah I agree. And then god Chris Middleton was entertainer of the year. He won the big one and fortunately he wasn't there because last night his wife gave birth to judge is Trimble and good for him. Have stable the last great yep there you go that's tablet tracks. And more on Alex I.