BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 5/23

Wednesday, May 23rd

Maghan Markle says she would love to be president of the US but now she’s a royal she can’t, her and Harry are going to go to Mexico and see her day but now some reports are he may not have even had heart surgery – Blac Chyna wins a court case so she can sue the Kardashian’s for deformation -  Caitlyn Jenner is having a hard time connecting with her children

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on analysts 1059. And. I. Never came up that have been like yeah I can thank you didn't get that acting but that didn't take it pretty clever it really is. I know rhymes hit this to anything. A couple of things first of all they're saying that death mega Markowitz to be the president she does. And if she can't Russia had dual citizenship so I guess she can't sketchy moon. And royal family will allow that. They say she's always talked about dad being a president of the United States of America since she was a little girl is always a dream. However you are right the royal family says that they stay out of politics here and it wouldn't even be a possibility. Harry could of course give up his official royal duties duty. His mother Princess Diana was said to of them considered moving to America and remember a couple of years ago Harry was done with all royal crap he was like Canada and Ireland being part of this I think. She couldn't leave that she could divorce Harry yeah as they come back to the US and possibly pursue whatever she wanted to pursue as long as she's married in the royal family I don't think they would allow. I'm just mad at her right there why this is where any house she is there and met him. Yes Markel yes that's penny helps yes. Mean he is something that they have to. Did they do have to do yeah it's required by the queen to Wear any host and meg embargoes like. I am not going oh am glad that Hague you know that may eighth. From the grocery store and Madonna's videos and then when I take up that big line from a belly button down to much locked. Penny lines is that it's a line grades are seeing real premiere back but to your room it's hideous wrong on another via them. So anyway CM the further engagement pictures of their announcement which she walked out with a dress on she didn't happen any of those on never is like. Free mega mart looked videos look stupid anyway and service like she could break the rules she's wearing them you know. Well I don't recess he got their own opinion here but want to hear houllier even Prince Charles yeah. Yeah all the where. May Markel speaking wedge in Prince Harry are gonna go to Mexico. Mr. vacation no other than go visit her father all authors honeymoon now. Down to Gaza Moehler you know Cancun. I think it's a nice gesture isn't gonna go visit that way and again urban England kids everything's fine I guess is. A lot of thought you know questioning about if he actually had a heart surgery or not no yeah and they're saying that nobody's really a verified anything and there was say picture taken of him yesterday. Bob I guess he put he put out a picture of where he watched the royal wedding from. And it was supposed to be near Los Angeles because that's where he and his heart surgery but it turns out reporters found out. That the air BM bead that picture taken out isn't Mexico. He's not then I'll Los angels they ale so if he'd had heart surgery. Unlike the Thursday or Friday we'd be back in Mexico by the wedding on Saturday. Probably none of them open heart surgery. Yeah it seemed so. Anything it did crack open is pulled I have no idea I had no idea what happened we just were under the assumption that news report to work but it was having surgery heart surgery. And didn't understand you don't need to stick a couple of hours again as we get back to Mexico but he pulled loans. Open heart surgery they see it's the most painful surgery could ever have to get they'd break your sternum. I don't think that's what this was I think this is more of a statement. End they can do that a couple of hours or so you can be outpatient even for that so he could have made it back to Mexico. It. Afghanistan excite odd you first and second yeah I should know that but that's what it says something this weekend next weekend yes. If she could be. He's fantastic I am excited are you. Not really I'm not going to be going to the show so. Nothing gets excited about what she just got the key to West Hollywood in Los Angeles took about. The mayor of West Hollywood when you know atonement that homosexuals you know them in my view is that he's a homosexual no but they love a good porn star today they really love. They Brees doesn't. The mayor of West Hollywood, California will join city officials today to present adult film star stormy day heels of the key of the city says a lot about your city doesn't. In the press release city officials will they hate count them yeah. And again. You do. Giving stormy Daniels the keyed in the city you guys are paying Donald Trump I all I don't think William in school. They're giving her this or leadership and hash tag resistance movement I don't know. And calling for articles of impeachment to against. We should Alice and I say this. Can we just live on with the Russian crap what can we just MBA president and Mena and van which we can they just used to. We just. I still. West Hollywood I mean at this. That's his ludicrous. The trick images woman the key to the city but just because of York hash tag resistance movement your attitude you know like the president still. You're giving this to a porn star. She has courage they say she had encouraged rarely get out to speak out about why this happened she was a participant in it up. About a 130000 dollar payment to be quiet she's not part of the hash tag me to movement. No gas dad resist movement. But the way they say one of the reasons why. The royal wedding was such a big deal and such a huge deal on television all that because people are exhausted. Literally physically sick. A hearing about trumpet all that crap yeah. And that debt won't royal wedding with such a nice change and everybody face looking about a ads and them is to Graham and tweeting and it was just a nice day. This is nice day it was a nice anyway nice beautiful day it was rough there probably love and there was no no hate Breslow grabbed and let her. Should the people get sick of where that's why I watched a what because the dress yeah Alex seeded Lleyton. I was so you know how enamored I well I was assistant to the if you thought I was completely enamored does it report looked at me up no I was curious it was very curious you know denial on the train loans. And you know just the a lot of things I really. And he instant YouTube but. She says and had them. In the China. Boy is getting ugly. So you know black China and she was so filing a lawsuit. Against Chris Jenner and her children dancing that day defamed her amber trade her in a false light and never thought this is nothing go anywhere right black tennis senior guys are all. Say crappy things about me and you defame me and I can't make money now and you 'cause they showed it canceled bubble. Well. I guess and a judge has said yep you do have a case. So she wins this day Asia he has won the keys soon totally but he can move forward. You know I read the story this morning and got in only are they listened to stories I want to know what they said because if you remember. I wanna know what the formation wise what they call a big east they say -- a big but. I think he did say it. Charles I enormous was a jar enormous but quite as she could argue word Jack enormous reds or big was signed just enormous was last of the rule on the line can't. See they they don't see in this article what exactly was said because I've forgotten. Do we haven't Internet giant Dooley thought that yeah. We had bent to get match. Yes it will get and then. Yes it is then markup may cup then if they can do that he K well yeah he's investigator. Hey thank you Ben because Islamic head no when he deals with crooks all day you know people shoplifting. Yeah drunks craze no cons of going on at the walls and linemen you know Lyman online mall I love that I'm a mall America's small. I think they named it well they didn't. I'd name the midsection of the name born in Minnesota but we'll call America now the Mall of America but across and actually. Only around. That's close to matching Mall of America a lemons American ball you can decadent that Minnesota one is that. The bit about America I have yeah yeah that's pretty F. Overwhelming it's a totally get Shockey if you've never been there in new ever have a chance to go you should go. Because it's an amusement park and it it's unbelievable the Lego land is out of control it. Greatly and they have like Lego. Like case of its trend source of what is it I'm sure they change it up this it was like three stories all. But the problem is you can't go shopping there this two X you're overwhelmed yeah like an eagle at the store and. The easiest thing many here but what do other stores better if it's almost like going to Disneyland you you have to hit certain parts of the mall one day they go back another day to hit another part and he got a map that you're a trip over there as stagnant. It's huge. It's America's small. No this climate. I am fine my united. Caitlin Jenner. Releasing this has been very tough Mary very tough on her. When she got rid of her Wiener and got a couple of doctors knew I guess our kids just laughter. There her kids. They're not happy with a note. They blame it on that Vanity Fair the interview that she'd definitely more so than sex change vote went up Brody and Brandon they're not even around the dark you know sea of note here from and then not even now. You know I'm Kardashians. She says it's been very hard they all have labs have moved on I got my boobs. And just left. And I quote in the lives of and that was definitely helped that it would. And finally. Did you see this the boys and light. Yeah I saw I have not seen the voice this season but I saw the finale was on last thought they had a winner right yeah. I'm bummed because I kind of followed it I candidate that's solid and I didn't I had no idea this is. Her name is bring in current tell me and she won interacting Kelly. It's the first win for team Kelly here is a little clip I hour. Well yeah. Well you know he had three big winners this week you've got Dancing With The Stars did their finale you had done American Idol had their finale. And now the voice I don't think people really care. I mean there was a time when these winners were announced especially American Idol where it where the world I mean everybody was talking about everybody was on the edge of their seat whose total went. Police posted here or be more. Who is a big fat black guy that won everybody knew him into an hour on American I everybody loved him his movies. Ruben stutter yeah everybody talked bad I can tell you the name of the American Idol winner all. Osaka clay H idea was a big name you had. That made peace and McPherson it what was her name Catherine Catherine McPherson McPherson. Hewitt. Kelly Clarkson was huge yeah. I mean but it's nothing like that anymore who elect Hebert river. Remember the name of the person that one American Idol just a couple of months ago. It isn't that. Which is that he said I don't remember that the winner than just one American whom. Oh yeah I heard that somewhere. But it was what Margo herb Maggie Maggie happy community poppy. In fact that audio clip she's just stirred up the pot a little bit version of this which whenever addicts aren't. You know on them. I'm well I think I took over at the heart not somebody. I know why did you means I just like. Oh boy that's arrested and anti poppy and I was like it just like it and I it was it was so much I said. So she's all the card before it was announced he did yes. Well it's cheating is cheating. Charity and a big get DL they should get to big record contract where they. You know you aren't a 100000 dollar recording studio or. They should get all those prizes or is just a new car and go home I don't know because remember American Idol used to make those kids those kids that then signed contracts were the go on tour yeah American Idol they. Due to worse than it was seen that you know I think now they can Washington bureau are. Really I think that I think is like the price is right yeah. You to be the showcase showdown who has pretty much hit. You actually told me about that TV show bar rescued with that. So I don't know if you guys ever see events there's this giant cavity guy and he's kind of meaning comes innings like it's your dad's. She talks until the end what he does he goes Amy gives it a whole new luck and take battled drug people it makes it real pretty in China. Well our friend I don't know if he's right he said John Lafferty and part of the agreement is he gets 40% of the bar after that you have heard that to you journal say that. No I actually saw that somewhere else where he actually it's an investment for him to yeah so as the bar moves forward he makes a cut off. That's his they've. Well they'll guard rescued a bar here in Denver Colorado and in our count me in particular. Yeah I actually saw that episode only did you know I can't remember the name of stars and stripes or something went under yeah and. I dress not. Change we need more on Alex.