BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30 11/22

Tuesday, November 22nd

Jamie gives us all the good trash! Kanye West gets hospitalized for mental breakdown! The AMAs viewers drop to an all time low... who's to blame? Wedding Crashers 2 is a go! Dave Chappelle is making a HUGE comeback on Netflix! AND we talk Championship Bottle Flipping.


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Vijay and Jamie. Out yeah we are union says is yeah she's trash the so that's cool they go and we don't do what we don't buy anything you know me and. Now what's the big gum and what's the big retailer in the area nets small town viewers world king. Crude cruel to the world king is called a rule keen are you RAL king. Rural Christine world rule teen girl can really yeah I TT martyr now like I dramatics. Semantics and men are married. Smart action I'm not mad bomber it's like bird actually more hey I've never been to Murdoch's and it's nice is it like it JC Penney. Who know these they have closed the target that they have closed there'll camouflaged. Did they call guns and stuff their way black powder rifles right this Friday and I could tell us. Is that really Hickey like a big. Yes it Medicare idea went injury. You can get recliner and camouflage. The rebel. That well they'll have a couple in in southern Illinois they knew Wheeling a blend in and so what are you going their bond. I'll roll kings and ambassador have you believe in any free popcorn brand in a huge popcorn Popper it to yourself and sometimes like it. And yet he old grandma get in there and can dig around the spot regulate don't have the. That's what I like about ace hardware. A they have that didn't know popcorn they didn't popcorn machine I didn't know I just awesome stop in and get popcorn and kick it kick ready to go through the rest of the store. Until they copy the popcorn you know and in and they distill the they have all I had no I just love that place. I could see that I shot that's what sit there like some men are now its bread and say look get shot yeah is that it. It is that one of those locations that you got to show up really early on I. It really matter over Earl king proof ruled team's big RO kings got a lot of deals gone remember having you get any colored toilet paper holders did an interview. School yet you. Yep who works well and they have little like. Didn't during the season and little chicks in an abandoned because you know go to pet they have rabbit to them just like inside the chicks right yeah. I dip during the. It did not like in chocolate and well known and no mountain collars slightly to do another there these are real farmers and know all they don't get interject that that's not nice and stuff. It's not for a fun. It's our living in it it it always hoped to have dipped chicks look in the midwest now. How many are in the midwest yeah he's just a little bit out. The east. And they corner the market and I pictured did you never heard of the world came come not. So yeah. I've never really lived in the part of the country you get out candidacy I mean anything you need for bow hunting season season eight linkage hoop. We end up blinds and I mean whatever you need but my Diaz then turns out of synthetic urine is my favorite yeah to go through I like Munich yes. Black Friday is going to be a big deal. Kinda look at the Black Friday flyer oh yes he was unsealed he's at it let's go DOJ and so that's where we're no one girl came. I dressed up be wearing your jammies now expect that we think it. Late honey you're you know I hit a four should say dear whom. As set out. Be hard to bring back home on the airplane in the carry on you might have to break his legs yeah but except I have to. Given the overhead especially. So it's fun I'm excited about that we get up really early in the lane line that's kind of cold mullah. And it isn't. It hit unsettled but the un excited when I wish I could not get it was just book. And here okay this is standard here year in the football but it's probably go. Well yeah. Because you're trying to get the I mean I'm no expert I miss in. That's a great coincidence but synthetic blood knob talk about the authentic stuff he'd surely they got to do tomorrow. You know I'm sure the deer elk deer in the woods that Gordon gray really Woodward Google books. It says it does look. Didn't tell the bumpy landing doubled its ability and I. Google books here but it still boom boom boom sued blue route to. And then they have the best toys it's those brewer I don't know and if you add that. It's I think it's a brewer it's these huge trucks are super expensive but there are always cheaper yeah. You know brewed beer brewed air. Oh my god those are the best toys that are have a little boy go look up and threw dirt toys. Did you why that's a snow scraper BJ it's so cool also about what would this be about two feet it's as Broder track. And you put album he put salt in the chamber. And then the snowplow actually lays salt on the ground it does. It's so cool. That would be annoying in the house need to take it all ties. The truck in the house who sold that it might come ideology if you look at the a look at. USE. That once we have every murder truck they make that's crazy with it but now I save them trimmed it past sun later. You know it they monument and by the time my son easily ten has kids these things have been right Latin mud that. Why did grandma saved their scrap I wish I'd been lucky enough to grow up in southern Illinois hey it's so slow and then it is really fun. I have can I mean there's just well it's a week so I look at it. I've lag with the. Yeah that's rookie improving and there's still talk about as Vijay mentioned tiny west. Had a mental breakdown you guys you want it's we we're calling it nowhere week. Yeah well let's split couple pieces of the Saudi of this is from yesterday's show are we played this. Yeah we called police said it right here. That sums it was gone and we didn't up those drugs are mental. You know break that we didn't know what it was but something was happening as we reported yesterday he took to the station Sacramento California on Saturday night and just had a total meltdown. Here's a guy that walks into eight concert did I don't know if sold out but he walks into all his fans he stays for only ten minutes. That's our rain tonight and a song eat well he played two songs he played a song is starter Ricky never even finished the song started ranting. They rolled into another song that started ranting again about Jaycee and beyoncé and how you vote for tropic he had voted but he didn't boat Eagles are. This last like ten minutes the whole thing and he walks out. Just leave it in and I mean full. Our boss if she had his transcripts. You guys this stuff he was say an app I don't know how long you have there but it was it was about I don't know. 1012 minutes suggest there's seven paragraphs of of transcripts. This is 29 seconds in this is just some of the meat of what he set a Saturday night that he fully canceled on Sunday we'll talk about that a second. He talks about cheesy don't see injured guys after to kill me I know we have killers don't count on come after Bryant. I don't know what that means. I say it means that that JD has got hit man. Bo a hole. And then if this is on Saturday night. And then he just walks out didn't they say they paid like 150 dollars a ticket which you need to have your head examined for that. The pay out of peak now stems I know we're all sad they canceled embers will be canceled the entire two or so Sunday guy he's supposed to be in Los Angeles and everybody should have the concert is big sign says cancel. That's it he doesn't even show then yesterday total mental breakdown. Well and so I was reading the transcripts yesterday and some other such aid and here which is I don't get the may and is obviously and narcissism. We know that soon. Leg pathological. Of crazy crazy. And over the top yeah. But what I didn't get in the transcripts is usually narcissistic we'll tell you. How they built up their empire kind of like Donald Trump does right now here's everything up in the race he says. It's. Deet no mark Zach Hamburg please call me I told you I O 53 million dollars and 53 million dollars in debt. But yeah I bought you dinner. I don't think he I have I don't I can't put my finger on what this mental thing as begins anarchists would never claim that they were 53 million dollars and that number. And that's what got maybe drugs at that point because I don't get it. Well the report I saw I'm reading a story this morning I quite a bit of the sort. They say there are no drugs involved that he's not on drugs at all that this is a total mental stress. Fatigue breakdown. And he's been put into the hospital he was taken away and. But he is due to illness a lot impacted you surged on days I was with some friends and we are surging Chinese brands to listen you got your list. And they were like which ones began there were so many rants over the years yet because they didn't buy the red flag. Today they saved people close to him say this all started in 2005. That's eleven years ago that he's been off the deep debt according to people close to him. In they say it all started when he called when he said George W. Bush. Hates black people. That was the start of at all that was after Katrina if you remember. And they set after that with the Taylor Swift and now he's sold. The the so the award on stage and how he went on these rants and it's all from 2005 and finally it just caught up with the. Well we worried some of them end up my friend is like a lot of this is very Charlie Sheen. Because it doesn't make cents. I mean he was talking about these people we don't even know in some of the sentences he is trying to put together Danny maintenance and that we even thought maybe they transcribe it wrong because it's so weird and it's. Almost more troubling to me to know that drugs are not identity. Because it's true that's a that's truly yeah mental illness that he suffered so in theory it is kinda US has been hostile as a Los Angeles for an evaluation. Police were called her welfare check on current day yesterday afternoon paramedics also responded and took him to the hospital and ambulance. Sources connected to Chinese he was getting checked out by like this doctors for sleep deprivation. When the doctor decided he needed actually a full blown admit that admitted to be a minute. Law enforcement sources say that tiny did wanna go and that they restrained and we'll captain to the Gurney boom. So and then I guess. They're saying that cancellation balls concerts could gust thirty million dollars in. And that's always injured that's allied nation and then the other thing is I guess then. What's your name Jimmy Kimmel whenever Aaron. Kim Kardashian yes his wife she was on her way to New York dementieva and her plane turn around they were calling her comeback tour. I know is it was for her father's. The content some kind of gay let him or her father right. It was her first public appearance after the big robbery in Paris and that's why it was being called Kim's comeback yeah. And but the comeback was cut short because she didn't get a flight and go back and be by Carney site. Who by the way is on a stretcher role handcuffed and everything taken in the hospital they say in the rap world day here's what I heard last night. That in the rap world let me. Stay away from him. They want nothing to do with it did Jay-Z is the people that are running the world you know that that world. They want nothing to do him because he's so erratic. He soul over the top he's always asking for money to it to fund projects and they want nothing do with the guys. And that's why he's so angry. Because he can't make contacts anymore. Well I am sure Israel isolated because he's very bizarre yeah. If I was Mark Zuckerberg had been like he had Ellison left meetings for a year and I why he telling these 53 million dollars decked. I. Think it. Yes anyway so we'll see what happens of that by the way speaking of the American music awards they dropped to an all time that Lowe who. I'm not shocked. No Rio Rio Rio. Italy drew an eight point two million total viewers. This is an all time low for the American music award. I think sometimes when it when they announce his award shows I think some of the viewer ship is tied to who they announce that go to host the show to. I think when you have like he stellar host that everybody loves. That I can Ellen DeGeneres for example I think people tune it just to see Elena host a show. When you have these two Yahoo!'s that they had that GT and end. What the Leo what's the Geithner said that lives in Jay pharaoh. There's no drop there. Gigi has apologized for making her a little and controversy will Mulally had trump impersonation. While co hosting the American music awards on Sunday she used a fake in your eastern European accent to impersonate you should be First Lady. The 21 year old model addressed it on her Twitter Monday where she apologized to anyone that she offended during the show she patted alleged like Milan and said. Yeah I love my. President Barack Obama and I attendance Osama. Maya I. Am just fine and was funny and yes she hat. Did did those close to reference the fact that millennium plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech so I get it. She wrote hate written apology saying them I was honored to host C amaze last night to work with some the most respected writers in the business lather up luck. Listen I've been you know poked fun at the Ford two on Saturday night eleven but I got I get humor I'm sure Maloney and does stick. It's OK so over sensitive. Yeah I didn't get the and as much do you argue the fact like gay in the political correctness on one side you got to look at it from both sides I thought that she was trying them doing joked she wet. An awards show who cares. Everybody cares right now and everybody kept. I don't care the youth and it kept I don't care I don't. They backed him kindly OK I saw something on the ticks me you know and I wanted to point this out. I think he was either he Saturday or Friday was the anniversary of his mother's death. If you remember she died a few years ago from complications from plastic serve tree she would have collected Topeka and yeah that brand name in debt could be a part of the tiny year. Which you know. Our sympathy goes out to the guy. That's dramatic. And that plastic surgeon jacked up my girlfriend yeah the same one via your kids now and he's not board certified. If you ever go to plastics are you make sure the board certified yet. How he's come west's mom. They get tons of money. Using a guy that's certified not board certified and me is a plastic sheet that they went everybody's on board survey dig it go to it and it is different today and going get his boards and attached and Hayward to make sure Lee's board certified and so I'm. Who's Tommy do you work garden during your fears certain she was getting breast implants. You met during the things could could look at it differently like dummies commander you know from what I my ex has linkages board certified when they do is they bring it like big X rays you know get a big easel like what would you do Baird analyst happening here. How many right out of the other maybe I Guinea pigs now. I really need it didn't have any money and. Like what I do with haircuts for what we did work college Utley did in high school where do we did like we -- little of fetal pig remember that and dissected and. Right grandma. What is set I go to the barber college it's a dollar for a haircut at tip 20% and. Well don't think that they don't do that residency. To push me. It's not just say do we do that make healthy people a lot of why. An accident. I don't know what their dough and the. So you're saying that people that are training but safe to be a heart surgeon. They get somebody that. Can't really afford to heart surgery becomes an industry dies and had just chalk one up front I guess say anything else. Come odd. I. I was in the same it. Happened the they messed up my haircut before the bottom. Did I mean I know it's a full dollar flared again they have missed it up before remember that Demi team in the luggage all. You know do we made fun of me for a week having had some may stand there and the shaky nurses just got their first idea is you spoke of the eighty dads know might wish we're sisters and that it. And a comb it. I was in that alarm and I can't play bad I don't think and let's see here at the anti drug that's. That was held on when he crashed is. Excited about that. And a C 10 my god it's funny so good it's a dad. Are you. Fancy wedding crashed not all the time. And for free eight year. And just never stop Norton who at a stop on the perfect storm in on the tight game I am I psychic performance night I. Yeah cops there's a bulk in the movie they take a boat right. Watching the fact you might edit that might help there's a book the sink known I won't watch. Siegel did the did 1005 hit wedding tractors as an early laid develop the men. And since. It began. And not make it all women. At Atlanta at. So those who worked out well my guide so stupid. Where you guys remember Alaska get toting Christian rock side of forty million dollar deal for two shows on Netflix. Netflix is loaded. 22 shows forty million dollars well guess what Dave Chappelle decides a deal for. Shadows and Netflix. And they're not tell us how much money. David should not as deal Netflix to stream three new comedy specials next year. No exact date was given by Netflix it said one of the specials is being produced exclusively for the network. I saw this thing my son is so weird link to different generations might send as a watch TV he watches. YouTube and isn't Xbox so there's YouTube but honored big TV mom and trade likes to watch that show Adam runs everything. Did you not one point now I can't remember exact story. But blockbuster. Had an. Opportunity to buy Netflix and they turned it down yet heard that yet protect your health. Both full moon. And I saw where if you bought white. 101000 dollars. In Netflix dock in 2003. I think it was. It would be worth like three point seven million dollars right now. 101000 dollars. Becomes three point seven million. Let's of that little pot company a buttoned up up that's crazy but. Member except that's so I got that didn't they stuck right in side but what 250 dollars and. Let's Netflix a lot of Dallas. Yeah yeah and Lisa watches a lot can you imagine if you're in where this is CEO about a blockbuster it's not it's like the way to go now via. I have to say how we do is pilots on our TV is freedom bottle flipping championship so I'm not up a little time. Well I yeah. I think energy is well into their home YouTube videos or old channel there's guys. There are some brokers under other names. Dude something dudes you TM cage by Noah one time at these dudes. And big threes bottle flipping I think and now it's Catholic think they inflict battle and to have it land on the I hope my laziness or did you can't lead cats. What I do enough forward momentum and keep the money doesn't foreign momentum slip up in the barely get that double somersault on the trampoline. Any good about. Towards an alliance. That's dude perfect that today's address since favorite guys dude perfect. You viewers them like 839 million views. But at a pretty good. It's his favorite. That's the paycheck and by the way if you go to YouTube these student perfect guys they're really safe for kids that are you know younger because they don't pass anything they're pretty cool guys to watch. So I mean that a dating back but they just. I don't do the math on that pitted YouTube I think paste like 2500 dollars for every million views. Whole week out 39 million Vietnamese do the math on that or my gap and it's I did this in their dude perfect well corruption. I watch three videos last night and bottle flipping you did. And the school finally is mandated thank you school has mandated a skinny kid gets cotton. Bottle flipping yeah it's a white about a by the weather is half full and these kids flippant to try to get it to land straight. And if any kid is caught bottles because they were all doing it three recesses. On gone. Lazio but they need to crack down on them. Out of control it. It's about time the schools got top aides and even bottles and if I can't stop watching though. Flipping it and we're proud of myself last Agilent OK I can watch one more I hit it gets up puts out two minutes of the they're just look at Bob yeah. And every thirty million people think that's more energy any anything else out there. Age is far better than hey imagine. I don't know what assistant GG and then they can be sugar bottles until they other sugar models and they smash it over each other said though it looks like real glass or tablet I don't now. Anyway he's very Caspian a TV unless it was very cool Monday Night Football last night were the Texans against the Oakland Raiders. In Mexico City. That was cool last night last night I was live from Mexico City it was amazing. I can't wait till the day and Cuba it well they're gonna take you around the world they do London already. But the I don't know what what countries are going to put Mexico City was it was magical. That was me. Let's go crazy they went crazy over football. It's no bottles flood blend well with the. If it was just it was just weird to watch yeah it being in another country like that. And the language that in the PA announcer as you could hear it was all in Spanish he was just different to call I think it was super cool the lion the oak a great day incident now an island and away is it's snowing it's and yeah. Don't take it's dark it's hard to tell you but yeah I was actually yeah it's on the the single race to the changeover to snow this morning a grand but it's done by noon since being careful not much yet and write data tablet to. Change everything and more. I.