BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630 1/24

Wednesday, January 24th

THIS IS US!!! How will jack die?? Jamie thinks it’s in a house fire. Elton john is going to retired. 50 cent is a bitcoin mogul. Chain smokers scandal!! GF caught one of the Chain Smokers making out with another girl on security footage from the front door of his house. Megyn Kelly was called a bitch on the view by Joy Behar. Don’t eat food if it falls into your cleavage.

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Vijay and shame on all of your questions will be answered with this disaster. They'll reveal how Jack guys in the post Super Bowl broadcast. It's and it should be one of the most memorable moments in television history this year NBC yesterday aired a sneak peek. At Latin upcoming episode of the hit series this is asked. You know show the death of the app Peterson family patriarch Jack. Feel so left out right now patient you know I felt this routinely throw throw to because I think it's seeing them I don't know anything about it. And now this one that you are raving about this for us now it's too I don't. Yeah you can't because so confusing. Viewers of the show which racked up two honors at the screen actors and awards. You were given a key aides during yesterday's episode as a slow cooking crock pot in the home can't shy there. Now you being a big thing and loving it what do you think's gonna happen. I think that the house is gonna catch on fire need Jack dies in the house. Doesn't think the repeal don't purity here firm that's what I think happens. I don't know anything I'm just saying that out I think that's what happened. And John is retiring. Yes so Fiat and says Elton John is retiring. It's fifty years or obesity and its age he's seventy years old. And due to poor record sells and the exhaustion of two worrying and I guess slasher he got some kind of horrible virus and he's never really recouped from it. You and he got really sick really yeah Lisa the animals died. And so bad. But you know here's what he's gonna do right and I was reading into the story yesterday. LT TE does need who work but it doesn't matter about his record sales. As getting a check like you wouldn't believe every month. Because all it is music gets played everywhere. So he's getting oil royalties. And he's going to be just like the Celine Dion and he's gonna park himself his big bucks on that piano bench. He's gonna do what Las Vegas. Rightly shows they're get you big paycheck you know that two hour. They Denny just adopt a baby Kumble few years ago yeah you just relax and enjoy the baby's penis 'cause that. They shouldn't shouldn't he pours his wife. I don't know. But there under that I don't think you ever com. Same sex a wife Vicki and I think eagle husband husband you don't think both. And wife life if you're lesbian thing. Nobody is a husband and lesbian where the world can have got to catch up. Well amazing math in worried enough. I gotta get really upset about that statement I feel like that's right so in the lesbian world. Why release its wife wife yeah never 'cause not feel like that's even may be offensive. Or maybe somebody can correct this on the of wrong. What we're gonna can't examine husband you. You have a mightier than though there wife life I'm just saying the white lights memory needed to Nicole's opens as they come alive. You never know and then surely this is offensive to know what I try to figure out when you squeeze your voice like that actually know what to tell. Do you. Expect that as we don't it's not do you pointed out if I got out without my ball. Anyway I don't know I haven't done is retiring Bubba blatt and Pam Anderson listen big mover. She's moving to free that's GS yeah Italy Andersen why because she has a boyfriend that plays soccer. And he's 38 can you. And she's fifty. As a good day Pamela Anderson you know. Is it that they Pam Anderson that I've noticed lately is you know 45 years ago. And mention she was looking a little rough she she was. But as a road arc of where I think that's what the idea that shuttle oval but lately she's I don't think that she's the big twelve. She looks fantastic that I. How do you do that how do you know what I don't doubt he'll which I have written when you go to me so I stayed there I don't come back I think it's called plastic surgery. Chrome will. There you go the ads like Jane Fonda she's a decently dating but about right about this. A few years ago I think you and I even was looking at a picture were like why how what happened here it was it was Rahal the issue of cola and now she's like gorgeous again. So Aaron. She's in France and Britain so she. 50s32. Now and and she moved to France because what to do that enough luck. That these. Fifty cents fifty cent. Pity. Pity you say that he could that he. Well we never quit speaking of it you know you go downhill from every filed bankruptcy all that stuff blown Bubba. Well IS and four years ago. There is this guy that said hey I'll help you out blunt a bloody need about the new album and I look pay UN going. Four years ago. Here to know. He had a bit clean deal. Towards it made what is the best business decisions in music over the past four years all things to be going. Diddy was accepting bitcoin payments for years back when he released animal ambition in June of 2014. So at the time the den of thieves start was willing to accept fractional bits. Did cry and then you know whatever the currency is. I'm which were valued at a rate of of about 662 dollars per bitcoin at the time so they collected out load and well you know as we know burn. What's today today. Like 101000 yen. Yeah I do it's historic over the weekend where people are trying to cash in because it's going back down he got up to like 17181000. Dollars. For bitcoin. And people are trying to cash out now because it's dropped back down to like eleven or twelve or even ten. And a lot of these places where you cash out closed up shop founded in in these people can't get their courage either can actually Asian area because it says he made eight point five million dollars. He he's been talking and they'll go get it better go get your birthday. Pittsburgh Paul Gauguin. They're crazy. To guarantee that when payment. And I don't see how you're gonna convert. Just I think those places are just gonna what they're giving you cash eight dollars for for something that doesn't even exist dragged. About it. I am have you heard the huge scandal it's so sad you know I love the chain smokers just love them well the chain smoker guy his name is Alex any had a nice escrow for any. Earned his girlfriend so he said to her face. Well then when I eighteen was a shady shady night and down and he has that ring tone thing that political bring you know the ring with you can't run it. And at his front door that was his girlfriend he loved Selma you know she can tap into it because she as the security go to Michigan to get his front door. Which economy canals another form located on his reign in those cameras there. And that and I even if you know she didn't she did the right thing elicited. She posted it on the Internet you're kidding all that good just. If you're having a hose show the front door don't get one of those camera well the know you'll be busted and so she posted it online look I am. Boyfriend who says he loves me so much less to spend the rest of a life let me and I mean it went viral couldn't innocents into. Would never put a camera in my house and give somebody else the password curtain OK that is just ST yeah. On hand as if you let your guard down all right right now. Without you don't but go that's how hard I. But he he would forget you be doing stuff like that didn't know who's not wearing clothes. Indigo. You're going to be outside wearing clothes. Don't see inside the house so people inside the house do you think what it would he do announce and ladies. And it. And BJ he's different and crazy neighborhood anyway so it went viral obviously condemn it loves teen smokers never as bad Alex because they like it. Until he's finally spoken out. And his statement was this. I was rom. We have broken up now because she deserve someone better than me. The yeah. And so leads. The. When he doesn't mean that's how he doesn't mean that I really thought it was it's a great public statement or are you knew that he does that mean that. I have well I think it's great because you actually feel sorry for. Right there at the Swedes today did what you need to do is Greg decent spray paint spray that camera went. Stop it. How is she got to do it again now you're single. I batting before he did it smoker. For. And then finally probably. Have a it's time to talk about is making killing crap you guys yesterday it went so. Get them there after Arnold and I were talking an all out war against meg and Kelly who they took off the air yesterday I don't know which I was planned. It was a statement as it was already pretty pleased when she threw a hand grenade out to the table of it took a few days off as I possibly do it but this. You know it it crazy all right so first of all. Let's play deep and where she's interviewing Jane Fonda and asking her about the plastic surgery so we can explain where all started. Now. Since news edging its upset at. Amazing deet deet have you well why did you say I read that you said you felt you know proud to admit you've had worked on white hot. We really want to talk yeah. One thing I think about it looking at you was how amazing you look well thanks. Well thanks yellow for weeks. She was not happy do. Really bad really that this happened back in September we watched it Jamie are watching it here in in that audio does not even I need to adjust to putt because the look on Jane Fonda's face was like you. I can't believe me just ask me that's when no one step ask me that you were holed up for I mean it was ugly it was back but if it. So any doodles so what happened is an Al wouldn't OK so we never heard about again and went away leg was good finally moved I would all of a sudden. And somebody asked Jane time down. What do you think about how she meg and Kelly Ashley and she like I thought was ridiculous like that she's troll I thought law she is in ratings. She she called her horrible interviewer yeah one of the worst he's ever seen well making Kelly heard the news when it learn it. Shall it wait a clip that will let. Jane Fonda's flaming me. So then meg and they went on the Eric slam. And now a word I'm Jane Fonda who appears to be fixated. On an exchange I had with her months ago on the shelf it's time to address the poor me routine she has discussed her cosmetic surgery. Pretty much everywhere before coming on our show apparently when she came here however again to promote her film about aging. I was supposed to discerned that the subject was suddenly and but I have no regrets about that question oh yeah. Nor am I in the market for a lesson from Jane Fonda on what is and is not appropriate. She got a chapter about the Vietnam War. Look at her treatment of our military during the Vietnam War many of our better. Attempted to shame American troops. She posed an an anti aircraft gun used to shoot down our American pilots. She called our POWs hypocrites and liars and referred to their torture as. Understandable. So the moral indignation is a little watch and honestly she has no business lecturing anyone. On what qualifies as offensive me. Now are you all caught up now right OK so ever it's got up this happened the last couple days all right so. Gadgets of all nightmare. Hollywood has turned haunt meg Kelly I don't think they were on her side to begin went. But they're all defending Jane Fonda and so remember and from that today show or whatever her name and curry anchor Arabia so and Kerry made a statement yesterday they said what do you think about me making killing what she says about Jane Fonda. And she said it was it professional journalism. She said that is not what we as journalists do are. Our thing is journalism it journalist is to not be the story. But to interview people about a store. And to be humble she said that sector so win. They're not supposed to be part of the story. And Rosie O'Donnell has threatened to sit honor the set I've met and really harder. It's agreed a breath. And making Kelly. Who or what it sounds like runs big but I did. One problem. One moon. If you get data within AM yeah open and any endeavor and this is an exclusive. And we'll welcome models say ideologies that basic. All. And the rest are right here right here but you're here. Broke sort of probes but is that you heard it here throw your vote OK so anyway it's an and now I Keller caught up with this Megyn Kelly and it's worked yesterday. He wouldn't play it. This is the women from the view rye and they're angry anyway yeah I think it speaks for itself every. Whom many stories that we're not covering new momentum to take time. With this kid this is really exactly sure that it does not ain't gonna just attack and how much work if you had kids. Oh. Rule so that was enjoyed being hard. How much work in new talking to Megyn Kelly listen to get home many stories that we're not covering them until to take time. But this just feels exactly that does not encourages attacks and how much work have you had six. So they enjoy came back later home boy and she apologized and said listen and I didn't mean to come Megan a bitch I really like her a matter few times that she's really nice I was just in the moment. Didn't we just have the women's barge you know are we all supposed to be on the same page and fighting for one cause. What do well and happen only when Megan started attacking that. Jane Fonda she just ask how much work you do you had done well that no that was the American dollar even grasp of where it is in there. And who song Megyn Kelly's fault pulled Beckett is this thing about it our team negative on this stuff. Okay I'm glad it's an X I think that I would ask somebody how much were they had done. I think that's a real personal thing I'd get that she says that James Bond is talked about in the past and that she was doing a movie about aging or whatever I just don't think there. I ask you like how you know how much workload had done. You can. Or haven't you need done that's the worst question of well at I don't have a breath do you need done. Are you and I actually watched it back in September we saw the program. Out of the blue nobody saw it coming when this little exchange happened. And I have to say. It was surprising. It it was like a cold for good I I like it was just a little shocker just to getter her show go at it and at that time you and I both were current on Jane -- like what she'd do yeah I heard some little daily the woman's eighty something years old you don't treat her like that. That's Ali I you know whenever we care if he could play is I don't care though. But the but we love the good fight we'd love that this is a little more happens to that. And and then finally. I guess there's a new book out miss manners when Aramis interesting. End apparently if food falls into your cleavage you're not supposed to eat. What if it falls into your girlfriends cleavage. And in the boyfriend might be okay very good tablet track's changed we've seen more on Alex. I.