BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 630 3/30

Wednesday, March 30th

Kardashian news galore in this Tabloid Trash.


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Vijay and Jamie. Denton. With a mix of snow. What happened you know switch to sensitive and I don't know if they're almost. What a so where's the snow. Ice storm I had I started yesterday afternoon owner and then I had an ice storm early this morning. Am and so when I use my windshield wipers it didn't create snow we did was ice you know when you sweep the ice. You know it and they all like. To run those shards of I used to I don't know and as you know well my house it was all rain yeah. Last night and did not think this morning you can see the stars it was all clear where this well. Chris homers said no this is she. See you mean for these guys that like an ass but this you just keep look I don't I'm simply saying yesterday on the show Chris homer meteorologist. ECW duke said guaranteed snow. He could guarantee he said maybe one inch she feels good about he said bank on. Not. Not not not. And then later he said hey Jane. We took BJ at said that there isn't going to be anything I'm like oh yeah an effort act. All he did come back with a revised forecast did okay well on this set the aide told me late edition told I totally pilot he's off the look yeah. He's good. Sorry there's still today they'll. Isn't this what you said I won't couple vengeance today couple inches tomorrow does look ominous outsized get an ominous today. Oh my mom's favorite word that's good word ominous. I am patting did died she did yeah I don't know her. Neither. I think as early as hijacked. No that was Patty Hearst oh well I. Actress you know petty Dupuis and actress she played Helen Keller when she was like fourteen or fifteen years old. If she won an Oscar like one of the youngest ever to win an Oscar. And that but that was like in 1960. I guess I don't know when it was I don't remember it obviously. But yet she she was big early in her career and then I think she had some mental health issues. She battle out. And as a day he. Always movie made about her. About her bi polarism him not guilty known. I feel like I watched a movie I don't have there was a movie about her there was about being bipolar depression but I don't know if it was just that specifically. Geared at her life yeah I feel like there was no I don't know. No and I feel I don't watch a movie good bit and this ad bipolar disorder could have been conveyed and she did read it. Out of lag graffiti and in about her bipolar is and as. Then. I heard her son yesterday giving an interview. He was so so good he was so eloquent he was so. Happy that she passed because she had to suffered so badly the last couple of years. Went with physical illnesses from mental illness she was in a living hell on earth. And finally she was released free but you know everything he was very the way you put it was just absolutely wonderful. Let's say is she died of ruptured intestinal you know my guess is what she's getting stoked. And they perforated. And I. I have no idea how that happened according to him she'd been pretty much bedridden for the past two years major health problems. Because that's how my gram hi died they scooped him and they you know they. But that thing up there but. And that and they perforated his intestine yeah I don't that's how this happened mean. She was split 69. It's like being in a race car driver and you forget to make the turn but yeah. Go out of control. Yes. It is the wall being legally area you know people scanner but yet yep that's where this. Let's hear what else besides the parents agents green paddy had success as a singer with two top forty hits and none of that. She Elliott TV show to. As she's saying don't just stand there and say something funny. I don't remember her she was married. All the time. Indian. And multiple affairs. Which led to some confusion over the father of one of her three children. I. It says Lord of the Rings actors John Ashton his biological dad turned out to be one above her lover's. CI heard less than a penny did the flag is there. Mean. His mother was. On the edge. With me. And issues she has some problems. Segment. And troops moved forums yet caller line. She wrote about it in her out of she helped many I think he's now though Jamie as she is she's at peace. Now I just is looking out it patty duke show Lleyton and looking at who's on Austin that was that was a ticket from Clooney's. New. It. Yeah 51 day. And a couple of Chloe Kardashian stories are excited yeah. Oh please. I can't wait to strike. What's nice to midnight but what does that Pauly Shore was on the Khloe and ask the big question. In their injury tonight Jamie it's the follow up tonight yeah to partner do I bought. You didn't you had to do I even need to set it up or you got. Sure he should Juan I'm not listen to the. But I'm just curious and I think most of America and you're not a bad you know off. A lot of guys wanna have sex at U I Goodell and blue black I can't hook up with no. So Paula it sure was hammered I'm guessing because when you Pauly Shore in LA he was always hammered and it. It is a very sad man I mean he was those you as the rack all the time in the EGE got drunk one night and let me a voicemail. Importantly yet. He may put my name move. Yeah peace. Elitist sipping pink drink alongside them and Chloe. And that he said I'm just curious. Because a lot of guys in what you just heard above above a big bet we all think well I'm not black so I can't go up with a and down he can't just going on and on a non I have the bin with Lamar in years has brought a Lamar. But I do love Lamar and I always won him I know is what's best for the mark. It says yes the east updating Lamar and he didn't go out with one white dude at all US went out with another dude periods again. All you guys hate black dudes. Pretty much the white popping and I'll add it effect not all of us so is it I mean don't start with the whole black gone back that's not but what is it. What is it. Does it up but he's never invited back. Or maybe it is the most prescilla forget about that stupid that's true but the book. I guess she doesn't answer according to short she answers it tonight he's been investigating it is true it's a tease because to find out her response. You have to watch the latest episode of cocktails look Chloe doesn't. Day at 10 PM eastern on any ice tonight the affiliate. FY act yet you know I. I think we know life though. Well obviously pretty answer I don't know I want review showed tonight the a I know why well I think we don't why I really don't think we know why but won't weigh you but slowly save herself. I really don't know why well I think we know why I tell. Know why but I think we know why Jami look as if you're gonna say that you know that big thing or whenever I disagree with that because that Will Smith. Son. That is accurate does not is not conducive to a larger elements. It's marginally. Then no. I thought I knew the Internet he's out of this section is more petite OK let's just wait Suk police us tonight I'm on the intimacy. I think we know we answer them. No we get one and that can say it Kindle or wherever whenever and ending with the is little dude can. Independent legal and we'll find out who did little Manhattan. Shows who you cable today said that if I had. We beating here in a report plays and why he's not doing that I am. This my first beating it yeah I eat all the time. I don't. I don't but it. It's our. You right. I've heard you eat popcorn. I get popcorn at 9 o'clock sell 9 o'clock o'clock and that's not beyond. Not at 630 I think he's on Shaw and okay. Angry say it does make a rules today we have to know the rules around here and can't guard as you think I'm a west at finally moved out of Christian or house. Always been weird. Yeah they got merit have key is they still will Mong. Yeah out yet and got the money well yeah well look here's happened when the woods that an eleven million dollar house and they wanted to make it. Perfect. So they didn't remodeling it for the last probably year first. I guess at a constantly two million dollars and they were every detail just perfect for the movement if you have lead still for a Condo downtown or something you. I read AA either of you worth that kind of money either worth hundreds of millions. You rent a place I think it just like stain in that room here and yes. It's comfortable. Could have another clue story. A. I can be hard to top the person who. If you guys elegant thing when is that a hybrid car dash in them again the flu or food that they get in the German thing each and are you going to Kardashian says she feels helpless after a photo was posted online showing Lamar Odom at a bar. I hate this feeling dot dot dot. While they wrote doctor Haiti for her hated what was she feeling helpless. And because the guy I looked again. Overdosing on drugs and alcohol and everything thing you know what does that that are. Drinking and hookers and crack heroin. Patches and you know but he's he's struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in the past and it just think it I guess. Everybody was hoping that this was his wake up call when you almost I eight ran. Using that this guy is gonna go have a smooth the. United see that coming Eden Agassi was movies I did I didn't. I figured it just a matter of timing of Specter's old habits. And what some people do see the light you know. You mean you see it all turned their entitlement and I can't believe that you really is dead tired of death that life is so precious. Run. Mean yeah oh well she's hapless. Let's get onto it and learn to. And our and that kid aren't hitting ignore it but. Yeah and give their that he. And we dads that. I say it over Latin. I. Mean if not for another blow. But look look look look with. But. Actually it's Kim Garnett jig tiny they Clinton by a 200000 dollar car with cash. Thanks. Thanks for the update at the end but the cash 200000 dollars. And they still living mom. That's what they can afford it and rightly our hands we we might say that we have more 200 teamed up what kind of car is it just Erickson and I like the care and and that cinnamon and news when I LA and I can't tell the emblem. That Perez it's sort of spend that no clue what it is. Now. Having seen it. Oh. Dissent. At the end I mean but car. About a car yet. Even get a car. You haven't had a new car in eleven years. I've never had with Edberg ever. I've never never let a brand new car and I feel in my life awful and I do it because I I don't think it's a good deal. It's not it's hot seat it's not them gad had I could have I could easily I. Instead but aren't you see is a horrible deal with it isn't horrible the mean you lose thousands of dollar I don't know a lot. By Carl has got 5000 miles on you'll save a ton of money well that's my driver and tell it there dead because I know that it is such as. You know you know. So for eleven years. Along and. My parents ever bought new cars either. It's just it's just it's not a Smart thing to do I'd I don't think for me some people love it Nina if you love it did to each his own. I love it. Of the new car smell Jamie they love the fact nobody else is ever driven a car it's their car from from the factory straight to their driveway there is he feeling that some people get things like that I know a guy that was like that he had to have new cars every time he went to get a car he had a brand new car. In my entire life I've had two new cars. And one of them the company bought from me and that it had more than that one nuke. And that's that's not over board at all I mean that's probably below the average. And it's that piece of crap out there at the. He then what we never held onto it. You know I mean or eleven years I know a guy in this is somebody completely different that that will drive one for about twelve or thirteen thousand miles in Bangkok. Those yet to do with me nearly every time he has won for about two years who put about 6000 a year. Then after a couple years he goes and gets Brenda with. Well mine has 98000. Miles on it. I'm going to land and to get for them so much these days removed. It's no it. Not if it's it's like a European car I think German car or whatever it exposing to go for a thousand miles let's go for the car facts ready. First well it's been totaled. Once. Secondly after it was totaled. Five feet of snow fell. It is the center of the and you know that brought an epic but picked up yeah that's not supposed to happen that's not the owner's manual. Now all the electronics. You know and it's hard to fix. Once you I do have one rolled up again gonna tell you my one car rule Yemen to. I truly believe once a car's been in erect in a target reg none of just tender bid but once car's been in Iraq it's never the same. Never the same. You'll hear. Creeks you'll here Al sparks you'll hear radler you'll hear different things with the car something about it will be off for the rest of its. A life. Can I tell you that so hobbled by one that it that it touched the car fax or whatnot and it's been wrecked our will not buy it did I tell you something. Bring okay. When you've had three feet of snow and I had going into your car and then then it was windy and until it I had three feet of snow in. The entire car. It's never hit. Jimmy dove to his personal look at. I would never ever in my life in the history of this land to. By car from new I have for a pack. I've seen the way you treat your cars that's so funny that we're doing our best friend you'd treat him like an old boyfriend. It's just spit on them. Catch up. Jab them hard and been Blue. Mountains who a couple. Those little beach. But when it blew. And yes. That's why when you ask me Allentown about the car I I'm not selling it I close relative friend yet that's destined to move on your part. I think than people that car. He went. I think it and even heat in that I had I had ordered some Ronald fifth. Now would you say. That car you wet your pants that car yet. Was intentional yet as you could have by the president of metro. No there was a guy in this guy was following me and I was in the middle of nowhere. And my parents put in my head than from the time I was sixteen you do not stop motorists stuck as the single female. No matter what. So he's really hidden unloaded into my car zionist old white Corvette any kind of pointing to my car like something's wrong with your car right below burner. And play. You didn't pull over so just do regular one well and I then I was he was still behind me and he kept flip design. Even relatives are you know me and a charge them a phone ran. Can only kind of sums are only car. I am I mean I just had this weird sense of like. If I pull over the skies to make him run. And so and then and then there's dressed up like that it's perfect villages only and that's the only. He just decided to obviously supposed to be on as friends and be electrocuted by the end feet. I'm I'm glad I didn't about a car yes we'll get their heated seats let me. You have things in price you know plus cannot open a little slang you know. I'm feeling when it's been a bar. I'm sure you're not. That's it's rare. It's it's probably more common. He and north coast of government not more calm and if more people have done it did not is what you save it or don't and done it and you think about stuck in traffic yes that entrap day. Well yeah I've already found out that one person's done that's more than I thought well. But you're right about that it but I don't think it's confident the he knows someone that has also Pete in their car. Lennar he'll always those of but he does think he seems duke yeah we need somebody that knew him Peyton Manning's. Party wins. It's never happened about a lack. Again got fired at the net. It is big kids like when I am. Alleges that I 25 was shut down when that guy was on the road remember I mean my friend was on the road for two half hour stuck. Yeah. It didn't happen yeah yeah I know a guy that. In the car. What. Need in the car. He has painted yet the other corner of the end of any of the other one don't know why are you know well we're not together. Let's keep Louis county knowing. We would to a football we have together. And why do you notice. I was let me move winning and yeah. Using backseat I was driving. Lindsay attacks. They want. I'll. Okay. I. Too drunk to get out of the car home in this big thing. I couldn't. I couldn't. Even just being just a big load in the backseat million homes that. Holds. Yeah home is a rental in the moon we got back into town this was in Tampa will have to against the cuckoo for Poconos car. A body mind can we borrow the car it was a bad move to. So when we got back to town. I just parked the car in the friends that that drove in Anbar the car from. I parked his driveway let the bad guy the backseat with a scrappy dance there and I got my card when home. At least on the windows yet it against Tampa via an island of bacon with that yes. Yeah. I get here. And adopt they're. Steve in each weekday mornings on Alex I.