BJ& Jamie - Tabloid Trash 6:30 5/10

Tuesday, May 10th

Hillary in leather is odd? Kendra Wilkinson shows her stretch marks on Instagram.  Ozzy was missing, but he has been found and yes he is taking a break from Sharon.  Christina Aguilera will sing with Whitney Houston Hologram.  DWTS gril from Full House.  Blac Chyna has filed the paper work to become a Kardashian...and the Kardashians are not happy about it.  Gordon Ramsey messued up a man's engagement in his restaurant.


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Vijay and Jamie. Lynn ends well. Agassi and I don't know who senate does your word I Hillary Clinton you guys I don't know if you saw what she was wearing. But she has done like this leather outfit Hillary Clinton. She doesn't like blue shiny leather and at the bottom of it goes to these big white leather panels to India what it yeah. It's too toner the amount they have booted out there rising level of back to that you don't. I mean she should whom Kanye a inner thing. You know you know she had custom made up like I had ten granderson on the to have that cup remains hot food there. Yeah we're bad blood lust she implored. Its leg and a hundred degrees there you got leather closely leather. Good look like. And I got a couched its whether that's what it looked like this look whether you look like a much now two boobs that the. For. I want you know so that's like I mean I feel like this you know me only it were not trying to. Make a political staff I am just looking at I am a bit. Bob dot I I do is looking like she's wearing it he she almost threw me off their for a minute because when she first came on the stage it's really long he goes down to the top of released I thought the first time ever Hillary had a skirt though. But it turned out it was. Delaware for her this is all that's can. Elusive he'll let god. In the I mean in May two I mean it looks like something will be in the dead of the winner funeral weird at all nobody should Wear that its long sleeve LePera. I did see it and I thought it was her best out yet what the right. Number I certainly was pulled the white sorry you did I hit. I was late surely that is not a white handle all I have done and I hope that a big white Sunday. Either it was a skirt but yet a contrast of colors and we I would you leave I pictured putting. And that is fit and by the picture I don't FaceBook made it tough in the blender it was a little Hillary age it's what I said. She's got some Kanye West who are you know and not he loves the leather. And his crazy. I guess I'm Kendra Wilkinson that she shared a photo ever sure it works. In game good for her really. Begins. I don't know anything to show that. Look quite like two babies did to me they made me happy happy Mother's Day. Scioscia went dead picture of it. And then I ever need to see them. That. No I clicked off to the very quickly put it Souza Sotomayor what was this who. Well I tell it was she had like pay any goes on or something because it was all right Brinkley. No problem with stretch should cut speech just that I analyze your celeb that you're out their boasting about it on Mother's Day well and also I feel like she hit the worst angle of it. On purpose the when nobody's talked about her wa when you add the isn't she married to that what's his name that's. I women men yeah he's fees pretty strange. Via. Like he likes. Women and would boobs and a Weiner yeah that he got us basketball world right and you know Keisel. It really is gut all the parks ever read like sure. I mean even a little light but it was still short though. I I did see yesterday Ozzy Osborne was missing. I did yeah he was missing nobody can find them they're like where's our easy because you know share and kicked him out yesterday. And because he's having an affair with some hairdresser. And then there is that we can't find I think nobody knew where I was browsing and look at how Q&A bright you know or Skid Row. Just cleaned out and Skid Row somewhere yes. Yeah I'd be doing that to noon and the housing is by holed up in the adhered to his house well he was seen yesterday so thank goodness he's been challenge. Yeah he's not missing anymore no. They yeah they spotted him in an LA similar and so he's. Did you see a statement no I did not hit that was statement yesterday he'd you know late yesterday and editor somewhere OK I don't know where he basically said. That when when it he said that yes it's true. That they are going through some problems he and his wife. Found out that he claims that he's not touched drugs or alcohol. In the past three and a half years. But he doesn't mention hairdresser he's touched her book that. Just says. I would rule. Roads are you. Didn't actually speak very road but I guess he wrote an app but but he says he hasn't touched he didn't mention touching her. Yeah I thought it was a weird statement considering them considering that you're being accused of this you know affair. Nobody to simply alcohol and drug gestured. And a you said I did so where for three years and that and a quarter. I've not judge drugs alcohol in that time and it reports that I am not sober completely in accurate. When nobody like he said nobody even older seem to punched the water. That's who you touched again it wound to work. Kind of weird statement I thought well it tells me that if he's saying that he finally asked. I heard some people tune yesterday saying that it that that Sharon Osbourne is just a whole rule total the arc. Really yes. I mean and these were people that supposedly no work. And they said she is one mean woman yeah. I used her set to film that pilot and that she was. Incredibly kind what she yeah she was so I eat just never know you never know yet to dogs to their dressing Orleans yeah. He welcomed any she is totally tell that she's a dog lover she's got to be a nice person she was really nice. If you lived with the Aussie you'd have to be a little top. No idea that's weird. And Dylan's coming downstairs again in August Katrina it then they just nugget at the fact that none. That is so yeah angle but and is a lag good thing I wasn't in trouble on that but that's about an hour old. Yes I didn't text you guys they I have a flat tire no doubt it and it's not say yeah it would call my provider. You did so I think. Let your yes so he says that these said that dad that they. He's in accordance it well discordant to a source Sharon and housing mutually agreed that I would move out of the house temporarily. My guess she'll take it back. Absolutely they'll cry bitch who used his son know what is that the talks she's on. She'll get on the air show harp about it they're like she did without seeing some of the other stuff begin with a nanny she took. Personal so personal and him. Should use it for ratings and then come back from taking that. I mean after 33 years you're in such Iraqi gagged go back you look at the you know I mean after 33 years you don't really know how to live by yourself I don't think you know. Right. No I mean I think you are dead point is like OK I got to forgive him yeah you know where we go from here. He's what 766767. At some time she 62 I think. I don't Christie. You are gonna perform with Whitney Houston a hologram on the voice it says that does she said to perform at the Whitney Houston hologram on the voice. Entertainment Tonight asked annular to address the rumor. Adam she says she's sworn to secrecy. But she promised a grand finale this season which is an air may 24. I guess it's gonna have a this week and Amazon creepy. I love the holograms the I don't do I I like the Michael Jackson one. I tried to distance I think this is going to be really good Christine regulators got a hell of voice when asked if she's. And put her with Whitney. I don't know why I can't image that they put up there because it's like adults. You know it's like their spirits back in the room I said it was we would Natalie. He's dead now let Natalie then little cold yes and her dad shifting what their dad Deanna roof there you have these two pock. Yeah. It's as it does get messages it's the. Okay those kids from his biking buddies and an and I think it's like strong in the film sees tilted. Isn't it does ease joint on every need bicycle girl in town unplanned collar he's like the Colorado bite that dumb little turnpike the senate say I was like bikes. What bros for bike Janet sat at his place. Like some blues. Booed him bikes boobs and likes on the look I can be I don't know. Jodie sweeten she's that girl from that dancing with the stars and Fuller house as she got kicked off the island. He's done he's yeah. Yen. I wonder who's gonna win. No wanted to let him and his animus in one episode and. And I'm sure you watched it. Now not not this year there's not fun to watch that bond would have been fun fighting started last year was being decent house and a lot. This year just open. And you know the names are left to be honest. That's weird the camp that the of that I am did you guys see this. Show I know. Here but China has filed paperwork to make her name is Angela rainbow card down Sheehan no. You know now. Though I'm telling you right now Chris Kardashian or Chris Jenner is going no you don't or an ongoing now they're gonna block the issue wait and see. Her real name is Angela Renee white no mention into the black none of China. Anyway yes so I guess she is that changing her name legally to Angela Renee. Her dashing. Low low low low line. May end user rift in the family now all right local rob has gone down Dunn is bad enough that sucked business. Yet sat here that would be napping to get it duped. It doesn't pay you what I was doing and yet at the. That thing is dude you know he's got like China India and she doesn't exactly stand up to the car dash G and named bear pig and I don't care. I think she fits right in to be honest. If so make it more exciting death because she doesn't like him and that's what I like about her. You know that's kinda weird though there and against the grain that that she goes against the grain she sets some bad things about the girls the Kardashian girls. And now she wants to change your name to Kardashian is like rabid in their face. Now twilight. I did notice the revenues to pay us in whatever like the whole. He was thrown money at her ass thing that they're doling out its fullest sort of my favorite parts of the story. I'm money and worried that basement thing that we're talking about earlier let me read the official statement former FaceBook contractors. And Mitt. That while working at the social network company they routinely suppressed news stories. Interest to conservative readers from making it to the sites trending news column. They also said that they were told to interject but cheap killer stories into the trending news round up even if the topics were organically circulating a lot. So they're manipulating what we see on Trent and I usually. Yes and then they also said anything that. Anything that that was negative about FaceBook never put it in trending. Run FaceBook has released a statement denying the claims saying that the there are guidelines in place that do not permit the suppression of political views. Which which by the way this is nothing new. It's not like FaceBook isn't doing something that that ABC news or NBC or CBS all these people do it but they do what he's just they. They've been somewhat Al did not former employees. I shed some of the things that they suppressed on the list or you know to down. Former IRS official Louis Lerner who was accused by Republicans of inappropriately scrutinizing conservative groups. West can sing governor Scott Walker is popular conservative news. That the Drudge Report against. The Drudge reported thank you. When and Chris Kyl the navy steal stuff I'll let Stephanie who allowing tending which is. You know it. Well I. You get that had just don't get why you are censoring everything that they America American public sees it's almost like that you think that we are also stupid. That you can dictate all of our thinking by the way you gear what you delivered to us that we're that stupid. Well that's the thing is is. I think it's not that we're so stupid it is set you know we going trending I look at all the articles and trending. And so they can manipulate my brain into thinking that these are the most important things going not. Right you know. I don't know any different it's not them stupid I just don't know any different of those other well. Or not they they just assumed that we are lazy that we're not gonna look at at what really is going hot and we're just gonna believe whatever they used show that are face. It's. Yet and I get really geared to kids and it works there's a lot of really. Important stuff but for whatever reason trending is what's her name stretch marks. Exactly perfect fit but hey I don't know what attending the yeah that's what they tell you was stranded at the. And then I tell you guys and we all Basilan island. Race. I can finally. Port Gordon Ramsay. Poor guy so here's the thing Gordon Ramsay is you know is high at me and he passes like him here yeah he is he's he's tough god. So Gordon Ramsay was at his restaurant heard some some kind of sat in now Las Vegas right and so this guy companies like Eagles and a proposed to my wife. I mean my my girlfriend today and the like are going to be some fantastic. So they sit down and they start the he not is up and all the sudden. Cornel comes over with a big bottle of champagne and says can. It was true that. He just congratulating the guy had not yet ultimately be contending at produce. Odd yeah. Low the only Gordon yeah he and yet. That's awkward. And write a year now again me whom he and Ian did it there was little. Opportunity fluid yeah Kennedy aide Lewis for the couple I go to Josh thank you speech in each weekday mornings on Alice. I.