BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 6:30 8/18

Thursday, August 18th

Zac Efron planted one on Simone Biles, and her boyfriend is pissed.  Ryan Lochte and the three other swimmers are accused of falsifying report on the robbery.  Ellen DeGeneres is being called a racist.  Usain Bolt taunted competitors in 200 meter final.

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Vijay and Jamie can you talk about the Pope the water and some of the things have gone bad at the Olympics or or were predicted to go bad yeah. It's as bad as they thought it was going to be well I. I was gonna be doom and gloom and we're gonna have some problems down there we've got to pull the screen. You know they had drained and start over again a couple of times in fact. Some bad as we thought it would be held without a leg in the water in his and it there was that so far it's doesn't salute them fecal matter in the water so I expected worse I did two did I expect it isn't just every day to be just an absolute debacle I agree. Buckle I thought I think. So we've got three stories here to do would be the Olympics in Rio. I'm I'm confused on which to go with for a short do you want the do we wanna do these swimmers first. Or do we wanna do Ellen DeGeneres and what she's catching heat which I think completely uncalled for predict that all our do we want that cute story of the Olympic chin in his state gets a kiss from Zach Afro on top pop almighty God's only daughter apparently backed up for I he'd come on. Pages is so giddy. I liaison and the US gymnastics team is our big fans of Zach yeah for a especially some mop testimonies like keep indeed the best interest in the world right. No help for their size Olympic Games right she's got all the gold mental picture we'll Simone addicting and Zach care fraud yesterday. It was Tuesday that but I think it aired yesterday. The Today Show is that they're broadcasting live at all accrued Abumrad. Coda I guess what her exact connections sets up a meeting. All are a meet and greet a surprise surprise for the gymnastics team on the set of The Today Show. Exact walks and they're the girls. Are they go crazy. I didn't do it it's fraud they say is the most beautiful person or the world what are. Zach walks and the girls still crazy after awhile they they get you don't kind of cozy up to him and Dan. He plants a tennis on some mojo doesn't he can't really tell the year but year that gave him in the left Yankee. Side on this. They're yelling at me yeah. Yeah. Yeah just yet and it's killing an eight. It is at. And doesn't stop there though a little. The boyfriend is that as well Simone Manning and happy well he's not he's not angry he's yes like okay well well well yeah. David Gates and let self Mcguirk yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. He had the boyfriend is this the boyfriend since has weeded out. To Zach. Straight to his actors back yes exactly abroad he says pegs. I saw our first thought and my girl. So he starts it out. That's what he says to exact the exact F fraud okay I saw our first she's my girl. Proud of you Simone of phenomenal the whole world knows that you are special you made history I love you. That's her boyfriend. Anyway tell us not she and I got to tell you that zag or fraud is a good looking guy he's better look at mineral boy for so I acted Siewert boyfriend would be just a little bit you know and secured the bullets tour. And he's not in every goal he's back in the stage in your girls well there and he's definitely he did out there edged out there because he also put a picture. He put a picture. Of himself and down her fees that are held up in the air kissing her. You know he attach this to lose you can't exact your primary takes. We saw a girl just hands out burger back at the exact is still kiss and honor. Yeah. That's pretty cool story that's nice of him to show up to a new nose support our olympians and give them that moment of excitement people and then my my fiancee Lisa she asked the mountains say you don't have brought murder right now out of -- what you would serve out president kiss on me. I think I got there a lot. I have four. You know what I want. You know that's funny I wouldn't say hey you know think Angelina Jolie is here our pick somebody. You know of their year hey I'm I don't love all over the image a bit of error you care or not. Well yelling he can't say that we can't we can't accept it say that just I. Defied his dad come I get to him I guess we have an international crisis at the the two games yeah yeah it looks like this. Running things completely out of control it's ala if they are calling in an international crisis and here's the deal and Lisa were talking about just last night. And I don't know why it's being blown out of proportion. As much as it is but I guess that's. The people the authorities in Rio and the Olympic people are upset because. They claim the d.s American swimmers including Ryan Lochte lied about the gun robbery. The armed robbery that happened to them. Therefore putting a black guy on the Olympics and arm Brazil. Right that's why they're upset they want to protect their reputation that's the bottom line he has a few guys come out here you fake a story about -- an armed robbery makes us look bad lending do you have beginning to back it up in these skipped out. And he ran out he skipped out that's exactly and I think she's excited to work on their image in Rio because it's been tainted by all this route. In as they said from the very big gotten I don't think we've had anywhere near the violence. Now. That we thought we were gonna happen Dario I knew it it's gone rather well and so to have this one story that is really the highlight of any valid violence it's happened that the Olympics. It's it's like OK this didn't happen why why did you make this opera. It makes it up easily could have. I think that he could have happened and could they have in Dallas the story a little bit maybe you know like you one point maybe he didn't actually put the gun to his forehead. Maybe he just pointed at him or maybe even just suggested he had I don't know something happened because. The forum to come together and make up a story this. Elaborate in on I mean I don't acts just. Plain stupid partner and a part of the problem here is that. Their stories don't match up according to the authorities right it does not match up if it doesn't match up then to have you guys not all seem to save like 28 year old give be giving us a whole different story. That doesn't make sense okay so that to me he tells me that it possibly was made up. They never have. I don't want to think that they made up I wanna stick in my brain that they're telling the truth that maybe the stories got embellished in you up perspective resolve. Individuals so maybe they didn't all actually see the same thing tomorrow wanna give them the benefit of the. The authorities are now doing a follow up investigation really want these people stay in Rio the swimmers. So they went after Ryan Lochte the era after a couple of other guys and they were all gone they they left the area but. Two other swimmers. We're on a flight on the way to Houston. And while they weren't on the fly they were aboard the plane before he was still on the ground in Rio. And the authorities stormed the plane yesterday to two American swimmers look I'm legacy hostage bud. They they detain them rat. And these two Summers are not allowed to leave Rio until they get to store extra bases their passport they want to then yes he sees the passports and they say hey you give us the story you admit it if it's a lie and you'll go home but until then. We're gonna investigate us yes scary hey Amy after recount their story just give out this is internationally it's hurt and that's well. It just did dom July it would just be dumped. I also heard are they telling the story to cover up some other you know unsightly activity that they may have been engaging in and so they're trying to cover their tracks. You know they spend their money somewhere they should know of some ignited a way to cover that. I don't know what happened I don't know it's hard to me to believe they actually like but at same time you're store should match up to finally shook and. Look at lake does basketball players that blocked in that brothel and your photographs and the cell. I anywhere these guys would have been I would think they would have been seen. Only in the least that leads me to believe her story to be true on the basketball players thought it was a massage while I got to stick and that always that must say my point is is they were spotted and they were photographed and even if they did make a mistake you know I mean they were seen so these guys were out messing around his hazard Maria if you think they'd be seen they're gonna have to have the better stone age got to come up some other gonna have to recant this whole story. You are and are coming home now that aren't the other thing is Ellen DeGeneres is being called a racist. And I don't get this at all. If you've seen a picture and it's been floating around would put it on our FaceBook page. She took a picture of you sitting bolt which is an actual picture of him running which he just absolutely just X. He blitzed the whole field try to disguise the fastest human areas on the planet. They took a picture of you Hussein bolt in Adam a joke she tweeted out a picture of her riding on his back. And that has sparked outrage I don't understand why that has sparked outrage here are some of the two weeks now. Again I'm just reading them the way they argued so. Don't we could get on me. Writing his back like a mule all wars as some former property that you won't Ellen a ball is like me. Is as anybody else seeing this as as an Allen joke she loves to joke around. I don't think Allen as the nicest person world I think Alan has someone to me I'm. They personality when he comes or TV person person compared to what she really is like hiding behind the scenes she's dictator. Of their show a migraine and she's very tough tough to work for people about it said that. But I don't think display here. To put a picture out there which clearly is a joke coming can't we get over this. Alien even using bolt himself. Even he re tweet. Yet has he done it was funny rich yeah. So why why the outrage I don't understand and his people wanna complain about everything it seems like and we glossed percent to humor maybe. Why a he or why all the outrage and and why are we just jump in on Alan this time of the Nelson don't. It is to easy Internet trolls out there that that look for stuff like this so they get her. I did it end in just you know make a big deal out of nothing out of not. It's a joke isn't Joseph it's funny I thought it was funny this hum go to the grocery store I thought it was fun. They thought it was funny talk about did your errors done fast you know I'm not going the best is meant the world. How odd it was. Funny she's apologizing left and right in the even stay here why this is no harm personable bolt three tweeted the photo of Rudd before the tweeting a picture in question to generous tweeted a link to the trailer for the upcoming movie didn't figures. Which. Which focuses on unsung black heroes of NASA. Which shows that she's very supportive you know. And it goes on and on to explain that Xia also tweeted a link to an old video that she and bowl beat together which showed that their their friends ran to a degree yes but but you are somewhat friends so so she meant nothing about it but yet. Everybody's honored to force. But he can't do anything anymore and fine in and people just monetary apart. And especially Dominique Allen yet did you see quickly here before we take a break did you see UC run yesterday. I did this guy this guy he won the 100 meter I mean he literally there's a picture of him when he goes across finish like where you are literally looks over and smiles camera running full state. That you're doing 110. Meters I think it is our hundred meters and you're so comfortable and so far no lead that you got time to look Covert smile to the camera TC what he did yesterday no all right so now. Again the fastest human in a world he's running at 200 meter which is double. It's double what the first would Watson and his is obviously has breakaway speed is is very very fast compared to his take off right. So he's gonna win this when he and step. He is so far in the lead chill on. When he comes down the stretch that he slows up in points the other ones. To let them catch up in many speeds up let's get chip speeds up let's in ketchup and pointing and laughing. On I don't. Its main. They that's how fast the years. The people that qualified to be in the same league with the now aren't even in the same week that's how fast the I would that is seeing them as to what that that's were able that'd be slowed down he let him catch up in the and he won by step. Obstacles not about color makes over knowing how fast you are that's because that's birthday if I loved that each inch. Weekday mornings.