BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 6:30 9/29

Thursday, September 29th

Peeping Tom Halloween decoration pulled off shelves.  Top loading Samsung washer explodes.  Brad Pitt submitted to drug test after Angelina's claims.  Brad Pitt rumored to have flown to New York City and met with Jenn.  Chelsea Clinton started cat fight about her father's infidelity.  Janet Jackston spotted shopping in London.  Alec Baldwin to play Donald Trump on SNL.  Kanye West performed "Famous" 3 times after his fans started chanting "F Taylor Swift!".

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Vijay and Jamie. Apparently ignorant stupid because you know it's also not funny because it's a woman being jumped to lose enough money kiss on the butt right which is not funny you and then your betraying that is funny in some planning for a even if it is Kim Kardashian. Well makes it funny or. I want to apologize because I become that person that drives me and what's that person. Have addressed in the incident Connie nor pursuit doctor well I'll tell you that people complain. About dumb things. Ending of for example let me let me just to share with you two stories in just happened Home Depot has pulled the peeping Tom Halloween decoration but they pulled it. You know I saw that. The head. And everything goes for Halloween folk are you sorry. You gotta drop the whole you know you're you're judging of people when it comes on Halloween he if you know what if you could grow up dress up as OJ Simpson. Who actually went out murdered couple be ready if anything kitsch is a peeping Tom give me a break. They say it's way too close to home for some people this scary people are Greenburg has section cups so they can be mounted outside of Owens' window and features a full sized head Faison. Handsome old hearing me are looking inside your window. Now if you let her soon. That's currently texting us at 51059. No let me help B I'll do next taxed BJ peeping Toms aren't funny with the fact that it's a very serious issue that people are violated all the time. I can't believe he would stoop to that level let me help a year later right. Oh that's on your but I think seriously thank you. Well thank you and I. How could how item being so disgusting right now because you know what peeping Toms they should be allowed Halloween that is. You know let that they are out with this woman. Customer. Demand she wrote I guess you people it's inappropriate and makes light above real life sinister situation facing women yeah I think. That's what he texted me right there BJ you scumbag yes I can't believe we promote peeping Toms. Boy here isn't is decrying the ads across I guess acidic humor and it I don't see it. So here's the thing. Island via a person because this is easy creepy guy I would never buy it it is creepy. It's really no cares who cares. Huge Kim card game she. Asked him if he'd done just dragged back to video depict it. It's OK here's the but can owners and didn't do what is so there was one person has done what I wrote that well did you see what what amended. Broke ten knots Berry farm and that they had to shut down a ride. We're not scary armor whenever. Had some kind of hunting house because it showed a person is straitjacket mental illness is not funny. It's not funny. Lenders instead. Listen. I know people in straight jackets this is not funny it's not funny. Street check it's that serious. So here's I mean like where do we stop this because I've personally with Halloween. I don't really love the bones that are coming out the ground because you know my mom died in it freaks me out I just don't like it I don't like they get about dead people. And decomposing bodies but that's just my personal. I think you will your opinion shouldn't stop everything. Yeah because now you're imposing your opinion on everybody that I pressing everybody in the in their. Freedom to create whatever they want for Halloween no matter how discussing you'll find it it doesn't matter that's the thing I think anything is a go for Halloween I really did. And I don't write them deeper into hitless for my mom is dead and I don't wanna think about bones and decomposing bodies exact I didn't write them an insane right. You know because it was so when we got asked. But if we put let me let me stop dead everybody opinions. Everybody is just offended by this smallest things these days it just drives me nuts. You're all just so all outstanding doll I'd never stoop to that. Holier than now. So they said hey we might wanna think about how manner he'd done do by Jamie and I. She hides and push us. Nobody says anything about that at all important Sheehan Amy. I just would jump on cares about the effect of yeah an estimate that about that. Oh yeah yeah anything without raising is an appropriate. Collapsing and all I know I am I think the twin towered. I try to wasn't funny I think my thinking is if you're gonna go out you're gonna go trick or treating there's going to be a bunch of kids. You might want to think about what the children's city OK but if you're gonna go to a private party like you could say what we used to do the exotic ball. You can do anything you want you got it out it's all adults there. You've got to be able to handle it or you shouldn't even be there then anything goes but you're gonna be out on the streets walking the streets. And I don't know I I don't know if you should be running around chasing kids for the chains off. Ultimately you and that's okay with me. And I was almost cut off my eighteenth hole seeing. It was scary thing in my life until you again no Neitzel debate this is scary is the in my life I was doing. I hung in house here when I worked here before with frosting and frank and you're I've taken a bunch of people through the haunted house will be guided tried to chase me with a chainsaw. He trips. And a chainsaw lands on the back up my calf yeah. And I played severed my leg off it hurts so bad. But it didn't have the chain on it but still the pain that chains coming down on the back of my gap I thought it. It up. I probably have ever had a close change or not. So the serious stuff they did she went into my calf you can play and they don't see I don't get in the zone into the gap bringing. Me I mean yeah. That's found in the smell of that you know then begged whatever is burning in my first year I give you my leg over there. It. Took her so bad. I did mad as I said this you know my mom died of the brain in your resume but I don't forget about the brains everywhere. Now. Send get wells and I never thought I'd be reading that this morning back. You know it's a great point that is employed in us I'll also is weird crazy accident when on 935 and 2.5. If people keep writing about it and I'm just within the text then you know don't pay Dina. I'll look into it I see it on tech's NATO as well yes but to be about right now yeah actually I have gone into Tway I'm just gonna happen when you get this. I almost died again not only with my am with a chainsaw did you see foot tap. I have this to the bottom deepen that Samsung I don't wash your. The front loading the top loading washer expo and see if it's not new. How does explode what causes. It's funny because I was fit in it violently shakes and it does yeah I think it's my fault because I don't have then clothes lined up bright right. So I guess you can buy Ali shakes so much the walls explode. I just bought a eat the Samsung dishwasher. That starting in this thing's only two months old and it's already starting to make those choices it's like Carlo. It but it's making noises you shouldn't be making and it didn't make that the first few weeks you mileage and so I recall I'm gonna have to call. I'm telling you right now and you've got Samsung's stock. You might want. A load right now. Because she got to wash your exploding I know much dishwasher is about to go out. And then no seven well I think we all know where that went. In fact. Even with the headline and puts them sells them for them. Guess friends Samsung has a new exploding that it's my job and yeah I'll. Sounds good I sat back and he'll look at. Of pre opening and Brad Pitt. You guys on the Tyson right now. Instantly mentally. Yeah it's a whole plot its own plane and she's gonna bring them. It's working I know. You know public opinion of him is just really like plummeted lately in exactly their team that Brad Pitt submitted now to a drug test of prince charming just two weeks ago now look. Yeah. You guys are dead beat dad drove the drinking. Do and no child abusers out of music. Headed to compete tennis so that he can doom. Possibly get out the child abuse charges yet regret is that allegations submitted to drag it out loud test after it was accused of abusing his son but it wasn't forced to do he did it voluntarily. He was that high in Miami Heat what's. We US Joey had nothing to hide and to clear up any exaggerations. Are being spread and they say that team Angelina. Is on clay she has a conference room. You know they said that they rented out like a hotel room where her and her her like forces. Him and they they get together and apply spoon how to spend it against him. I go 141. Rumor is he flew to New York to meet with gen. War. You instant. What next yeah. So remind you rarely who told you and I until the radar online. Had the deaths of me I. He put out yesterday that he. New York City and that would Jennifer Aniston you know I don't believe it. His there's no way that. And somebody wouldn't see him and photograph on the pink go to radar online I agree with the I don't think it happened but they are reporting that in that that just baffles did she. And what about this Justin guy called on you and I were both married once. No but I'm just say and you wouldn't you wouldn't go. I mean I was in and helping marriage she seems to be in healthy marriage. And if so then the ex breaks up it wasn't like that and it's a whole different ballgame but she's always loved him. It's a T article says she zones around the page in fact three that Hank. Non national Islam and yet you looks like he's secretly met all. I've found her at their breaking loose Nancy Ann and bacon well who did get a sense for every dream for him. And I've got her love hungry Brad Pitt. Secretly. Huddles with ex wife Jennifer Aniston derailing. Yeah yeah year yeah. A live picture it looks Photoshop though that the that the but it does that's a look at he's the teacher who beat she's all dressed up doesn't look right from. Ron benefit both. Did they have this in the very middle in the insect the have adjusted net true Trudeau or what whatever his name is they've got him he's got this look like she. Shocked like or don't just my wife. Yeah. Who I just started cat fight this is dead didn't go out so just Clinton was asked in Cosmopolitan Magazine. What do you think about you know. Gosh Donald Trump saying stuff about your dad is affairs in so. I'm not every dollar goes really long she said you know he keeps getting distracted from is. Inability to talk about what's actually at stake for the selection and real things that mattered to the American people blob of grace this goes on and on and an announcement. You know for as long as I can remember my family has been. Attacked like this well OK so when name. One of them mr. citizens. What we need Broderick. Tweeted back. Oh yeah. Oh Juanita Broderick who has maintained for years that the former president. Sexually assaulted her sent a message to Chelsea after she read the article. She says here's my response to Chelsea Clinton statement about her family are Arab sorry her father's. Sexual moment deeds. Chelsea said you don't remember time in your life that your parents were being attacked. Well there's against very good reason for this your parents are not good people all. In golf period out. Your thought there was improbably still is a sexual predator. Bill Clinton your mother has always lied and covered up for him. I say it again I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary tried to silence me I am now 73. In never goes away. The truth is what has brought the attacks and your family and you are Smart enough to know that. By now as she read a better. Find appear like a common then questioned for an answer. This simple to cancer I don't know how that. Bill Clinton yes. Oh wait you think he was sexual predator I don't think you personality who looks lol debate yet but that you think that he was a sexual predator yes or no well. Ciena have some plans are because I think that he had volunteers which doesn't make him a predator. Act so he say no. Well you don't think that he did what he'd do what she claims he did there why when you know right I don't know that. I canning and yes but I do think that he in Dallas I I think he was a predator for Monica Lewinsky absolutely. I say yes. But I think like for some airline. I Gary gray and I think he had affairs no doubt about that ended it very willing participants but I also think that there were times he took advantage. Yes especially that poor little Monica really do not love her even she's fifty now yeah. I think yesterday was your birthday seems impossible doesn't. He know she's growing up. Yeah. And yet Jackson spotted shopping in London. We thought she was in bed remember who can't Jackson's fifty you know. And 52 I think in an Amazon and you should not be animated worldly L level but she had a mid anyway. And that she Alamo was sent to be in bed weighing like 800 pounders that. I just picture she'd just not in a bounce. It says Janet Jackson was pregnant with a first dialed me a rare public appearance when she went shopping for baby for an art furniture. And that's on spotted her into the picture. Too little probably but she looked pretty healthy. Couldn't tell it was her Egan does not look like Janet Jackson that I don't. She's really pregnant and Lucius via I'm just saying that but I saw the picture I would not need to tell that's Janet Jackson likes to talk about and the paparazzi. And I need picture. She could walk out of the story in this picture but you don't feel like the Janet Jackson when she was fat days. Let me look at it Democrats in ninety days. Now. Now now I'd never seen it like it is the old no New England you know not enough no. Of the and no I think if that it would be eat her face is full. Well really pull their but I mean like she looked like useful role like she took. So to get her face like you're a mouthful of the. Like that she's the talk shows that told them. Oh million talk mobile. You are to write it I guess she's up and read about some of that and he'd pour Saturday night I had an outcast Alec Baldwin as its new Donald Trump. I confused on this month so Alec is he gonna be out there every week I'm not probe. I was really good at it it renew if they don't canyon that's really. We hear. Anyways Alec Baldwin will be here Donald Trump yea and then finally finally finally finally for you kind of west you see what his slow and takes notes. Monica Lewinsky turning fifty is hard to Sloan a backpack and as and did you went in it and take note of Pollyanna. Known. Yeah he performed his controversial out. So payments PR news in Nashville Tennessee over the weekend and that and all of a sudden the crowd started erupting in the chance. Asked Taylor Swift. F Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift indicated it was Tia yeah. And so he liked it so much they sing the song again. So that they would keep CNET and I'm not poor because their favorite line was I feel like get me into a slew flipped. Might have Sachs wide because I made that bitch famous. Really and then the crowds are screaming at the top of their lungs. He's that I need to hear it loud here Nashville and then guess what he did begin to song. Not Hawaiian born that Kanye. If I go to a concert Allan Houston now three times. No need in a second shall to the team was twosome and right to pick the epic yet and then I guess it would yes. Jackson math. Each in each weekday mornings on Alex ice.