BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 7:30 10/04

Tuesday, October 4th

Bill Clinton supposedly has a love child.  Chris Brown case collapses.  Walmart is saying Tracy Morgan is not as injured as he said he was when they were ordered to pay him $90 million.  Dancing With The Stars gives their first perfect score to Laurie Hernandez.


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Vijay and Jamie. Yeah. Do you do them. Then he and it plots and comfortable I don't like it but the FaceBook live all fired up this morning so if you wanna watch this tabloid trash can turn out there go to FaceBook. Jamie hides in the quarter as it does the report. These hockey I. We did not they may not need a girl. Oh. Then there's an exit the show really great can now I have to set all Leary here yeah hey this is fun for me. Who born. She workers scurrying don't think about it anybody that she's well. Think talking to ease her beautiful so let it hit it with a smile from king daddy that's why I am wrong. It mixed up I'm so sorry I hate when a name a person it's not really did not say they're dead began joke pain really hated him yet they needed to. Yeah he didn't die and Joseph did I gotta get my cooers trivia right. Ranks. Is a joke for sure. Joseph died at his peak cores is a really great cows like and I heard that Leon you know. I mean I know he's older vet and he is still. Even by Britain as I apologize speed if you're listening themselves so let me beat you absorbent. Yeah and then synagogue your door and I love that. It was a very nice I think you should also apologize to the governor. For common token looper. I said smoke in looper. Know you've set to deliver. Token looper work still I said that I think V trek all these dispensaries there might be a little pipeline back to the capital. Which probably is way off base but today and religious. It was my eight. I'm just saying that's my opinion. And not just in its accurate god knows I don't know what I'm talking about a recipe scores died but it. Bobby Jesus should be enough to get me help look there. That's right yeah. She. Turn things and I get. Towards Maine yeah well hey they had to do folks got. This is not time will do well are we doing a show for you do not know those people. You know. You know give me like yeah yeah. You would be a better mood if if Krispy Kreme had been opened at 4:30 this morning. I stuck in there this morning and crispy cream and then because I wanted to get a little gift for Jamie got an idea it would bring your bear claw. Like this yeah. So ice bowl and a Krispy Kreme I tell us. A year and it's still a mud mud it's bothering me say so let's bring me a better look at them. And hope well I was doing it to celebrate something with Jamie and well congratulations thank you saw Paula to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at 430 na hey hey can you tell me if this if I'm right around here. I get there doors locked or 30 in the morning good doughnut shop. Is this really still undermine. You went off this morning. Held it open until 530 I what kind of don't go to a job opens it up to third. All you know well how could be used at my gut it did at Jack Pauline is well no he says this bridge all you have. All you have to be very caustic. These three hey you guys do we haven't another Bill Clinton and have a lot Giles to. Wow wow wow wow this circulated once before yeah no ol' body took series because there was an election go and hunt. I guess his guy can number I love your. And so the Clinton went there easy dump her. Each new yeah he did yeah did did you read this story. I wouldn't. Joke I. In my hand OK so here's what the story says hello to listen oh go ahead because maybe into there room made it to what you're reading there aren't well. Anyway that he is thirty years old and his name is that Danny Williams Clinton. Is thirty is already said his mom was a hugger. And that Bill Clinton was a regular clients Kansas mom told them so. I DNA test reportedly conducted by Star Magazine in 1999. Said that he couldn't. Beat Clinton sun but there remain questions about the tests accuracy and it's the clintons paid it off their restraint. That's what the claim is that there was DNA tested the clintons paid for to be rigged everything. Hermit just like it a little birdie and no one can know once he is like you know disputed this saying hey that's very very possible. Here's what Bill Clinton who edited it. Bill Clinton would go out for a jaw and Japan. And he just so happened to would jog past my whole facts but no well close but a hooker house. He would wait I had houses and her craft known that didn't really but that's where the hooker lived and nobody knows of Bill Clinton was jug in my amateur hour or so and pop and is dead end. Listen listen to the story out can affect. Here's the piece John yeah I'm a hooker house in this neighborhood rank he knows little groups there so the hook here realizes this Bill Clinton and so the hooker comes out one day. He says hey. Once did run embody your ass here hooker. Oh it's gone I'll be in the next thing you know the next day he comes back him jobs by the same house against hookers out there again they had an ego. I two zeile and borrow boards job. Tightwad I love this tutorial motherhood her out and if so the next day he comes back in and he talks to end up having relations in the bush is. Thank goodness go inside no don't know nobody there is there other hookers there so so they he didn't wanna be renters have scruples when it. No no no no he has scruples Ollie you want he had wow yeah well. Though the governor of Arkansas. Is there at the house with a look so they go into the bullishness. That's class over the months and he continues to let her know when he's gonna but rhetoric about isles go government but there you have a target suit no underwear. Some days I am pop up. Date our budget is. I'd say that's what's the story says and that's what she says happened I'll do with the bush is a big boost. A big part that's what you language what I'll contradict yourself I don't know what are they had just yeah I mean. Looked cook big time Rhonda lose in the bushes and isn't that crazy. I am sorry she you know. By and the militias still worried a bit like ice ever feel like you added that the bush used to him. Javy and it's wearing them on this story how excited I believe me I don't. Yes it is and I didn't. Didn't anyway day anyway and Clinton says he was to meet his top. I want to meet you daddy. I'm enemy T do little little Clinton. OK okay. I didn't look. Plays thirty and added I don't know if parity little. Behalf of different looks like he missing he tends. Nets the hooker that's mom. Think it's a couple of tequila like him on a. Let him. At all OK let me see any. Look closely he's got when those are. Pretty for a hooker the issue isn't GS I believe her story I think there renew Bush's. Not jelly said god it is brown is set to duck charges over Clinton pulled the gun on a beauty queen during a party at his mansion. Assault with a deadly weapon case against Chris Brown has collapsed. Again it's makes me angry. Do as he ages kiss it is obviously ray I mean here's a guy he beat to crap I'll read on they got off on that for the most part be a little probation right you know ruined jailer and think. And then in Aspen a couple of nice but then he got into would this this other guy that he beat up. He's been in trouble so many times it's unbelievable and now he literally pulls a gut it causes stadium golf. The resource is used for a swat team becomes your pals. That alone. Would warrant charges you would think that Brad has an. Investment. Trees are in is accused of refusing and other medical records and other documents ordered by subpoena as part of a legal battle over ninety million dollar wrong. Wal-Mart the retail giant coughed up a rumored ninety million dole Lauren. So Wal-Mart is saying he's not hurt that bad. He severed a brain injury in numerous fractures in the crash which also killed another passenger and injured three others. But Wal-Mart insurers are trying to avoid taking they had for the payments. They see it say that now he may seem like he's walking around drive then they said he was driving a labor Dini. And then he was acting Emmys and took he had and poured so little brain function like he says. How can they drive the Lamborghini and know how to get to the Emmys in Washington they at least. All very legit questions folks so they want kids medical records Jones. They said they entered the is settlement and get things now this is that insurance front right begin I would tell you they follow you. If you're trying to get like workman's comp or any kind of injury stuff Bryant the insurance people because they aired. And odds they follow you with cameras in god forbid retention scheme. I told my girlfriend herder handed. And they actually denied her claim because she was holding a bag of lay's potato chips in the version store and at a picture of are carrying out book is here. Run the. And from nineteen million dollars. Oh yeah for sure yeah yeah this guy because they they wanna know that tees you know it's legit. That they have that kind of money but you don't know how many people again fake a working in comps. To lobbyists and are yet and that is what they have to live their life. Is horrible. It's always after remembered Atlanta you and mixture of. It's good that you just a well lit anyway and I. Right now I I don't know it's I got a friend that that that claimed I don't know if that was workman's comp that he was after. But he eats he kept one of those Packard's in his car. For the disabled yeah I and he wouldn't it anytime he used to tell me so it's really easy just limp and limp out of store. About your car and leave. Painted in these fun besides that but he would get a plaque of him literally do with that one but then they get all apparently then they don't know if there were auctioned. Can't play tennis now let's go inside brightening you have to hire out the whole thing. Exactly you who you would because she can't let somebody there with a camera yeah and now the days everybody's here camps. I could be a freelance guys for the insurance companies watching Sean swallows for example. Him shortly picture in and out lying. It should now play basketball. Yeah it kinda may threaten I can guess what you held titles and one of the same day eight and the pedals are the same distance yeah you know what. I Timmy is one foot doesn't fit that right. Well why not on the elm downward stroke there on your left leg that you had slippage in the pedal. Well I was one leg shorter well that's not I compensate when I lean on my seat in the saddle in order to make them late long hours of video shows and now the nation's top. Do you owes him he's closed. When that they can lift you currency may. Not enough. For your fake legs you sort leg. And that you had a fake won't go. To try to data. Enhanced awareness stupid you know the housing estimates could you hey you know I wish that you. That you can actually. Get kind of paparazzi type jobs. Where you can somebody in the you'd call the insurance cup DC look at some video made hostility. You've sub yeah yeah yeah I I this is I think is solid drive and Matt. Yeah they have MC would have to PR lessons for a license you would just just on year old you call open interest completed eleven of the no Jimmy we hear he's he's he's a baggy for some bucks. Because he says he's got a bad back that I got in unloading old truck of firewood earlier you know what I got a video wanna sell this. You upgrade is BJ beckoned service. And whatever he called it. Fact though that they had an anyway and it didn't go well any week that. And it viewing them okay I guess the stars week Florida first trip to star. Dot dime dot. And Dancing With The Stars held its first ever sick did Saturday night when their remaining eleven doubles reviving. As fans forget Astec. We're fully united in the anyway Lori Renee and says she's some canned and gymnasts are some I guess she was on the leaderboard with a perfect thirty. Good term ending in watching this Zaman watching this. I'm not. I haven't seen. Mean you are not watch what you guys lax last night Monday Night Football so yeah but like yep good jabs. Do you have anybody who just wants to know I'm who was playing. Well all I sounded cool well I thought you meant to it could have moon adolescent do now isn't she got engaged in exactly. Minnesota Vikings. Play me and. I knew her giants is the one thing about him engaged or married or not let anybody BO film in what I can and cannot do. You know well witness this heat I mean I know that goes with the territory because I've been married and I'm gonna get up and running. I think I've been single for so long it's never gonna work I'm never gonna have anybody. Tell me how much money I can gamble. Running ever. I'll freak out reparations. Had he do it. I don't know what you're talking about what you can't play like I am ending can add ponies or anything yeah. I think you do well but your voice sky high again. I don't know I still do not actually when we should they got stopped. He told me to know why did I did. I did not stop. Cheaper scrapers. You still didn't. Does she know. Who had a lively. Yes I don't even know getting this information. But there are certain things you are right about one thing though there are rules that come with the engagement. In marriage you have there are rules but I think that's the way it is right yeah. I know I said I was. I was married and I was engagement haven't seen numbers alone. It anyway told me like you've gone to black out you only dig a hundred dollars I'd smack not sad day. Oh no no no no new news. Next time I go to black hawk she politics governor entity but I thought I'll show her yeah yeah whose bosh me. When you go then nevermind. Yeah here's the main 150. I'll let it all roll unread. Somebody and that we know Ian is on the gamble at all you know just in life is not an Allen. I think a lot of husbands and allowances you do polite and yeah blog I got another win for him. I don't that your trust child and why. Because what he told me instrument what did. And we have to take a regular. Have to tell you off here in the north slope to spy inside and make sure it's a about what you. Because I got a feeling you get angry and mean and I'm angry that well no I don't know did we don't know what makes you snapped with a live. I so we know whenever an analyst our problems who do you in the misses yet she and is a wonderful person you're wonderful person a year and a second. Like dead. I don't. Let me read by Jamie will come back a boy but yeah you ran it up that we're not worried about him. Awkward and you'll be fine I am sure study that's an important Medicare's very down to address. In each week day mornings on Alex I.