BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 7:30 10/18

Tuesday, October 18th

People are upset about the clown issue, as well as the election.  Facebook privacy post is a hoax, just like in 2012.  There are two different polls out, one says Hillary will win, one sayd Donald will win.  Lindsay Lohan seen kissing her new business partner, they have a bunch of night clubs opening up around the world called Lohans.  Drunk lady tossed out by Russel Crowe.  J.Lo dumped Casper because he cheated twice.  Gary Busey may have groped a girl.

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Vijay and Jamie that rock federal holiday is at least kids nominee is eligible for induction into when he seventeen. Now. I can't Jiri. Say who could have been very high and good to me well these are just contenders yet another nation's include journey. Than. I think Perle Jeane well deserved her opening and Tupac she'd cooler. OK you know. Let's see here and there's a lot of other ones I've never heard of so. They want to vote them none of the commerce I think cars. And the cars as skinny guy and he was made to that hot model. Yet where likened this great parent. She looked not like that. You don't. That's the cars. Like the noise not a. Amber. And so you know within the trucks if hit if it. I just can't admit. And into probably doing today and I don't know do you feel can't thank you feed our. What's gotten down dump aren't we found no yeah good good good. I feel like a lot of people right now you know the elections going on that's just irritating the weather's changing its free and I think it's chilly vows called and then this. One did. I left. It made its way in 2012. Left. Now it's back the FaceBook privacy policy known here. Dell hopes people stop sharing this all I hate him telling days but not to be allowed to share Billick so. And I think it was when the stations here and TV stations just boasted that this thing has not then this viral since Tony twelve. The deadlines today by the way I think it's now Harrington posted today. Now to posted today if you don't know this all your privacy stuff on FaceBook and they should tell FaceBook via post. You tell FaceBook thereafter I don't want my stuff to be public. In that way they will they have to lock it out. It's nobody wins LA when cement posts that thing like I do not give FaceBook permissions so my friend Brad and kick some butt. I don't pay yet big dummy and this is saying. And it doesn't say anything. And then I bet. About I don't know an hour later checked FaceBook and all these ugly bright brat in it. Believe Ariel and then he's like he he goes. I know I just can't know I was just I was a CN like give the guy's body X Brad and Gelman but but but it. That's apparently. Did help. Well I just want to you know that the deadline is genetic make sure you posted. Put yourself can go public. While word in all your pictures every everything is gone crazy yeah. Yep so I don't forget that people I'm speaking of politics because that makes everybody happy when you talk about politics. Tonight that it. So oh. This should make you happy. A professors model which has been correct since it was first used in 1996. Has Donald Trump winning on November 8 with 87%. Degree certain date and how ever. Another poll. Which they say has always been accurate says Hillary will win with 86 point 6% likelihood what do you think's gonna have a fit but that well. How tooth pulled could have always been right. Be opposite the governor's race getting fed because it's an election like nobody's Emerson and again that's warrant. But you know that's what I like summit poll or whatever it is it's always been right wilders saying that Clinton winds this other poll like. Dobbs poll it's always been right and it says true points you. I've ever heard of two pulls that ball was the right after would differ. I know that every prediction that's been made about Donald Trump. Has been wrong. Every one every single stink in one. Like that is hair was fake. No no no no I'm talking about waiting you didn't have a chance when he announced he did have a chance against fifteen Republicans even have a chance to get the nomination. He didn't have a chance that never changed and had a chance yet these layer. Now will it happen one more time because it's all you need one more. I don't know I don't know what's gonna happen and I think it's good habeas who they were to be surprised how close it is. I was just get around and talk about politics I just want to say about one Paul yeah. Billy the sufficiently is leaving NBC legal. And the irons. Really pay out the great. Yeah yeah talking about that two for ten million dollars. And. Yeah I would talk bad about men for ten million dollar you know I was dead demean me. And that any ten and we didn't get a million dollar and already dealt you get ten million dollars saying I did it just saying. I don't I get paid for us. Billy bush is officially gone from The Today Show. The TV host announced last night that he is but I am BC after he was suspended for his role in the leaks to does provide Access Hollywood tape in which he had done our job. Don't mean to women. What a nice payout to Billy bush should just join The Today Show may be a month ago. It wasn't that long ago because Jamie and we're sitting here watching it 1:1 morning it's like let's Billy bush on their and it was just about a month ago. And he only did one hour C they were trying to we unit trying to get him into the groove so they gave him the 9 o'clock hour. The only didn't walk. And now he's being paid ten billion dollars. That's a good game is a fantastic cheek right option to sum payment nice and multiple and immunize and then. As I do they have the summer poll over and the multiple career who bought. It didn't it was December I was just may get out my name the first poll. There's a Bob's told them with. Lindsay Lohan is mixing business or pleasure I'll Bubba you don't lend as Google does home lag you know access I don't know why people find her attractive and this. She's got kissing your business partner Greek restaurant tour Dennis bigger lung name. At a nightclub in Athens he's the Manning am I blowing. The new club Ian Lindsay open in Athens Saturday night show she'd make it all these lower nightclubs all over the world. Indy as she got Amanda paid for she had I. Made woman of the evening she's very stinky here. Under the words gave it up. They used yesterday you did a horse peaking in two days zero music doesn't that was you know it's very scary can it. He is as a question. Hey where's all those kinks up up up up up. And I'm not. Gonna get by. We're not gonna get. That's yeah and instead it is I'm just finally do it but you probably hear it being your bar like get. And Angelina Jolie are reading removing I tattoos. Related to Brad Pitt she is the longitude the latitude of his birthplace which by the way I believe is in Columbia Missouri. So hitless in Colombia I think that Brad Pitt was born in Columbia Missouri and Romo Wal-Mart he's Missouri and not use them via the show me state. End as silly as so she get dollar longitude and latitude and they both got tattoos in Cambodia about their love for each other. Now I know somebody that's going through the attempt to removal yes who. Million listener that's what they said. Day old man and he was eaten anything on the planet and he's got it like cotton unlike. I think it's mixture back or something I don't know but it's very sensitive and in a lunar like yes even on your army can't move up your arm and filling a booster shot. I don't know why I never had to go through that but I hear it's very painful. I'm thinking about getting all padded up our sleeves you should get some sleep here against what would you put on. A lady in jungle. In. An apparent heat all of parakeets in. Well I would guess trio. A talkative kinda like you're. Like fiddling via. Secure roller coaster. What it just goes up and down around your arm around your shoulder. Well you know we hear him and couple stories that really that I'm home. Hopes here right here in Syria and try again and then you do and then it goes straight down I would rather have a big role. Why why why does nobody get a roller coaster Sean that that would be a great belonged to add to would be. That would increase long tattoos do. We cue up clinical. He's got to imagine but why don't I tell you got to let you just woke up yeah I didn't go to Augusta yeah faster OK I wasn't job. So rollercoaster. I've heard all that I know. You know debate how much imminent in pledged climbs the hill and then it's up so that doesn't lend against malaria alone and didn't I never said that. So frustrated and don't nobody saw that yet now you should give a roller coaster Ted's. Now I understand where you don't know why outside but it seems a little did an excellent. But the and then make it's you plummet unemployment as of now climb another mountain guy. Double a mountain here. So are you stayed up to let me yes. Go to sleep until last night. I was receiving prank calls made into the 8 o'clock hour I know you outlay buddy Wesley whenever your recliner yes. That was what you football game obviously an important calling people thought I liked to drink. All of it and go yeah little buddy at noon. It may go be booted in gitmo open a whole thing was new to me yes on the website and you and I just had some fun. I took the girl she's like a rapper they gazillion banks suffered some of her music but image. This issue it's a party Russell Crowe's oust. And I guess she got drunk allegedly like wade drug and then she started the fight with people until one Russell Crowe do you think you're up and chatter outside locked the door. She claims. That he restaurant yeah. Had enough. Some of the blame her. If he got a little too I used good to blame the woman though but she's from one people are saying she's pretty low. Oh sometimes we're Shiancoe we can be blamed it's fine. I agree okay marriage I hit. I sorry for. I'm gonna delegitimize with sometimes just. Well she is it shoes they're living all clowns fringe Rem Paula aquariums across to go drink. News and eleven. I'm Jennifer Lopez broke up with Casper Smart because he cheated twice. Yet twice. You or is he thinks you're dating. Your backup dancer are. You making minimum wage. She's loaded. Yeah beautiful. She seems to be Smart and funny gorgeous she's a look here. She's I mean seems to be the total package of I'm a guy and I'm not a guy and the girl Jason didn't go back and I'm Madonna you. Total package that you don't cast protest for cast perk. They tears lakers well dude you're not that attractive pair known. Secondly she's the bank. Big time. Big time Jennifer part of what. In your backup singer urge answered I'm a singer even thing. Yeah I don't know what a missing and they said that it was up again on again off again on again off off off I don't know any way that she I couldn't she along time ago and that. He promised like you all do all you men are never do it again none are lean. All they say he's begging her to get back whether I'll never do it again just they did that Janet Taylor was gonna have nothing of this stuff. And Casper what do you think can do it the only thing you perfected in life is the running man. Was that your attempt at humor know just say it but. He does this mean in the background she sings I can keep pucks and locks. You pubs or looks they keep talking lots and if he has that down though. He's a rookie expertise that lets you. I wonder who ET with. You've got to figure peace dating jail. That they must be really really smoke and hawk. You know there is some flop and I hooker Dalia. Are you guys saying that if she was ugly and gore then it's okay gene on or that the rules and no I think it's easier. I hope so yeah it was all right we present was a lot power. What is say either android or are now I don't. On somebody than it is easier yes no. Well. OK let's see how bad I mean what happened that way yes he has mega whereas like. I guess he's been good luck into drama and Nancy Graham. Dude you're a man and he's definitely his day and he's had doing things like sort of a new leg tattoo is being led tag to says this. You must embrace the darkness to see the light. He center eligible arrangement to Vijay yeah I double arrangement senator it but it didn't work. Normally the animal range will work in any situation but not when. He was not impressed with the gently to rebut that. Yeah when I'm cactus. Edible arrangement deliberately attacked to speed introduced slowly put out there he did yet what did she cute cute. You give me an edge edible arrangement I even by the mountain. Witnessed either catch them and I. Could get the deal right that's marketing name it really is aching edible arrangements. And that's not an alleged Gary do you see apparently tensions girls are southern I don't know. I you know that just try ended assailed the stuff about them trump and cash instead of attempt to my music and a mood and the Indians did. I don't know there it is. Anyway at filling the scarlet I'm Gary BC I guess he touch some girl or whatever rat and I hope there are summoned. At and during apprentice and Don just laughed. But you won't hear from the I didn't even notice is that supposed to be like another slight illness and I'm drunk I don't know web Brandon. I'm not and it ended their rejection. Jane Jane Seymour is on Ellis I.