BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 1/12

Friday, January 12th

We all seem to have a problem with the HOAs. Now and HOA in California has implemented a new rule saying that all residents must keep their garage doors open from 7 am until 4 PM. The HOA says that it is because some people are letting people stay in their garage and that is against the rules.  Jamie wants to do some cool new stuff with her home but the HOA won’t let her so she is moving.   


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Vijay and June. Now Sean and I had a conference yes Ed because we feel sorry for you we're gonna work on Monday. You'll hurt it. All the guys you're right for at least six pretty fresh. Yeah because this means so much if it does after a couple days off didn't sitting there watching football by myself but I need to come right. Aren't you guys because Saturday and Sunday get real low right to do and then Monday Alex sold for getting that he learned senior guys smiling faces via so aren't unhappy now at stake you so much. There will be here at the Martin Luther King Day. Eleven minute mile mad I'm calling him the king. I went to bed because he's not elements somebody said he's not I think Elvis. He's not them. He's Dr. Martin Luther King black. Anger on text NATO even today. And let's go to the doctor. The doctor. I think reach award he asked me this is a compliment or not okay you know when you were saying that possibly we wouldn't be here on Monday correct I somebody text me BJ got an idea huh. You come in a deal would solo on Monday. I'd rather listen to you rambled in the best of shows. Rebels not a positive corner okay. It was a couple. Today like you re all pink supple and that was a bash. I don't see it you don't ramble pumpkin with that but at the. There's literally a new energy available good things do seem. I think what they mean by ramble is. You know you do that thing where you repeat something over and over and over and over and over and over again. That might V but they construe this. Well I was expecting him to write something like I'd love to hear your intellectual employ about certain subjects and not those clowns get no way any more with the that's what what parent. And a. And you June and so they said hey Jamie go ahead take Monday off they're not gonna renew your contract anyway all. That would get them paid makes its what is it you always say look this is for a guy. Gets free. T yeah see you today for the next time that don't comply ground little leg could show for free the. Then. I know everybody up and well euphoria. Breaking apart. Because BJ is lonely after work on Monday. If I had the needed to zones add. I got first time heavy shirt with the president the United States of America that. And I'll click on behalf yet maybe as layer makes angry right myself so I. Appears to mean how do we know he said it because I guess so only people that were in a row just leaked out. That hey here's what was said behind the scenes so I guess was time well outlet then news people die because they say it more. President from grew frustrated with lawmakers discussing immigration when they floated restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal the post reports that according to two people briefed on the meeting the president asked quote why are we having all these people from whole country's come here referring to African countries. And Haiti to president then went on. To talk about how they needed to bring in more people. From places like Norway. As you know and patient guy or Norwegian guy which let me get a which went live today S soul he's had and hold the SL. And so people from El Salvador Haiti. You know that sad song you know there's a lot of isn't that the missiles and announce them on them. On the moon explained. Ian. And so and then it was so rude at what he said the president of the united is I mean and she and posts from our other radio station friends yet. All right PR on or about Dennis angry. Yeah what is it read ninety he's called is it like gotten. East. Toasty is like crazy and who really a well you have an insulin works or radio she. She is apologizing in tears she said I'm in tears for you Becky and Linda my friends from El Salvador. I think a lot of people are gonna stay home today and time and can't can't cope in the workplace. So. I know it's just crazy ending in even doesn't dubbed debt. To the cool aid. On the anniversary the earthquake on this day when this president has said what you said about patience we hope. The people in Haiti who are listening tonight in Port Au Prince to shock now on grenade and Miami and elsewhere. We hope they know that our thoughts are with him. And that are lovers with them as well. Thank you Anderson and he's got a lot of love. It to be sharing. Peace relevant companies and he said. Yeah until we need is peace loving poppy yup that's it I'm out. This one of those things said. For me aren't allowed to speak from. And I can post anything about it and that im gonna talk about it right here. You know you have your thought I thought we'd all ever thought it just leads to arguing. It's so it leads to no matter what you say you can't see anything right there are people that are gonna come after I don't care who it is. And no matter and we're just so. Polarized right and I said can I just don't even wanna go there I don't care or whatever they get a comment and write about this can have an opinion yet which had a here's my opinion about it. Take away the book does love that kid. As well I'm not sure. I really didn't lower. You may want to get on that went. That is so true that at that at that book has consumed. And rush at the heart and restarted. Today he's got Agilent on. At least you can stop hearing the word outlook what's not collaboration collusion collusion let god today and that we have castle as well as the new word of the day double engine. Hash tag. I think that the that the the into the orbit in knots. I'm not gonna play all the other sad that can I agree with the present piece of Bobby's we're gonna do a slap on puppies got it day to able to have. And congratulations to all these civic dissent they're going to think it's the weekend on might not so fun writes that telephone that does not sold some Dallas are right here's a good that's fun because he made fun of me to couldn't put it up. Do this bill. Yeah exactly what happened aren't. OK so he saw a girl at a restaurant used in this thing and he shook her hand and he's at and please don't let me on that meets list becomes like just sugar AM. And bill for the bill and I know you're probably what many years older so little bit senile. You're on the hash tag and meet me hard in the rural part up there. Okay ask you your part of what started all this you before party wide eight. This should not be yeah your names associated out of extra howl and the we'll. Page you see sports authorities villain in sports authority did the now what are we gonna call it well. They didn't dog oh you mean the stadium he added to the officer did you sign that a justice on the sale. You do at your house yet treatment window you can light it up. Yeah I'd be really cool. Front yard or something that would be cool that's on York collector you would like to like that when you I'd love to have at least ask. The BS that you could break it up penal. Also what are you for birdies by other letters to the news hit that spell out there and told the I got a going to work right now is the kids about it and I was colleges if that's the excellent sense that the SL okay. That's only part of it that I would care to have some note is the answer I do all of the sign on and now I understand the obvious Shaw and swallow some movement. Say that I thought it was implied a cooked up up up up up on me. I'm did you see this I'm kinda back up freaking out about Saturday night I have. They have some good performances but for themselves this week an attack I Halsey I love her. Aussies during the month are on fire in the ski jumper and you know that guy hey he's a rap. Her and he's like. Now he's why teach these ten adored PS here's what bag he's white rapper guy days. Eminem who. I think it's a white rappers got me Eminem know that was sold like ten years ago and all this guy what's his game like. You know he sings on it like that song you don't know I mean and does it poll. You know but the violence but to begin or more relevant and I don't know if he's on you don't know me. No way I was only add that some I don't know when she knows some awards show and how. Hot housing. Policy. Not healthy. Holiday. Mac tablet that are they together. Oh I saw that. I saw it at that appearance and in the saw that so long and very cool it's a great story it's on any notes it's love love love love and then they make yeah. Or are they haw yeah I mean I don't down the throat. You doing shine. I am looking up the list of the hottest new white rappers of worth a listen. It's a bogey it's easy to look at text NATO were looting cheap easy and that I. That's him that's right here John are you looking at Google to say you know why are. I sent out that that how Halsey song Hulk well you know she talks about 110. This is back for more. I don't know it's not Malcolm it like according to take CE Jamie GE that he and how yeah how the holding assessment here. You can't help our call palsy via. So they aren't yeah. Yeah well they should remain out there and man they did and it wasn't it wouldn't it wasn't like he seeks it was like we're gonna have a baby the yes so that's what I thought I. That's why we're gonna have baby again that's how seriously are her other song touch and how she's like let me at. You can do both this day and age. No no problem there. Luxury loves it is not the right thing about it where she's like. River song I saw what you saw and can we summon the baby day reruns. Moon. Wasn't that the New Year's Eve Brockton the NASA like them yeah yeah. Allison says she is bisexual. She is not. We're still would have believed it but if it hit it that hey I like finger on the pulse right now able. How easy is bisexual did you ever Janie how rude. I'm not. Double double I guess is that it's easy. But if it I'm not I'm not not not with the. We are not cool listen we are cool on and G easy G easy and housing and TV that's about. G easy and how easy way it's GE EZ ERG easy. According to this. I don't know I don't how equipment IPC FO KRA little love for good food. They act. And would he concrete below it. Well ripping us all right you don't you don't look like that's every man's fantasy home dog just saying that her friends it just opens up the door for the proper. Yeah sketchy. Yeah IRR double yeah what a regular person yes you know the regular I don't know heterosexual and a person right because now it's like when she goes out it's not that she'd run and the guy should running to win it. Which cheat on me. Some say the playing field gets bigger it does get bigger thing yeah explaining math works. Here with what I did Pinkston. I am when we're done with this amazing segment it's called that it love so will you play it it's called what bad at love. It's that I'm the lesbians on. But yen with the Manson and what I'd. I forget it let's look at love bad love. A point. So we'll play that and he dazzle and listen to the lyrics because she's like all about women he has yet in that song and that's not the and then number two though is out we need to do every Friday I think we do a new segment. What's called it's called made. BJ in Jaime hits against the. Okay and it's going to be a lot of work that I disembarked. And I think for days. Like you know of 730 yeah we have a hipster come in and they teach us if they get stuck here like cool guy stuff they'll quit a bit. Never liked the first lesson they'll never show I think and I wish I think everybody would benefit from OK we got easy draw okay. We don't think it's easy. And holes well I think was healthy it is G easy because as cheesy as another guy hit it that it is. Hate each year. It's G easy DO GG TV behind the stats OK okay yeah right we are get. I always think about ID feature Friday's. May be JGB hip again Paris Friday seven. A mom I'm getting okay because I can use we know about the silent this go Nolan right you're right there are things that were deliberately slow overheads yeah like GG. I can howls. At the food Alcee. It's all the hour to get more up greatly as I've got very good. In important.