BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30. 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd

Crissy Tegan has a crazy woman saying she is a part of child sex trafficking – Bachelor last night and Amber from Denver was sent home – Mariah Carey wanted some hot tea – Sean had a good Christmas.


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Vijay and yeah. Powerball you. Know each dear collecting their money by now are up eight. I wanna win and and Mega Millions and. What's in in powerball up the Mega Millions I think 300 Lu fifty I don't know sentiment down on the power balls 404 million. Did you ask neat and. I. What a great way to start a really good I mean I wouldn't need resolution now has been. You could buy a T have to buy your resolutions. And I know you're not a huge fan of herb I'm gonna tell you what I feel sorry for and that's Christie Teague. Why because now they've messed with the wrong seats away from home and and that is Turkey. Okay our rights and the mass of kids they. Hey you know what you have to like her for defending here's a here's rabbit there's some Psycho woman laying out there that says that GM. She saves children from sex trafficking and all this stuff right. And she says that Chris Teague Teague and John Legend. Had put little. Indy windows when they post pictures of Luna that they're involved in sex trafficking. It's crazy it's ridiculous history suggests a lunatic woman I blew it yeah and I certainly see why a Chrissie you know. She fought back that are on Twitter at different places and I get. Yes you know it was crazy this woman set because it's. This woman says it could ET in as part of that pizza gate remember that hole into game playing and that they said the clintons were and we generally than a minute understand it but it's some pizza places. I don't know. I was running some operation out of the basement or something right. And then late Liz this crazy woman said Chris see you run in circles with people who rape torture and traffic children. Does the fact I exposed track sex trafficking for a living and now Christi T inroads. And they know the name of the good lawyer and then John Legend said you need to take my family's name out of your mouth before you get. Suit you. Or roast her yeah I think I'd soon anyway I would have just approved report. Anybody not getting this thing because you know dollars to donuts this woman doesn't have many think they can more than likely. Lilly Kia but but you can just you can keep it in the news that don't do things like this don't accuse people of this. It if you know if it's a big lie ridiculous. Or Chris was on a flight to hit turnaround. No haven't been left LEX I and they were handedness happened while we were gone. They were headed to Tokyo. They got four or five hours out over the Pacific Ocean and discovered somebody on the flight wasn't supposed to be on that flight. GAAP and does that twice when he. Did you any supposed to be empty it and they checked insured up this guy. Was not supposed to be enough like they did it turnaround over the Pacific Ocean it would. Act LA acts you can look Disco audit Tokyo just take them with the just taking wave yet or was he like he worked his onetime eagle on the run like a head. It was he likes sleep and elves and innocent and we should be arriving in Tokyo and all those got to try dial. Us up. Could see the limit set it maybe could have yeah. Could have. Oh what on the wrong flight I know it actually happen India but he did I got on the wrong flight in the of going to San Francisco. Us must go to Dallas because you don't happen to me pretty crazy on my way or matter returned from Saint Louis. It's it's. So my son is a little is back is his deadly. Hey let's everyday is getting back home on and that's when he ate there would ever do work and act. I did not know irritated right yet so I go and I checked their return flight number like. We're done and wait Saturday. I'd vote difference when he team. All. I booked my flight returned for December. When he seven that's what day she know you're gonna say they're free here. That's crazy. Ridiculous. Yes oversized they have it and they did it happen yeah. And got I was irritated let them. Making me check but think on an idea who hasn't been in the airport and when the Buick got nearer no fly yeah like you know me I'm hearing here in Euro a I really super cheap tactics that written. It. I have the best idea of all time sweet and today. Of all time ailing Italian. I'm sad for amber she's from Denver she was on the bachelor last night and she got sent home on the first night it's smelly bait. All the kids in the spelling be my son's whole goal when he's in the spelling bees is to make it through the first round. Isn't much different personality like off at least adding an up there. Well that's what is currently with dispatch her. What are at least they get through the first rose ceremony. Ebert in making she runs VG I think that we should find her mood we should have her on. Sometime next week Ryan gray I'd I said that earlier we should get her on the show and we still ahead and find her life so I soaking up but it. OK you know we need to find amber. OK you can even put it like not call out for on base. We need to fight of her and we're gonna find out right. And well what about remember they got what you had in the road decks at the got used to be on the bachelor one time what was his name a blizzard Larry. As Blair face the OJ says there is Larry yeah chased yeah may maybe he's available we. Arts. Trade the two of them here you got an old bachelor former bachelor Bob Dole but former bachelor and an amber. And then they can go do what ordinarily make it all happened right here on it's beautiful. Chart that you project right now the old bachelor. And then then and amber and then went to. To the Kirk anyway you sell. Do you wanna hear and probably the most empowering. You know I know bring out to about remain in work where those hats on and in a do not pray that things against Harvey Weinstein and we're getting our act together and Howard to the women's rights. Listen to this promo because. He is powerful. Are winning in 2018. The bachelor returns with the love story for the ages. Yeah. Have heard daisy knows what he whines is very massive meaningful moves. Being a single mother I deserve my time in the and other risks I'm trying to talk to my man and I. I know. Preeminent on my kids don't I am so it's. Magic go. Like. Oh. They lose and go oh yeah. And it's and parents. It really isn't there I think on you know I've said this couple times I do is don't understand how the show made the cut to get back on the air. In it may have great great I don't know but it just seems like hash tag lead two different era you got these women and they're literally. Sleepy and stick around with this guy to stay on TV I doubt we need just doesn't seem to fit today for summaries. But then enjoyed. That I would make. I ever. Had in fact I was trying to find that the new organization that need to. Now I was like kind of retired now it's a new thing that's come announced here is that says Hollywood women launching huge anti harassment project. Taylor Swift impact and donate a 100000 dollars. It's twelve times. A stag time's up campaign dedicated to confronting abuses of power. Against. And yet the should they should go get them because of amber and so. And from deprived him of. And as. Big one god and the guy I saw him the first or Saudi news at the Rose Parade. There interviewed him obviously to promote the show commit last night and little high. How easy it really is yeah I think he's who can keep looking. You don't normally they get to chiseled guys say this looks more like a laser tech guy. Tech guys can be chiseled have you seen Ted. Sorry test the sorry about that had to pay and I apologize. Is my head is shaped who said they never met our lives. I'm just saying they knew the bachelor does not look all the same field is he good. I apologize ahead I'm sorry I don't intact guys are a dopey looking into Kiki looking if you're not. Right. I'm shoving match then asked if they have the bachelor in the DVR it knowing amber got sent home. You know what you deserve it but. If you DVR that the bachelor you deserve it with the. What a waste of space epic guy that you are midair bump is safe to. And so let me turn out our time's up campaign definitely think. I'm for Kardashians in the newsroom with some sadness and you sir Peter salad sadness I know what she's gonna do. You get there has been dumped on Christmas today dubbed baby daddy. He walked away. All Travis Scott apparently dumped pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner on Christmas Day. Sources say the rapper told the reality star he can't do this anymore. Even though they're expecting his first child and say that he knows it'll just be a money baby. Malia. Race. Kiley is devastated and totally blew my anxiety. He said he'd love to eject. Age there it's I'll never heard. And I had sold much hope for 2018 and the new year and now we have you know Amber's here locally with a bachelor in these new guys this that's it's not starting although not PG. Not now. I hope things get better at 2018 is in the toilet we do over again. Board currently use Penner can Miley mania that's when it. I'm horse kind of you retirement candles she's the lonely yes supermodel analysts here now people were saying oh my god candles pregnant until. But she just seller said no I just had to bagels and I guess other pictures in his boutique she loves the little pooch. How could she be who she she's a skinny is on the plan exactly all she has to do is have a meal. That's it just needs to be edited. Have a meal and you look Fuji heavy ever she's okay as snake eat rat and she did a got a grass is so I honor yeah so I don't know. Lee at each. Kind of the and you know kind of a down day yesterday who did. Not a doubt heard just a downed not like. How do you doing let's talk about them but no let's talk about you from mock. You for a minute I've about neo. I I didn't it. I did I thought that he would because I saw that he does have people analyze an ambulance. I saw that he posted a couple things on FaceBook I felt I had a bella. But not the posters that you were posting. Own on Christmas Day in. It's a tie moment. I just a day after preach it and it was tonight news articles it was ailing family game and then to do but with the I just that's silly thing I thought about you because. So most people on Christmas Day were poston like all all all it took another new drum set. Christmas tree you Christmas tree lights I posted like a video my dad can go with my son gatherings. You're opposed to like it is crazy and you know got. Thing new joke sink hole. Oppose signaled he's in a single or if there was sync all India was then on to sustain you were probably visit he was your family and everything. Do you see the same color the what happened oh just it just it just developed a certain Sheridan road was in Florida. I don't remember us with. And remember but it seemed interesting at the type. Of meals do. Son Chris list. Since a long since we all talked you know this could yeah it's really good was relax seeing and doesn't go away. The boy is Grady came down actually for a couple things get to see him for Christmas Day in Stockton and and rob the pantry where his girlfriend. She's with him and she come down to the other working together in a millionaire inventor. When Rollins. If you baggage. Remember that I should issue back it's just she doesn't like any food but I know like he sued note knowing that she's vegetarian so you know I could hampered. It hurts all kinds. She adds some scallop potatoes and into green beans. How ma. On this day of fear Tina won't get an elevator this morning that's first and Sydney and downplay it to and it went after got to be honest about it you know I've been honest here. So I'm just saying that say what you said elevator. Two weeks of dealing with all. I tell you said I don't know that's good or bad but I took it bad that I in the face to post those seem so sad now. A bicycle so a good idea. Am I got ammonia. Yeah and kind and so she's got pneumonia and she's gotten net brave ride and and then singled to got narc on me yet neutered and you walk around the house declining enrollment full flow that's feel. So I have the it's the lateral I got doesn't tell the public what you're ABC's. For days muscles go to church it's it's a little bit federal I don't know if she should matter all the payments. Well that's you know cut in half. The cut a math because that what they told them there at the at the rehab synergy candy makes an Ambien with oxy cotton. Does not say if the yeah she's seems to eggs she'd know. So now in the Ambien and perhaps than we are I am I admitting what's happening what's happening when your work. Well I laid out all medication the more chances at stuff like this guy and I got out of. The Arab David and I think it is a Pez dispenser aliens she's totally and stuff kids. You know if you're in there on undoubtedly shoot a duplicate this incident. Is so we don't want of a drug dealer and does like to take your medicine earn your right you don't make drugs do. That's the problem I have these at a beliefs in the dummies. Well as Italy especially oh yeah. Did you did you attract those line everything. Its first day well you know I looked on the box there that the beef jerky notables who gave me and it said. Consumed within three days of putting any day so it's ten of them merits Ozzy and three and a half a day. Witnessed. But I got through it and we're wondering why we have a slow start when he teed him audio department this morning all the hot beef jerky. I followed the directions and the chocolates and pat it's that the eat them all in three game anyway that's not a lot of think I should get into those loser but will those where the united. Little sexy chocolates in on I mean they were aphrodisiacs. What was the city our pleasure whenever there was since the team isn't there there was some for passion in there there was some four. Ian down. The things like that it. All okay keep it up I am shocked Clinton actually did it needs to you're brown around your mother. No hole in your mother. But while the mother was and all that. Shot like yeah you. Are our it was the Christmas that it's blow them. So boom. And extravaganza. And exploration. It. Well look. It's not over your hammer. Mum object. But not if you want radler ran. I guess I would the last the last have to worry and that it's just to get away from Boehner. Is now on disturbed me all humbled. Terry what is everything hagee did did you guys think she's saying well off I was okay yeah. Who knows I mean everything was Watson was it. Everything. Every artist who went out there was all lip sync I mean it was the biggest fiasco and he got all these people on stage of course it's three degrees but there it looked like it was really cold. Am I though you know she just he had to leave her alone she tried to come back this year. But what she did she gets a stay and bitch about it. Okay well we'll just have to rough down let me just like everybody else was no hot seat. GM rock and New Year's Eve celebration in New York City with a big bowl drop. Of note desired. You know we should talk about that next take a break and you see the people wearing diapers as you posted. The phrase is you had to be wary and I diapers to attend a if you really wanted to be cooked. Don't you. Next you you do whatever you needed to and. Just in the immortal on Alex.