BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 4/20

Friday, April 20th

No charges in the death of Prince – Carrie Underwood talks about her fall and her scar – Nick Cannon give Mariah props for talking about mental health – The Little Brothers are in town. Lil’Wayne and Lil’John -  Men will never change a study says throughout a woman’s life her ideal partners age is same as hers, a Man’s ideal age is 22!


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Vijay and Jamie. Well this time yesterday we heard about damn aid press conference it was gonna go on about prince. It was two years ago that he passed away and down. They called this big press conference and we got that people going to be indicted on him. Another and drug charges yet drug charges and possibly even murdered. Lynn the press covered happened yesterday at 103010 and a whenever another habit than the big does it big bad. You know they announced basically that. That they couldn't really track down anybody that was responsible for giving princes drugs and so therefore nobody's gonna be charged. I was. Really odd. And I don't know why they did I did the press conference because they knew that going and what is it's gotten release a statement or something into the press and letting go. Why the news conference I don't I don't really in the end they tried to paint it as prince. Accidentally took fentanyl he would have at it and at all he thought it was taken Berkus. Somebody laced his perk cassette. No we don't buy that for a better. At all until the doctor that. Dig prescribed in this he got a 35000 dollar fine or somebody said. Oh I guess that it was then I don't even understand is part of the story. They've found over 200 times the limit that it takes to kill a perch it in the system he really was taken it. It didn't take it for furlong current. In business I don't know whether trying to make it out that way OK here's the bottom line the guy had a drug prop yeah he's had eight year old problem. He liked it he was putting the patches ought. The fentanyl patches remember that. The pictures of that the patches via how's that. You're taking that nobody got the package does appear that it's not it's not the perk cassette okay so the guy had a drug problem. I don't doubt that it's an accident but he'll Oprah didn't yield. He did overdo overdo overdo it already helping. But he did that was before my eyes in a plane and and I think they had to make an emergency landing them in Kansas and office private jet so he was guardians. A lot of trouble. So nothing came of it and that's a very weird sort. And today we saw Carrie Underwood for the first time somebody's Indian which could mean. They zoomed in on that scar and it's a star it's split lip from her lip. Up to her nose because through her nose and they put it back together and that. The low low low low low low. Oh what do you mean it's kind of mean for two days all you talked about would you want to see your scar. You watch the awards show just to see your scar where this is Garth how is this guy that and today you call it may. It isn't but. She didn't it is it mentioned having makeup but yeah I know who to put the. You want it to see the scar I did somebody in Nashville which he did this radio interview wanted to see the scar. Just like you only thing is that they had her in person studio. Easy to catch and so they zoomed in on it and is it's quite the scar and whoever did this surgery and that did a great job. Because it's really tough to line up your lips. You know after an even split apart like that gallon up just perfect. And and it's so easy easy it and it's there and she knocked out kind of chipped a tooth as such as new tooth here's what she says about the accident. I just held on that I was taken that the dogs out and said go and we will they're seeking his. Put forth the head and I just Sargent Scott has calmed the and a trip to and I held on to them. The dog leashes and in my left hander went to catch myself with my right and just missed a stat I thought I just busted my lip. When Iowa since I didn't like went to go survey the damage was like oh no. I had a little odd that (%expletive) attitude but it is is just my skin thanking the good lord. Well they had to replace twos and I'm looking at the picture and I think Angela tooth it is. Look at the 12 from the right there and as the thinker is that and I can't think. I don't know what you call it a number four it's a taker you know like Carolyn did you I've turned in at number seven. Good day there are seven could be and I remember my teeth and looked like the victims to me. Let's see here what does so I have Gloria this is some crazed dad Nick Cannon is that Narnia. Little tour and he started out his ex like we're right Cherie. I'm in awe of her strength every fan we have to deal with something but through love and understanding. He's really how every one d.s through any adversity. And and that's what we've always been about we've been a fan me you know. Yes so much power so much right you know I'm home all of I'll. As probably one of them be most powerful and not just women with spirits up and become. Thank you Nick Cannon thank you nice of him it was really nice of them ex husband you know so nice. Thank you Nick Cannon thank you. But people career in and yes. We're spending money. You don't know Trent chat Ed drug problem run BJ there as we. You quit it's real. In Ireland says prince was taking big ragged and it was laced with that not even know. He was taking vitamins. Laced with football all. Really yes. I know we had a drug problem prize frankly the world knows that. No you don't know him don't know. I mean surely add those pictures of him gone from one pharmacy deal and then an hour later he was another pharmacy and his bodyguard to anybody that. Does that mean anything. No I have. Like a cough and my urgent care or give me a prescription. And I'm like Michigan ear drops are at bat while agreeing that means that got medicine is that at all. And I also at home I'd just like prince I have one of those bang back you know those bank now I do. Odd mind purple just like princes and mine also has with a sharp be written on the outside opium that at that at at at. And glitter but look yeah look back yeah. Yeah I'm gonna backe he has it they found his opium that is okay I'm back listen the guided drug rough receding a bit. The taken out of an airplane after coming back from Atlanta at the deal was from Kansas or somewhere to Disney getting to a hospital because it won't stop look. Yeah that's a drug problem. It isn't the I think guidebook prima finicky I'll (%expletive) yeah. He'll combat did it. And speaking about me it's great when it and yeah Brothers are in town today. And so I Friday people are gonna see the little dish yeah from and a little weigh in well John you have the two Brothers and added again. And and then they're going to be downtown today with 46000 people little wearing. Blue John. And another brother and little coral. Yeah who are hopeful that is is he or do all three Brothers and wait and little are all. Are in town. That's in bed and we're going to be celebrated and it. The pieces surprise guests are on the thing assist surprise guest via instant they don't tell you now to you shall we know you're shocked. We'll carve onstage. Deal. I and a filing out I tell you how creepy men. Game yet this is came out it's a study and this tells you everything about you know what ladies we can't do anything about men they're discreetly it was a study and there's this scientist. And already he's done his tilting is not gender relationships and all the stuff and testosterone. Science club a black. Through at a woman's life the age of her ideal partner is always the same as Hearst. So what are my age that's the age as my ideal perfect partner is Euronext. A man ideal age of a woman always this. Twenty years younger close what it's always 22. 22 younger nodes 22 years Tony two years old funny at all our ultra is pretty. Men are Smart. Think that's really don't you just want in the guy you know things are. But it really dump it says a woman I just let the way I look at it is you can wish. You could which is like having yet a genie in a bottle like how you know. I mean why make a wage for somebody your own right each. If you're older. Yeah at a woman's entire like the age of her ideal partner is the same as hers while threw out a man's life the age of his ideal partner is twenty. Food. Don't like your son's girlfriends are your idea. Yeah. That's great it's. So they can number dead or your item. And ago and. What are all of your daughter. My daughter's 21. Two when she brings her friends over in here yeah RB like being like hey your read the ground as fact. Is that creeping that's creepy. There's a chance to study could be full of Grafton and how about that. I think this is I'm taking you to adopt a study done in this study is completely flawed. Eight. All guys think that way at all not only appeal was that this could. I. Expect that. Oh my god I'm very young how would you tell you that a drama could fix speech in the immortal. Now I.