BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 4/23

Monday, April 23rd

The Barbara Bush funeral was over the weekend and Trump did not go but Melania did go and sat right next to Barack Obama and she was even laughing at Barack’s jokes. Tristan Thompson cheated on Instagram – Shania Twain said she would have voted for Donald Trump and people are mad so she had to say sorry -   Michael J Fox had back surgery due to a golf injury – BJ is playing golf and he is going to walk it all.. he says. – the Jackson family is worried about Paris she posted a video of herself walking above traffic on a ledge of a sky scraper.   


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Vijay and Jamey yeah. AM Monday Monday and Monday. Thunderstorm tonight I love Mondays. At the start of brand new week it really is I think it was like a flower growing. Really a new weeks about a grosjean I loved Monday's speaking of flowers growing am in Arizona I don't know if he's on over the weekend on face Batman they're doing a live cam for that stinking flower like we adhere yes that happened just. Still hasn't opened at the end pinnacle gardens or somebody else near and still has not opened Kate is gonna be a shock energy but that people are saying that Tristan Thompson. Didn't act like someone who had a pregnant girlfriend. It's war. We. Do and reduce the Atlantic market power and the middle and. I especially they say during the NBA all star weekend. I guess Tristan Thompson and haven't had bunches of an appropriate when encounters with women all during the NBA all star weekend. He was getting cozy wood models jasmine rose in my and nova James. Those were in Los Angeles in February he's he was flirting with the models and he never have to like get pregnant girlfriend. Did you see the story on his his game and know how he meets women now what is it he sentenced Graham troll. He goes on instead Grammy finds beautiful women. And he puts direct messaging to a Medea I am very. Anyways for response in minutes hook up. I used to grams is best friend. Eighty. Reach eighty. But I am I don't know what ready for example at these two. I think she is gonna take the bad AD. And get a Winnebago out I'm sticking in my starry and there are I don't know drive their way back to Los Angeles and leave him. Because he's not gonna stop. He's never gonna stop go. Let's hear let's see that the military is very import a hey so listen what went viral over the weekend let you know how Barbra and bush he had her funeral right yet what she did them they have formerly did it for granted because it's hard to do wonders. So hard so hard yet well you know Donald Trump to go and he said the we played it gonna go is out of respect to Barbara published. He said that it would cost too much hoopla and extra security. It would take away from the moment so he just really lend it to be about her in Needham protesters at the show back and he knew that. Yeah so it was actually good call I agree with. Spezza and Maloney went MO Lonnie and sat next to love Barack Obama you know. Girl with. A they were gay and smiling and now here. Yes you don't smile at a funeral lows before it started it was right wing and make up the programs so people are looking to their programs and stuff and then Brock was leaning over. And made a lot he would crack up and smell. She smiled yeah leaks like teeth like. All she's gonna pounce on the gas and Brock and millennia are like they're frolic tee and I thought well. So what went viral over the weekend wasn't means you have the picture of mullah Iowa Brack Obama smiling laughing. And then Milan it would Donald Trump look like doses of and you see an ad posted and it's an end around and it's on our FaceBook page it's MSN article about how Brock the money and have something going on and if you scroll down you'll see the different pictures of people thought that too delicate. You're smiling happy. Carrying. Experiencing. And that maybe they have a thing speaking of Donald Trump she and I explained her Brian. So I you can't tell people who you'd like. They will they will hunt you down the and I Twain said that she would have voted for Donald Trump and 2016. If she would have had the opportunity. That is stop everybody. Apparently people start going crazy and discipline in snide twins dealings on trump. And when I get the time I'm going to go into my attic and look for whatever cassettes and throw it out protests. And let's hear some day in history students have a hard time remembering which one is Sarah Palin and which one is tonight playing. You know I can't. Can lose respect for her though. Because she your she's she's asked that question which it's a dumb question deep and ask. She's Canadian ranked correct are so if you were an American and you had a chance to vote in the election blah blah blah and she said Donald Trump in an interview right. So these people come out trolling against her will why didn't. The white message is secure guns as a USB a question I gave you the answer enough enough. Because she's doing in new residency in Vegas and sneeze self ticket is exactly. Santa and I don't lose respect burden now going back and say well it was a question that caught me off guard I really wouldn't of voted for him it's like. Okay you answered the question to stick to. I am passionately against discrimination of any kind you know bits and clear from the choices I have made the and it. So she might sell less tickets now. Look at she's in the car that completely new face that important. Then to take on that yeah support their back and forth the. But like that battered she's back and forth is back and forth they. Michael did not is recovering from spinal surgery back to teachers or Michael if oxygen well after gonna undergoing spinal surgery. I guess that that he objective is back during gulf see that's why you can't play golf now. Well people are injured playing golf. I hit it Jamie for a stop the goal fund down the knock it. I've got to do something active. And down and golf's you know in this sheriff started walking with battery having played. Ice ice able to start walk but I have really played a complete with. I believe GOY. While I have a pretty nice and you are done that no I don't know about that plastered and. And you. I rode in a car yeah I was in a cart. Why am I don't think you want to insulin press no IE he it was a bad day walk that would allow you to know that I don't know if not they not that would then what they hate people who want to look. But they wouldn't allow it because of speed of play OK okay and that wouldn't let me get a job dog implant but I'm playing this Saturday in a tournament and walk. And you you know going to walk this Saturday yet. This Saturn really up. Who can't walk. Tina all the people look this. Thing. Really look I again out here and now I can do they find dollars that can do five dollars. Don't let hello my dollar my dollar back. I thought you weren't gambling be here and could this is already here does this rollicking between two part five bucks but walked I need to see video. That the tiny does he all right I shoot video and Moya and me walk I think you blocking might I need to see. I need to see more than actually doing the job remains to finish this. Just. I instantly go to get out there is Jackson's relatives are fearing for life let's go to look her I don't know. She seems up and down anyway yes she does she does every story you see there's times when she's out partying emigrate Dimon these concerts. And in their other times it seems dark. Yeah I guess you are worried about her because Adam she was walking on a legs. And stick a video of herself blocking out ledge of a skyscraper. Boof. I am and then their cars and Dempster is gone below an am. She momentarily loses her balance the source slipping it back into the got that she's with arms. And she wrote I am as died. And I guess all the relatives saw the video and even though they all knew that she's okay. Watching it for all the relatives was completely traumatic. And they said that day cause serious melt down now her grammar I just had a stroke. Can get the out over the weekend. And that are denied doing that bought enough. Then he could have happened I don't know yeah I got to sell that. And right now there are no plans for an intervention Byron accounts Ferris has gone through three suicide attempts. She's been to a sexual assaults and she's struggled with sobriety so she is now. An owner I would be shocked all those kids with Michael Jackson and they all got a legal jacked. Yeah you know or a blanket. Yeah you're in life you know to blanket mentioning that you name that's not gonna you know in her and didn't what is the third and presents yet is that his name Paris and blanket but. There's Paris blanket and prince and you gotta figure that life they lived in. All the craziness that he scene and sheltered in and shuffled around it they've got to be just. Some kids yeah baby from the kitchen with a gut it what are the pooper scooper their brother that was a monkey. Yeah. What was I hadn't multiples that was me yeah and Michael Jackson. Treated him as one of his kids and now and bubbles like in some. And in Florida has got really really mean I mean an aggressive. And might even bubbles had problems to pick it up from that bunch. I thought we have pretty bad when you drop the monkey not that the act. It's important on Alex.