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Monday, May 9th

Blac Chyna is pregnant. We think the Kardashian's aren't a fan of Blac Chyna. Ozzy and Sharon are getting divorced. Micheal Phelps is a dad. The top ten baby names. Lamar Odom caught drinking in a mall.


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Each inch each weekday mornings on Alex I. And rob a guard actually in our wrap up. To me. That should be fantastic chip and it proved to be one beautiful kid rob Kardashian but trying to have announced the expected baby after news of her pregnancy was leaked. I get issuing to make this big announcement on Mother's Day yesterday that somebody in the family I think the news. Dot I die. I'm really did just in time for the TV show last night which is weird right now. The cards. We hurt. Mother's Day you leak the news she's gonna be a mother somebody else we simply its own TV. So we are here that's an everything's fine. And yeah I guess they said that she was blind sided that the news leaked on a celebrity web site. I'm it's a direct toward China said to I had that moments stolen from her. She suspects robs family leaked the news as a way to promote their show keeping up with the cash. Then the first child for Robin will be the second for black China's just as a child with I guess who is getting up sister Kylie. A adds we years there. This one hook up there man that is what Haley bush ages have everything going and you know like spin the bottle. And no yeah you get to me with this person this week here would this person in me to keep the family got him Matt. This general rob Kardashian actually gotten a big fight after she found out about bunch is pregnant seed. Those caught on camera why. It was content and hammer. For their reality show. Now. Sources say crisply drug Graham is rushing into fast there. I don't think the traditions like the show I'm a woman who think that it hit that and just gonna save it. I guess Rodman and black are in talks without heat for reality show about the news namely. What didn't follow like TJ I feeling this shocked business. I kinda get the feeling not to anyone cares or even I care for but I'm trying to get the feeling that the Kardashians in the genders. They feel like this black channel eighty the brings the Stanley named down. Well grandkids I would have thought tiger could've or I would have thought condi must but they for some reason feel like black China. Is not exactly worthy of their presence. Is it Caitlin. F. Now they loved it and she gets him a lot of brass. They love earth. And then I think her mom's name is what Tokyo tuna sentiment. Still do tuners sometimes it's weird yeah. Tofu tuna I don't know I think as Tokyo Tokyo and an. And let it play a patient is big desk a golden Hulu. How Luke who. How blew a bit of a blue. There will do let Arizona of those big walls of sand and they're here in Abu without it was a Japanese adds up and accurately. We're gonna go to her loose to the Boxee plex yeah I. Yet now that does not legally. Blonde blue. There's a blue and Cameron. Who. And things it's going to be like this is big city. He has mourn and share and Osborne are calling it quits. Well this may be the breaking news big story of the morning really mean why. Because Ozzie had relations who would guess that I love my shot DNA hair stylist it jeeves and I'm more shocked the exit gotten better weather. 33 years of marriage 33. Years Mary Jeanette and I guess. I've he was kicked to the curb. They actually have to make him permit their rep said that yes he's not living in the near. Shall home. What could very could slurred and but very concerned for Ozzie. I mean this guy he's in no condition to make it on his uncle that I've read she does everything for him she she beats me god I mean will this boat. She just gives him the cereal in the morning. How's he gonna survive after do you know right now somewhere in Los Angeles Jamie white dead. You can have got Ozzy Osbourne shuffling down Sunset Boulevard. Trying to find a place to bed down for the evening that's what's going on right now. Yes it was everything a machine like does but basically who. Food movement food. Good food good Hulu YouTube and its own. I play boom. Up up and. It's he can shuffling down the street. Blue moon boot. Apparently the split is over AS celebrity hairstyle is that he was actually there and just simply don't. Which is shocking to all of us and tell you see Alice or violent one of the tubes. Is to crack. And but now no no no no no the new New York. You don't know crash. You don't know news that tension in the hopes of derision Oden Knightley she's sleeping. And no well yes. I don't know if I'm sending you to do but at at at a well we just know Bosnia. We do our homework. The split it I said it's over this hair stylist it's Michelle PU she's 45 he's 67 approved as I go down on. Food food food. I guess share in knows that they had an affair says she's at the you know what you get that dammit. And a ten million dollar house in India. Bit of that I'm this hair stylists I'd be afraid that. Sharon seems to type she'd come through the front door keeper but she got it for sure you don't say he got it guys that did she touch that this impacts anonymous. I'd be scared to death. Warm she didn't she would really push cheap way to get your car when you got off work yeah she's gonna want to think she's very passionate. During passion. You dinner she didn't care about us who cares about their face the money in the stamp its surprise. You or hairdresser you take the escape. At catching. The yes. She's. You know listen I don't know them from Adam. But she does seem quite dedicated to his life. She done you know you know. Well she's been through it she's been through the up's and down's been a lot of bounce. But she's been through it and in in his limited and she'd been committed to it she's over you know looked over some of those affairs with the manes. He can call the two of them for him you know not that long. Well a couple of years ago and and she's gone through an end and just put it to the side and kept marching forward with the family now she's over now why can't. When hairdresser. Well there's no telling what she tolerated in his eight day you know kind of sort of media euros or about Sean yes he's just done. My biggest fear bows that achievement Ozzie would not be serious coming after me but being stuck with Ozzie and I know IRA yeah Roman god I. Go home I couldn't see you and Ozzie to get up hole. Now I just didn't vote business split them doing in my head man pictured Bob don't pictures arable opted. One thing is paying gap in Dolores you have to Wear bed. Eat them again. In the show. And and it. Be normal. Ebert didn't like your bullpen. I thought we think you're going way too far (%expletive) I went two for dinner and I might even put yourself in bed that was disputed. And they know why you would do that and just. Are you a plumber out. I'm not sure I understand that line of questioning if you do it can be instituted. I just. Six and. Golf isn't and yeah okay you know this BM JR the parents have a baby boy they named where. Isn't that adorable as a beautiful. Where part really get excited about boomer after Ozzie well yes triads have. You don't say oh yeah girl that Ozzie didn't show on embedded with the humans I am I can get excited over brewer I know maybe tomorrow okay. What kind of felt bad for boomer because the Kardashians and Tibet away Pia because that. Leaving trending thing is that rob Kardashian was having a baby yet you know some of the boomer thing AM. I am speaking of names though they've adopted baby names. For girls and the tattoo is a Bolivia and Sophia. For boys it's helium and Mason. And then and now I think it ha yeah really right. But he said it. And you'll see those because the meaning of Canada Italy and everybody else's sons. William. All Lamar Odom was cut drinking at the mole men but if because I know I'm like you handled that about ideally all of the Baltimore bizarre more bizarre yeah I guess you should happen for some issues. Aid if you look at the picture he's the only person of artists given the market to ramp I mean this guy is seven foot pole worker yeah he's going to stand out. Stadium that Los Angeles in a bar in a malt. You're gonna get your picture taken okay. Yeah I guess he was a shot and listen friends any spent sixty bucks on some cues. And is night and Saturday and got dale an awful putted adopted and the little bar and Beverly Center I can't finish shopping mood at a cocktail. So you walked over to bed them the bar that's right I mean it's in the middle of the mall like it's not like a food court it's like a bar. And that any downed a few drinks eaten. Yeah. Sure he's gonna get it together and say if you're drinking while my. She news now. It seems is head injuries okay though. Well how to you know the because he's thinking PC he's thinking no way. Now he's making cognitive decisions. About sue yet about choose about bars and about Muhammad drink what's he gonna drink. Seems to me like you know he's done and I thought it was that's how could this impression that people had to you don't like change his diaper stuff that. It's our fourth like reference I preached this room here and that's what I thought he wants but it seems like he can function on its own. Each inch each weekday mornings on Alex I.