BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 6/18

Monday, June 18th

There is a man that is upset with how we presented the Python story.  Meghan Markle’s dad has done his first interview and he feels bad for missing the wedding.  – Kim Kardashian says you never know if she could run for President. – Denver will be getting a new news outlet, The Denver Sun. -  Tom Brady says he may retire soon.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. And we got a site called know all right what happens next state. So remember when I told you the story the last tabloid trash about the woman that was swallowed hole I had hype and Indonesia have happened over the weekend. And they cat open mistaken they found her hole I mean she was fine me she wasn't she's dead but she's up. But but but she had not been chewed because python's got chewed their food writes no. And then you're talking house to everywhere and is this epidemic but it has that is the stakes are everywhere because people accordingly sneaks out after having them as pets. Well there's a python breeder and he didn't. You mr. Ma my dog breeder yes. Yep. He says that rarely never ever ever happens were some small little that only happens to people that are living in the jungle with these animals. It's just like if you go and you go camping and bear attacks you'd front is you know he did the food or whatever. I feel like a guy in my neighborhood was the whole once. Thank you approve it. Feel like he went missing it adds you EM python at a new neighbor yeah yeah in one day he was elbowing each our team Jamie three days later. You are real I don't think it's eighty. Did he have a might not know. But they're everywhere but this guy is really not happy with you know he's a member of the United States association reps I'll keep first you and when you start them spreading that every time an outlet says shares another sensationalized. Story. It puts another nail in the coffin press. I know what is not your intention BJ. Because you're scared of snakes but it's. In reality sharing that story and good to bad light on. No no no no you know it puts a bad light on python's. People go into the pet store buying up python and in raising it to like it's eight feet long and then putting it outside Saint Louis boys might get that it had David Gest takes off and it just blew it ends up wherever it ends up right. That's what causes a bad light on the pipe thought what. He's say that he get them from the time they're raised little they're so sweet so kind I need to assure you yet his snake. And I don't see isn't he wants to bring it down here and now. I'll be glad she'd love no no no you know had no love is going to know Bruce you know keep snake move where you keep it there. He says. I'd like free to meet a large python how to be haven't bring it down you know and so you can see for yourself and hold and he's just I noticed snake looks like it though I'm good laugh. Second what is it not happening here with a putt I thought no you. Are no problem with that. I need that day off on the right it died in. No snakes are meaner UN could python around your net no. It doesn't surprise me some guy wants to show is its look and yeah hotshot up and I. Did you say yes who had worked finds a way stuck. And dog with no state no listening knows they buddy you and I let's. Nazi guy too I would have to have them bring this again and you guys can just. Do you go see his sneak under Clinton. Yeah yeah it does this Zach this is a corporate offices could not be doing that I think. And you only get if you hit that that has been his kid throwing a stick around everywhere and everybody guy. Lower than you know a pipe cut it in guys and the dead is a bad problem and especially in the southeast Parse part of the US will it repeat but he thinks that. And now I'm not seem to reading people but the amount thanks to surprise you that they are not even a guy opened his hook set this in South Carolina. And. It's happened more than once the women aren't any bad highs on in the United States in konduz to. But a guy in South Carolina opened its good to changes oiler to check is Oilers something and I got an eight foot python was hundreds hood. My guess what there's rattle snakes everywhere there's every cat snake everywhere it should enjoy each change your underwear at the. I anyway as this big controversy continue to work with two men that are not allowed python in the year. Yeah I'm calling me hash tags day chamber yeah you are snakes here. School chamber a round isn't a world exclusive and I've got to just for you guys move tomorrow because that's how good I am tabloid trash here what is. Megan Marcos father has opened up for the first time it's a worldwide exclusive. They didn't yeah see from us. Yeah. For the first time ever he spoke today on first or not he has this message for what's that mega and then when Harry and buried yet here's his message. And what message would you like to sends to Makinen Prince Harry. Moss send my love to both of them. What what you know about me is I'm not somebody they ran a way to Mexico or to hide Europe and I've lived in Mexico or six years or how Levittown there. All right and terms ever Megan Harry's. I couldn't be more rather than assuming that includes a fabulous show up I think the great one of the 8000 series I ever and an era I have an issue I don't know are very happy union is someone. There you go. Sounds a little sheet he was shaking it was really backward to listen to and to watch he was very shaky and I don't know he and then it gets really emotional about what he means to this wedding. Do you feel sorry that. True some of Iraq's is that she admits it now world what do mistakes. That it put a bit of a bank loss on the early part of that wedding week. Yeah I like this that I you accept full responsibility and whispers that I can I can say I'm sorry for various things progress in my life. But I'm paying for those things sure have some Ira Clark has sent him a footnote grew and the dead or reserved on how. I have to live with that progress on our but as long as they're happy and they have a great life. And that some bureau children and do good things in the world. I can't ask for more. And I would suck he dumped that they had to miss that wedding that was pretty big yes sure was and you being dad not just attending the wedding but you're gonna walk down the aisle. And they say as when they said what what about the where he set up the paparazzi take pictures W. And they said it was to change his image because everybody who has them. Talking how he's determined that it's really bad food and as well as stuff so he won it a positive image others we asked of dire effort to take a picture of him like. Reading at the library on getting some nice clothes arrived and he says and you know. And it back far back and yes I mean remember that picture him coming out of that 7-Eleven he had one of those so hot dogs who'd been on the turner for how long yen to a three days yes big goal. And I think some little Debbie snack cakes and gas assets addicts in gas and forgot the most important and a gas X that's right of the. That's and so when he had that image of them from paparazzi went into it. But something else they're wary device like the gas X well as soon as the gas X picture came out the very like two days later the guy it was rumored he had a heart attack right. Nor I wrote your little Debbie snack cakes. So the whole thing is crazy now here's the big controversy saying. Here's wary screwed up bad. You think so yes sell he Indy it kept yelling piers Morgan. A couple of intimate conversations he had with Prince Harry and the ball sales are up in arms about this you don't discuss. Anything that you discuss with our royals. Real yes even the father in law not thing like that no that's not ever get out there in the real surprise that people have private discussions. Right in so what how they feel in their thoughts they don't want it now I'll know now so all secret here's where it went wrong signal very first conversation with Harry you had an argument about Donald Trump. Well. And always have a bad attitude about Donald Trump and and that's never gonna change I mean my car. That I have to apologize to the rest of the world for my president that. All of our Larry actually Davis said. Because he was because short was in news that you missed chance. I think Kerry's probably changed his mind. All toy ball and then they'll dig at the annual. If in the chance here he's changed his mind. So he's not supposed to discuss anything private that they I'll discuss. Yes so that's that's the big. Whenever he's not going to be invited over to the Newcastle now with different items are not as I don't think so I am because you can't let the secret. He can't be having dinner with the queen and a walk out during an interview. Well and I'm afraid like he's that I got a biggest phone into the upper grass right in all queens cracks. Royal outskirts. Were offering sales like website that. I. Can and in dot com. I have some more bad news in my eye and know that DJ treated it over the weekend and I side and I wrote that weekend. I don't know how you all feel about this but just give this a listen. Now was that a lot of grief people go to C would you ever run. Process. I don't I don't think that's. He pin on my mind trumps president. Can happen I know that's like Kenny let's send CAD and that anything can happen. So anything happened with I guess never say never. And I got my Mac are bad guys oh my gosh. And does not I can't believe this is happening now obviously Jamie it I know you hate to sound effect but if ever there's a tennis player. The members just to sound. Never say never. Kim Kardashian out may one day run for office not just office president of the United States. The rat me. Like I am mood can. Gonna sign a bill now. Yeah. What what's happened and he's nine. Yeah. The people you have a legit interviews going on in its Kim Kardashian with a reporter in there asking her about running for president. You ever think this would happen. This today. It didn't talk about this in revelation John Buck. It has a bit lag is part revelations. Got to deny them probably does if you read into it just right things. I can read it pretty sure this is one obviously the seals the need to be broken. Oh my god this is bad news that news and I suppose does not Denver Colorado and that is we are getting news new news outlets. But he me show you know have a demo opposes kind of event Scotland sentiments alone on that stuff new. And it's really sad I love the spokesman told him I mean I love that their Twitter and read their Twitter Murrah. These tough luck you know like I like they do five things that you should know Monday morning by dinghies note Tuesday morning right so I like the Denver Post gazette. Why can't say it fired a lot of people because cutbacks at papers not do well they just started with all those people that left the post the Denver's. Realize it's not gonna be an eye on newspaper it's going to be a site online online yeah all okay with all of right didn't wake him trigger this how long time ago appeared and I don't know. Mean geez there's been going on for a long time yeah that that they just. Download Olivia. And and now they they're saying whoa look at the futures low blow in. Yeah and who took the bad and yet it did pretty tenets of the Denver son and it will be I don't know if it's up in and I'll I'll I'll take a gander back. How they it's it's gonna be fresh and some of the best writers and and I am investigators from the post in islands bestseller. And when. They're calling it the eighteen the stars from the Denver Post. And. Mean today. It would start I'm trying to find them. Several staffers let the Denver Post amid budget and staff that's. Made by the newspaper's new based hedge fund owners are forming a new site called color at a sun. Since it takes off. A local groups looking in Versa I apologize that's an said that my phone. And now giant could get regalia. Now it was no. I and students. Kick starter. We'll find out more details ten minute. I'm not sure when it launches. In our mind the set and after a but I don't think they may be there. Maybe nobody knows and it's gonna launch I don't know. Eminem that says she will keep these sound effects of the gunshots. In his concerts and that he did not they were even end there. Now what I just read as he said quote if your that easily frighten. Oh gee shouldn't be here. Louis art. Equipment that's a really Smart that it is an idea yeah. I am listening. To it and just last week he was denying that there was even part of the shell. He did it yeah and you know while mood. Tom Brady talks about his retirement with Oprah Winfrey it is exciting audio and here it is. I think about it more now than I used to yeah I think now I think there I'm seeing that there's definitely and coming. Sooner rather than later beaten. What is that in look like he's at forty three's and 45 yeah. Funds and still love and it until there's a loving it you're gonna do it yes focus on some unloved and training and preparation wanna make that the commitment. Outside this is to have a small sip of my Diet Coke I'm an amazing body was in play at the it's very. Was amazing gives grant jag you know what's crazy is he's thinking about retirement more than than he ever ask you well because he's forty light snow makes sense that was kind of air space opera. I don't amazing and she really is hard hitting these days. Well it doesn't hit my finals stories your well and that is. Oh my god late Shelvin turns forty today it's 42 years so all and hear his eyes and hang out Bieber a dad. Why it had to be missing from it's not listen it starts that would birthday enemy and. Right now we must he noticed happy he's missing the cut and at the very did it never finishes let's today. And. But our day today the I don't think she means it and fifth cut cut cut cut cut out. All of these artists are now with Barrett. And if that's I have passed every assets ansari coed I think your right my email this I don't think you get there. Blakey Blakey adorable eight I did ya tell Josh. In the importance on Alex I.