BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 7:30 8/02

Tuesday, August 2nd

Bachelorette finale party was last night.  Mama June was so big when she had Honey Boo Boo that the doctor sliced Honey's head open twice while performing the C-Section.  Gisele Bundchen is apparently going to be mugged during the opening ceremony of the Olympics to show the crime in Rio.  Broadcast booth hit by wave in Rio, and is now looking like it will fall into the ocean.  Donald Trump ate KFC with a knife and fork.  Will Monica Lewinski vote for Hillary?

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Vijay and Jamie. Every season and it makes me happy yeah okay it says that does you know we don't get a lot happening tax. Yeah unit you know I think usually. Somebody threw a good look at this and I know fertility yeah. My text that NATO's I went 059 come it says good morning I just went to say thank you for the free drinks and the appetizer last night. I'm recently going through a divorce with two small kid knows. And you are is so nice to get out it was so nice to get out with the girls now. Aren't. So an appetizer and drinks that she's all happy because she got a nine out yeah hey when the old bachelorette chase. It's pretty cool fledgling M and newborn Niger just happen to have a shower in when he is in symptoms and LTT you know we realized said. They just simple things like a drink of some appetizers at nine out this big. But bid for parent especially she's got two kids of them should I got him all the time. I hope she had a blast me yeah. By the way out patriot regimen LSI to Jackson's it was a zoo and as Sean said I am over a thousand women eating salads. There was only ordered. Fried food was out the window because they're no fried food sales rise. And and the theory was that you've got to bachelorette guy there you know yeah cheese hanging out just heard a whole. Hot and good looking guy you know 1000 women well if you're gonna go upping your picture may within you can't have burger belly. You know you get to burger bar and all of a sudden you look bloated in the picture racks of salads that's number one. It chunky and a picture of me was my aunt my hand on his Wiener. Police really yeah yeah Yankee go and dig that down yeah it is still the looks so beautiful. This year earlier with eight years region radiate it doesn't make her look good don't it doesn't make them is not flattering I know it's on arise everybody in the picture the picture everybody looks uncomfortable I think it. Okay thank. Very good group. What it was so funny because Jason I had this whole thing going on that I would photo bumpy bulk. Right. So I was behind him and I just do different front about like it just me when I whenever. And then his arm I have abroad last night you know and so that his fireman accidentally lit underneath my movement on my movement. Yeah how accidentally come really didn't we actually don't know he'd get into. I was behind and he didn't count on and iron the like. Cab on why. It's very calm on why you all to believe that end I mean and there's a variety and accept only yen. Carla buying you and you and your humble like that it was an accident. Would. That France. Because girls don't stoop they don't go underneath the elbow. Since peaking he had. That was not an accidental skew pretty he got in here again in the area and I mean there didn't he didn't know I was behind them now and I ask Sony says it's always used it seems to move on Georgia on TV aside though right they do he scooped her. My bill was on his arm and that's not the way you will bat and you know scuba lady. But again OPEC into the Booth was on your. Yeah as shiny as kids remind me about Lena wade Bobby. The only body. Now been 60. Well. Leaned a way Bobby I was telling your notes from last night was one in my notes my phone is says remind me and it's as excellent and it's under shots that you're sober driver. No he was only the way about a test at. I don't dull but possessed that is security guards. The security guard was cute yeah that's rob me I'd like completely robbed as big muscles. I know right tune in half and is rob back taken. Now. And you know we were talking last night because we we do have not taken well we are talking because there's still did have that conversation I'm not taken so many ladies there counted on I mean it is denied. The is open. While it doesn't mean the same way you keep your eyes open blaze say was. It was Mary ask to be marys oh but he also made instantly he talks like a dumb person. Now. You don't like it will William moon moon lit up. Don't know shoot but I don't it's Wednesday that it not exactly out he sounded not dealer so she'd beat he would dump now all of a yellow lights and sound. Do you think that no other choice Saudi. Guys were profiling yeah exactly. I coach mark McNamee a comparable. So when you make you know listen will you be my wing man next summer Jackson's. Mean yes and and make that round thing happened do best and. Feel like you're really gonna help me I can I will tell him things. He should. Never you know what never make it look different in that never mallet not a great low connections via the and all the right things slip lived in nano like Ford for Tom to have rob at the door the I think rob seeing his great thanks. Remarkably this ground what does that mean I'll repeat it at the dread discovery of. The thing. And I think we are very proud to me rob. No well I got the ball just to take a picture of me we have to but it's a by the doesn't know what's your backpack. If we leave the trail had it not actually did take a picture with him. You have to goodbye addiction couple. He has to go take a picture with Serbia got into Newark at thank. Armenians meaning it's like the clown like you think yeah let me get a picture of Bozo with a picnic at the is it like it's just fodder to critics that it. Into the and that thing in the near the duct regular upon. I'm not gonna say it's a ball was old picture I didn't wanna picture well and she got caught up in the moment it hit I don't know why don't I chuck. You'd I just think rock scene now shenanigans and I'm not sure he's had two back at. I had. In fact what are being no you rats the hell out of a guy you just you did I didn't. You may seem very uncomfortable look. Into what. Against be on the lookout for this woman with that type pictures you know and the. He isn't. How can. Fear. You guys are also a country station this morning. My guess is they're listening in them and or Colin yeah we go country of their. We lead our country station I don't know quietly leads over yeah happens all the time in. Yemen brewery. Well those are atmospheric conditions that are really good. I do listen to that this morning. New units are patterns in lacrosse and before you know apparently out of Conway Twitty on their fifth. Got my eye and explain it all you know in what happens. I still try to work on the only way Bobby I don't know it would not be as there was some that you couldn't do it well I am this is crazy so listen. Monsoon. What should all. How that what she she was so. Then then doctor that did or C section was going through all fascia fascia fascia but that's. Yeah was good all her fascia that. And can't let me bill blues had opened twice. Told him I think after he. Okay now this happened before anybody who was born obviously we know she was being born Brett yeah rep right yeah. She cut through he could tell the baby's head from the yeah. It's so is sliced blues head twice twice. During the delivery during the C section of that explains a lot. We moved to. Wow yeah that PA the net slash guy named boo boo hoo blue. Yeah. No where did this breaking news story. Pop up. Well words you thought the story. And I seem not only in the privacy no honey boo boos. A head sliced open story anyway. I'll tell you why you'll it's crazy you'll find out about it tonight on botched so there's a show on loan and I'll botch up and down. Except after NASA would just bugs me guys enough time. After massive was my ear nose and throat and doctor when I was in LA yeah. You've hears no and throw it like he looked like throw went over to his office of Beverly Hills he was my ears nose and throat doctor got you lilies a plastic surgeon. He make that jump. Now yes you back to school Puhn training did he go I don't know it's just so weird to me an Elvis and he's the plastics that. Unlike when you may still damage the road now higher leg but moves on people. Seemed weird slicing hands a keyboard player. I have no idea I don't know the show that well I've seen Promos it and looks a little jacked up too big it is right it's not one of those shows that I kinda like watching because it's so EE literally their noses and writes it's a little too much it too graphic. There is that breast reduction last week ultimatum. Well only about an hour. I turned I could I'm taking a relay picnic picnic but it. Probably if you go about this tool guy I mean that's just like. That ball. Breast reduction if they're at it what you do it. You say. But I turned after an hour and. I let me just say this though she said that she was so heavy. That and the doctor kept open had to do was had opened twice during this segment is so crazy to me. You know if you think he sliced her head open once did. Not do it again. Who would've June's glad to stories out. Well. Yeah I don't because it starts out in June was so far out. That blank. Yeah I haven't but be happy with the story circulating you'll see it tonight I'm much if you watch my room and eat tonight what you time make it I can't even deal with you right now. Can you tell about the Gisele story. Gisele barge in get this folks you know the real deal the Olympics start describing the opening ceremonies well. For some reason and I'm not sure why I've looked into this. Gisele is a part of the opening ceremonies well I guess there's a re Herschel C nick are doing now we Giselle we're Gisele actually gets robbed on TV. And the reason they're doing to see this to show the crime in Rio. They stage a robbery. During the opening ceremonies. Did you hear that John I hate it. So if you tell me off the air that Gisele is going to be robbed during the opening ceremony yes. To show the crap like this get it's like an SNL skit you know. Yeah and then it's it's to duplicate it to show what crime is like in Oreo wanted to let people know that it does exist. So there will therefore just get it out of the way make you forefront part of the opening ceremony. Wow you guys think I'm crazy dumped you and I hate is that wild yes. I don't believe you at all. It's out there is it not you even. Mean to show. Let it is is when I had. Kim producers Shara that. You lead at the following a dress rehearsal Henry those stadium late Sunday and while things. Multiple reports that a skit in which a mugger attempts to rob the Brazilian supermodel. Are please intervene. And she forgives terrorists Piaf to show love and compassion in Rio. But there's a robbery. Crazy now if that indeed. He said now go. Now some of the organizers matching the report saying that there in accurate I. I rate request to keep the content of the extravaganza under wraps. They're not saying that they're not actually having this just really upset that they. They rehearsed it yet. Okay so I don't know if it's gonna make the cut they may get too much of a backlash it doesn't make it but they didn't rehearse it. Included in the did did you see what the broadcast Booth yesterday fell into the oh just want to yeah. How what are you bring out. Well the day before our analysts think it was one of those platforms for the boats pulled it when they're doing the water sports right and that fell into the ocean. They yesterday Al rogue believe. The import yep yep yep it showed up in Rio. This thing was up fifteen foot wave came off the beach and hit the broadcast Booth near the stadium. I am now looks like it's gonna fall to the ocean. There have been a lot of lot of luck in its not going well it's not at all right notes not. Some two things really quick first of all did you guys see that wet now. So. Shocked that he being shocked. While continuing to read that this is actually something they're gonna try and do that the Olympics in dispute which he gets mugged told. Great and it all comes out that it's all about love and and when she forgives the robber the city of god. It'll be interest if I go on to lead to violence. Sure Bozo I will. Hulu I don't know what it was still in my hand I met earlier karma see you want and you're Bozo. I said maybe rob thought I was Bozo Robin Jackson it's where a picture would Bozo eye and say that you could only Bozo hopes. Who will. I love Bozo is a kid I really though you can't say this. Olivier yeah. Yeah wound care gone Meebo. The. I'm sorry I apologize. I should this. And the industry in this text really fascinated by him and Jamie were you the girl on FaceBook in the videos with the brown curly hair EU. I'm always talked about how great your teeth are but the girl I had a little space between earth friendly. Truth. Yeah. Couple of them get it sad about my team they're you know is very Interbank. She had been cute is I don't hard and I know that she can't get a begs Iowa heard ever get that sixties. It is so chain and so perfect and loving mood I love this is a little bitty GAAP break there yet. I love it. Is he gonna say not that I had breezes eight items that we got it I. Admit. Don't know I could change that I know I thought about it it. Did you see you know MI Jim have you seen that I think it's for sunglasses. That model with she does like sunglass commercial heavy thinner. She's blond. No yellow gap between your team I don't know office wouldn't want to. She does the sunglasses commercial and should not all of celebrity NCAA as hot as is a little bitty yeah. That's the thing ever dared tongue stuck in there. You know X are any party you. Boy he can really jump seat on the. And daylight there as soon issue some barren life. I'm alone lives back out and I feel like he's headed WHR after your eye. On the. And it was a time I had to finally tonight and what we're they. Delta. You guys did you see him on his private jet Eaton and take Virginia with a knife and a pork. Yeah. Handled this point now that right scam because CIA I kind of felt like metropolis like an everyday guy. Current elegant you know while the or something young and getting on his private jet is okay I went oh no no no don't just say it on this a common me just comment. But what I see him sitting there on a private jet where those pork get a knife in his hand of the plate and he's got a bucket KFC try to eat a piece chicken with a fortune a knife. He's not like me at all but a gamble that I'm. Sure he's not like us now that's a closely finger licking good enough port. McKee good yeah but I get it I told him how do you get back because I'm not where it had 20000 dollars sue I don't want OK FC greets a mosque soon. I can't believe you're not where that's where does not exhibited no I mean I get it and. Well no. It's. Guys not gonna eat greasy east over the hands you know he chicken with a not important do we need that pot does dollar managed. I did have a shouldn't rest yesterday vote for it. And to rest yesterday and I can't it and I've been afford the when he getting grilled you do. That's not the same this is key of C original recipe umbrella when I see you gotta pay that it. Its original recipe if you look at the picture and now it's not seek extra crispy stuff but it's not the bait stuff you'd love this is an original. Them constant government so he's not me. Now Campbell that. Can't do. Hello Nicholas. He didn't get mashed potatoes and very Smart thing when they mashed attend the Grammy ray via its that it. I was so hungry after I left Jackson's last night you know but I had my drivers stop hill stones. Did he put a good there I guess racing good again then grilled chicken salad and I got does it get why for the very good. And I handsome ribs that's a fancy draft throughput. I got him ribs and usually says it's so nice to be nobody's ever ever bought me food. Now now let's sort of like had dinner with my driver in the nice day the rangers' slogan. I don't have anything. It. Harris grabs. Clinton's Bradley Roberts had a driver don't want a hundred I ever get a game means barbecues odd dollars I had the don't let the chips get real experience. Good evening Wednesday but I got to drill idea. That the talk about the bridge for these. Salute their passenger yeah. Like new ideas Avery it. Only counts just the physical person. Getting food and then I leg you know as you get a petition to get the driver to rent a known for the ribs then I'm them. With a look at the end because we thought there where I tell you guys the ribs in the ribs and ribs. I and then finally did Monica Lewinsky's gonna vote for Hillary Clinton. Not enough and I think you know none of thanks and we think that I don't think so I mean. I don't know break. Just some posting up I all the while keeping our eight years of thinking that thumb are you thinking that she would vote for Hillary because it's doing a favor for bill. To get him back to the White House so she's helping the man that she truly loves yes I'll by voting for Hillary. And so it's kind of a you know I'm saying it's kind of a way of helping. Even though it doesn't make a lot of sense I should do as a joke to herself and sit and talk I don't know why I think she hates Hillary. Which I'll probably Monica hates Hillary. I think Monica hates bill now yeah you know space now that he's got kind of old and I think Hillary needs bill. I think Hillary hates bill. Nothing tells them favored adding that. Chelsea probably thinks bill's cause some problems asked me if it up yet again. Probably will care urged. Boy bill would add a good job at Jackson's life as but the outlook web all right guys write at all but you can look so good. It it would have freaked out and you match ticket Bill Clinton that party lasts until Jeff like thousand women and one now best work. Now and by the way and casino owner FaceBook page and watch Sheen and sounds documentary on Jackson's last night yeah it's hilarious now there's one insulin like thirty seconds don't watch that when questioned whether it's like and a prime minister some. I'm sorry I thought it was funny I watched it twice but I was planning to cut its value chain and nut challenged on the Janus like I'm it's a documentary and Jackson last night and there's all a lot of salad. If my black out selling dog and right. My god and they should go in baseball can be gained anything on that's published cash in gene Seymour.