BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 9/11

Tuesday, September 11th

The Cosby star Geoffrey Owens had to quit his Trader Joe job, he says he lost income due to the Bill Cosby scandal. All the reruns have been pulled and that cost him about $1 Million a year in royalties – Alex Trebeck now has a beard  and the internet went nuts for it. – Les Moonves will get a $120 Million payout -   Kim Kardashian says she cries every day over her big butt -  Kanye says that his wife is in Law School, She is NOT – Nicki Minaj talks fight with Cardi B – Bradly Cooper compliments Lady Gaga and made her cry on GMA -  Getting a divorce can be contagious between women.  

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. At that just mentioned at the breaking news story to tell you about apparently a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center here in New York City it happened just. A few moments ago apparently we have very little information available at. Freedom itself was attacked this morning. By a faceless coward. Freedom of the defendant while it's chilling. Tuesday today marks his seventeenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and nabbed by the way right now going on red rocks. The largest. Climb in the country. This memorial stair climb suitors honored and remembered the 343. Fire that firefighters animus 3000. Americans who died am. On that day. You know were almost right at the time of when it. It was on a Tuesday are never forget beautiful morning and that's when it occurred not allowed. And the event started at 7 AM let it be followed by a moment of silence at 8:46 AM. And the climbs starts at 903 so they still have an hour before they kick up their client. Treated and forty stare claims across the country and this is the largest U. But it is so. Pretty cool you know it's way Colton I guess to do it went missing. In ninety laps around the ample theater and send them. The equivalent of a 110 stories of the World Trade Center. In New York where the you know where the World Trade Center once village can now they have the memorial there they will be reading golf all 3000. Names today. Yeah they do that every. Every year it certainly isn't that so here. I've something because this makes it even the yeah the guy from the Cosby Show Jeffrey Owens. And we couldn't figure out why he was working at Trader Joe's yeah I'd put this together you guys so why apple has keeping came down I realize how much Bill Carmody basically screwed everybody with royalties him. So when they took the show off the air in syndication all these guys were making a million a million about a million here. In in a tease right will then they took away the syndication it he can weighing. There money. On that's why Jeffrey Owens says that's why am I start working nets down. Trader Joseph Joe's not duels rated house. He said all of a sudden. All the bill Cosby's death went down and they took Oliver showed up the air and now we had no paycheck. Subject to this guy he spoke cosmic per share. Mile all the people were talking about here to be all the people that were writers producers everybody that had a stake in the show they all loose. A photo of him was shared online a few weeks ago and now he's had to quit his job at Trader Joe's then it's too much of a distraction at historic. And he said he had quit the job done about the this the store because the more prominent in patient with a stuff. In our like him in and five bucks like we're so sorry he's like I don't need to running a marking. So he said now the coverage was so embarrassing. But he now didn't and decide to accept the job to do ten episodes of Tyler Perry's haven't have nots. Which airs on the Oprah network. Good for him I think Bill Cosby spoke to go to prison. We teach that method. It wasn't his. Wasn't his sentencing in the him going away to a prison in September. It's gotta be this month that they sympathy so I haven't kept. Because like Goodell and on forever. Kirk and I think maybe even next week. Alex your back the urge. Good for him. The Internet is abuzz about the ad jeopardy kick off. For its 35 season because host Alec Stewart back is sporting a bagel beard. Everybody freaked out on Twitter. And that a parent well and they hail Alex too bad you are buttoned up guy with a suit and you are claimed David duke is all weird any SA out manned by. It gives you about Alina Cho thinks of me I think son he's gonna retire. He's good. And feel like you didn't hear the Indian man. Quality Q yeah he's just didn't. Know when you for city had a beard at the gay and girlfriend. Now they're called a beard. Medina. Saying she should check today a hundred edge and he. Well ours. Does CEO Lou it's moving on me and that's a nice day out moved 120 million I can do that yeah I did do that yet that they aren't. Yet if they came to me incident beach here ears 120 million dollars is goal wide right. I'd be well that don't. Act out the you'd never hear from me again. That's if an internal investigation. Of the allegations of harassment fails to my grounds for his dismissal. So it's kinda tricky situation my guess is that I'm CBS at 920. Million dollars online and make sure went the girl. I don't think he's gonna get charged with anything though. So I I don't think there's going to be any because it was so long ago. Oh. They're doing an internal it does have to be that he's charged it's during the internal investigation. Yes it's in based on what the police at night. When are people. Which he can see them and Korda now you know if they're investigating themselves. You guys in and do the strips of. Champ car in so sadder but is so big she cried every day and good news I have a clip about it. When you sit down near violence so huge not very nice she likes having a baby but now I don't think I got on a daily ocean out. She cries daily. My god I love it Kim Kardashian apparently doesn't like having a big but. She cries daily about a big but is true stories while right after she post. On this degree OK so if you believe that. Did you go to number three right here yeah if you believe that the Kim Kardashian cries every day about her big but listen to this I love it. I love it that's what that's all we focus on helping people empowering people that don't have a voice. You know breaking down the class systems I mean as two million African Americans incarcerated. A lot of is not violent crimes. So we gonna do. Everything and that everything we can't re going to get people out. Period my wife is in Moscow now. It's extremely serious thus it's Kanye. He's she even hostile. They are. So we did some research and now it's come now that the spokesperson for the Kardashian and is saying hi name misspoke she really really really likes lie okay. But she's not law school but she really likes it. Dad and what she's doing right now we're getting these people out on risen in trying to you know be an advocate there in and go to Washington. Pretty much like being in law school. That's the way she sees it in this ridiculous. I believe she's watched legally blonde brown and you think set yet Brian Brian. And stick it she thinks it then and have a you have. My god you guys she said she's a law school next. Cheating no we're gonna find out they -- he's gonna become a surgeon. But get Batman he's to commit a doctor. Those girls are talented. And it just tears you know them. They didn't just allow him read garbage in my wife the mosque that is to say I'm in law school you should just a backup career. It's a great idea if I get out of here early today. Why am I gonna play elsewhere. I she is true crazy at three audio clips of her going crazy about the whole thing that went down with her party being arena so let me just go on record having said I would nab are. Talk about a lunch child or parent tang. I don't care about anyone's parents and it's so crazy to me that people. Always need to make a neat the bad guy. If you're right in whatever you're doing you don't ever have to make someone into the back got. Just speak your truth when you have to say that I said or did something that you know I've never set are dead I didn't she'd waited will we lose that number. Come from no clue in no clue and no clue Nikki. There's. And we you're sad and I am really this is not funny this is not about attacking. The best they did not from there it yeah Bollenbach isn't the issue. And. I did she actually hit that he would issue. I and a bad ocean through want to negotiated in had a carted become there was that big not on her head. When it was asking her last lump BO clubs. It was I think we Jeep through the shoot she felt. Now they said that and humanize his during the scuffling the largest people did. The war but they Waechter. The rest. Of the nest bolt she's. It keeps people. John Blair chief felt Mayhew. I hired sheep down the gulf hired that there are people that is what I I heard she was elbow by a security Garrity. We can go babies to security god said you fail well IEL mail that play. That way he would you don't know lawsuit for him totally yeah I didn't need that no. And kindred dashing in saying that she's in law school is the biggest insult ever to those of us. Actually practiced law. I would get a lot firemen camera may actually be a better than the more on that work for. Well how multiple polls that put it. Out. Saying you know we're going on here and what else to have for it. Lady Gaga. He still haven't said the things any. But to look at human rights and my god that's such a great partner of the way Bradley Cooper talks about leading got I wish you could talk about. Mean that way and that he said that you know worked on the need of Redding got these are the right when you're in it right SP blown. And I was and he's felt fabulous. I'm stuck promised we really it instead of fabulous via the wound up putting it and I'm just curious. Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot either way ear is Bradley Cooper talking about Lady Gaga news. And in an interview that Lady Gaga is a revelation. What does that mean I'm just so glad god gave her the talent that she has company chose her and because. That's quite a vessel. To go through because really what you do that then she's such a beautiful human being. Thank you through. You never have a beautiful human being. OK here's vessel Europe vessel are dead got a vessel you will be a moped. If I could take any vessel and not let. 118. Kim sorry of this made the. People. So that he. Put him open and so. We won't pay and then finally. Getting to what I believe this I believe this so much I know it's not tablet trashy but I've read this as like this is notre. Getting a divorce it's contagious among win. Did you read this thing yeah I did a person so let's I had. Let's say I am married. And admit examining him. And then all this in my BS asked my best girlfriend she gets divorced while unlike what kind of life is so funny it's a great look cluttered and it's not tied now it's not being told what did she he doesn't get under. Oh my god I was like so I get divorced it's a 5% that number six cents more likely to become divorced if their friend has divorced right. You're sitting in a situation where your miserable already yet in the and you see what happens with their divorce and it's like. You know what this far from it buzzwords is good to the late. Yeah biscuits is overweight miserable. Because I remember when I am amendment of the time when I was at my son's dad and my girl from the Leno was single aisle. In the end I was listening and it just and just didn't really like that much in their Demi crazy. Displeasure lights a match. And all. That Alina. I. I don't know if Jamie you know what daylight trust me having lady. Mayor. And she bounced around. You're all the mountains together again I don't know how you go up there for three days and stay in three different hotels but that woman bought all while. One guy I've never I've never seen a woman carry you don't carry your shoes in the snow. The two bulletin they don't go. But I wanted to go and say anything that could be a lawsuit before I go to the owners through rendering. Those delegates out of lose you we can tell us led war. You met at the bar. Did you bring that into my room. When in the hell can you guys get your own ripple crazy I mean I am too I'm a mom of two birds like you to step and next in the queen bed yet. Apart we remember all the different guys names. Let's see him whether he's checked at the ice cold one die each carrying his baby really can end. Well you know while we and I know. Or what week it I think it was only when. I'm pretty sure it was just one guy yeah. Industry and data credit cards you guys like I can't verify the what happened. I. Asked buried tablet. Into week day mornings on Alex I.