BJ & Jamie Tabloid Trash 830 3/22/2017

Wednesday, March 22nd

BJ has taken up CB radios and has a FANTASTIC CB handle.

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Vijay and Jamie. I posted something on they think that will give you such anxiety that the UN assuming. TJ is why did anything it doesn't bother me well you. It doesn't bother me and athleticism. In the minority in a way because you learned a lot of life here and you don't last week we're four room preaching that I had learned this lesson about staying in your way yeah. This is a good example of that. You know you there's that he can do that control this video these people making all these mistakes are new that you wanna correct instantly the stage in your lane you you don't have any control of this tape I cannot believe that you campaigned for Dallas not on the perforated edge. That makes me that not all ways it's one hairs I reached for paper towel and that thing rips in his life jacket on the edge should start and then you know that did that. Greens it's already cut four yeah. It doesn't bother me just I still use of paper towel I don't throw it away. Immediately separate your silverware. Some of it. And I don't. I separate these spoons and forks. But a lot of the nice to meet TC IR nine super. They aren't the same now older I didn't have liked if the giant spoons the big expose it to be for sale go to gatherer. You know and all the utensils like you can opener and then you know and maybe especially these are today if they'll loan would draw more. You had a I don't know pretty non military families keep them separated from Cano made it. Asian you just look he brings up the they may just come in separate thing the. Best one is the very beginning of this video of the job cuts okay prepared he makes the first piece looks like a regular cut a piece Kate. Well the second piece is there's a couple. I think he's got to write the Allstate agent I couldn't win the next pieces like diagonal from that is that. I mean hey listen I get the pieces of the puzzle missing and and apparently ironically it drives me. Do we get an order of he changed the type of person that performed can't tell each other again I hair she can't have a plate of food for the peace or touch god knows that the mashed potatoes. In the great he has to stay in the swimming pool she built in the mashed potatoes pickets outside of their she's done the there's no break in the dance and the doing that well we're shocker. Was it an insult now with the typical I had earlier. Absentee dad OK you don't remember where yeah sure you a digital plus Jamie for sure I'm home alone and I. And you liked him through the end did he showed so much better because. I got to shine. You know we really should limit recommended this to make everything better from new sand that you know these these announcements mean things yesterday here. I am just joking that I know you where I know you love him I do love him. And did you take in kicking elusive history and not freak out when LSU was all about me. You said you're gonna and I said I've paid 500 dollars and he said well at least has some central to the I mentioned the total loss. They didn't suit afterwards some are you suggesting we sentiment edible arrangement because everything everything right anyway you know integrity and humid fruit into any got a flower you got my nipple in the shape of the tour look everybody's happy that you Dylan couldn't do that put it on your card to a location payday I. I got it and the blogs you arrange to get really get my you know we'll catch you later who danced through on your car's sleek. Even now Dylan said that we were all talking about. He knows that once and you have it as a game Ernst young Taipei's credit card flagging. Well and Dylan said he also recently lost his parents credit card and then. And then he grew up when he was in radio Allegiant member little. Yeah yeah yeah that's it this physicists talk you know via more remain on your own yeah exactly. Well he just told me something very disturbing. Oh man. He just told me about this thing called twits TV. Which team need a live streaming service in the second most popular streaming platform behind YouTube. It's called twit Stevie. Kept and that he told me yesterday he like six hours of hiring her. If one twitch. I'm twits they have an embarrassed on our easy six hours on two inch he had put it. It's great man that they got a little sat next to it's they can talk to all the other people watching in it and it is means everywhere and you think that's okay with the usually happens that you think that's normal what did you do yesterday. Could you can't. Get that twitch. Which had TV man who's you're a very good thanks. TV's only military but can you please OK just twisted TV and you can consent to each other about hiring her yeah yeah that's because there's a great time he is there. Might kill TV. Yeah is it safe thing I've is that like a streaming into quality instead hold shielding you woke up with your friends that are in different cities all over the country. That's really take an army together yeah and you watch the same program together and that way you guys can chat back and forth and visuals on the street yeah if your friends are on your street yeah. I think we'll check your mind on your cold chills something. Kilby who killed I have not seen that. That's the same right now I'm really close ever heard about them. No friends. We are threatening and it would be just like I mean bill that's why I watch it on the Internet because I don't have any friends like until. Don't have friends and especially amazing grace yeah did you know let me just stop in an Alley real cars archangel does Coleman now. And so you've got. Can you say then talk about Darryl did your friends aren't you it's good news is that the. And I gonna kill. I don't know I would clicks Netflix in jail which yeah like candy twitch. Welcome. King drifting again here with the slick twenty lake like this soon pass. Yeah what was she hasn't pulled us right. Talking. Two letter Y is for yeah. This donors and. I don't even know. It is so have we would. And then that's awesome burn the I had any of the day and Revere and it was really good good to be speaking. And that and speaking of kids these days like Dylan talk about 29 and got. Is suing bears in my son knows all these YouTube stars right yeah. And no idea who they are so he used to be in love with this guy named Casey neck nice stat Casey nice stat. And because leg whenever this guy using YouTube started militarily. Good off and then my son when he started YouTube channel because he's like listen these guys that are like superstars and link. You're kind of hurt him he's a superstar I'm in radio I've heard of everybody great. No yeah knicks fan showcasing nice fat right. Now he's doing nab Lincoln AT&T commercial whom he's he's the guy with a goofy face you could AT&T commercial. He also just hooked up with Ben Stiller Lewis Hamilton whose Indy race car driver whenever. And Emma Watson and they just raised connect. Stars. Like similar demands for the last three years and I'm blown him off and they did this really cool thing on Friday. Then stellar not on YouTube with all these these people and he was taught him how Somalia. Is suffering a huge famine again huge. And so he was begging Turkish Airlines to drop food to them since they landed Somalia just pleased load up one airplane was food. Well that Turkish Airlines were saying it's cost a lot of money all this stuff well aren't as of Friday he's asked people to donate money mean two million dollars was donated. Sixty tons of food is gonna fly and Turkish Airlines. To Somalia. And feed six million people mystery call to pick the guy on the Internet. Very cool new things happening right here. Some powerful class. A lot of stars and thanked thing there's a guy on SNL he started out as YouTube where he then again Kyle many mean earth. So to see her skirt and two guys said so that they don't prefer was that there on YouTube that that definitely like. Of the world's hottest peppers and all that. Oh I sit there on fees Sean Evans and I can't remember what gets pretty and instead he had a pretty bittersweet pieces there YouTube channel yep it's very yeah. They have a really good show to call the hot ones where they Sean Evans guy he's one of the guys you tiger made up. You bring stars onto his channel and they eat progressively hotter chicken wings email right questions she need this guy is getting millions upon millions of years you know they make money on than I ever every like half million usually you get like 2500 dollars sending with subscribers via mormons that do Daphne and YouTube. We have both Wear it and yeah I YouTube but don't post it would it would do is there a sister who rented Villa. Blue chip crucial momentum. We used back yeah I was in the Pacific. Yeah I get on it well you know why you can't end and Nina didn't know we did an author and implementing our. The girl he says it is not you let it plug did well no I'm dissing you tune in general now. Well no I do watch YouTube with my son because that's only watches that's all he watches is on the YouTube channels. But he's younger than Dylan to relax different things and you guys right yes yes yes we went skateboarders. And stuff like. This is definitely watch am watching people play video games right. Taking your decision that week hello Melanie your kill friend and her hey. When are you watching people play nine Kraft. Not my craft but tell us star craft loaded yeah regulate it. Wanna talk he's a national Korean star craft players perfect. We're questions on the new Tom Clancy game was sent Tom Clancy games. Here's a bunch out right now down zero in and others Adam. Paying your blood didn't think that they against definitely you wait till would you. We'll learn so much today at 1 o'clock. We commit those dumplings made about you know let craft. I slice until the end of this trip he'd tell me that Netflix and chill means that you're watching movies now on sex yet that is exactly what it means. Say that again with Netflix and she'll means you just coming over new and young children having sex with Netflix on in the background now. Philly I made the biggest my mistake ever we got from Netflix I am I thought. My confronting the clintons know it might how many American malignant yeah. Hopefully yeah it's pretty gross com could. Yeah this. Did you. No but I'd call the cops and the. We'll look they're mainly put one copy yeah and no idea I know I can't listen to let you just hang out. We have no place to do and they're doing it nobody I know you pretty gal who doesn't. Specifically Netflix and oh yeah who viewing Dillon who put up half an innocent until. I don't what the complexity may. Oh never could eat into. I think he's had all means that the please let you didn't know. Now I don't that we need to scare kids are. And he has so we should. I was an amber I hate. I know I try as you can yeah right I can't but AM. I just want to bring Greg I know we have to go as you may even do anything no yeah. They've been stolen from. But didn't feel like your book I can tell people your CB handle. Those recent CD handled it yeah if you like got to check area. Greater like done a good cook anybody out there the Marie do you talk to people. Thank William Gregor so many questions. Did he fool anyone talk about what do you talk to them about Abraham there's a smoky in there for a yes well. You guys like Indian on that and I play this way you guys from the see these kids need to kill us yeah right yeah that's typical Polaroid don't forget about your. Yeah I forgot what congenital. I mean they don't I can't teach some of the seabees have. And long time it's nice to some of them think about getting back into the right here you would even. Though triggered her pleasant so just saying no. Dylan is CB handles name is moisture may care more. Pentagon meantime though on what you're gonna different when I had. You wanna take your game is good but you have humidifier in your room. And what's you weather the weatherman says that this is nexus and it's about to come through the real moisture maker. Made a series ceemea big influence how moisture reason why. Anchor when I emotion radiating smoggy temporary tab while marketed to receive more from the FD. Well any any sense at all would go. Can let me. I didn't. CB handle Murray Jim Baker did. Okay they don't have contracts each inch weekday mornings on Ellis I.