BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 8:30 7/12

Tuesday, July 12th

Pokemon Go, kids are getting hit by cars because they are staring at their phones running into the street.  It is Amazon Prime Day.  Grilling watermelon is the new craze.

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Vijay and Jamie. No. Mom Janet did Victoria. Victoria. Garlic and thoroughly air conditioner. Oh okay and the Pacific but the and different little good for her anyway yeah you guys this poking him stuff is just out of control it is out of control. I so isn't everything it's good or bad let's take a Serb leader Matt. Now I'm indifferent. I don't think. And I'm on it right now and I'm I'm Alice went 059 because feeling and it was still available. And and just I guess I don't. Really get heats. And I'm a minute Jim. Yen and says it looks like you don't have much experience as the Bogeyman here you don't. We need to start. Well I know old and he's taunting you already have come back when you've reached level five. It taught me to did yeah what is. Read just told me that I guess not active enough that's what I came to the conclusion yesterday. I was playing over the weekend. And or trying to put an air record way to much walk in and go out of my house now on the sidewalk to the park it's supposed to go over to some. I don't know some neighbor's house a bit of both the mine and I have felt like I was in true. Should I buy this so I can get 141500. Poking at poking calling for a hundred bucks. No. Why don't don't buy anything language that possesses sucker part of it. Is when you start buying stuff but it's 141000 finally let me ask you this would this game they spoke about in if you wanna play it that's fine and don't care. But for Maine I don't know what the reward it's. At a become a good poll tomorrow and go person what's the reward we're worse by a right. I succeed. And what would use these Pope points more I don't know what it sounds dirty now and looked into it. And I have a Man Ray and now and it you know I I just don't get it really. But there's another rally did dill and kind of Bork. You know I mean. Now let's doesn't like in my book I'm in my putting real world look at it again doing things are listening go outside. I don't see broken arm world I come home poke around the world are only yours. In a row and as I get them. Are we try it are we addicted to our phones enough already I don't need this game. This team is just nothing more than another addition that we cannot put distinction phone down. They've got to stand right where they want us. By the way if you wanna find out if you've got the iPhone and you wanna find out how you can get by that whole security thing where they say they can get all your information from Google. When this pull them on and you can go in you can actually cut debt off you can deacon new opt out. If you go to our FaceBook page shown to put up there exactly how to do. Right there's an article and it's all about it. Safe so we get some Alice went up by nine like can people find me and I'm. And a half to get on then try to you know network with some friends and get all the details. And telkom on an expert even though you said that he you know a year it indifferent I think that you're against it sounds like. The may yet after all because you like another day instead it's not my cup Batik I'm not gay. I was never in the teeny crush a lot of people where it was huge. Riot almost phone games so I'm just not a part of that. Well here's our injured happened I guess kids. Up so you can by the way vote getter mad it whenever you and pulled limping by one of 59. I am indifferent good bad what your thoughts are 51 of 59 is a text NATO number. Some kids are running industry's concern just looking into the phone. Yes and they're not looking both ways. And I guess Republicans got hit. I cars they're just look at the vote yeah running into people it's obnoxious. Some people are same because kids are running into people trying to look for this pokey man. I did see where a lot of people noticed a lot of people out just wandering aimlessly. Throughout the streets up and down sidewalks from their heads down in their fault in their thinking what's going on what's going on in the when they found that about this Coca Monday ink. That's when they realized. That's what all these people are doing it at the grocery store people walking through the aisles and in their phones it's it's just crazy. So I. I don't think it's for me Sean. Now you think it's Freel. I don't because I don't understand it but I'm gonna try and spent some time and learn about it but at the same time. I am that person it's RD addicted to their phone I'm looking at all times is this just another thing and so am I I am a little here. In my life is complete. League gets and give it another shot me fired up. But can only do I go and he did do some as late news went over there legally. General fight eject future Pokemon and and they'll find other people and your Pokemon fights they're told not and then you get to collect their Pokemon you win here. I have no team there's when he got to join a team I guess I haven't joined the team yet either yemen's opponent team with the journal park. I don't know if that price keeps track of all year places are where you've gone hunting season. Excuse me guys and drug content I know Ryan's eyes are brought to join the teams are to attack. Well I. Let me read some of these steps NATO's my aunt had a guy trying to catch a Bogeyman in their backyard but it was sleeping and woke up because you heard him in the backyard yelling. I'm good. I think yeah you. Our. You're a grown man hero with your phone. If you're trying to capture a poke around that's only on your phone in your in some stranger's backyard there's something wrong with this yeah. I've got guys that that the game is nothing wrong with the game there's something wrong would you as a grown man and some stranger's backyard looking for this fictitious Oakmont. I'm wrong I get some articles of people have been arrested trespassing in churches and office buildings that were closed. To get inside the building trying to get that elusive people dvds and DC where businesses are starting to try to use it to more people and now these are hopeful it can actually lure on this you can there's a way to set it up so that the Bogut went to be your business for example the fab coffee shop or pot shop okay. I can put a poke a bond smoke and do you know you gotta go capture him with it brings you wrecked in my front door my business. So that we can get I'll sell you a bag you know. And get a poking me. When he me. To be a business. The allure he I haven't figured that part out a buddy of mine in Florida he and I were talking this morning he's gonna figure out how we lower people. Right now because if you can do that you can get people coming to your business in search of those multiple piece. It says that some said it set a good because people are act Dan and they're not calling it exercise. Syria says it did because it gets people out and exercising and and as social when they would not be normally. Come somebody said no it's bag get a life somebody else said my son and I walked over six miles this weekend so I think it's great. Good for you all go walk. And match the new podium and go game that everyone's obsessing over as a new player and it's the west Borough Baptist Church. And they are using it to spread their message where the players of the game which involves hunting and collecting blood human characters in the real world using the GPS and your phone. So that the church was listed as a gym plays players can claim so they can train their Bogeyman. So to stop. Today to get over using a character named cool. Sleep fairy. Played very nickname is love is love which is a common phrase used by the LG BT community. West Borough was not happy. And about this at all some high jacked and Diddy puff giggling perhaps oh another Pokemon. Church spokesman said that we recruited jiggling puff. To deal with the satellite love is love. Blade ferry for rest they include behind video showing the character holding a repent or apparent sign. After getting involved with the human go the church pleaded transforming silly things so we can preach the gospel of Christ a generation a Bible dumb rebels. Well I guess it always kid to be beat too bad of Jesus play. These people are evil albeit none of these people are evil you know another reason I don't play. Is because I don't have unlimited data. Law. That won't eat you alive. I saw somebody posts yesterday where cost him like a hundred something boxed the past week. Just played this stupid game because scene of some its data. Really he's you're not a Wi-Fi area you're gonna eat your dad. And can paint you know be unlimited. I'm limited. H unlimited change. Yeah I have a limited that streak or did you possibly do you pulled the man attic. Yes it's amazing how it started right by what's fun and good target so I used to play it on younger skylight so fired by now soccer catch Oakmont. Gray who loves what else I wish. Did you reclining Heidi you. The lawyer is to that's pretty EB. So early 99 the blue square go to look at not Larry get I don't yeah I'm right there that you don't hear writedowns. And you have a little worried click on. An adult pop up we're married at. I want but without sort hysterical to collect items that you deliver there at thirty met at our hearts are out there and poke. I know way can. And needs to come in. Order to poke or command says attracted me. If we have a question over the next few days because we're in the learning curve we call yeah on an expert out yet that's why Shawn did you get page number. That was we have any Pokemon questions coming up in the next few days we called HR expert. It helped a friend in the art scene there in kindergarten I can tell the pace of pro poker pro down. So page I'm a I see a space ship with a diamond above it would admit there. Station with a better about it and I company. It and put it up a U it struck a stop here at noon. I wanted to and also got three go to battle people. Don't get any item. Stage continual answering your phone overseeing BR girl. I can act Kokomo and trials that June 08 simple c'mon bro Lindsey Graham and what's O'Brien. What happened to him what was calling about players on a bend it. I. I've Ra I was going to said he and his better half our RD extremely addicted to the game. Yesterday they drove all the way to Fort Collins and locked around for six hours to collect Pokemon. Just to you know have a guitar hasn't gotten them tooth I do admit that. It like eight record I don't think I'd go and review and invented the big bend. And the guy that's. Well. I I was working candidate out. But it worked their shortstop Omar came and I got into thing and here's why I love so much yeast I've played the original game like arch James Beck rally. And I'll matches let's analogy it's like walker out actually plate Amy's these. We address some incredible. They mentioned it or this is isn't it better to play the game on we'd. I'm you know I'd probably say that a little bit better athlete ever now. I spoke personally thank you Maggie and we'll tell us but it had fun with BS I mean by which great yeah. I think is little drunk he got a little high. I'm clean things up on week we. Are. Few weeks I think that's what we hear is yeah it's because of the week. A deadly shooting at Oakmont Weaver I don't know how he can't go out and that I Zia. This is like a phenomena then manner. Net Lerman. The people are like London well it's just nice to know the women pro page and if we can't we need your food got questions can yeah. To really Glantz has an. The answer to that question that you asked that last caller yes Paige answered yes as well the best way to play is ID not. Nice not paid sets I see I can see that. Could sit there then those old guys pop around there on your screen a facet they crack at him because he didn't that's the media asked the. It says this game is really bad you know why because it much this soon. The law before it has consumed so when I agree yeah it did I apnea. You know all day. I'll let see here it says I think this is a sign of how people turn into the people we son Wally. Is going but didn't. Our partner. I was kind of park yesterday and they were about a hundred people playing walking around aimlessly. Think friends since the thing. Come to London Shelley yhency notes but it is now the thing that's a thing today is Amazon prime day. He. This is pretty exciting you guys Amazon prime date is a huge deal today. Now a lot of bad then the people on different stores Wal-Mart. Costello. Some of your other stores are all trying to compete today and with Amazon prime it's kind of a weird they created their own Black Friday to. And so it says make sure that you look at price grabber or price blink again that's price grabber that come. Our price blink that come. At whatever item you're looking to purchase because they will do a comparison for you but all the huge stores are going up against the Amazon's say it's our own is such a Black Friday. What I like is it today though. Did did they say it would July 18 a Tuesday I. I don't know why in this today why today is is what today is today the company started like the anniversary is that would ministers something that. That pinpoints the state because I don't feel like it's big you know anniversary or celebration. You know I don't feel like there's like. Holiday. Shuttle may look at options. And Amazon Perot but what it was to say I. Just got to. Yeah instead of waiting until November Amazon is bringing back Black Friday to this summer with the second round. Boom it's the second -- prime day on Tuesday July 12 a bit I know one team bad Christmas in July. That's ahead. This will be kind of right in the middle that gets. You can sign up for at thirty day trial of bands on program. That way you'll be ready to go first thing. A bus and thanks. Just now. We answered dryly. People that's when we're seeing poking me in and what opinion and sway groups. Because it's Pokemon. It's more on my because someone called up from the islands month we'll know excitement ultimately. What it stands for is pocket monster. I don't care oak pokey Mahan. All realistic couple key man man has a hand or pocket monster yes because that's when an originating out turns me on pocket monster which is. Hokey mom yeah. They've shown. You could get from our pro. Notice is that some pro called in and you know asked does it and that's Lansing it's the wrong date BJ here's what's today the twelfth. Today's twelfth in volumes well. When I get the eighteenth at its next on the all I did something to delete tees are out and bought two Italian politics aren't. By the UT's big day for me that's like keeping kids he really know you get the states that can hit like OK except to do in the act of some deleted Tia yeah. We do you can tell you. Beat secret repairing them can tell anyway I. To be big day big day I get me Monday it's Monday the eighteenth. Being beeped sorry about that I sit in the seat tees in today's twelfth yeah. Anyways so again it's a prime day acting. I asked twice to any rabbis I do what you've done in the. We want to sort of already hurt when you bought Miller might. Please bought our hammock and a big screen TV. That's what she told me she bought I did by dynamic sitting on my kid has those panics and he loves it he put up all over the place. Yeah I did I did it yeah I do is lose. And UN no announcement but we know she's okay. So I bot. Or. I'd but this thing let me. I know I was buying it yet that pushed down review your order summer because on my credit card information is in there. It just made it by an like a body and it wasn't ready really. Not only have been reading your information that computer. Yeah I need to send that out here and work computer via now a lot of you can log on to that human life so the Vanilla cupcake candle with a ring inside despised jewelry the jackpot Gloria. The jackpot get a body cast yeah until you burning down and you could get a ring that aid in the fifteen to 5000 dollars. No he would do you expect to get the scandal. Dimly burning during a morning show it's not yet except. You sit sit here now learned that way would you reveal on the year what he gets a great idea you know saying yet but I don't know calling it takes an OK we even use the FaceBook FaceBook mentions. And video tape OK our time stream like I Julia. You do it in the field Saint John and I do it right here in the studio just for one of those candles super rich I got that then there are double him it was space saving still stands. Tropical. It was a tale. I got to Samsung that Kirk 55 in sport K ultra HD it's RL ED DB. I say it's 689. Dollars on the Tucker. And then wait and I assume they got as a grieving we're honest. You invited countertop crock pot cook did you know what I thought and those guys. But it's not yet shipped in a random and Monday that's when it's a sad way many pro he said John. Oh. I gotta say what they see yeah. Absent a challenge seemed to get a sip BC ten honest. Listen that relates to Yale alumnus and talk about DB and lazy here yet you're gonna love he had a Segway it's just sit down. Wow it is such sales it's 600 dollars off and if the deal of the day. The Segway and Segway and sit down thing hundred of those things are flying out the door I think it I think now that I think at this. I think you may have got to stand up. It may just down I think about it consent date. Yeah. This is sadly media pros self balancing scooter and a that's standard model. But he's got short little thing goes right between your knees. And then if you squeeze alien needs and then that's valued human knowledge and yet you see it yet he got a funny idea a 198 dollars off today. Good idea that's a great deal thinking. I would've got on I have to worry you can borrow hers and re back with. Yeah back back back. I'm sure he'll have one. Customize the united I only anyway go to price Trevor dot com and price polling that come to check out and see if the in the best deal. And then finally the new trends sweeping the nation not only hope he made and against what else is asleep in the nationwide grill your watermelon the F I a song that's you know you go. Ordered the city good that it's the lesson we should try that too it's nice and warm. Be sure he got a grill that we can bring into the studio you think. Set a fire on purpose in hi we did that hot money and I don't know the Foreman of the dogs out of town this guerrilla watermelon tomorrow and yes let's do that it says you're really enjoyed it out. It's it's. Good karma watermelon you renting a big added that warm watermelon and drizzle a little bit and warm honey on a minute to warm the couples do so now let's get the truck right here in the studio then do you couples warm now. I don't let all Carmelo watermelon you know you want to talk a little warmth and I'll have Bobby Harvard. I'm you are such a fine soccer I. We thought watermelon. Doesn't carry well I've got sick and then hot to. Number I didn't. I know but that the water is supposed to be ice can't can't wait any intelligence in the it's easier and more on Alex.