BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 8:30 9/15

Thursday, September 15th

Media lying.  New polls show Trump ahead of Hillary.  Gwen Stefani is going to marry Blake Shelton before the end of the year.  Sexiest male profession on Tinder is lawyer, number 2 is actor; for women, the sexiest is teacher, and number 2 is dentist.  Nick Cannon wore a turban for the America's Got Talent finale.  The winner was announced last night.  Trump is on Dr. Oz today.

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Vijay and Jaime do to woo. Minority. According to and you put all Americans trust and confidence and Jamie is Devlin drag. Is at a all time low when he talks about. You kidding this is a stellar break here right fluids all the tabloid stuff out there and you being crack reporter in the. Actually it says according to new poll Americans trusting come into the mass media. To report the news fully accurately and fairly has jumped to its lowest level ever. Seized up just us the book but it. And telling it's a true test everybody it's so well we've talked about it's so buddy go. The one channel that blank and battle of Katrina Pisa grabbing go to another jet. And Mary could be the traffic delays docs linked. But yeah is just been. You know and I don't really mind. Having you know like to see any and where you go there and you get pro Hillary REE go to fox junior pro trump. I don't really mind that what really drives me nuts though is when they take something that I know for a fact the details are ND span and it. To try to make me believe something completely different. When I read the original article Wragge yeah and there they put there there's spin on it didn't hit an all out just basically a lie and they think we're stupid enough of the it to go for you know and that's what makes me mad that's just what makes most people mad I don't care that the bias I don't care but when it's he sees some people who. Today it's like you know when would that whole thing would the CBS where they edited out the frequently Bill Clinton. But he talked about yesterday bill what hope that they had equally bad as it looks. I think Bill Clinton slipped up and said frequently when he didn't mean to it so believe it in there it's fine you don't have to explain it it's all good. You let me tell you when you. You've had this been going on for years I mean the most classic example of all time and are the two people. It it's a horrible horrible flood in Ohio horrible. There's two people and making news. In the canoeing we get a guy walks right in front of them did remember that yeah. Waters of angle day so why should I made it doesn't and don't want to read it to. Think in the running and I love wired they can do. The right thing. That was just that was priceless and there was another remember the other one to a new same thing water water of some blinded broken or something some water main. And it was it impassable you just a newsroom and it was just devastating. And then shoot what goes by a golf cart. Some guy goes slime by the golf cart are run behind him right through the area where it was impassable. And a golf cart got through. So recent shots on this issue always isn't forever it just drives me nuts how we are lied to. And speaking of Hillary Clinton and Nat champ I'll let you write as well and then I'll pull. Says that trump leads Clinton 46 and whenever that pardon that but you're right about the Colorado park. That's what I thought I read it. That's shocking. This is a blue state right this is a Hillary state I thought this is his first time to leading Colorado in the place sixteen election. First time. Oh boy if that's the case I don't know if it's true or not it that's the swollen and that's CNN yeah. CNN likes her cell if that's the case if trump wins Colorado this election's over. It's all over. Cause to take this state is huge. It's it's you it's huge. When they you know yes this will he says he huge huge if you mention that's I mean. I don't dubbed by that but if that's true. It's over though Canada and horrible BJ. To see all the people that are changing their name on FaceBook is deplorable. The club a big day for emotional and swallows abnormal PJ the moral Jamie white. As Hillary said that you guys that Dell like trump though lead like that will vote for trump are deplorable. So Mara that you deplorable bastard gaffe he had if you vote for trumpeter deplorable. This week's song I am so happy yourself world. Like Britney Spears and it didn't I'd tuition and we also had to be you know make me smile shall be with happening. A the friendly. At this Britney Spears but I feel like she's right here I like you guys have go to impressions and I am not saying. We have Rumanian mob. And on the T sounds like she's not roaming. And she motor some time but every time I use. Ninety nickname that's. He and the collar and you do looking and knowing. That. And smooth sound went to Bonnie and let Sheldon. They're gonna get. Me and. Real. Do you think so. Gwen Stefani is going to marry an NHL yeah. Well put it over the top that Tiki had paradise over know all of the water. Fly and oh yeah hello I'm staying stuff is right thought. This milieu the go go over our state yeah palm trees put in there yes she's so. But in that look like Hawaii and snacks she's not gonna marry this do for us. Manage that then amazingly nice guy I'm sure and to say they're hard at third not made three. It's a lot of them Lou there have been fond but they're just not made for each other. Army for Saturday. Went to funny Blake Shelton are planning on getting married this year. The couple was to get married for the into the year. For tax reasons and maintenance at the at this event is say that Glenn went to a low key ceremony. You know take place set where. Where. Yeah yeah yeah. Of pain. Cleaned house they say that's why he made that it's the goofy in this house like with all the you know that Teague he had tonight that's ever is because they're gonna have a goofy wedding awesome she. I don't see Brad to our rules. When she's. Home I know you've got these teams you know are old news it's a big. Difference dating someone running around Ambien in the red carpet go into these galas. You know it it's a big difference that in settling down in Oklahoma I do not see Gwen Stefani at a Tiki hut in Oklahoma. And so then she's too classy for that dude you don't know her you don't know her and maybe he's secretly classy yeah. So maybe he's secretly a high end. Also. Mean he's got asked we have wish him the don't ask. If they do that they do it. I this'll make. I had to exhibit the thing I think. OK so I think they love each other I think their perfect I think they'd laugh and they have fun and she gets to be silly and should instead be out of snooty Glynn and she just gets beat. You know who she may be really is. Went from OC. Come back I think. What's going to be dental gold is also new marry him and you have what she's bringing like. 34 kids and that. One comes and think and I don't think he's a good influence on kids. I think he seems to be a patient man with children now I'm William. Are moves you know so I just don't seem so the reality check is when you come home and you married Blake Shelton is now you have homework every night eight. Not changed died burden I mean I know that there have people but still. You know he's going to be yelling get me a beer yeah. And they bring him. Derrick. Are out. And it she's gonna say hey I know I was looking and we were young but now people don't rent to the kids anymore right. I would never in my life until do this and I I stick by it in my life will I ever have mice and bring him here. Ever and people think I'm not like it's a good deal orders for the. Let's say some guy you marry. And he sit around and your kids we'll give him a beer pong and him are you an honest and that's exactly what IC would this Gwen Stefani situation. I think he's going to be sitting there are gonna be revenues belly with a shirt up what you football cracked. Yeah. Check. Out. In that silly it's going to be around us and OC when I go on for this tell you CU in him I do in life. It could cook it it's your ball that rolled just came too easily for me. I'm headed did it was the Abu. Anyway and let's hear what has to I have four in. The sexiest male profession I'm tender yesterday it is. What's that. You'd still have women still yes that's a big ask me yes. Miss him to go way down. Boat captain. Our our men had a good Lopez says. One outlandish captains are the sexiest here's what I'm gonna say when he gives a shot I was Tennessee valley driver it's pretty close to one. Sex at a deli on Easter Island is different Cochran goober yeah and it's telling me guy. I hate all of the Dallas goalie guy pat cash in his pocket those guys solidly lol where the coats in the winner. But. Then again don't know can't think I'll but it sounded weird. I couldn't say where at valley driver wares that you haven't got that down to its feet I could see if he said UPS. I think women find the UPS drivers Kandahar. Those brown shorts have you seen the captain on no my gash below that are gonna go bouquet after police in that the captain amble of that now though. The TV show. The hot they say he's well below deck but the upshot is like John. It into what you see his picture don't do that kept me out thing you can. Captain Lee. Me this me. At least sexy bit. No means are so what's your own exec yeah what number one. MM oh yeah and yes yeah yeah. I hate that memos yeah lawyer. Lawyers number one male lawyers have the best success straight I contenders to protect like your mail lawyer on tender. It's as actors our number two. And then yeah. Lawyers are number one I live round would never guess I would I would think doctors would be either to. In ten lawyers number one and there's number two from women teachers. Teachers number one yet too hot for teacher number one and number two dentists. And live good teeth. This isn't weird and then on the way filled that you can't and he award turn and knows that all about how are now on America yet to talent he's got a German. So like if session state letters he just does a religion for him I don't know anything it's been different like every I had to watch the entire show that I've seen little clips he's had a different hairdo like yankees really weird braids it all came to a point. On the top of his head one night in and he just has been switching appeal hairdos. And last night was a turban. Most Nick Cannon got I'll just up for the America's Got Talent live finale with a white tuxedo and a survey. I'm telling created in big canons turban Twitter account called at turbine dash neck. Mogae by the way the winner of last night Abu America's Got Talent is that little girl she is good. I forgot her name though but anyway links yeah that's a name and wall. Don't know the. Hey don't mean he'd mind. The game so our own thing. Sperm. I thank you. And I'd ever sat on them she rides are mean losing. And lyrics she's amazing one million dollars. In June. The one million dollars at that way problem abandonment. And finally I know everybody has their DVR set to record doctor eyes. Doctor are. And I today agreed to a ten day just a few hours away. To view recently. Watching Donald Trump. On index doctor ha. How much fan and you've got you've used that word a lot you made an issue in this campaign you argue that the president has had a tremendous my stamina. If elected at age seventy you'll be the oldest person ever enter the Oval Office why you think you have the stamina. For the job they just about the same age is Ronald Reagan and and losing your behind. I would say just based on my life and I've had I actually and I don't know if this makes sense I feel is good today as they did when I was spared. He looks like she feels good he really does he gets around he need new a lot of a lot of appearances. He even looks like he's doing pretty good. Well not to worry is medical records will be read the old today and doctor and I don't listen to the acting that night and got to hear this acting it's amazing I don't. There's any doubt that he's pudgy if your health is as strong as it seems from your view systems. Why not share your medical records when not. Well I have really no problem doing it I don't have a great deal mean should they do it I don't care. And two letters one has been reported and the others from Lenox Hill Hospital get tested saying there should continue to do. He's an important Osama is good all the tests and we just done last week. Want a guy right he's revealed that like I can go on the and not to. I have been when they filmed the show right in the hot soup. Yeah right when he thought he brought him and didn't forget and OLD. He had a right there in the coat pocket guys. Thank god he thinks of everything he really does right. Why is lady. Anyway yeah I don't tablet turned. And Tony and. And a new way any business. Terrible each in each weekday mornings on Ellis I.