BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt And More (5/24)

Thursday, May 24th

RV talk  BJ wants one – Gwyneth Paltrow said when she dated Brad Pitt he went after Harvey Weinstein for honking her boob – Ashton Kutcher donates $4 Million to Ellen’s animal charity -   the Kardashians on the Family Feud promo – Mayor of Hollywood declares yesterday Stormy Daniel’s Day. _ Stormy says thank you! – Judge says Donald Trump cannot Block critics on Twitter, it’s unconstitutional. Judge says if you’re a public figure you can’t block people.

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Hollywood news and gossip. Tell Hollywood isn't it gosh these tabloid trash on Ellis 1059. And. And it's Thursday. Get ready to have a long weekend. To fall by the way that particular ticket thing this weekend it's very important because they are gonna be out looking. Seeing they're going to be looking for you because it's one of the most I guess one of the most England's congested. Highway weekends of the year. I'm not deadliest. Well I don't know if that's the deadliest I think some of the others might take that like New Year's leave all right you know but it's very congested out there. I saw everybody understands that the column I just learned this word from my friend except there rinks were raped their campers are the rakes. Their rigs that the rigs. If you Abby pulled campers and daughter rig was like a big race I did too but I guess is not in Camping World below guy of the big. Overall the rig. Now the letter comes just a motor home if you look it's huge if you look at the fifth Wheeler camper you can have your re okay yeah currently in your rig. Member yet because it's like cool time and need to those terms chemical and searching on this racked up big about renting one. Well yeah that's the way to start the last one I didn't go from there it's Superfund really digital microwave but somebody drives in defeat do you think class out. They just see the diesel motor co it's kind of crazy. What have you wrote it they walk through with you OK what things did you have stick classroom then dumping or any of that stuff you know as he has in fact we brought backed. We brought back then I was at and full of what if you did not do that they mean. I never be a little my dad Ellis pulled hose out of the bumper to do that and that. You shoot him back with all the bits in there. Yeah I think the one that we got the 1800 red America or whatever it was the it's as on the side you know. I think you're allowed to do. Or maybe an I don't remember. It's a little embarrassing them grabbed on the record what 800 a particular you know parliament act to cross decided your RV I felt like that tail here and it all of our people think I don't. I drove from here all the way to Illinois you know why else yeah it was pretty finance road. And I need a road trip this summer. It was really flat. And it was for Christmas so I am I hit the time I was married at step kids so the step kids read there. My ex husband mechanism has an appetite and we Rhode Island that windows meg is it's not. That we addict kids in the window and it sounds like a black it was a black list. And that may not toast well he was doesn't. I think I've got or erected for a week it may be had out nor voters don't think. Dakota. I think it's your energy and attention to him always go to Fargo. Because this South Dakota. Present nor to go to Canada I think its north north. South north new England's north north. Through I don't. Can UN security okay and delta delta has said that Brad Pitt. To review this is hot guys is so hot girl Harvey Weinstein against a ball is stuck instead I'll kill you and in. Like that in Latin. But it Couto says her ex boyfriend Brad Pitt threaten Harvey Weinstein and to images of old it's dissident and said because she would comments and a brat. And I. Harvey just try to hone my lips until he went after. He said this if you ever make good Gwyneth feel uncomfortable again I would Killian. I hate this story. Diesel race or so a lot you know and that he pulls this the month the rate goes after Harvey who's probably three times his size. It scares Harvey. He looks like a big hero is out of I think there's sort of Fred pit you know some guys it can't have everything. He's got courage and he's got money he's got movies spray of these brave and these tasks and he's trying. Yeah man good schools so I'm Alan Ashton coops are surprised with full million dollar donation listeners that. Found this. Very interesting tech company told ripple okay what is ripple ripple is basically a platform to allow people to transfer money. So it was a round exact same time that I ran into you on the beach. And you told me about this amazing birthday gift that you got from Porsche updating the guerrillas who what you never ask anyone for anything ever you're always thinking about everyone else and we wanted to show you that people are thinking about you. So on behalf ripple we'd like to give you four million dollars. We can actually transfer it into Rwandan francs right now right here and all we have to do is push his button that's in your account. You wanna push into me if I like a question. Let's get real good. We chatted about. But ordinary dollars and am guerrilla. What is that big cold sitting here looking at one buttons OK when I push this button all of a sudden four million dollars goes and about they count. Oh. Cole and. Burger lend it. Yeah in dollars are like. They deserve. What other kids with flies in the face. Don't deserve the money they'll get to. Anyway I do love Ellen that move. Money and this all know ash in which are made a tech company did you uno had no idea must be okay. I guess all the celebrities have got a lot of money like these guys who especially Allen's worth how much will known. Every four million dollars is no good garner it's nothing. But it's a good gift it to get. But he ought to by the caught it they have to have a cause. He's just you know it's a thing. Hollywood that's it then it so even if it's gorillas you gotta have a cause. We're not in Hollywood obviously but finally caught up cause I just think about the Children's Hospital where. Where every year I understand and we do a great thing and that's fantastic that we just need to find out on Monday well you know like our own you know. I support the the barber college. I go there by haircut at a nice it's a dollar two dollars via via like priced at super. Not to debt. I treated that Douglas county sheriff's department yesterday because they didn't just not be ruined it with them Bibi should buy one of those stickers and put on your car. I'm like I saw that this is viewed as Douglas County sheriff yesterday if you really oh my dad if you hit Audi now I just looked at him. And as a McCarty stand them with almost diamond on pole. And. Time hey I'm family feud. It says a preview at the ES special family feud featuring just said Chris Jenner and some of her daughters against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has Ben. The actual episode aired June 10 but here's a little bitty the. He's a good Kessler. Lips. Today. What this game over that I won't real fast here. I think he's had a fantastic union is gonna follow Udrih and yes I don't know whether saying it's been leaked that's a promo that isn't exactly running. It. This is that that same audio that they're claiming was late. Surely you have to think he'd be no kidding well. I'm only gather that edited bargained that same audio you just heard lesson. Lives. That's not only today becomes the troubled it's already running okay. Yes they were run net IE in line is what it is. They wanna get more publicity exactly when you say league than you wanna hear wound Lil. And let's see here well it happened storm again Wednesday was officially yet yesterday in West Hollywood. Here is a little clip. Welcome the last Hollywood where the women are strong and the man are pretty. Where where to recognize a very very strong woman today. Out of all the chaos of the top administration. How old lady Godiva appeared to be at a horse back. Iraq and she's another add up would dignity and she's fought back under the laws of the state of California by the powers vested in me. Under the great lots of the Golden State I declare it stormy Daniels today and this I had. Man. Key to the years sitting out key to this city is crazy. And then. And initially sent to lawmen went to a wonderful. Gay dads even dating. I gave bella a clear call there. The community it was Hollywood was the found that more than three decades ago on the principle that everyone should be treated with dignity. And fairness and decency. And this community has a history. Of standing up to bullies and speaking truth to power and I am so very very lucky to be apart of that. They are great day. But I think of dignity I think of stormy Daniels and they end up porn industry especially when she adds wishes of those Tito's and told them. That's hot and that is digging if that bless her little flat but who. Omaha. You body shame and storming an oath she does have a flat but you have to admit there's that one picture where she's walking off stage at that strip club with her but I'm sorry. It is flat as a board. I don't know what happened you but Chaman. You imagine it is. There. And when you go to see you're at the diamond cabaret which is coming up in about a week herself but it's a week from tomorrow night it's on June 1 when you go well actually a week from Saturday. June 1 when you go check out the flat but. OK listen. She does fan club but the thank you. I nice guy at all in making the bad guy in the whole room because I started Hewlett. Really flat tail like a guy and I got no room at all nor have a flat but it I have just you don't take off your clothes for money. Thank god we'll have the right price of the fact that. Looks like you currently. Have finally this is that I guess. For Donald Trump did you see that it's unconstitutional. He blocked people from Twitter which I. I think is actually good. What. That that is that was ruled this way that he can't block from Twitter because he's a public figure. I guess a federal judge ruled that president trump breached the First Amendment by blocking his critics on Twitter including Rosie O'Donnell and Chris Teague and both -- favorites and yours right and the am the judge said that nobody is he's a public figure and so he needs to interact with these people whatever. You were elected. You are you using your Twitter to look conduct business you you'll often talk about you know policies of whatever on your Twitter like all the politicians do not everybody does it. But this is a good thing actually. Because now I can not tweet like may or handcuffed and escorted you wary. They can't I can't block you know. Can anybody got any or is it just felt no public public figures if you are using your Twitter as a part of your office which they all do if you look at it. It because that's you know that's a fine line. If you were a public figure you've been voted in by the people and you're using it that way you cannot block people because it took it it. Creates it's against my constitutional rights well speech. Legal experts suggest this ruling would likely also extend our government. Officials and said Marion back. And they're also getting maybe it is going to be a thing for FaceBook and it's a Graham. Could be could be and you know what I think that this opens the door to I think it appears celebrity. I think that if you're a sports hero a star whatever I think it's gonna fall in line with these in judges could rule that favorite to that a us oh LeBron James for example. Could have blocked me. If I wanted her arrest him on Twitter. Which is a slippery slope it. I'm not advocate I would think it didn't let's talk about this Tristan Thompson. Right right what about those girls he can't block them now would they come on is Twitter account and be like yeah. The and he doesn't. Fall under this ruling as of yet what I'm saying is he could lead to that. I believe he blocks Kim Kardashian from his account right but again heat this is for political public people that have been voted into office that's what this is old now but you were just saying that if you're a celebrity and honest immediately so that you're exactly right he couldn't block the Kardashian she could it block patrol won't. There are however it was when I lose. Possibly. Even because we do they showed you would I wouldn't be allowed to block anyone. Give that a big problem. Does much for being used in different if you are seeing amicably about an hour makes a good note heavier and onto the back and I've never blocked anyone who. You've been blocking people under pay go not for sure Jamie why. Now when Louisville why don't put. Contrary I'll someplace dealer evil they are an axis of evil and we like bad words like the N word or F werder wed have actually shot. Only those people I'm not a BP and blocking. We're don't look at the back says the tapes. And you're gonna see about a thousand people that to apologize to anyone listening to the children's and blocked it again I should look at all I. Not yet yeah a lot of getting back. I'm I have a prisoner to blocked on my FaceBook page safe and think. Of the deadlocked sometimes just the one of these days you'll let me Becky and I. Very intelligent just. We see more on Alex I.