BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash Lions and Tygas and Kims 3/31

Thursday, March 31st

Is Kylie K pregnant with Tygas kid? Kim has another nude selfie.


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Vijay and Jamie. Things. And yeah I would matter as huge as that goes on again she doesn't. Yeah. It. She's with some model. Actually thought it was kind of bad move on her part the model looks better right far better way better in. I was like you can't I was surprised she did that because she's normally the limelight you know she added the center of attention. And help her highways to be cancer underneath her boobs are hot and the model has on you know skinny jeans wave lower belly button in the models really fit. Yet and really fit. And much taller and I was shocked and then the lowest price they took off their shirts and I also thought why are they in a public restroom. I'm never heard this model. I eat and you know now I don't know whether or restroom I know the Smart enough. And. Hey I email my guy Edwards though lately others public rest narrowed LA add an idealistic ever shared that impacts are an America. Because I have kids being nobody's ever seen my boobs but some of the shown to the world. I'll live guide invoked Crist homers here all I thought it was uses solid and it's good Christian morality is just so fortunate. They tell our. Good morning hey urologist Chris dumber you YouTube you're right yesterday snow about an ever got to preempt. Even the news good Chris let them Bedard faced a page and crystal are not right then I saw on Twitter NBC and all the messages flying around the value Chris. You have you seen see a bunch just talk about how to steal that welcome you to the show he sounds great and blah blah blah. Yeah I appreciate it very much it's fun to do this sin and now I'm glad that we're able to get forecast out yesterday I think we hit it pretty good on the yeah. The house. Two gay PGA GA me a little more snow should be development as the morning rush goes on that court Collins the bowl berth to the Denver metro financial and technical do it maybe. The foothills in the Palmer divide get to six and then. Once this thing kicked out I think that Friday looks not a links him and they look very nice sixty smoke and. And I'm gonna play golf on Sunday. He's going to feel tomorrow. A cool. Aniston under the bar. It's. Hard to bet I zoom it and it is my big play if she might even pull to into the market. That time. At that sits in a tube into bar secret just dislike the right to the bar a bit of him as well. It's like those can you enlarge you know where they have the pool and you've got to Barnes said the pool and but to remark. Outlines. And and I'm. Actually pull us on the road when we the bar Robinson I didn't spray paint creek so I need to be jettisoned that Twitter knowledge stuff that you're on. How are you have big nine earned two. I'm a big niner yeah what's is that those niners are until they don't niners when you climb those big mountains. Ornstein are senior Simon 99 common niner game he got here at 9000 or yeah I'm fourteen or guarantee us on the line yeah that's I knew I might think I'm. Doing it and climbing well these are merely have I. All of under ball and the president here I've not. When we didn't have time to do that does a lot. It does it all day affair let makes time for all it's some people like to go shop being so people like to go to bail I like the book about. You might think yeah. Luckily I've done nine niners. But the niners. Up in the hills but now I know one step at the Newton is different parts of town. And I don't do that I I didn't do anything on the summit project where we slept all the fourteen or on the so overnight plan. Now and say in the dugout bat around. My guess until. This yeah. All right thanks Larry I was glad you updated niners then highlands ran initiative that I. Over dark that's okay anyway. That's pretty impressive as was Phoenix last week to do an underdog. What do you get a good morning. For work I give up and up to thirty issue and then get the ball Roland get in here forecast together. Get the graphics on the show starts at five. He went to the 2:30 in the morning were always too tired to do anything you know. Containers. Plug in for you man and a kid 58 I had no idea either to resort maybe five but goodness he's I don't. What are your ours and lenders like 613. Or some crazy number one hour. The man now we'll see top ballot access. Just be looking for us that the. Things like. Elmer did you guys. See my I get it that it. I mean that's crazy good candidate was put down on foot they they love that he's still in the snow yeah and that are like he's a huge. Niner I didn't know that I thought it was. Weiner speak I tell you have a us with our CEO ray are big big bouquet was pleased. David fields are and it so we're all out with the staff and staff and that. I hit a figure at the spa and the way worth anyway I don't and tuition is like so well. Aren't as beautiful and my guess is he's like so so heavy Denny fourteen hours. Brian here's me. You know admit. I wouldn't know what I know now good. When I first moved good to you Kerry and like yeah. And you. 14 or yeah. I am an island to cool right because these are CEO right I drank. Yeah yeah he's like which what did you do down and troubled people I know when you have lied right in connect allegation has done. I'm okay I'm Justin I sang no I tell you talk about that only got its mountains. It was a fourteen. He didn't find out what fourteen was the first time you lived here and I never heard and no idea new idea and not enough that. Now the first outlived their not so the middle of my second stint in the Pacific but the big box need to report Peter's oh what he's doing wonders. Yeah. Lou and then on the men's side we do fibers every day was a five what we're 5000 feet. So we're we're we're fighting and everything that's going to feel good a feel healthy yeah yeah right. Pollyanna I know that right now we're at least several hundred feet above where we live and fiber the angle like yeah should be almost the sixers. This doesn't get does not land so we can go right Graham Breaux. I was thing about that yesterday I Jason so openly and tablets and we are perhaps. This close enough every time. Anyway I'm asking about positioning DJ American bitching about how. Not failed too but different TV station was going to watch Albert mountain lions club and that so this terrain like there are here. And you annihilate will of course an. Idea yeah they do isn't shocked me you know can actually set brought deceptively last night she's. You don't put. It on the middle knowing Jefferson County right. And it's like you Donna. Yeah. People realize there I think this is why they're doing it because so many people so many people are moving to Colorado you know. They don't realize I didn't the first time I came here I didn't know we had their lines here is an Illinois there's there's no their minds there's no mayors. And then rule and no there's no mountain mines. Now they're here I don't think they're trying to do public service where all the newbies think so they drilled yesterday. Because he's got me a reason I it is the Mountain Lion spotted it's like okay big deal. And you adding get the hype means and yeah I have the inside scoop it's consultant newbie I like Leland theory. I had flights are a couple of other things Bernstein has a new series to prove OJ Simpson is innocent. Investigation discovered as good of a six part dot Q series it's actually docking series am. I think showing asked about the OJ Simpson trial from executive producer Martin's team title the hard evidence OJ is innocent you know. I'm not jumped on the bandwagon yet it the whole OJ Simpson rehashed again innocent or guilty I don't really care. But does clusters too it's nice to see it everybody was jumping on. The bandwagon of watching this OJ Simpson thing on FX are now marching to its right it's over it's done right he's in prison. It's like I don't really care anymore. You add. Any skin in airing this series which is set to premiere in early dwellers haven't seen a big guy. That Iraq is. And I understand where the audience is for that. It trapper keeper and. I'm Blake Shelton. Oh this isn't there. Blake Shelton is accused of giving false testimony in a defamation lawsuit. I. And what's lawsuit so remember in touch magazine. And they did come cover story that said blatant sell food hit rock bottom after booze filled Ben during Cancun. You know. And that he was with bit. You know girls analyst Daphne was Carlo and you know the dismayed at the comics so he's sued them for defamation. Ranked one now they're coming back and say and hate. You get false testimony in in the defamation lawsuit because you were error in thinking Kuhn. There are tons of pictures of you with with alcohol in your means. There is a picture on its agreement you with your arm around a girl and then obviously in a hotel room right. So this stuff so in his testimony he denied he was in Cancun. He wasn't at the hotel may said he was and that's what he said. Yeah. I he said my hotel is not an all inclusive resort like it was set Aaron since I was not with strippers. Any way to combat their frighten us. Solicitor. And they say look it's clear that in the public guy. Because he has a reputation as our director. Ending he posts pictures again I don't know last week her her and think yeah I was last week and he's showed a picture of his mini bar is like this isn't a good idea though the begun. You know I just a couple of hours right so that's pretty. When you're making their post like he does. Eight you're gonna get scrutinized by people. Who say hey dude you're going over the top everytime you post picture there's alcohol involved you know. And it's according I didn't see the article side and exactly how they set it. That's a fine line then you can sometimes allude to the fact is somebody's drinking too heavily but if you call somebody complete alcoholic who needs help. You could probably still import. Yeah it's I don't know it just said. The quote was rock bottom. It's his Blake Shelton hit rock bottom after a booze filled bed during came coup to. And he's suing valor for defamation up for the story that suggested he get enough of a drinking problem to sinden a rehab. I don't know if they said he should go or. Is he is going I'd unlike Cancun idly children. There if I added. Are these immense and assuming Blake he's in my act wrap my legs around a you. I mean my arm ice the win as many are right you know I am. Who lets see here is Kylie Jenner knocked up. That's what's your sense. Yeah both target kid. He's eighteen. And missed it this rumor in the have tied his baby type I and. I that they were broken up. At. Keep up with the Kardashians. He's 28 if I. Am not and mud balls she's generate. He's eighty that he's placed sixth she's eighteen. This being their first baby together he has a three year old son from a previous button ad relationship with black tonight. Alla it all wrong here so. Black China hasn't may be right who's now being robbed a recluse the stepfather of tiger's baby now. Tiger is gonna have another baby with a Jenner girl which and are all part of the whole family which is rob sister why. It's a family she has basically. They'll be cousins siblings tigers got two kids that are cousins siblings siblings. Way patty Brothers he shared the same dad he's grown it would be cousins split half siblings surprise. That's. Great block now yet they beat they he had siblings first. But then how what they merit twice is rob didn't would be uncle and dad yeah yeah there. Right but they would be cousins by marriage ID B a step at a local knowledge that your kids to be in the backseat in the car seat to be like uncle did and you assess. It. The Fed's. We don't like it did so it's and one that's his sprained his sister's Davies and Andy is. What a crazy scene. That's great but but that's great but that's really good tire needs until like him impart to kids who liked our start with slowly. Have one kid and then all of cousins who have simply went with Courtney Courtney yeah and hold them. So is certainly card as rights avid daddy never keep it up. But he is. He had to edit. Yea did he he basically says that if you terminate a pregnancy. You should be punished by the court of law. If people are like you do realize sometimes it puts her mother's life in in in danger. You do realize sometimes adapter actually have to do it to save among right and isn't land. The but the fact that. I saw the interview but you know one it's one of those things in there there's no upside to discuss it it's one of those. Everybody has their opinion they can watch scenery for themselves and good luck. Well here's the funny part about why bring it happens in later. Because he had so oh but it's rap about it yet went so horribly wrong that later he went. I'm not maybe not. The root just. Day. Yeah talk about this later let's get down off the books right Alex and I'm glad that later when he's never said anything since it. It's it's his people that came out of the statement it was his campaign. Trumpet get to talk about. Well I'm still say and though he eat he brought it back he's like you're. There is this people did it's true what has people are hurting him they didn't just go out and do by themselves. When our own saying you say he Jimenez people disagreed to test so who knows what he's gonna say eventually. Don't you think he has ruling pummeled for what is people put out there. And sometimes you don't think he does always odd I don't know I'm just say in the disagreement passes on sale Anderson Cooper's shot. His mom being and then when she was thirteen I didn't know that was his mother. I learned that like Canon though last year I think he does he's at Vanderbilt ain't no. Look at the hated the salon com name is Gloria Vanderbilt I did not know them back in the eighties she had a pair of fifty dollar jeans wouldn't. Gold's one element. Why she's so shocked he's gay. I think has made issues thirteen. And and because I think he I was such a streak. And he said I'm shocked that that my mom like you know. This kinda strange agreed about it. A year. It's a British thing on my phone now but I get message alerts when I get a mess I Mena. An email and in turn it off. I do that but then it automatically just turn on about and Twitter where. Then there's and it's indulge me what not when. You I learned in nice where yeah. What do I do. Do you what not I I don't really say it. I rarely see any idea about his return to your word I got you know you. I think they did you could not good. I want you to the view after only Tamara said. Hokey. Minding your wrong on that when okay. I think you're wrong about everything because within you said it and he was brought to our attention. Thank you were saying it I'm like wow that's weird because at that that's not a word that I I hear very often where we're at each picked it up there. I know it's actually say no but but I can't figure out where you got. I don't like it and stuff and I think they need power he came for me zones and I. I didn't stop. So easily do I think you have to light and laser tag me it's not yet again like oh stun gun me every dollar. The shock collars and yet yet negative re one and all all of that is. I don't my dog home or three replaced it with a different phrase and Al lack. All that an all black I used to sell to you catch phrase I used to it and bring this up front it was. I used say in all the good stuff. Alia I'd add that to the incident you know that knowledge that stuff. In and I'm like OK I'm seeing which one written. I was sad sort of racist whenever. It should just win. Whenever I was young it should just went in the people bed. Oh at that crazy and listen to this crazy. I. Am ready. Each in each weekday mornings on Alex I.