BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30.

Thursday, March 8th

BJ going to the Doctor today and he is worried he has white spots inside his cheek and is getting them biopsied – kid eats snail on a dare and it poisoned him he is now in the hospital on breathing - tube -  Fans were so upset at Arie from the Bachelor they have taken out billboards slamming him – He was also on with Kelly Ripa and Kelly is WTH? Arie tries to explain what went down – 4 different woman have come forward saying they have an ongoing relationship with him right now – Tommy Lee 911 call is out – NY police are ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault – Mc Donald’s flipped the Golden arches for Woman to look like a woman but they look like boobs! -    ESPN and Fox Sports are in a bidding war for Peyton Manning they are offering him 20 million a year – Family and friends are worried about Tori Spelling cops were sent to her home again yesterday.          


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Vijay and Jamie. But he athlete that subconsciously you can't help but. Yeah grew worried actually I know and I know you try to keep a brave face at BJ has to get a I have seen today and have no matter of what you think dollar stays in the back your head can have had a couple friends lately that. In student goes well pentagon go to the well if you're. Jimmie gets you had the show and drug before we go any further kick. At the computer does not have your audio. It's got everything from yesterday and I don't want to do to we've had just it's your fault buddy. It's just I don't know what our computers are talking again. Well my guess is is ideally in there it's just not snowing the correct. We decided there aren't just like you know I'm saying well you know. Anyway and so good after all this and that to me you have what white spots inside your cheeks you know and I looked it up in it some kind of tired. Played him exterior them. Chip and Teresa and at a bit with who that the that the epithet that's a 10 yeah Y yeah I looked it up white spots inside your cheeks in them. And it didn't look like it was back into it looks like it was gonna come. Begging to be fine. I think you're going to be fun easy self I'd. Stay there for awhile. And here's the deal and I'm a die and just a guy typical guy. I have known about this for almost new year. I was told two years ago to go do this today. Really yes two years ago and I went back every demagogue and teeth cleaning up. They say hey you know to go get that look at I don't think it's anything Google it looked at anyway. That was a year ago didn't do it yet in this is to go on Oprah who hears a special say I don't think it's anything so in your head and not really anything. Now I know him and well and guys or bad about that you wait until just blast moment. So they want to know which cheeks the white spots or in between the that the that the in his cheek in his mouth this is my hell does that at all. And apologies about that Johnson built commercial video that the. But with but that's the Johns drills commercial of the spot before eight partnership to date a dash. Debbie Ryan will read a pack it up in 32. I got today is an off Day-Lewis don't know I don't know how does it in the united that's oh hole what Bozell the. Heard that or did hear that and it criticism. Only that we are you look at it because we rent 62 commercials for either 6030. You look at that cart that it says I'll admitted they. And I hope. Well I'm sorry I. God guys I. I got a doctor's appointment I'm so sorry. Little wound up a little while what is your biopsy. 1030 as a way they do like Digg it tag your cheek and then they way they do what they I think they just take part again you just leave it there. So they take in the it'll. And and scraper and a scrape it. I don't know anyway I was worried about your portrayal so I've never been. We just. The thick of feel like that and I did leave that animal and how I thought that the that the your part pig nothing else I'd. I just think that look I'm gonna import sandwich before I go I'm sorry. I read the worst thing speed to house the worst story ever there was this start rugby player in Australia star student he's such a cute little kid he's eighteen years old and he was at a party and they did a double there you know and they they address nail right there. And they said I'll attest cargo hop double there you eat it really paid its. Unfortunately this particular Smale had had gone over. Like species have different animals. I had something and now this kid is in full paralysis. He eats yet he's out of breathing tube feeding tube also consider a double there. It's awful it's just great story. It's something you should teach your kids is like I sat down my son go listen. No matter what when they say it hurt you eat this where ever eat whatever crisis happened to elements throughout life right did people dare you eat food. Moved. Out and we did it here with that chip even when we have so people will dare you eat stuff you know just don't you did cockroach won't see. Yeah. It was pretty good and chocolate covered. Allos cut no we get in chocolate. Sit here obviously not taking the teacher children in this in their public service announcement very am. Yeah it's I'm rattled right it with an interesting appointment today so I am barely even near the end of my early years. Well at making athletes. A lot going on here so I guess angry bachelor pins put up sixteen billboards slamming the bachelor Ari. Now I guess this season finale in bachelor was a shocker for Canadians. And he wit to land Tibet kids that I see here to bring it to you this every day here's praying at the need to get off her finger in the game at 2 am. I'm Lauren and everybody was really adds another sixteen billboards scattered around Southern California and Minnesota. Reading RE not okay just leave dot dot dot everyone. Idiot stings he paid for these boards. You have because they're not cheap now and I don't really. Know who's behind it I got a feeling it's gonna be ABC. Nick is in the Southern California and Minnesota yes dad's home state. A Minnesota rep that state representative has promised to draft a bill. Bidding Ari from the stage. Tax dollars at work is now you have the and so he was on and then Kelly Ripa show Kelly and Brian and he explained. Well you out so I'll just play the. We have I I'm happier great now I outlined to undergo and with no real. I'm not understanding. Everything you got your thought process what's wrongly you know with the man what are you thinking. How it is not being. Where you and she is I think you aren't. Non Arab but it looks to me and just happened no we're not. So that was Ari and with Kelly Ripa Ian and any explains why broke the back yeah I wanted to do it just because I wanna end. Through every break up there's always questions of what went wrong. And I need that if we did it on camera that I can take ownership of it and then it was completely my fault and mine dealing. Much of a thousand important. The whole thing started on two on on camera and I wanted this story be told all the way to the end. With. This seems so contrived. Yeah. He's falling for. Intel boards are today it is easy to put these accesses a killer report saying it it's all just. How that you've got his story here in its titled posing different area codes. It's its safari and four women have come forward saying that they have relationships within. Up as we only one saying that he's lied to her dumped her cheated on there cheated on the list goes on. Just in game you find out that Lauren. Who who he's got chosen this is her third time being engaged in the past two years. Have confirmed her. Good outlet and it. With the patients she was supposed to married back in July. In NHL hockey player. I think we know is not a problem back and now the new backer Iran right analysis. Believe me that was planned out and I as I was reading a green new information yesterday or maybe it was this morning. That the one girl got a three tier rating should just keep it. The other girl got Lauren gets a 3.5 carat ring that she used key. Anderson Guerrero slope it's just all its peak beach. What's reality shows aren't really that's not real they're not really love. Well when you read what everybody is writing about it in the way Kelly rep is handling this thing. You racing until ABC and yeah but they're they can gee she's she's trying to buy into the whole thing in the end it's not real. And yesterday we told you about a war defied the Tommy Lee got the fight with his son. And and then pay his son knocked him out of gas. This is really horrible day here but here's the 911 call from his fiancee about the fight. On and I learned a lot of fight and Christian that. And that even well certainly. It's. But I can't let that continent around and I'm Rick I just lock the door is going out and I'll be leading. He unconscious that you played and. Disperse the senate is sort technical. Opening. Last home where he knocked him out. Tommy Lisa and knocked him out. And then timing they went on social media which I think is such a mistake with these things instead. You give your kids everything. And look what happens. Really great son Brandon. Normally the nation's attention was bloodied mouth and just don't accept them as a father but that's like personal opinion. I found what has to I have Gloria a new York and man he's a diamond is ready to rest Harvey why scene he'd better get on yeah. And data due out. He's going to jail is yes he is I guess it's got to do those two women. That he got up into the hotel well to a path many thousands. That he got into the hotel room and took advantage of. The New York police department is prepared to arrest Harvey Weinstein today from felony sex you'll assault that crew are. They have been investigating five separate sexual assault allegations against Weinstein and one case they say is particularly. The really strong. So they're ready to arrest him my guess is they shouldn't announces the season get on the plane and get up to what. Remember we have the audio video audio and remember him in that lobby with a girl. You remember that I do yeah that was New York yeah that's what they have against it. But still am in he's now trying to. Merrill began latitude but you know I'm that was written analysis because then he will leave the country. Because right now I think he has his passport everything he's legit Mikey he can do anything you know right now right. Blue get them and there's no more guys there's nothing holding him back I don't think he's been arrested in California or anything so they would have his passport. I'm not sure I did do a good thing and it turned out really bad thing that is it that it's. I didn't see what people are saying though it took social media to point this out to me on now I see it on the IPO because social media. So McDonald's tried to do southern railroad did and they wanted to celebrate women everywhere so they turned that McDonald's are just upside down. And down and so it's espoused UW than ever I see it bibs. About and they just they moved to big iron doctors just nudes in the Golden Globes I'm looking at right now on Google boobs. Which have been picked. In celebration of women everywhere and for the first time in our brand history. We flipped our iconic arches for international women's day in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants. So hats off to all of our iron women that works here blah blah will. And everybody went for is knotted the back of. I think even more so this story is I didn't know India that it was hit national women's deck may well I have but there. They didn't publicize that at all. I know you can flip those arches and hang on the apple part yeah for Amy isn't. Term. So they said this I think they can have fun of the better way to honor women and then turning their logo into a gigantic. Pair of boobs and sagging boobs that is. Once again its Internet man he can't do anything right you try to do something nice you know international women's day you flip it around to get W when everybody sees. But yeah barbs. ESPN and boxer and a huge bidding war are too high. Her. Peyton Manning. Retired quarterback Peyton Manning is involved in the bidding war between ESPN and fox sports. Networks are said to be offering him ten million dollars a year. Yet we're so under aged pretty good. Considering he played football made twenty million a year yeah now I know he's gonna meet ten. What I end doesn't have to go practice does have to run labs. Doesn't it do anything to get in there and talk. His staff to have a nice suit with a little let's playing hanky in else in the early nineties. Max I. And. Ten million dollars a good game that is a good game he needs he needs to take them applaud. That you've got ESPN and fox both but I I think he's he should go with flocks you know cal cal I think ESP is in trouble. I'll let him out yeah. While he listens to show that patent. Double the box but but but but. And then it's ads. Like her. Massive tourist eggs guys that. She's mentally not doing so well. They say Tori Spelling is on a watch even completely different story about her. I guess what the police came back out here yesterday via. And they say she's end of apple meltdown team and now people are really really worried about her her mom would step in. Dukes of remote part of the problem I now I think bonds are above steps in just makes things worse. I guess Dean Mcdermott and Torrey are deeply deeply in debt. And they constantly fight about money and don't know where you can again and it speech isn't that amazing huh. That this is so happening over money. In her dad passed away as a billionaire. It's hard to feel sorry for the well. No it's not because that's all she knew and then she was always on her dad's TV shows and then it was all taken away in a months at there. Whether we don't Holler millions dead. Right and they only your brother at Penn and and it's yeah. And you know to her brother really close. So I'm wondering if Torre's brother is even like China's slipper Tony here and there. And then I go by snapple's obviously not she's in bad shape hair that's it the police are there every day. So it's not get Friendster. I think party's dean you know that that Dean Martin a wacky guy whether he's got treated under the snow. But you know when you have an affair with somebody can expect him he faithful. Recant. And those solid words. In the sixth. Welcome it's like a Dr. Phil but different. In the way I married a tablet trash yesterday you were like a Mother Teresa I don't honor only hell yeah water yeah. I heard some complaints about that and to shame the whatever the tournament trees and I understand it and who doesn't let Mother Teresa I was stating that I'm like are hot right but it. If you mood would it be fair about it. We've never really seen a picture of Mother Teresa at 42. No but I sire now okay so you're not being there the last picture we saw her was Danny now. If that is at it at that that they didn't say nine accept. A UN that way if they give a speech in the immortal on Alex I.