BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 10/12

Thursday, October 12th

Lots of Harvey Weinstein news is still coming out and we will talk about some here and some later. We found out that he is not in Europe he is still in California and going to Arizona to do rehab. Yesterday his daughter called LAPD saying he may commit suicide – Lindsay Lohan is back peddling about her statements about Harvey Weinstein  - Alec Baldwin goes off on a driver in NYC – Facebook went down and Twitter started praying for it. -   Ben Affleck’s Ex Rose McGregor says F U to Ben because he knew that Harvey was a gropper and she settled with him in the 2000s She was slamming Harvey on Twitter and they suspended her account, she is back up.


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Vijay and Jamie. We'll hook or who are going. And a little disheveled today he its cousin and he's Guinea in your ripped and shredded yes no that has nothing to do with it. But just say enough of the island I he elected just I feel overwhelmed with the snow out. Yeah. But now. I had posted about this stuff on FaceBook for example at most wearing get that LT much so I don't covered there of I guess now posted it is now posted Saturday and also Southwest Airlines in when he eighteen it's an. Had erred too flights are not there they add flights still see. Plus games that's gonna be so affordable now nonstop yeah Denver telling. I don't know about there. And under wraps yeah. But. Let me just tell you that's going to be Ford at least you get to LA and then you can take it you know Ian and be super affordable. Unless southwest doesn't go to war you know. I know that Ryan Miller. They just announced that they did some big announcement unveiling yesterday and so had to be available once the government approved it and when he AT like selfless. I think they do agree dot additive yes so there you go collect their attitude. Is through it and I. Well I just need some insight you have to for the song and they act. You do via YouTube. Yeah I use some days you don't really it's like shut up let's just get to yeah. We don't have that attitude Xavier haven't like a sad day like please say you're going to see some is sicker summoned you and they start rapid nursing an. Okay I'm going to see him in the sky here in the I don't know. Ryan then ask me. Went well and yes so many different people to fly them. Couples said people on here. Thanks and save it for having the odds are you go out couples say I get them on it maybe it's they're China is lift your spirit and. Anyway. And ask you okay. There's so. Harvey crap. Inner at a tablet to national disaster I. There is thought we could just touch and a couple things here in new role they won't fully addressed this in the 7 o'clock hour okay the Kansas. And well it turned out yesterday and Harvey Weinstein we get information he'd flown out of the country gone to Europe he's the guy who's been no taken advantage of out of women yet in no Hollywood and it turns out that's not true. Just crazy things happen. And should they caught in the paparazzi caught him while he is heading to rehab in Arizona. Here's what that's sounds like oh. Partly due to play. Thank you man I might. We've got to do OK okay. Gotta get down. You know what we all make mistakes thinking cap. I like the willow. It he says I'm a good guy. Harvey Harvey hello I'm content. I have always been nice of the paparazzi but have taken advantage of all the women yeah yeah but I'm a nice guy that. Shame he actually thinks he's a good person and he's not a good person and that is a scum sucking. Mean total. You can't put I my Malcolm remedy it does when he says he says you know everybody deserves a second chance at it like RB if you're not gonna get a second chance I gonna. Do you believe that apparently than that. No not everybody no doubt know there are certain things that you cross alive and you probably gonna Wear that for life yeah. Yes so yesterday hardly any Lesotho defied his attitude he goes from being. Trying to be this nice guy with the paparazzi but that he gets out of a vehicle yesterday walking into a building in Los Angeles I think to see some lawyers. And he looks at the cameras and throws up both middle fingers slipped off like you know or have you guys you know what you know are you treating me bad here that we you know what are you deserve it. Yeah hard you did that Sweden. 130 years of this crap. And some of it is a vial. When you're some of the stuff on right and you can tell the guys haven't these emotional swings. Until they sat by the way one of his handlers told somebody. Sit told summit that tells of his Brothers and sisters mum is that he is totally having these I mean one minute he's up here like. Everything will be okay whatever and then Nixon he's screaming. Political cup history William suicide. When his polar. His daughter called the cops he was at her house or I don't know she's at his house. But she said that he was trying to kill and why is me and they deem that it wasn't as severe she made it out today. She made it 911 called yesterday to the LA police department for suicide. We're RPI. You know and I can tell you. Yesterday morning this is actually true I was driving in yesterday morning and I thought to myself because I was listening to all this RV news and I thought to myself you know it. This guy could offer himself he really could because he he is console. Such a powerful position and not take scum. This is this is a kind of mentality that would but I would never come on New Year's say that part of something like this happening because I think it's a little irresponsible. The throw that out with two of them now just use a suicide note is too is too pompous and if it thinks is gonna get out of it now. Yeah that's what does much points but I think he has other mood swings where he realizes. That this is not gonna go away if I'm gonna have to live this might even be prosecuted. For sexual assault and he's been investigated. And yeah that's Harvey Weinstein but it's not. In a nutshell I. Welcome everybody it. Is. Just crazy yeah and so it's disgusting. And now Lindsay Lowell and trying to clarify now that she said she's like you know understand I mean this. And they should be Amtrak it and you know court purged and not by people. Her say she's in Dubai and this is my home. No she said that the game or take about Harvey Weinstein body here that I'm in divide my home. I'm home now something like that we should get to the bar. I think she's over there just pretty much suck it in the cash out of well well well. Or accepted cash out of all these wealthy people over the air that adore her because she is Lindsay Lowell and right from a from Hollywood. And until then it's a whole different ball game. And they look up to learn so it's easy targets for her I think that's what she's I do I felt the same way after I herders say that via okay so there's some. Saudi prince that think she still Lindsay go in exactly. And says Jesus superstar. She's convinced them of that she is a huge career not to. And she's just such as these guys drop. Cash. And Alec Baldwin. Flipped out. You've flipped out. What kind of drink today I haven't seen that guy has an anger problem oh my god Allah boldly. You know what everybody adores him because he does that trump impersonation and SNL but he's got issues man. He threw a soft. Okay because I thought maybe it was like ads and drunken rage but he does he's sober. He said he's been sober for a really long time that he has got rid of the anger that that didn't leave them but the alcohol he got into was some guy in a car or on the street. Yeah it says Alec Baldwin's meltdowns have become a thing of legend. It's in reared its ugly head yet again yesterday his anger when the tried debt. I guess a driver made him mad Lulu and so then he threw his soft drink gas onto the street in a fit of rage. There's a on one of the web sites this morning there's at lucky Montauk. On the ballot bowl oh really on all yeah yeah. And it's pretty good because he's likes to be what this what got he traps about a sidewalk in New York City. It looks like geeks a construction worker when art and art. And these yelled at the guy shot up shot ups away from my wife. I don't know this construction worker was swift and his wife but. It's crazy. When I called small group that that that there and there's a lot of people in New York who might be right on that went. And did you see on the prairie messages yesterday on FaceBook the war. From the prior messages known unless Monty spoke a league where I was exclusively Twitter trying to clean up my act. Yeah you know in the current environment while. Well FaceBook went down yesterday. But hurt the act so. So Twitter had everybody's a little prayer for replacement. I noticed that I did see them on Twitter we have in our prayers basement. And I thought did I mean it was funny but with everything with all the fires what I California will make the case that we can stop with that mainly the people are hoping that he would be okay in those. Let me just why I didn't get the joke I saw it on Twitter yesterday but I had no idea FaceBook was down. So us up prayers for FaceBook yeah but maybe look Gerber was a dramas let me ask now a fifth. You know. They quit down yesterday's of people took to Twitter. To send their prayers at all yeah well people are nice. Yes the site failed to load for many of its two billion users. In based bunker on. While others only soft fragments of their news stories yesterday. Face that guy users to to Twitter. And via the whole issue was fixed in about an hour sic Twitter I guess Rosen a gallon. She's the girl to win it. Off on Harvey gone back to Harvey sorry and she also went off on now Ben Affleck because it was she dating Ben Affleck. That's what I understand she was dating when the incident happened with Harvey when Harvey winter and then Alter. And and then I she complained of bad. He did not he defended hard. Excellent LaBranche and Alan B Bret Bret it's that 68. At it does keep bond and you die hard Indians want this dinner and left them. But I guess ban on the other hand I don't say anything yeah I was like hey you discuss extremely powerful and easy could ruinous also look stay away from this so many said he was disgusted when he heard about Harvey Weinstein all Rosen a gallon gun and set a few Ben Affleck did the. Her feet excuse like yeah right in Turkey. Anyway so then she also used our word. And end Schroeder took her down. Which is crazy I. I don't get that either. I mean she she has every right to complain every right to complain or man city Harvey was all over her and she didn't like it she told her boyfriend Ben Affleck it's time. He did does nothing about it now all this comes out and she's like this could have been exposed many years ago if you would've spoken up then again who had. Have the power to bring down Harvey. Or Harvey brings down himself actually what you gotta do is just embodied that he didn't do he didn't do. The I don't like about her Iowa have to tell you is I didn't know she took a 100000 dollar settlement. To me go after the sun and again denying that she took a 100000 dollar settlement but maybe it was too hard to prove it tears saying you know. I don't look at its same way I think this sometimes say if you're in a position like she was in that you knew that you don't then it's not gonna defend Jill Harvey is the most powerful man in Hollywood the only out here is said. Okay he's gonna give me a hundred thou I. I don't know I mean that's tough call center and I don't care. Am and I don't really blame her for. I mean I don't chastise her for. But I don't deal it. And there's little weird that you take the cash the aids. But then they had a sinus thing the says this is not saying that he did it this is just saying he'll go away basically. They sign as weird affidavit. If you are truly. Angry. And embarrassed and everything else that goes along with the so assault. I don't know if you take the money I've just don't know how you cash that check. And I'm sure that in the 100000 dollars settlement you couldn't do some big grandiose things where you donated to a women's shelter some like that surely. Hunch that free money via you know I'm sure because. To me okay take 100000 dollars into women's shelter make a big deal about it them there's no way. Yes and there's like eight women that have been paid off. I agree we are not adding hair and it's a costly. Italian and that there's a sick game from my friends I like who'd you rather build cloud BRR Harvey. But can't be I mean the you know she would remember that gross miss this guy he just thought he was so amazing he didn't have did not get out yet. And I think Bill Cosby a lot of the women that he. Assaulted allegedly and the it's true but a lot of those women. We're not very high profile women for the most part. Is this when I don't understand partly why Steve it was powerful guy. Is he any more powerful today Angelina Jolie or what it how thorough or Brad Pitt or all these people bitten new. No he isn't. This is an open he didn't. Well I guess Merrill he didn't try LeClair. She says she didn't now so he never tried with Meryl Streep. But every single person and this went on for thirty years. But not Merrill we never not American and ordered knowingly and she didn't know anything earth peace highly data tablet trash. Yeah in weekday mornings on Alex I.