BJ & Jamie Tabloid Trash 6:30. 11/20

Monday, November 20th

Gene Simons has been banned from FOX News for some crude jokes – Harrison Ford helped a lady after a car accident and saved a woman – American Music Awards – Diana Ross wins lifetime achievement award, Pink was amazing and Linkin Park won best Alt band. – Ryan Seacrest never assaulted anyone.   


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Vijay and game to view it. Well yeah I have ever batting. And no Maine I just put the world's most exciting thing is opposed to up. About it Turkey Bulgaria the working Turkey now that I did a long time ago but which we posted yeah that's a very popular and well that we weren't. And no this is just a man of Collins and Turkey is that he dumbest two minutes of my life annual wasted doting little again it. I was just like. Did you hear that although turned into it yet dead and did you hear me say bulletin just once. I was busy doing something else and if you there with your Turkey talk again. Don't don't even watch some but it's supposed to gauge gag gifts he Toobin it's always enjoy life what is it like me it was just I just watched. And yeah. Furniture row. NASCAR cup the first professional Javed Jim for the state of Colorado in 2017. French a road racing team that Janet dude. I forgot his name Martin Truex junior. He as the numbers MBA bass down pro shops car and furniture row racing team and they finally won something. They want. And it's better than the Broncos vision hang our hats on gas cards and the Broncos. You are more exciting I heard to say Warren and it so congratulations to them. And I'm Gene Simmons has been banned for life from Fox News over crude behavior and I don't think he cares he doesn't care he actually I don't care how we did get it I think guaranteeing he says I. I have appeared frequently over the years on various Fox News and Fox Business programs and have a tremendous amount. Of respect for the talented women and men who worked there. While I believe that that what is being report is highly exaggerated misleading I'm sincerely sorry and I. And a potentially open to members of the box team during my visit it later when I say I don't care if and I'm thinking camps known as the years so I show why was there. He's on their lot. All as a contributor have not seen and. So he when it's a staff meeting is turned funny. In the end that conditioner and then pulled it off and that he had his chest the stomach hanging out and said are you should you're is just Glenn Sumi. Adding over well. It's funny though right. Let me begin telling Michael Jackson had a file jokes. Let's not read the stuff. Yeah Merry Christmas now and then or an ever. They're their staff or ever want to say and especially this year. It's all the kids in management wasn't happy about this when staff complained. Until then I guess should never ever ever ever. The guys like I don't know seventy years old you think he dyes his hair is jet black. No I think it's only natural. Under that weight of his present itself and it's crazy here this hair on the plane had hit earlier this. Crazy Harrison Ford helped a woman who ran our car off a highway. He's he's done is lie he's like a superhero he just seems to show up whenever tragedy that's right Harrison board is there. He's. The Star Wars legend was at the scene of the crash when a woman accidentally drove her car often. Or are up to or there's another way to look at any caused it. We're pretty rare currently in the that was first to show. About what investigate eyewitnesses say Ford was driving behind behind her when she lost control and crashed into an embankment off the freeway he pulled up or rash of Ireland today to. He did this as an airplane and I'm like he's rescued people in these massive cracks. So both sides. Pinch at the gateways American music awards she's crazy that Carroll's try to. Doctors. Holy crap and she was single line because you could hear her breath. Which is not because you'd think of hang in from the side of the building new York and at saint I would think. I didn't I think for her though she she looks at all these other acts that are out there like Selena Gomez and in different people that are pop acts and she says hey it's. What we take you to a new level. It's crazy now discussing and the only thing I thought it was a mistake this is just. I think that sentiment photography. Did not do justice I don't like Ali shot. If you've ever seen these performers on the side of buildings around they will they will do a different angle on it and the camera where it looks like the people are walking the all and then the building you know horizontally. And I thought they shot it really horribly she say what she did though she she was at the American music awards. Each performing she did one of those high wire things again this come up the side of the LD well if you guys seen these performers before they do it like at the Olympics and stuff. This is a 34 story building she was on just a wire and with like five other dancers and they all hanging from wires. And it looks like they're supposed to be walking on the building. Horizontally but fish and it was I think they because if you've ever seen them. Shoot at the right way it you you get the sense that then the building is sideways and their blocking yeah it's really crazy yeah. I I agree with you because but I watched it to sporting a problem in the could've made this look a little bit better than what it does because the way it looked it looked like they were just just the it's yeah they were puppets on a strained right so that's. Maybe they just couldn't get. At that angle. Withdraw now it seems education and I'm. There's only a couple times I was looking at Oakland they're blocking them and I'm the ultimate daredevil that's what they're calling a defies gravity as she hangs up the side of the 3434. Story building during the American music awards. She's 38 years old they say she has no boundaries it was crazy. In crazy with increased whose inquiries it was increasing. And they know what the word I was looking for the option of Al Griese. That says can act. Anyway and she was singing them right on the track. Beautiful trauma while I'm on ABC yeah it's a giant knots and ticket pink pink and Kelly Clarkson. Received a standing ovation. As they opened American music awards with REM's everybody heard contribute. To first responders. Nailed him. Better than you originally. It's a that it was really a video this morning is like why column so then who would. Tracy Alison rest she hosted the American music awards if you watched it you probably didn't but if he did shag. I twitching on channel shows and item and we're twitch. And I got a like a weird eye thing going on you know I can't help close when they they kicking and it was a bad context of some of them and she is isn't. And I am. I and then rifles partner and. Yeah technology it I don't know if it's always saying you or. The announcement. We do lights. When you look at amplify the only person that's hyper critical about switching guys. Because I ain't got that part is when you get into the idea that what she can't stop at the start and have a guy talking guy you look at them. We GI initially I would Google okay. Tracy Ellis Ross twenty. Let's do it again it's easy Yahoo!'s 820. Yeah. It any. It's twenty. And celebrities live one key guys. This is number one Milwaukee well okay I'm interest. Who has Milwaukee I what's the one key -- get away. Now really what that means that by one looking we hear one of their. Forest Whitaker. To Goodwin and make sense yet it does mean that. If chili is our intensity up that's up to put its okay it. And by the way here is heard add to idea Ellis Ross talking about a month. And something I'll remember for the rest of my. Life especially. On such a special nights where my mother heightened. My mother. The extraordinary. And the incomparable. Diana Ross and day. Now they move. Day in Iraq six lifetime achievement award a last night awards last night acted out Arctic and back. All he. About love and out there to hear him each and every store you just fire an actual solid family. Slowly filled and every is volume although the button volume older audience about. Volume we do. I'll always. All there was. About. To my family. And I'm standing alone up there to all of you each and every one have you heard about global family. And I really really love being here and I feel soul humbled. By this. It is still very much and I think you know. He's so much and I will hold on to that beautiful. It is so much thank you thank you can. Now you sum it up with Michael Jackson right was their rumored that they don't have. I don't know I'm Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. No women make them up in each of his old enough to be is mother she but as I was Saturday and adopt I don't know because when they were showing all the video clips of them sing in this stuff I thought. In. An. Sean you can get off the I think. The second with a walkie I thought I I thought popped up a. You get the entire list yeah I was going reading beyond their plight. When I. Had to interact together did you ever hear that Sean no I always heard it's. Was kinda like his mother figure but that does mean hook up but it does say no IP was discovered him. It does mother figure who was Liz Taylor. And zero. Point. Michael often talked about his first love was and well. I don't think we're gonna talk about your as your first love. Well there is also rumored that Michael has lost his virginity. Yeah. And. Leonard's heart broken when he heard that Diana was nearing their security yeah. See I knew that. I knew it she's still am. I can't prosecute Michael Jackson Eddie why he needed show didn't. It was contact Diana also messed around Gene Simmons and I can't say it. So. Measured Diana Ross updates. I'll think park NC award for favorite alternative artist it was really weird the shark tank guys they present the award for favorite. Am alternative artist and then now. Some aren't cheap I was up there and he's like other he would accept this award will accept it for them and they start what can upstage and then all of a sudden guys from Lincoln Parker like. We're here. And they came up onstage and Mark Cubans like odds are so they told us they were here is weird it is weird it was a weird situation I can't. Find anything on it what does boo boo is all about I've been trying to. Yahoo! mail itself but they don't denouncing anything. It's kind of crazy but really hears them except. Ding are the best we don't have I was at at lately you know look so. Shine. Why he lashed. By you give me you still lie why you know I. Started there. It's number six it just says Mark Wahlberg and why Hamas spokesman no no no it's not politically can Bart. Good lord swallow. Yeah. I'm gonna dedicate this award to him to his memory. Amber you guys. News tonight whether you're a fan or an artist. I want you guys to take a moment. To appreciate. What you've got. And make Chester proud thank you got some. We need to lab reasoning tests audio segments yet again it's really get that extra level playing the and it's. Absolutely yeah and it finally finally finally imitate them and Ryan Seacrest never sexually harassed and it went. I'm very don't tabloid trash via. Inch anymore.