BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 11/21

Tuesday, November 21st

75 year old Talk show host Charlie Rose accused of taking off his robe and harassing women .  Bill Clinton now also being accused of flying on a plane named Air F**K-ONE – The Obama Daughter Malia is out of control parting and has been seem making out with some random guy – Woman who took picture of Bruno Mars when he was a kids sues him for using her photo – Eye twitch is a real thing and it did happen. – Gwen was on the Today show and says her new song is about Blake – Colorado Mills Mall opening back up today.


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Vijay and Jamie. And surely. Know and that's entirely. Yeah. I didn't win the Ed. There are just old bird was he got mad and he's right into what 75 years old to tell the is. Sure Charlie Brown who's. CBS TBS and Bloomberg have suspended Charlie Rose. Eight women. Say what Hong Kong. Meg glad nasty phone call until late paying the June and it would walk around naked in their presence that warning. Let's drop the robe and Laura around them like crazy. Yeah I 75 he said. It is essential that these women know I hear them and then I deeply called ice where my inappropriate behavior means he did it yep. I am embarrassed. I have Bobby Dave didn't stand should she give them the ad time and I accept responsibility for that though. I do not believe that all of them are right. But there's a few bad parent yeah president the other thirteen twelve more accurate. You know. Speaking old Dodgers Bill Clinton and it's gonna face in new allegations as well. Bullet. To build. A a million people throwing him under the bus Dallas all the people are coming LC doll back in 1996. Or ninety that before he should do is argue about that went wrong but types of chase it. You know what kind haven't changed in 1994 I knew it was wrong to assault wallet. I nobody paid him off he paid out he did Paula Jones 850000. Dollars yeah. I am yet so they confirmed the. That nine in 1990 Clinton paid 850000 dollars to Paula Jones for sexual harassment. And now but little women to come forward to an eight there was a jet and it was called air blank one. Yes with a left. The area of one yeah. And when he was doing and. Business in new Qaeda for somebody at some Ron Burkle who's a billionaire. He would fly around with a flock of beautiful women on circles private jet to his nickname air F line. It's. Don't that's Claudia. That's his brain isn't putting any new phase said hey look a lot we're at a party. So now these women are like he's going to have to terminate in. Begin the White House that who isn't Matt Niall I admire it let's check Obama girl's name Alan you know. I am a LK. Aaliyah Somalia or you know. Molly is out of control Randy yes she is there. But when they sign and then she fell off the golf court apart she's like and passed out on an idea she's been found a couple of times all passed out. Let's switch our first ever Harvard Yeltsin bug game and then she started Mac Alec some dude who she's. She's the videos like come. Geez it college no. Have a good time. It Abbott's stent. But then she lit a cigarette. She's of age. Errors I do because if you're acting at those parents are like and it raises an exact match Alison gross guy and then lighted a cigarette it's an everything you don't let your child to do well lately and we we don't know that he's a gross guy he's at Harvard have to be a gross guys we're newlyweds are married and you know who are typically leads into the student Hampshire but nobody Manning on the yen. Put the net scum bags in. Anyway issue is bag. I'm may get an island leveled at him. That he would ask to have Torre and Ayers men and there's a girl she is she's suing Bruno Mars and his record company. I guess he posted a picture when he was just three years old. It's a cute little picture of him Bruno Mars they said and this Alan I acted like I was Elvis Presley. With a woman that took the picture said that's our I could you owe me money. There's a popular picture to me and so that can't pay I could see that and crazy. Music picks are you know so in and she has that picture and a lot of people refer back to that Obama's presidency did. So. Tracy drops remember when I talked about her hosting their American music awards. And I said I can't like twitching and do something weird it was I mean that's the why wasn't the only one in fact she's made a statement about her eyeballs. To get what she said she said basically she was exhausted. And when she gets exhausted that I eight doesn't own thing. And it switches and it just means that she's tired and she can't do anything about it. I have a Nikkei up to doesn't really move but I mean you guys thought I was nuts because I was like her I can do this thing. And then I asked people on Twitter and tax not did it and then it's not the day and I guess other people didn't see and it was cooling off at myself story and it yesterday to you were dead on. Yeah I posted it. 2006. So we won't. I have some audio of lame meteorologist singing it it's gone bilateral. I guess he and some little girl was so much of that story you know. Though that story is I don't exactly know it's just the story says it was captivating to see day in Hawaii and anchorman and his eleven year old girl capture the tents there with a song perhaps a lot of parents. You are and he Sean yeah. Alive good. The file you put in here's eight minutes long. And I guess all the front part of all. By. Let me play it. Every. And it is this since. It's so it's all the way to the date that file and all right we'll get back. I didn't. Well enough well. OK. Okay. I'm not MV has gone on the last eight. Yeah I mean you can then okay yeah. I say OK so we've. McCain's son. Okay. And homeland. I leave the GO. We hair. And that can't okay. Thank god. Let's see here at Winston funny remember yesterday we played her ram live. And she was singing that song and I was a little girl if you play number six it's a little bit out of that song parodies. Number six. Mean it is. Number. More in the moment Peters says five. No this would lip of the song OK you know overseeing us. So I manage all of our us Jess at yeah. I like it did she give all our love to which we can agree does Alabama yesterday are in Atlanta now as it. And I. As in and parents still a bit later a on when she matches no it was about Blake Shelton. Blake's on that and I'm I had this idea sir remember and praying in my bed when dialing eight years only comment in a lovely Cooper who's gonna beat Tennessee. And I wanted to put that into songs about I'm not really just he said he could relate to that I know we all did yeah. When you and if it was an. It was she says she's lonely little girls day in our bed and wonder who is gonna love us. Ever did that she's what I need to nominate. I don't remember laying in my bed thing and Ed. And. That is weird like that was like brilliant get for Christmas. I want a pony. You had to put an end to putt snapped. You're lucky man I was lucky to accumulate of one saddle. But to turn to two ponies. But they're making a few times like two girls one cup. To bony ones out of a little kinda. And then finally Colorado mills mall is. Is it okay yeah yeah. Yeah excite them for it I never thought that that mollid opened back up I mean that was some day. I don't know why I'm so excited I've never been there but I have a of all fort I have met Adam and I mean it was literally destroy it like to remember just all of that product that all of these four owners. They did a lot of didn't have insurance for. I was watching this guy Vienna popcorn store. And that the whoever the people that expect the stuff. Because it had even now and gotten wet even though they were sealed the end toward a way. Crazy I know I was so sad I'm glad I don't think have ever seen it. On Nixon's error here sole cause so much damage shown actual building MO all this thing shut down since what may. Yeah for a moment may or June grind and trades him some decent and chrome peaked. I you know witness you know I'm not grumpy what happens is I'm sick this audio here and then Matty here. Am not an excellent it is we need to figure out here is its network and lately and it and it doesn't know what's going not because that's like as nearly a. You don't mean soon I may need that. Saying. Yeah let's do that does that mean let's wait until 2018. And Andy the Arizona over so why I get all crazy add exactly we must not ruin Holland and I. They do it every time it's and sit instead and then you and I. Now know Winston Huntington's and then on number sixteen moon and night he says that the sabres now yeah. I just wonder if it's as exhausting for everyone else's does myself. I mean so nobody I mean people are seen him here in nineteen rally can never get that right. And Delhi Delhi. Oh by the way that's funny that you say that yes it's on our affiliate Kia my son asked me yesterday and if he's allowed to bitch in. Isn't he always said I really love it and goes you know like bitchy and Mike Simmons school. He's like I did spelling digit rates would just say at the southern Illinois legal back and don't say that school. And he's likable. Will they added to as far as in passwords account that is it and I said I'd be like and it. He's like don't make sense here analyst at. Anchor good mall. So to his school don't to a little noise about other men inside or around did you hear it but I Derry Adele attracts. In. More on Alex.